Non-Cajun Units: 

Louisiana and Confederate States units with few or no Cajuns


Many of these batteries, battalions, and regiments contain Acadians in Gray but fail to meet the criteria for inclusion on the List of Significantly Cajun Units (25 AIGs for a company-size unit, 50 for battalion-size, 100 for regiment-size).  An index of names of individuals from Cajun families who are in these non-Cajun units can be found here.


Volunteer and Militia Artillery:  25
1st Regular Battery (Higgins's, Semmes's, Barnes's)
2nd Battalion Heavy Artillery
3rd Battery (Bell Battery, Benton's)
4th Battery (Cameron's)
8th Battalion Heavy Artillery
12th Battalion Heavy Artillery
Bridges's Battery
Crescent Artillery, Company A (Company C, Siege Train Battalion Artillery, Hutton's)
Fenner's Battery
Holmes's Battery
Lafayette Artillery Company Militia
Louisiana Guard Battery (Louisiana Guards Company B, Girardey's, D'Aquin's, Thompson's, Green's) 
Louisiana Horse Artillery (Holmes's, Robinson's)
Madison Light Artillery (Madison Tips, Moody's)
Miscellaneous Artillery
Orleans Artillery (Guyol's)
Orleans Howitzers Militia Artillery (McPherson's Battery)
Squires's Battalion Artillery
St. Charles Light Artillery Company Militia
Field & Staff & Miscellaneous, Washington Battalion Artillery
1st Company, Washington Battalion Artillery (Isaacson's, Squire's, Owen's)
2nd Company, Washington Battalion Artillery (Rosser's, Richardson's)
3rd Company, Washington Battalion Artillery (Miller's, Hero's)
4th Company, Washington Battalion Artillery (Eshleman's Norcom's)
6th Company, Washington Battalion Artillery (Doane's)

Volunteer and Militia Cavalry:  37
1st Battalion State Guards Cavalry
1st Battalion Trans-Mississippi Cavalry
2nd Battalion State Guards Cavalry
3rd (Wingfield's) Regiment Cavalry
4th Regiment Cavalry
5th Regiment Cavalry
6th Regiment Cavalry
13th Battalion Partisan Rangers
14th Regiment C.S. Cavalry
15th Battalion Cavalry
15th Regiment C.S. Cavalry
18th Battalion Cavalry
Barrow's Battalion Cavalry
Breazeale's Battalion Partisan Rangers
Cage's Battalion Cavalry
Carmouche's Scouts
Carroll Dragoons Company Cavalry (Lott's)
Chasseurs Jefferson Company Militia Cavalry (Cagnolatti's)
Collins's Scouts
Dubecq's Company Cavalry   
Garnet Rangers Company Militia Cavalry (Borge's)
Gober's Regiment Mounted Infantry
Guides d'Orleans Squadron Militia Cavalry
Independent Wild Cats Battalion Cavalry
Jefferson Mounted Guards Company Cavalry (Dreux's Cavalry, Company A; Millaudon's)
Louisiana Mounted Rangers Company Cavalry (Cole's)
Miller's Company Mounted Rifles (Old Dominion Guards)
Minden Rangers Company Cavalry (Wimberly's, Webb's)
Miscellaneous Cavalry
Mounted Rangers of Plaquemine Company Militia Cavalry
Orleans Light Horse Company Cavalry (Taylor's, Leeds's, Gordon's, Greenleaf's)
Powers's Regiment Cavalry
Red River Rangers Company Cavalry (Nutt's)
Red River Scouts Battalion Cavalry (Red River Sharpshooters)
Smith's Company Cavalry
Teche Guerrillas Company Cavalry (Vinson's Scouts)
Wood's Regiment MS Cavalry

Regular and Volunteer Engineers:  4
2nd Regiment C.S. Engineers
4th Regiment C.S. Engineers
Miscellaneous C.S. Engineers
Miscellaneous Louisiana Engineers

Regular and Volunteer Infantry:  37
1st (Strawbridge's) Regulars Regiment Infantry
1st (Nelligan's) Regiment Infantry
1st (Wheat's) Special Battalion Infantry
1st Battalion State Guards Infantry
1st (Coppens') Battalion Zouaves Infantry
2nd (Dupeire's) Battalion Zouaves Infantry
4th Battalion Infantry
5th Regiment Infantry
7th Battalion Infantry
8th Battalion Infantry
9th Regiment Infantry
11th Battalion Infantry
12th Regiment Infantry
13th Regiment Infantry
13th-20th Consolidated Regiment Infantry
14th Regiment Infantry
14th (Austin's) Battalion Sharpshooter Infantry
15th Regiment Infantry
15th (Weatherly's) Battalion Sharpshooter Infantry
16th-25th Consolidated Regiment Infantry
17th Regiment Infantry
19th Regiment Infantry
20th (Lovell) Regiment Infantry
21st (McCown/Kennedy's) Regiment Infantry
22nd (Patton's 21st) Regiment Infantry
22nd Consolidated Regiment Infantry
25th Regiment Infantry
28th (Gray's) Regiment Infantry
31st Regiment Infantry
33rd Regiment Infantry
Ben McCulloch Rangers Company Infantry (McLean's, Imboden's)
Exchange Battalion C.S. Infantry
A. J. Gibbs's Company Infantry
Louisiana Defenders Battalion Infantry
Miscellaneous Infantry
Pelican Guards Company B Infantry (O'Hara's)
Pelican Regiment Infantry

Volunteer State Troops Militia Infantry:  11
Cazadores Espanoles Regiment
Chasseurs-à-Pied Regiment
Confederate Guards Regiment
Continental Regiment
Jeff Davis Regiment
Johnson's Special Battalion
King's Special Battalion
Leeds Guards Battalion
Louisiana Irish Regiment
Orleans Fire Regiment
Sumter Regiment

Militia:  55
3rd Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division Militia
4th Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division Militia
1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division Militia
2nd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division Militia
3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division Militia
4th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division Milita
1st Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division Militia
2nd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division Militia
3rd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division Militia
4th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division Militia
3rd Regiment (Garde Française), European Brigade Militia
4th Regiment, European Brigade Militia
5th (Spanish) Regiment, European Brigade Militia
6th Regiment (Italian Guards Battalion), European Brigade Militia
1st Regiment, French Brigade Militia
2nd Regiment, French Brigade Militia
3rd Regiment, French Brigade Militia
4th Regiment, French Brigade Militia
Miscellaneous, French Brigade Militia
Algiers Battalion Militia
Assumption Parish Regiment Militia
Barr's Independent Company Militia (Blakesley Guards)
Battalion British Fusileers Militia
Battalion French Volunteers Militia
Beauregard Battalion Militia
Bienville Guards Company Militia Infantry (Lartigue's)
Bonnabel Guards Militia
Bragg's Battalion Militia
Brenan's Company Militia (Company A, Shamrock Guards)
British Guard Battalion Militia
Caddo Parish Regiment Militia
Claiborne Parish Regiment Militia
Continental Cadets Militia
Crescent Cadets Militia
Fire Battalion Militia
Irish Regiment Militia Infantry
Jackson Rifle Battalion Militia
Jefferson Mounted Guards Company Militia (Millaudon's)
Lewis Guards Militia
Lewis Regiment Militia Infantry
Louisiana & Government Employees Regiment Militia
Mechanics Guard Militia
Miscellaneous Militia
Moreau Guards Militia
Pointe Coupee Parish Regiment Militia
Provisional Regiment, Louisiana Legion
Saddler Guards Militia
Sappers & Miners Militia
Stanley Guards Militia
St. Bernard Horse Rifles Company Militia (Delery's)
St. John the Baptist Reserve Guards Militia
St. Martin Parish Regiment Militia
St. Tammany Parish Regiment Militia
Terrebonne Parish Regiment Militia
Vermilion Parish Regiment Militia

Reserve Corps:  10
1st Regiment Reserve Corps
Alston's Company Reserve Corps
Bienville Reserve Corps
DeSoto Reserve Corps
Kennedy's Company Reserve Corps
Maddox's Regiment Reserve Corps
Miscellaneous Reserve Corps
Sabine Reserve Corps
Scott's Company Reserve Corps
Watkins's Battalion Reserve Corps

Confederate States Miscellany:  5
C.S. Generals, Staff Officers, & Men
C.S. Navy
C.S. Secret Service
C.S. Signal Corps

Undesignated Recruits & Civilians


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