8th Battalion Volunteer Infantry



[Companies  D]


From Bergeron, La. Confed. Units, 161:

"This battalion was organized in New Orleans in February, 1862, with 402 men.  The battalion helped occupy the McGehee Lines opposite Chalmette when Admiral David G. Farragut's Union fleet approached New Orleans on April 25.  The men fired all of their cartridges at the enemy vessels and then retreated into the nearby swamps.  Many of them made their way via Bayou Lafourche to Donaldsonville and then by boat to Port Hudson.  From there, they went to Camp Moore.  On May 5, General Mansfield Lovell reorganized the remnants of the battalion into three companies as the 8th Louisiana Heavy Artillery Battalion."


CSRC, M320, rolls 46-47 [8th Bn. Hvy. Arty.]




Company D (Crescent Artillery, Wade's)



BABIN, Alphonse. Pvt.  Res. Natchez, MS.  [En. n.d.,n.p.]  POW prl. Monroe, 6 Jun 65.  [NER.]  //  Booth, LA Confed. Soldiers, 1:96; Wade's Battery.

1  Co. D, 8th Bn. Inf.

Individuals from non-Cajun families, CSRC Index

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