Louisiana Guard Battery Volunteer Artillery (Louisiana Guards Company B, Girardey's, D'Aquin's, Thompson's, Green's)

[originally Company B, 1st (Blanchard's, Vincent's, Shiver's, Harrison's, Nelligan's) Regiment Infantry]




From Bergeron, LA Confed. Units, 33-34:

"The men of Company B, 1st Louisiana Infantry, were detached and assigned to duty as an independent battery on July 21, 1861.  The battery saw garrison duty in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina from the time of its formation until the spring of 1862.  On August 9, the battery was in its first battle, at Cedar Mountain.  It later fought in the Second Battle of Manassas under General Stonewall Jackson.  In September, a report stated that the battery had one 10-pounder  Parrott gun and two 3-inch rifled guns.  At the Battle of Sharpsburg, September 17, 1 man was killed and 8 were wounded.  The battery served with the cavalry forces on the right flank of the army during the Battle of Fredericksburg, December 13.  Captain D'Aquin was killed, 1 man was wounded, and one gun became disabled in the fighting.  The battery was engaged at Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863, and at Winchester on June 15.  Captain Thompson received a mortal wound in the latter engagement.  In the first day's fighting at Gettysburg, 1 man was killed [see Louis THIBEAUX below].  On July 2 and 3, the battery fought with General Wade Hampton's cavalry near Hunterstown, Pennsylvania; 1 man was killed and 5 were wounded.  The battery saw some service in the Bristoe Station Campaign, October 9-22, and then occupied redoubts covering a pontoon bridge at Rappahannock Station.  On November 7, Federal forces overran the battery's position and captured all four guns and 41 officers and enlisted men.  The remnants of the company received orders to report to the Richmond defenses, where they manned siege batteries until the fall of 1864.  Some of the men served as cavalry during the closing stages of the war.  The battery participated in the retreat to Appomattox and surrendered there on April 9, 1865."


CSRC, M320, rolls 51-52




ADAMS, Gabriel S. Pvt.   //  CSRC, Index.  //  Served also in Company B(1), 1st (Nelligan's) Regiment Infantry.

ADAMS, John A. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.  //  Served also in Company B(1), 1st (Nelligan's) Regiment Infantry.

ALVAREZ, Frank. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index: Frank Alverez.

BLANCHARD, Dawson A. Pvt.  En. 7 Apr 64, Richmond, VA.  Sep-Oct 64:  Drp.  AWOL since 30 Jun 64, said to have rcd. Staff appt.  No official notification rcd.  [NFR.]  (B1:5b)  //  Same D.B. as in F&S, 1st (Nelliganís) Regiment Infantry?   Probably not Cajun.

BRACKIN, Thomas. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.

CANTRELLE, M. Cpl.  //  CSRC, Index.

HARDY, Thomas S. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.  //  Served also in Company B(1), 1st (Nelliganís) Regiment Infantry.

MARKS, Edwin. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.  //  Served also in Company B(1), 1st (Nelliganís) Regiment Infantry. 

MARTIN, Dwight. Pvt. 1LT.  En. 26 Apr 61, New Orleans.  Pres. to late Apr 62.  POW cap. & prl. in MD, [n.d.].  Exch. Aikens Landing, VA, 8 Nov 62.  [NFR.]  (B2:889)  //  Probably not Cajun.

MCGEE, William. Sgt.  //  CSRC, Index.  //  Served also in Company B(1), 1st (Nelliganís) Regiment Infantry.

MICHEL, Joseph. Pvt.  Res. New Orleans.  En. 17 Aug 63, Arcola.  [Conscript?]  Pres. Sep 63-Feb 65.  POW prl. Farmville, VA, 14 Apr 65.  (B2:964)  //  Probably not Cajun. 

MORIN, Alfred P. Pvt. Commsy.Sgt.  //  CSRC, Index: Alfred MORIN, Alfred P. MORIN.  //  Served also in Company B(1), 1st (Nelliganís) Regiment Infantry.

RIVAS, S. S. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.

SMITH, Frank C. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.  //  Same as F.E.S. in Company B(1), 1st (Nelligan's) Regiment Infantry?

SMITH, T. C. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index; LA Guards.

+THIBEAUX, Louis. Pvt.  Enlisted Mobile, AL, 8 Jun 63.  KIA, 1 Jul 63, Gettysburg, PA.  Buried Elizabeth Wible's Farm, "back of barn," Shealer Road, 2 miles northeast of Gettysburg, Adams County, PA, probably 1 Jul 63.  Remains shipped by Dr. Rufus B. Weaver from Gettysburg to Richmond, VA, 10 Sep 1872, Box 3-Y, reinterred Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA, Gettysburg Dead section.  //  Booth, LA Confed. Soldiers, 3(2):799: Louis Thibaut.  Coco, Gettysburg's Confed. Dead, 100: Louis Thibaut.  CSRC, Index: Louis Thibaut.  //  Same L.T. as 1LT in Company K, 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division Militia?  //  [photo]

16  LA Gd. Batt.

Individuals from non-Cajun families, CSRC Index

ABRAMS, Jacob C. Pvt. AHERN, Daniel J. Pvt. AHERN, William C. Pvt. ALEXANDER, Andrew T. Pvt. ALLEN, Edward. Pvt.
ANDERSON, John. Pvt. ANDREWS, David. Pvt. ARMSTRONG, Frank O. 1LT.

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