Chronology of Acadian/Cajun History

Pioneers of Acadian Families Who Settled in Louisiana

Governors, Commanders, and Commissaire-Ordonnateurs of Acadia/Nova Scotia/Île Royale/Île St.-Jean, 1604-1763

Church Parishes of Greater Acadia before Le Grand Dérangement

Ships of the Acadian Expulsion, 1755-58

Post-Dispersal Acadian Communities in Present-day Canada, St.-Pierre, and Miquelon

Chronology of Acadian Arrivals in Present-day Louisiana, 1764-early 1800s

Acadian Immigrants in Louisiana, February 1764-early 1800s

Summary of Acadian Emigration to Louisiana by Family and Year, 1764-early 1800s

Alpha List of Seven Ships Passengers, 29 July - 17 December 1785

Acadian Communities in Louisiana

Louisiana Settlement:


The BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil Party to Attakapas, 1765

Acadian Immigrants to Opelousas, 1765

Acadian Immigrants to Cabanocé, 1765

Acadian Immigrants to Cabanocé, 1766

Acadian Immigrants to St.-Gabriel d'Iberville, 1767

Acadian Immigrants to San Luìs de Natchez, 1768

Acadians Aboard English Ship Britannia, 1769

Acadian Immigrants to San Gabriel/Manchac, 1785

Acadian Immigrants to Baton Rouge/Manchac, 1785

Acadian Immigrants to Lafourche des Chitimachas/Valenzuéla, 1785-86

Acadian Immigrants to Bayou des Écores, 1785-86

Acadian Immigrants to Cabanocé, 1785-86

Acadians Immigrants to Attakapas, 1785-86

Acadian Immigrants to Opelousas, 1785-86

Acadian Immigrants to Nueva Gálvez/San Bernardo, 1785-86

The Joseph GRAVOIS Party from Île St.-Pierre, 1788

Miscellaneous Acadian Arrivals, 1760s-1780s

Acadian Immigrants to Louisiana after 1788

Undetermined Acadian Arrivals

Acadian Immigrants from the Caribbean Basin, 1765-1812

Numbers of Acadians Who Came to Louisiana, 1764-1788

Largest Single Acadian Family Groups Who Emigrated to Louisiana, 1765-85

Acadians in East Texas Before 1870

Last of the Acadian Immigrants in Louisiana to Join Our Ancestors, 1850s-1860s


Louisiana Acadian Enumerations, 1765-1798

Commandants, Governors, and Commissaire-Ordonnateurs of Colonial Louisiana, 1699-1803

Governors of the United States Territory of Orleans and the State of Louisiana, 1803-1865

South Louisiana Catholic Missions, Chapels, Schools, Orphanages, Asylums, Hospitals, and Parishes, 1700-1900

Counties and Civil Parishes of South Louisiana, 1805-1861

Marriage Studies:

Non-Acadian Families Who Intermarried with Louisiana Acadian Immigrants, 1761-1839

Acadian Endogamy/Exogamy in Louisiana, 1765-1861


Chronology of Acadians in Gray, 1861-65


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