Ages are as of February 1764.  Individuals with surnames in bold are family heads.  Hyperlinks take you to individual histories in the Acadian family pages, which contain many more details of each person's life.

Name Age Birthplace Relationships & Comments
Jean-Baptiste CORMIER 55 Chignecto  
Madeleine RICHARD 54 Chignecto Wife; sister of Jean-Baptiste
Anastasie CORMIER 11 Chignecto Daughter
Madeleine CORMIER 23 Chignecto Daughter
Marguerite CORMIER 13 Chignecto Daughter
Marie CORMIER 18 Chignecto Daughter
Marie-Anne CORMIER 17 Chignecto Daughter
Olivier LANDRY 36 Chignecto  
Cécile POIRIER 39 Chignecto Wife
Jean-Antoine LANDRY 3 Georgia Son
Joseph LANDRY 16 Chignecto Son
Marie LANDRY 14 Chignecto Daughter
Jean-Baptiste POIRIER, père 27 Menoudie, Chignecto  
Marie-Madeleine RICHARD 22 Nappan, Chignecto Wife
Jean-Baptiste POIRIER, fils 3 Georgia Son
Joseph POIRIER 1 1/2 Georgia Son
Jean-Baptiste RICHARD 45 Chignecto Brother of Madeleine
Catherine CORMIER 43 Chignecto Wife
Jean-Marie RICHARD 18 Chignecto Son
Joseph RICHARD 5 Georgia Son
Rosalie RICHARD 8 Georgia Daughter
21 individuals, all Acadians/4 families      

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