Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

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ACHÉE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1785 1 Dec/NOAR Luis Antonio CHARRIER French Creole Mariana HACHÉ Llorca, Martinez
1786 13 Nov/BRDR Carlos HEUSE Acadian Marie ACHÉ   none listed
1787 14 Jun/BRDR François SEVIN French Creole [Marie-]Jeanne ACHÉT Daigle, Dugas, Dugue, Pelletier
1788 16 Aug/SWLR Joseph ST. GERMAIN French Canadian Marie HACHÉ Hache, Nezat
1788 14 Oct/BRDR Juan DAVID Acadian Elena ACHÉE Martin
1790 13 Dec/BRDR Petro ST. ANGE French Canadian Maria ACHÉE (widow) Achée, ?
1794 20 May/BRDR Joseph CALANDROT French Creole Isabella ACHÉE Bourgeois, Theriot
1795 25 Jun/BRDR Pedro ACHÉE Anne DANTIN Acadian Achée, Cazebon, Dantin
1799 12 May/BRDR Miguel BARRE French Canadian Maria HACHÉE (widow) Guillot, Hebert
1803 24 Jan/BRDR Joseph HACHÉE Genoveva LE BLANC Acadian Hebert, LeBlanc
1804 4 Nov/BRDR Jean-Baptiste THIBODEAUX Acadian Martina HACHÉE Gaubert, Hébert
1819 4 May/BRDR Jean Pierre PITRE Acadian Rosalie ACHÉE Bolot, Dantin, Robichaux
1819 4 May/BRDR Joseph ROGER Acadian Carmelite ACHÉE Bolot, Pitre, Robichaux
1819 6 Oct/SWLR Joseph HACHÉE (widower) Anastasie GUILBEAU (wid.) Acadian Babin, Dugas, Hébert
1820 10 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptise ACHÉE Marie Ursule BOUTARY French Creole? Dantin, Ledet, Pitre
1820 31 Jan/BRDR Urbin ACHÉE Azelie LANDRY Acadian Carminati, Landry, Melancon, Wriel
1822 24 Apr/SLR Simon BABIN (widower) Acadian Marie ACHÉE none listed
1823 15 Sep/SWLR Jean Baptiste DAIGLE Acadian Marie ACHÉE Broussard, Guilbeau, Rafray, Rousillon
1825 26 Apr/SLR Alexis Amande LEDAY French Creole Adelaide Aspasie ACHÉE none listed
1826 7 Jul/SWLR Ursin HÉBERT Acadian Rosalie ACHÉE Dugas
1828 20 Oct/BRDR Onésime ACHÉE Marie Zéolide LE BLANC Acadian Achée, Carmouche, LeBlanc
1829 19 Mar/BRDR Urbain HACHÉ   Domitile DUPUY Acadian Aché, LeBlanc
1833 29 Apr/BRDR Francois ACHÉE Marie Claris SIMONEAUX French Creole none listed
1833 29 Apr/SLR Auguste Lefroy USÉ Acadian Eugenie ACHÉE none listed
1834 3 Nov/BRDR Simon ACHÉE Colette LANDRY Acadian none listed
1834 10 Nov/BRDR Rosémond ACHÉE Marie Clara DOIRON Acadian Achee, Doucet, Terrell
1842 16 Jun/SWLR Jean LASCOUREIGES Foreign French Rosalie ACHÉE (widow) none listed
1852 19 Mar/BRDR Joseph HOUSIAUX French Creole? Mélanie ACHÉE Achee, Billings, Lortavio
1854 27 Apr/BRDR William GEINGLINS Anglo? Henrietta ACHÉE Achee, Buhler, Doiron
1854 5 Jun/BRDR Pierre ACHÉE Marie HÉBERT Acadian Achee, Buhler, Doiron
1854 26 Jun/SLR Clairville MALBROUX French Creole Eugenie ACHÉE (widow) none listed
1855 29 Sep/SLR Pierre Theard ACHÉE Rosalie Amanda BERNARD Acadian none listed
1857 16 May/BRDR Joseph Oscar ACHÉE Elina SIMONEAUX (widow) French Creole Bourgeois, Neitzerroff, Treille
1858 17 May/BRDR Zephirin DUGAS (widower) Acadian Arselia ACHÉ Babin, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc, Simoneaux
1859 18 Jan/BRDR Jean Marie Leon ACHÉE Marie Adolphine PITRE Acadian Achée, Bourgeois

Analysis of ACHÉE marriages, 1786-1859:

Total marriages listed:                       35                   100.0%
Endogamous marriages:                    21                     60.0
Exogamous marriages:                      14                     40.0



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ALLAIN (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1773 11 Jan/BRDR Pierre LANDRY Acadian Marguerite ALLAIN   Broussard, Landry
1785 17 Jul/BRDR Simon ALLAIN   Marguerite BABIN Acadian Allain, Hébert, LeBlanc
1786 27 Fe/BRDR Pedro ACHERON [ALLAIN], fils   Ana GOTREAU Acadian Allain, Landry
1790 12 Apr/BRDR Moïse FORET Acadian Bibiana ALLAIN   Allain, Babin, Dugas, Landry
1793 7 Dec/BRDR Bénoni HÉBERT Acadian Magdalena ALLAIN   Babin, Foret, Hébert
1806 11 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste ALLAIN   Marguerite Céleste GUIDRY Acadian Chiasson, Landry, Richard
1807 25 May/BRDR Pierre ALLAIN   Victorie LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc
1808 29 Feb/BRDR Maximilien LE BLANC Acadian [Marie] Hélène ALLAIN   Allain, Babin, Braud, Dupuy
1809 27 Nov/BRDR François Louis Manuel RIVAS Spanish Marie Marguerite ALLAIN   Allain, Guidry, Rivas
1811 18 Feb/BDDR Jean Baptiste ALLAIN (wdr.)   Marie Carmelite LANDRY Acadian Allain, Comeaux, Landry
1816 26 Feb/BRDR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Adélaïde ALLAIN   Allain, Bouche, Breaux, Hébert
1817 9 Jan/BRDR Janvier ALLAIN   Élise Mary BOUSH Anglo Boush, Hébert, Lambremont
1817 6 Feb/BRDR Bernard ALLAIN   Appolonie BLANCHARD Acadian Babin, Blanchard, Landry
1818 1 Jun/BRDR Landry ALLAIN   Marie DAIGLE Acadian Landry, Simoie
1826 15 May/BRDR Derosin ALLAIN   Marie Dartille HÉBERT Acadian Allain, Babin, Martines
1827 3 Mar/BRDR Julien ALLAIN   Hortense LE BLANC Acadian Allain, Blanchard, LeBlanc
1828 16 Jun/BRDR Aimable LE BLANC (widower) Acadian Adélaïde ALLAIN (widow)   Allain, Babin, Lambremont
1830 7 Jun/BRDR Victor ALLAIN   Marie Aimée BREAUX Acadian Allain, Breaux, LeBlanc
1830 16 Aug/BRDR Pierre MIREMONT Foreign French? Marie Émilie ALLAIN   Allain, Breaux, Dupuy, Miremont
1835 23 Feb/BRDR Ambroise BOURQUE Acadian Adelvina ALLAIN   Babin, Clement, LeBlanc
1836 10 Feb/BRDR Joseph F. BLANCHARD Acadian Marie Appoline ALLAIN   Allain, Baker, Blanchard, LeBlanc
1836 19 Mar/BRDR Célestin ALLAIN   Marie Constance BREAUX Acadian Breaux, Landry, Lejeune
1837 20 Dec/BRDR Drauzin ALLAIN (widower)   Clémence LANDRY Acadian Allain, Landry, Pujol
1838 28 Dec/BRDR Jean Baptiste LEJEUNE Acadian Rosiline ALLAIN   Aillet, Doiron
1840 10 Feb/BRDR Evariste Abraham ARSENAUX Acadian Marie Victorine ALLAIN   Allain, Arceneaux, Blanchard
1841 15 Feb/BRDR Édouard LE BLANC Acadian Lucille ALLAIN   Allain, Arceneaux, Boissac, Delaune, LeBlanc
1841 27 Dec/SWLR Alexandre RENIN Foreign French? Alexandrine ALLAIN   none listed
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Albert ALLAIN   Marie Elisa LANDRY Acadian Allain, Breaux, Landry
1842 6 Jun/SWLR Auguste ALLAIN   Elisa JARDOIN French Creole? none listed
1842 7 Nov/BRDR Bernard ALLAIN, Jr.   Euphémie GUITTEAU French Creole? Allain, Arceneaux, Blanchard, Guitteaux, Petit, Schlatre, Scott
1844 22 Jan/BRDR Francis GALLAUGHER Irish Imm.? Marie Euphémise ALLAIN   Allain, Babin, Comeaux, Cropper, Gallaugher, LeBlanc
1844 22 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste Aimé ALLAIN   Odile REINÉ French Creole? Allain. Lacave, Poché, Reine
1844 11 Nov/BRDR Victor THIBODEAUX Acadian Aureline ALLAIN   Bourg, Longuépée, Thibodeaux
1845 21 Aug/SWLR Aurelien ALLAIN Acadian? Marie Anne GUILLORY French Creole none listed
1846 21 Jul/SWLR Isidore FRETTE French Creole? Aurore ALLAIN   none listed
1846 31 Aug/BRDR Bernard ALLAIN, Jr. (widr.)   Marie Élodie DUPUY Acadian Allain, Blanchard, Dupuy, LeBlanc
1847 28 Apr/BRDR Louis Domingue PICOU French Creole Hermina ALLAIN   LeBlanc, Vives
1848 17 Jan/BRDR Hermogène COMEAUX Acadian Eliza ALLAIN   Allain, Gallagher, Marchand
1849 15 Jan/BRDR Gustave LANDRY Acadian Emma ALLAIN   Hebert, Landry
1849 19 Feb/BRDR Léonidas REDDITT Anglo? Zoe ALLAIN   Allain, Babin, Blanchard, Moore, Watson
1850 15 Apr/SWLR Joseph ALLAIN Acadian? Louise MENDOZA Spanish none listed
1850 10 Oct/BRDR Forester DAIGLE Acadian Marie Adeline ALLAIN   Allain, Gallagher, Landry
1851 27 Nov/SLR Louis S[ylvain]. ALLAIN   Clara E. KNOBLOCK German Creole none listed
1852 28 Jan/BRDR Albert ALLAIN (widower)   Arzelia RAMOUIN French Creole? Allain, Bush, Hébert, Marionneaux, Ramouin
1852 4 May/BRDR Jean Drosin ALLAIN   Victorine LE BLANC Acadian Guedry, LeBlanc
1854 13 Jun/BRDR Amédée TUILLIER French Creole Marie Analise ALLAIN   Broussard, Hébert, Tuillier
1855 17 Feb/BRDR Émile Alexandre RIVIÈRE French Creole Marie Elina ALLAIN   Breaux, Bush, Landry
1856 20 Nov/BRDR Victorin ALLAIN   Armina LAMBREMONT French Creole Allain, Breaux, Cointement, Richard, Riviere
1858 22 Sep/BRDR Julien ALLAIN   Dina DUPUY Foreign French Allain, Boissac, Dupuy, Roth
1861 4 May/BRDR B[ernard]. ALLAIN, Jr.   Henrietta RIBARD [RICHARD] Acadian Arceneaux, Blanchard, Schlatre

Analysis of ALLAIN marriages, 1773-1861:

Total marriages listed:                       50            100.0%
Endogamous marriages:                    31              62.0
Exogamous marriages:                      19              38.0



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ARBOUR (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1790 27 Sep/BRDR Francisco[-Henry] ARBOUR   Maria-Juana DAIGLE Acadian Daigle, Dupuy, Tullier
1793 16 Apr/BRDR [Jean-]Luis[-Firmin] ARBOUR   Rosalia POIRIE Acadian Anrry, Arseno, Porie
1798 11 Sep/BRDR Frederico[-Édouard] ARBOUR   [Marie-]Rosa HENRY Acadian Arbour, Henry
1812 28 Apr/BRDR Juan Baptist ALTAZIN Foreign French? Scolatistic ARBOUR   Bruneau, Vachard
1812 1 Jul/BRDR Firmin ARBOUR   Susana GLOVER Anglo Gederie, Losada
1817 4 Aug/BRDR André DELAHAY French Creole? Marie Rose ARBOUR   Mayer, Trahan
1819 16 Aug/BRDR Luis LERRY Foreign French? Melite ARBOUR   Arbour, Combelle
1822 11 Feb/BRDR Barthélomé GUERRY French Creole? Pauline ARBOUR   Arbour
1825 25 Jul/BRDR Frédérique ARBOUR   Adeline DAIGRE Acadian Arbour, Duplantier, Legendre, Lortis
1828 16 Jun/BRDR Auguste D. COLLIER English Imm. Françoise Mélanie HARBOUR   Gary, Harbour, Lanoue, Legendre
1851 29 Dec/BRDR Joseph ARBOUR   Julie MAURIN/MORIN French Creole Arbour, Babin, Drahan, Herron, Heude, Maurin, Morris, Pugeo, Renn, Rhodes
1854 9 Feb/BRDR Bienvenu ARBOUR   Célestine MARTINEZ Spanish Creole Antons, Arbour, Bares, Daigre, Heude, Lopez
1854 25 Oct/BRDR Ernest ARBOUR   Emma DELAHAY French Creole? Arbour, Bordelais, Choppin, Degelos, Heude, Huart, Letulle

Analysis of ARBOUR marriages, 1793-1854:

Total marriages listed:                          13        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:                         4          30.8
Exogamous marriages:                           9          69.2

ARBOUR Acadian connection:  DAIGLE(2), HENRY, POIRIER 3


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Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1787 17 Apr/BRDR Joseph NAQUIN Acadian Marie ARSENAU [sic]   Garidet, Hebert, Terriot
1788 13 Jul/BRDR Tranquil ARSEMAT   Ana RASICO Acadian Eber, Rasico
1789 11 Aug/BRDR Luis AUCOIN Acadian Victoria ARSEMENT   Aucoin, Garidet, Landry
1789 7 Sep/BRDR Juan-Carlos RICHARD Acadian Perrina ARSEMENT   Arsment, Richard
1794 12 May/BRDR Pedro DUGAS Acadian Françoise ARSENEAUX [sic]   Gautros, Hebert, Landry
1794 14 Jun/BRDR Pierre-Olivier GAUTRAUX Acadian Julia ARSEMENT   Landry, Robichaux
1795 7 Jan/BRDR Josef TIBODAUX Acadian Perina ARSEMENT (widow)   none listed
1803 14 Feb/BRDR Guillermo ARSEMENT   Marianne AYSSENE French Creole? Hebert, Hennry
1809 6 Aug/BRDR Augusto HONORÉ Foreign French? Maria ARSEMENT   Daigle, Maziere
1820 5 Jun/SLR Louis ARSEMENT   Anne Roseline ROBICHEAUX Acadian none listed
1826 9 Jan/SLR Pierre Paul FOREST Acadian Rose Scholastie ARSEMENT   none listed
1829 4 May/SLR Pierre BRUNET French Creole? Henriette ARSEMENT   none listed
1831 19 Sep/SLR Valéry BELLANGER French Creole? Eulalie ARSEMENT   none listed
1832 6 Feb/SLR Drosin BERGERON Acadian Constance ARSEMENT   none listed
1834 18 May/SLR Nicolas ARSEMENT   Rosalie PITRE Acadian none listed
1835 26 Jan/SLR François ARSEMENT   Marie Celeste AUCOIN (wid.) Acadian none listed
1835 14 Sep/SLR Jean Pierre JUNEAU (wdr.) French Creole Élise ARSEMENT   none listed
1838 14 May/SLR Pierre ARSEMENT   Rosalie Césaire LAGRANGE French Creole? none listed
1839 27 May/SLR Jérôme GUIDRY Acadian Annette ARSEMENT   none listed
1845 7 Jul//SLR Louis Michel ARSEMAN   Modeste ROBICHEAUX Acadian none listed
1846 11 May/SLR Euphrosin GUIDRY Acadian Cléonise  ARSEMENT   none listed
1850 30 Sep/SLR Élise DUPLANTI[S] French Creole? Émelie ARSEMENT   none listed
1851 3 Mar/SLR Prosper ARSEMENT   Ezelina CROCHET Acadian none listed
1855 16 Jun/SLR Charles BOUDREAUX Acadian Séraphine ARSEMENT   none listed
1856 20 May/BRDR Symphorien BOUDREAU Acadian Marie ARCEMENT   Brout, Desbans, Gebelin
1856 3 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste ARCEMENT   Sarah Jaine BURS Anglo? Aucoin, Brout, Debous, Junot
1858 17 May/BRDR Théophile ARSEMAN   Émilia RICHARD French Creole Aucoin, Duco, Gautreaux
1859 3 Nov/SLR Cletus ARSEMENT   Malvina SAVOIE Acadian none listed
1860 11 Oct/SLR Ouville ARSEMENT   Azéma BLANCHARD Acadian none listed

Analysis of ARCEMENT marriages, 1787-1860:

Total marriages listed:                 29          100.0%
Endogamous marriages:               20            69.0
Exogamous marriages:                  9             31.0



[running tally]

ARCENEAUX (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1767 6 Nov/C-V Simon LE BLANC Acadian Anne ARSENEAUX (widow)   none listed
1777 17 Jan/BRDR Jean-Chs. ARCENEAUX   Marie-Josèphe BABIN Acadian Bergerau, Bernard, Melanzon, Sogny
1780 10 Sep/BRDR Josephe ARCENEAU   Marie DUPUIS (widow) Acadian Arceneau, Bodereau, LeBlanc, Rosaire
1786 30 Jan/BRDR Carlos/Charles CLOUÂTRE Acadian Ana or Mariana ARCENEAUX   Arseno, Gode
1786 5 Mar/BRDR Guiyon ARSENO   Margarita GODÉ [GAUDET] Acadian none listed
1786 6 Apr/BRDR Pedro ARCENEAUX   Pelagia BABE [BEBE] French Creole? Bursua, Saba
1787 24 Apr/BRDR Pedro ARSENO   Angela BURSUA[BOURGEOIS] Acadian Gode, Presan[Prejean]
1787 14 May/BRDR Francisco CARMUS [CARMOUCHE] French Creole? Francisca ARCENEAUX   Croeset, Roy
1787 20 Aug/BRDR Carlos/Charles MELANSON Acadian Francisca ARCENEAUX   Arseno, Godro
1788 9 May/BRDR Luis ARCENEAUX   Ana BRO Acadian Arseno, Guilbo
1788 25 May/SWLR Jean GUILBEAU Acadian Marie-Jeanne ARSENEAUX   Arsenaux, De La Houssaye, Guilbaux
1788 6 Aug/BRDR Eusebio ARSENO   Rosalie BERCHERON Acadian Carmus, Presan
1789 20 Jan/BRDR Francisco ARCENEAUX   Ludivine BRO Acadian Godin, Siason[Chiasson?]
1789 16 Nov/BRDR Isaac LE BLANC Acadian Maria ARSENEAUX   Bernard, LeBlanc, Theriot
1792 11 Jan/BRDR Laurent ARCENEAUX   Félicité BOURGEOIS Acadian Bernar, Bursua
1792 24 Apr/SWLR Pierre ARCENEAUX   Clémence CORMIER Acadian Arceneaux, Cormier, Fremaux
1792 27 Nov/BRDR Aman BOURGEOIS Acadian Escolastica ARCENEAUX   Leblan, Terio
1798 20 Feb/BRDR Benjamin MIRE Acadian Maria-Modeste ARCENEAUX   Mirre, Richard
1799 4 Feb/BRDR Eduardo SOGNIER Acadian Dyonisia ARCENEAUX   Arsenaux, Richard, Sognier
1799 4 Feb/BRDR Jean-Baptiste PICOUE French Creole Felicitas ARCENEAUX   Arsenaux, Bourgeois, Picoue
1799 4 Feb/BRDR Juan ARCENEAUX   Margarita PARRE [PART] Acadian LeBlanc, Parre
1799 14 Oct/BRDR Jean-Baptiste MIRE Acadian Esther ARCENEAUX   Arsenaux, de Rousselle, LeBlanc
1800 28 Apr/BRDR Carlos BRAUX Acadian Célestina ARCENEAUX   Arcenaux, Braux, LeBlanc
1802 13 Feb/SWLR Pierre ARCENEAUX (widower)   Josephe NEZAT French Creole Arsonneau, Bro, Carmouche, Cormier, DeBlanc, Declouet, Latiolais, Nezat, Patin, Soudrik, Tenholt, Viel
1802 1 Mar/BRDR Alexandre ARCENEAUX   Hélène CARMOUCHE French Creole? Carmouche, Daspit, Friloux
1802 30 Aug/BRDR Abraham ARCENEAUX   Marie-Eloise LE BLANC Acadian Arcenaux, LeBlanc
1803 22 Jan/BRDR Joseph TOMLETTE French Creole? Mariana ARCENEAUX (widow)   Arcenaux, Hébert
1805 13 May/SWLR Cyprien ARCENEAUX [Sr.]   Adélaïde MOUTON Acadian Duroucher, Gary, Lavergne, LeBlanc, Mouton
1805 9 Jun/BRDR Joseph ARCENEAUX   Marie Constance BERGERON Acadian Arsenaux, Godin, Hébert
1806 27 Jan/BRDR Michel BERNARD Acadian Justine ARCENEAUX   Arsenau/Arseneau, Tureaud
1806 3 Feb/BRDR Firmin OCOIN Acadian Pélagie ARCENEAUX   Arcenaux, Babin, Hébert, Tureaud
1806 11 Aug/BRDR Bonaventure GODIN Acadian Reiné ARCENEAUX   Arnaud, Bergeron, Landry
1806 22 Sep/BRDR Jean COX Anglo Françoise ARCENEAUX   Arsenaux, Gaubert, LeBlanc
1807 9 Feb/BRDR Alexandre MELANSON Acadian Heloise ARCENEAUX   Arsenaud/Arsenaux
1808 22 Aug/BRDR Étienne ROBICHEAU Acadian Henrietta ARCENEAUX   Dugas, Foret, Robicheau
1809 17 Jan/SWLR Joseph MOUTON Acadian Cidalise ARCENEAUX Arceneaux, Bernard, Brau/Braux, Duhamel, Martin, Mouton
1809 21 Jan/BRDR Francois MICHEL Acadian Carmelite ARCENEAUX   Arsenaux, Mir, Theriot
1810 28 May/BRDR Alexandre ARCENEAUX   Maria Aimee BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Hébert
1810 27 Sep/BRDR Auguste ARCENEAUX   Marcellite GAUDIN Acadian Bery, Gaudin, Landry, Petrimoulx
1811 18 Feb/BRDR Joseph MIRE Acadian Clarice ARCENEAUX   Arseneaux, Bergeron, Dugat, Fontenot, Mire, Picoux
1811 19 Feb/SWLR Joachim ARCENEAUX   Marie Aspasie BERNARD Acadian Babin, Brau, Mouton, Potier
1811 13 May/BRDR Simon Charles ARCENEAUX   Francoise Melanie DUGAT Acadian Arcenaux, Dugat, Guichary, Melanson
1813 12 Jan/BRDR Zenon ARCENEAUX   Marie Louise MELANSON Acadian Blouin, Fonteneau, Gaudin, Gottereau, Melanson, Uriel
1813 26 Jul/SWLR François ARCENEAUX   Marie MOUTON Acadian Arcenaux, Bernard, Braud, Carmouche, Guilbeau
1815 27 Mar/BRDR Abraham ARCENEAUX (widower)   M[arie] Carmelite CONNILLE (widow) French Creole? Bayon, Bourdier, Huguet
1815 3 Apr/BRDR Louis RICHARD Acadian Marie M. ARCENEAUX   Arcenaux, Blouin, Casemaud, Mire
1816 21 Feb/BRDR Benjamin Pierre MIRE Acadian Céleste ARCENEAUX   Bourgeois, DeLinars, Gaudin, Mire, Pauret
1816 29 Apr/SWLR Pierre Cyprien ARCENEAUX   Brigitte Aglae CARMOUCHE French Creole? Bernard, Breaux, Gauthier, Mercier, Mouton, Prevost
1816 6 May/BRDR Jean Pierre DAIGLE Acadian Maria Modesta ARCENEAUX   Boudraux, Daigle, Tureyra
1816 2 Jun/BRDR Joseph POIRIER Acadian Reine ARCENEAUX (widow)   Chiasson, Gaudin, Harne
1817 8 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste ARCENEAUX   Alexandrine MAXENT French Creole? Arseneaux, Bourgeois, Cayet, Maxent, Molere, Remondet
1817 20 May/SWLR Valentin Durville ARCENEAUX   Annette BROUSSARD Acadian Aleman, Dusouchet, Labauve
1817 15 Jul/SWLR Pierre ARCENEAUX   Marie Aspasie BROUSSARD Acadian Aleman, Broussard, Duhon, Labauve
1818 11 Mar/BRDR Evariste BLOUIN French Creole? Félicité ARCENEAUX   Poirier, Poursine, Richard
1818 6 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste ARCENEAUX   Mélanie GAUTREAUX Acadian Aucoin, Turreyra
1818 25 Aug/BRDR Nicolas ARCENEAUX   Carmelite BREAU Acadian Bourgeois, Foret, Godet
1818 3 Nov/SWLR Joseph SONNIER Acadian Marguerite ARCENEAUX   none listed
1818 23 Nov/BRDR Jean Charles V. GAUTREAUX Acadian Constance ARCENEAUX   Aucoin, Blanchard
1819 11 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste TASSIN French Creole? Marguerite R. ARCENEAUX   Cayet, Fabre, Richard, Wilson
1820 20 Jul/SWLR Alexandre ARCENEAUX   Marguerite Josophat or Marie Marguerite BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Dugas, Dusouchet, Roussillon
1820 27 Nov/BRDR Pierre DICHARY Foreign French Marie Azelie ARCENEAUX   Arceneaux, Gaudin, Lacoste, Vavasseur
1821 28 May/BRDR Florentin BLANCHARD Acadian Marie Emilie ARCENEAUX   Mayse, Pitre, Theriau
1821 31 Dec/SWLR Pierre Émile ARCENEAUX   Marie Azelie BREAUX Acadian Arconneaux, Braud, Carmouche, Stouts, Thibaudeau
1822 28 Jan/SWLR Pierre Treville BERNARD Acadian Marie Euphrasie ARCENEAUX   Braux, Carmouche
1822 5 Feb/SWLR Étienne THERIOT Acadian Josephine ARCENEAUX   Carmouche, Lessassier
1822 14 Nov/BRDR Jean Louis MUNIER Foreign French Sidalise ARCENEAUX   Melancon
1824 2 Sep/BRDR Jean ESTEVAN Spanish Creole? Marie Euphemie ARCENEAUX   Arseneaux, Dearmos, Rivas
1824 27 Nov/BRDR Joseph Léon ARCENEAUX   Marie Arthemise BERGERON Acadian Arceneaud, Gaudet, Gourdain
1825 5 Jul/SWLR Herbert EASTIN Anglo Marie Euphrosine ARCENEAUX   Arceneaux, Brashear, Mouton
1826 16 Jan/BRDR Valéry ARCENEAUX   Basilisse or Baptisse AUCOIN Acadian Arcenaux, Acuoin
1827 19 Feb/BRDR Constance Mathurin THERIAU Acadian Marie Doralise ARCENEAUX   Arseneaux, Aucoin, LeBlanc
1828 4 Feb/BRDR Joseph SAVOIE Acadian Doralise ARCENEAUX   Dugas, Duhon, Melancon, Savoie
1828 16 Dec/SWLR Paulin ARCENEAUX   Celeste Armillionne MARTIN Acadian Braux, Arceneaux, Gutriche, Hall, Martin
1829 23 Feb/SWLR Pierre Rozemond BREAUX Acadian Geneviève Caliste ARCENEAUX   Braux, Dugas, Guilbeau, Patin
1829 22 Jun/SWLR Cyprien ARCENEAUX, fils   Marie Bonne BREAUX Acadian Arcenaux, Braux, Dufour
1830 18 Oct/BRDR Félix ARCENAUX Acadian Domitille ARCENEAUX Acadian Gaudin, Huguet
1830 2 Nov/SWLR Sosthènes ARCENEAUX   Marie Euphanie ROY French Can. Arcenaux, Aubert, Brau, Caillier, Domengeaux, Roy
1831 7 Feb/BRDR Louis Preville LE BLANC Acadian Emilie ARCENEAUX   Arcenaux, Part
1831 6 Jun/BRDR Désiré ARCENEAUX   Gracieuse DICHARRY Foreign French Dicharry, Dugat, Jacob, Richard
1832 27 May/BRDR Alexander ARCENEAUX   Eulalie TEMPLET Acadian Arseneaux
1832 9 Jul/SLR Pierre Urbain ENGERON French Creole? Marie Armelise ARCENEAUX   none listed
1833 18 Feb/SWLR Émilien ARCENEAUX   Céleste BREAUX Acadian none listed
1833 29 Jul /SWLR Martin COMEAUX Acadian Eloise ARCENEAUX   none listed
1833 9 Dec/BRDR Simon LANDRY Acadian Telcide ARCENEAUX   Blanchard, Chambers, Estavan
1833 30 Dec/BRDR Théodule ARCENEAUX   Marie AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1834 30 Mar/SWLR François ARCENEAUX (wdr.)   Scholastique BREAUX (widow) Acadian none listed
1834 9 Jun/BRDR Evariste ARCENEAUX   Marie Berazire BREAUX Acadian Braud, Langford, Savoy
1834 30 Dec/BRDR Vital ARCENEAUX   Euphrasie POIRIER Acadian Arceneaux, Coks, Drouillin, Poirier
1835 9 Feb/BRDR Michel AUCOIN Acadian Bazelise ARCENEAUX   Arseneaux, Barrilleau
1835 22 May/SWLR F. Aurelien ARCENEAUX   Marie or Mary ANDRUS Anglo Creole none listed
1835 15 Jun/SLR Joseph Zenon ROGER Acadian Rosalie ARCENEAUX   none listed
1835 15 Nov/BRDR Francois VAVASSEUR French Creole? Jospehine ARCENEAUX   Boucry, Nicolle, Theriot, Vavasseur
1835 16 Nov/BRDR Jean Samuel PAHUD Swiss Imm. Josephine ARCENEAUX   Braud, Menoull, Richard, Sanson
1836 29 Jan/SWLR Marie Fanalie ARCENEAUX   Antoine DELHOMME French Creole none listed
1836 18 Apr/SWLR Marie Clemelina ARCENEAUX   Alexandre Antoine DELHOMME French Creole none listed
1836 16 May/BRDR Simon ARCENEAUX   Jane Marguerite DAVID Acadian Duhon, Mire
1836 16 Oct/BRDR Jean MARTIN Acadian? Céleste ARCENEAUX   Bergeron, Braud, Hatkinson, LeBlanc
1837 16 Jan/BRDR Zenon ARCENEAUX   Euphémie LE BLANC Acadian Gaudet, Melançon, Terriot
1837 30 Jan/BRDR Jean Jacques DARTES French Creole Marcelline ARCENEAUX   none listed
1837 28 Mar/SWLR Lazare Bercy ARCENEAUX   Hortense BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1837 6 Apr/BRDR Charles Félix ARCENEAUX   Marie Virginie MAINVILLE or MINVIELLE French Creole? Arceneaux, Besson, Valoi
1837 18 May/SWLR Pierre Joseph ARCENEAUX   Marie Josephine BLAIRE Anglo? none listed
1837 3 Oct/BRDR Amédé ARCENEAUX   Carmelite DAVID Acadian Donnelson, David, Duhon, LeBourgeois
1837 11 Dec/SWLR François J. BLANCHARD Acadian Émelite ARCENEAUX   none listed
1838 1 Jan/BRDR Vincent LANDRY Acadian Élise ARCENEAUX   Arseneau, Bolot, Landry, Riche
1838 27 Feb/SWLR Delphin LELEUX, Jr. French Creole Marie Zulma ARCENEAUX   none listed
1838 19 Jun/SWLR Pierre Bienvenu ARCENEAUX Acadian Marie Azelle ARCENEAUX Acadian none listed
1838 Oct/SWLR Michel HARDY Anglo Amelie ARCENEAUX   none listed
1838 27 Dec/SWLR Pierre ARCENEAUX Acadian Genevieve ARCENEAUX Acadian none listed
1839 6 Jan/SWLR Alfred BROWN Anglo Carmelite ARCENEAUX   none listed
1839 22 Jul/BRDR Arsène BOURGEOIS Acadian Augustine ARCENEAUX   Boudreau, Bourgeois, Melancon
1840 10 Feb/BRDR Evariste ARCENEAUX   Marie Victorine ALLAIN Acadian Allain, Arceneaux, Blanchard
1840 9 Apr/SWLR Valery BOURGEOIS Acadian Margaret ARCENEAUX   none listed
1840 21 Apr/SWLR Raymond BIN [BIHM] German Creole? Marie Belzire ARCENEAUX   none listed
1840 18 May/BRDR Hubert ARCENEAUX   Irma or Hirma RODRIQUE French Creole? Landry, Rodrique
1841 15 Feb/BRDR Théodule DELAUNE French Creole Marie ARCENEAUX   Delaune, Larousse
1841 15 Apr/SWLR Antoine YNOGASS [INOGOSO] Mexican [Rosalie] Céleste ARCENEAUX   none listed
1842 22 Sep/SWLR Jean Pierre ARCENEAUX   Felicia Félicité BUQUOIS French Creole? none listed
1843 9 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste LE BLANC Acadian Marie Corinne ARCENEAUX   Braud, Greau, Leblanc
1843 30 Jan/BRDR Théodule ARCENEAUX (wdr.)   Azelie AUCOIN Acadian Arseneaux, Aucoin, Blanchard, Landry
1843 8 May/SWLR Pierre ARCENEAUX   Oliva SELEURS [SELLERS] Anglo Creole none listed
1843 7 Dec/SWLR Joseph Laurent PREJEAN Acadian Euphrasie ARCENEAUX   none listed
1844 10 Oct/BRDR Léon ARCENEAUX   Azelie DUBOIS Acadian Arceneau, Aucoin, Tumoine
1844 18 Nov/SWLR Joseph BOULET French Creole? Marie Talvina ARCENEAUX   none listed
1845 27 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Alexandrine ARCENEAUX   Arseneaux, Guillot, Hébert
1845 22 Jul/SWLR Victor VERRET French Creole Marie ARCENEAUX   none listed
1846 9 Feb/BRDR Ulgère DUHON (widower) Acadian Marie Carmelite ARCENEAUX   Arceneau, Berteau, Braud, Brooks, Cornet, Huguet, Mire, Savois, Sciot
1846 26 Feb/BRDR Pierre Louis CORNET French Creole? Palmyre ARCENEAUX   Berteau, Bourgeois, Carnet/Cornet, Gautreau, Huguet, Lucenty, Rousel
1846 30 Mar/SLR Raymond BARRIOS Isleño Creole Séraphine ARCENEAUX   none listed
1847 22 Apr/BRDR Jacques Jules ARCENEAUX   Stephanie GAUDIN Acadian Braud, Huguet, Legendre, Leroy
1847 21 Jul/BRDR Lucien ARCENEAUX   Elize TERIOT Acadian Blanchard, Cumez, Landry
1847 18 Oct/SLR Paul BARRIOS Isleño Creole Melsaire ARCENEAUX   none listed
1848 8 Feb/SWLR Valéry PREJEANT Acadian [Marie] Zéopha ARCENEAUX   none listed
1848 22 May/BRDR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Marina ARCENEAUX   Arseneaux, Aucoin, Hébert
1848 5 Oct/SWLR Joseph R[osémond]. ARCENEAUX   Marie Célesie CELEURS [SELLERS] Anglo Creole none listed
1849 11 Apr/SLR Louis Lange THIBODEAUX Acadian Marie ARCENEAUX   none listed
1849 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph SIMONAUD French Creole Marie Octavie ARCENEAUX   Arcenaux/Arceneaux, Bergeron, Chevet, Clandio, Simaud
1849 2 Jun/BRDR Charles Henry CHEVET Foreign French Amelie Irma ARCENEAUX   Arceneaux, Bergeron, Chattaut, Ferchaud, Villvase
1849 30 Jun/BRDR François Heno MOLLERE French Creole Françoise Irma ARCENEAUX   Arceneaux, Buquoi, Dichary, Edwin, Landry, LeBlanc, Mollere, Mullett, Reynaud, Richard
1849 9 Aug/SWLR Pierre Émile ARCENEAUX   Marie Alzina RICHARD Acadian none listed
1850 13 Mar/BRDR Joseph Daniel BLOUIN French Creole? Constance ARCENEAUX   none listed
1850 24 Oct/SWLR François ARCENEAUX   Marie Amelia THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1851 3 Mar/SWLR Jean Baptiste VALIÈRE French Creole? Marie Henriette ARCENEAUX   none listed
1851 1 Sep/SWLR Joseph ARCENEAUX   Amelie LABOVE Acadian none listed
1851 30 Sep/BRDR Michel Lauzin POIRIER Acadian Adeline Gracieuse ARCENEAUX   Amarati, Lebeuf, LeBlanc, Mollere, Poirier, Reynaud
1851 8 Dec/BRDR Narcisse CARMOUCHE French Creole? Marie Alexandrine ARCENEAUX   Arceneaux, Breau, Carmouche, Latiolais, Villeret
1852 9 Feb/SWLR Étienne ARCENEAUX   Célestine DARTES French Creole none listed
1852 16 Feb/BRDR Grégoire BLANCHARD Acadian Carmelite ARCENEAUX   Arcenaux, Blanchard
1852 16 Feb/SWLR Rosémond ARCENEAUX   Domitille Justine ROBICHEAUX Acadian none listed
1852 26 Mar/SLR Jean ARCENEAUX   Marie Cézarie MATHERNE French Creole none listed
1852 12 Apr/SWLR Alexandre ARCENEAUX   Marie Zéoline BRASSEUX Acadian none listed
1852 19 Apr/SWLR Antoine Adout DOMINGUEZ Spanish Creole? Coralie ARCENEAUX   none listed
1852 23 Apr/SWLR Louis Joseph ARCENEAUX Acadian? Marie Amelie ARCENEAUX Acadian? none listed
1852 5 Jun/BRDR Lucien ARCENEAUX   Celina BOZE French Creole? Bourgeois, Boze, Dugas, Gaudet, Gomez, Jacob, Lanaux, Roberson
1852 5 Oct/SWLR Valentin ARCENEAUX   Eugenie PATIN French Creole none listed
1853 3 Nov/BRDR Joseph SIMONEAUX French Creole Amelia ARCENEAUX   Arceneaux, Bergeron, Chevet
1854 1 Feb/SWLR Cyprien ARCENEAUX   Azenaide MOUTON Acadian none listed
1854 1 May/SWLR Hippolyte ARCENEAUX   Azelima BENOIT Acadian none listed
1854 1 May/BRDR Honoré ARSENO   Angèle CROCHET Acadian Aucoin, Dugas, Guédry
1854 8 Jun/SWLR Valérie ROBICHEAUX Acadian Marguerite Z. ARCENEAUX   none listed
1854 11 Dec/SWLR David D. ANDRUS Anglo Aurelia ARCENEAUX   none listed
1855 26 Jan/SLR Nicolas ARCENEAUX   Eugenie LASSEIGNE French Creole? none listed
1855 10 Feb/BRDR Octave MATERNE French Creole Marie Louise ARCENEAUX   LeBlanc, Matherne, Terrio
1855 22 Oct/SWLR Demas ARCENEAUX   Azélia BRASSEAUX Acadian none listed
1855 12 Dec/SWLR Louis LATIOLAIS French Creole Marie Josette R. ARCENEAUX   none listed
1856 28 Jan/BRDR Raymond BLANCHARD Acadian Melasie ARCENEAUX   Arseneaux, Blanchard, Delaune, Herbert
1856 4 Feb/SWLR Moïse BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Godric ARCENEAUX   none listed
1856 25 Mar/SWLR Joseph DUPUIS Acadian Marie Emérante ARCENEAUX   none listed
1856 4 Apr/SLR Firmin BARRIOS Isleño Creole Émilie ARCENEAUX   none listed
1856 29 Apr/BRDR Edward C. BARTHÉLEMY French Creole? Veleda ARCENEAUX   Barthélémy, Hébert, Landry, Mire/Mirre, Pedesclaux
1856 30 Jun/BRDR Bienvenu MELANÇON Acadian Aglae ARCENEAUX   Gautrot, Letulle, Mire, Terrio
1857 28 Apr/SWLR Ovignac ARCENEAUX   Emérante BREAUX Acadian none listed
1857 22 May/BRDR Francois BOURGEOIS (wdr.) Acadian Marie C. ARCENEAUX (wid.)   Bonnecaze, Lachenal, Saunier
1857 8 Sep/BRDR Joseph Michel CANTRELLE French Creole? Marie Aglae ARCENEAUX   Babier/Barbier, Cantrelle, Francois, Mathern
1858 10 Feb/BRDR Thelesmar DECARRAUX or DECAREAU Foreign French? Odilia ARCENEAUX   Bourgeois, Decareau, Ory
1858 13 Feb/BRDR Mathurin BLANCHARD Acadian Roseline ARCENEAUX   Blanchard, Landry
1859 7 Feb/BRDR Onésiphore AUCOIN Acadian Celima ARCENEAUX   Arseneaux, Aucoin, Bertrand, Collins, Grisamore, Landry, Rudemills
1859 5 Mar/BRDR Jean Baptiste LANDRY Acadian Zulma ARCENEAUX   Arseneaux, Aucoin, Bertrand, Blanchard, Landry
1859 25 Apr/BRDR Eugène THIBODEAUX (wdr.) Acadian Rosalie ARCENEAUX   Blanchard, Braud
1859 13 Jun/BRDR Joseph Landry BABIN Acadian Mélanie ARCENEAUX   Babin, Blouin, Daumraux, Dessarp, Dugas, Letulle, Minvielle
1859 6 Aug/BRDR Eugène BARILLEAUX Acadian Augustine ARCENEAUX   Barrillau, Foret, Gautreaux, Landry
1859 ?/BRDR Joseph Léonard ARCENEAUX   Marie Louisa BLOUIN French Creole? Arceneaux, Braud, Chenet, Ganier
1860 7 Jan/SLR Désiré ARCENEAUX   Zéolide MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1860 30 Jan/SWLR Dupréville BROUSSARD Acadian Marcellite Hélène ARCENEAUX   none listed
1860 6 Sep/SWLR Daniel LYONS Anglo Françoise B. ARCENEAUX   none listed
1860 17 Sep/BRDR Donat Célestino GRAVOIS Acadian Madeleine A. ARCENEAUX   Bourque, Chauvin, Dugas, Landry, Lanoux, Richard
1860 29 Oct/SWLR Jean Marie B. CANAUDELAT Foreign French Azélie ARCENEAUX   none listed
1861 19 Jan/BRDR Eugène BLANCHARD Acadian Asema ARSENEAUX   Arseneaux, Aucoin, Blanchard, Bourgeois, Rudemills
1861 9 Feb/BRDR Joseph ARSENEAUX   Elisa BLANCHARD Acadian Arseneaux, Aucoin, Foley, Himel, Landry
1861 11 Feb/SWLR Joseph BAQUET Foreign French Clara ARCENEAUX   none listed
1861 31 Mar/SWLR Louis F. FUSELIER French Creole Alexandrine ARCENEAUX   none listed

Analysis of ARCENEAUX marriages, 1767-1861:

Total marriages listed:                  195           100.0%
Endogamous marriages:               129             66.2 
Exogamous marriages:                   66             33.8



[running tally]


Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1766 25 Feb/NOAR Bernard CAPDEVILLE Swiss Anne AROSTELY   Roche
1768 10 Jan/NOAR Antoine-Emmanuel MORIN French Creole Marie-Théotiste ROSTOGUI   none listed

Analysis of AROSTEGUY marriages, 1766-68:

Total marriages listed:                       2            100.0%
Endogamous marriages:                    0              00.0
Exogamous marriages:                      2            100.0

AROSTEGUY Acadian connection:  none

AROSTEGUY non-Acadian connection:  CAPDEVILLE, MORIN 2

[running tally]


Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1777 15 Jan/BRDR Joseph BREAU Acadian Marie-Josèphe AUCOIN   Bourgeois, Breau, Dupuys, Landry
1785 13 Nov/NOAR Jean-Baptiste SIMON French Creole Marie-Magdeleine AUCOIN   Llorca, Martinez
1786 3 Jan/NOAR Alexos OCUYAN   Francisca  HENRY Acadian Llorca, Martinez
1786 14 Jan/NOAR Pedro AUCOIN   Maria HÉBERT Acadian Llorca, Martinez
1786 16 Jan/BRDR Charles OQUAN   Margarita NOËL Acadian Belile, Aucoin, Mazerol
1786 3 Jul/BRDR Pierre AUCOIN Acadian Félicité AUCOIN Acadian Garidel, Terrio
1787 23 Jan/BRDR Jacque RAOUL French Creole Marie AUCOIN   Banchar, Bourg, Emond, Lavergne
1787 2 Oct/SWLR Joseph FANGUE [FAULK] Anglo? Féliciene [Felicité] AUCOIN   Duon, Lapointe
1787 22 Oct/BRDR Juan HÉBERT Acadian Natalia AUCOIN   Garidet
1787 25 Nov/BRDR Jean AUCOIN   Hélène THIBODEAU Acadian Aucoin, Dugue, Grisey, Thibodau
1788 8 Jan/SWLR Charles NORMAND French Can. Perpétué AUCOIN   Aucoin, Chambon, Jeansonne
1788 23 Jan/BRDR Joseph RICHARD Acadian Paspétué AUCOIN   Aucoin, Commo, Daigre, Raoule
1788 23 Mar/BRDR Pedro MONTE French Creole Félicité AUCOIN   Pitre, Theriot
1788 6 May/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN (widower) Acadian Marie AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Bernard, Blanchard
1788 26 May/BRDR Pierre-John HÉBERT Acadian Anne AUCOIN   Aucoin, Dugue, Hébert
1788 24 Oct/BRDR Pedro AUCOIN (widower)   Maria GUIDRY Acadian Degre, Trahan
1788 23 Nov/SWLR Claude AUCOIN (widower)   Marie BRASSEUX (widow) Acadian Brasseur, Figuron, Jeansonne
1789 1 Feb/BRDR Grégoire AUCOIN Acadian Marguerite AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Dugue, Dupuis
1789 11 Aug/BRDR Luis AUCOIN   Victoria ARSEMENT Acadian Aucoin, Garidet, Landry
1789 26 Dec/SWLR Amable BERTRAND (wdr.) French Can. Anastasie AUCOIN   Cartier, Ocoin
1789 27 Dec/BRDR Souillac GUEDERIC Acadian Rose-Anastasie AUCOIN   Aucoin, Como, Dugue, Durand
1790 20 May/BRDR Joseph BOURG Acadian Marie AUCOIN   Aucoin, Bourg, Dugue
1790 25 Jul/BRDR Pierre BLANCHARD Acadian Margarite AUCOIN   Aucoin, Blanchard, Ebert
1792 7 May/BRDR Servano TEMPLE Acadian Céleste AUCOIN   Aucoin, Blanchard, Breaux, Ebert
1793 8 Jan/SWLR Olivier GUIDRY Acadian Félicité AUCOIN (widow)   Babino, Gilbaux, Simon
1793 9 Jan/SWLR Joseph BENOIT Acadian Isabel AUCOIN   Ducharme, Richard, Simon
1795 26 Jan/SWLR Pierre TRAHAN Acadian Anne-Augustine AUCOIN   Broussard, Duon, Tissimon, Trahan
1795 15 Jan/BRDR Marin J. BURKE [BOURG] Acadian Maria-Juana AUCOIN   Burke, Commau, Ocoin, Rowel
1795 3 Nov/BRDR Isaac LANDRY Acadian Ana-Oliva AUCOIN   Hebert, Landry, Teriot
1796 8 Feb/SWLR Mathieu SELLAR [SELLERS], Jr. Anglo Creole Marie-Reiné AUCOIN   Chemin, Duon, West
1796 16 Aug/BRDR Pedro Firmin AUCOIN   Doncella-Pélagie DEGRE Acadian Ocoin, Trahan
1796 31 Oct/SWLR Mathurin AUCOIN   Susanne LANGLOIS French Creole Aub__, Bertrand, Jany, Ocoin, Robert
1797 22 Aug/SWLR Pierre RICHARD (widower) Acadian Isabelle AUCOIN   Jeansonne, Richard, Thibaudeau
1797 17 Oct/BRDR Josef AUCOIN (widower)   Eufrosina BARIOT (widow) Acadian Aucoin, Daigle, Dupuis
1798 30 Apr/BRDR Bautista-Olivier POITIER Acadian Ysabel AUCOIN   Aucoin, Granger
1798 18 Sep/BRDR Juan-Pedro RICHARD Acadian Isabel/Ysabel[-Jeanne] AUCOIN   Aucoin, Hébert
1799 8 Jan/BRDR Alexos AUCOIN (widower)   Ana DUGAT Acadian Aucoin, Guillot, Hebert
1799 25 Feb/NOAR Miguel DUMON French Creole Maria Francisca AUCOIN   Aucoin, Blanc, Lefebre, Maroteau
1799 8 Apr/BRDR Fabian AUCOIN   Susanna DAROIS Acadian Aucoin, Hebert
1799 14 Oct/BRDR Pedro AUCOIN   Rosalia GAUTRAUX Acadian Aucoin
1799 4 Nov/BRDR Maturino AUCOIN   Maria-Magdelena DAROIS Acadian Aucoin, Hébert
1799 5 Nov/BRDR François T. S. AUCOIN   Rosalia LANDRY Acadian Boudraux, Landry
1800 2 Jan/SWLR Pierre AUCOIN   Françoise SILVESTRE Anglo? Aucoin, Bertrand, Prudhomme
1800 18 Feb/BRDR François AUCOIN   Maria BOUDRAUX Acadian Hébert
1800 24 Feb/BRDR Juan GAUTRAUX Acadian Françoise AUCOIN   Hébert
1800 28 Apr/BRDR Guillaume AUCOIN   Margarita-Maria BOUDRAUX Acadian Aucoin, Bourque
1800 26 May/BRDR Miguel AUCOIN   Margarita-Perina BOURQUE Acadian Albert, Hennry
1800 29 Jun/BRDR François AUCOIN   Magdelena COMMAUX (wd.) Acadian Commaux, Hebert, Labat
1802 12 Jan/BRDR Jean-Baptiste BLANCHARD Acadian Maria-Modesta AUCOIN   Aucoin, Richard
1802 1 Feb/BRDR Charles BLANCHARD (wdr.) Acadian Maria A. AUCOIN (widow)   Blanchard, Monte
1802 27 Sep/BRDR Joseph-Juan AUCOIN   Ana-Victoria LANDRY Acadian Landry
1802 9 Nov/SWLR Antoine BELLARD, fils French Creole Marie[-Jeanne] AUCOIN   De La Fosse, Lejeune, Richard
1804 16 Jul/BRDR Jacinto AUCOIN Acadian Marie Céleste DELAUNE   Aucoin, Mora
1805 25 Jun/BRDR Carlos Maria BOUDRAUX Acadian Victoria Clara AUCOIN   Hébert, Solar
1806 3 Feb/BRDR Firmin [Louis] AUCOIN   Pelagie ARSENAUX Acadian Arsenaux, Babin, Hébert, Tureaud
1806 29 Jul/SWLR Auguste FONTENOT French Creole Lisa AUCOIN   Dupré, Fontenot, Sossier
1806 18 Aug/BRDR Charles BARBIER French Creole? Rosalie AUCOIN   Aucoin
1808 26 Jan/BRDR Michel PEDEAU Foreign French Florence Marguerite AUCOIN   Brais, Landry, Tojan
1808 25 Jul/BRDR Alin LANDRY Acadian Eugenie AUCOIN   LeBlanc, Riboudau, St. Martin
1809 1 May/BRDR Fabian Thomas GUILLOT Acadian Appolline AUCOIN   Aucoin, Guillot
1809 28 Aug/BRDR Pablo AUCOIN   Maria DUPUIS Acadian Dugat, Landry
1810 30 Jan/SWLR Pierre VIGE French Creole? Jullie Eléonore AUCOIN   Forest, Pittre
1810 25 Feb/BRDR François T. S. AUCOIN (wdr.)   Escholastica HÉBERT Acadian Aucoin, Dugat, Landry
1810 5 Mar/BRDR Augustin AUCOIN   Hannrieta GAUTRAUX Acadian Aucoin, Hébert, Ruiz
1810 8 Oct/BRDR Urbino LE BLANC Acadian Mélania AUCOIN   Landry, LeBlanc
1811 18 Feb/BRDR Juan Bautista AUCOIN   Maria Ludivina RICHARD Acadian Braux, Richard
1811 9 Sep/BRDR Louis Ambrosio AUCOIN   Francisca DAIGLE Acadian Dailgle, Dugat
1812 3 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste FREMAIN French Creole? Maria Francisca AUCOIN   Biseul, Riffaud, Turreyra
1812 11 May/BRDR Simon AUCOIN   Maria TRAHAN Acadian Blanchard, Comaux, Tureyra
1812 30 Jul/BRDR Pedro AUCOIN (widower)   Margarita VENOY (widow) French Creole? Eude, Martinez
1814 31 Oct/BRDR Pierre LECONTE Foreign French Emelita Emérante AUCOIN   Landry, Tureyra
1814 26 Nov/BRDR Francisco BARIOT   Florencia AUCOIN (widow) Acadian Aucoin, Blanchard
1815 1 Apr/SWLR Jean Baptiste TRAHAN Acadian Marie Joseph AUCOIN Aucoin, Estilette, Hergeroeder, Normand, Pitre
1815 30 Jul/BRDR Gabriel LEBOEUF French Creole Rosalia AUCOIN   Aubert, Fromenthal, Hebert
1817 20 Jan/BRDR Francisco Magloria LANDRY Acadian Fany Rosa AUCOIN   Aucoin, Bourque, Tureyra
1817 2 Jun/BRDR Jean Baptiste TULLIER French Creole Pélagie AUCOIN   Aucoin, Landry, Simoie
1817 30 Jun/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN   Marguerite DAIGLE Acadian Bolot, Boudreau, Hébert
1818 19 Jan/BRDR François AUCOIN   Marie Rose RICHARD (widow) Acadian Blanchard, Richard, Simoie
1818 19 May/SWLR Pierre AUCOIN (widower)   Marie FONTENOT (widow) French Creole Demaret, Fontenot, Manuel
1818 31 Aug/BRDR Auguste BLANCHARD Acadian Florence AUCOIN   Aucoin, Turreyra, Sauntez
1818 28 Dec/BRDR Louis Paterne LANDRY Acadian Marie Rose AUCOIN   Landry, Leveque
1819 13 Apr/BRDR Dufroi or Lufroi AUCOIN   Enrietta BLANCHARD Acadian Arsenau, Bourg, Delavant
1819 11 Oct/BRDR Élie AUCOIN   Martine BREAU (widow) Acadian Aucoin, Blanchard
1820 23 Jan/BRDR Jérôme DUPRÉ French Creole? Victoire Anastasia AUCOIN   Boudreau, Guillot, Nankin
1820 5 Jun/BRDR Joseph POTHIER Acadian Elizabeth Tabithe AUCOIN   Aucoin, Giroir
1820 4 Sep/BRDR Florentin AUCOIN   Elizabeth VERDAUX French Creole? Comau, Garevil, Landry
1820 18 Sep/BRDR François Apollinaire GIROIR Acadian Marie Théotiste AUCOIN   Aucoin, Lanbandry, Potier
1821 18 Feb/SLR Francois BOUDREAUX Acadian Emerante Melite AUCOIN   none listed
1821 7 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Feralie AUCOIN   Blanchard, Delaunne, Terrio
1821 12 Nov/SLR Joseph Marie BREAUX Acadian Tarzile Marie AUCOIN   none listed
1821 19 Dec/SWLR Joseph Laurent GRANGER  Acadian Augustine AUCOIN (widow)   Grange, Landry
1822 11 Feb/BRDR Joseph THERIAU Acadian Marguerite AUCOIN   Arseneau, Bettelani, Daigle
1822 18 Feb/BRDR Joseph Antoine DUBOIS Acadian Marie AUCOIN   Aucoin, Bourg
1822 11 Jun/BRDR Narcisse BOURG Acadian Louise AUCOIN   Blanchard, Bourg
1822 22 Aug/BRDR Joseph Marie AUCOIN Acadian Rosalie Carmelite AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin
1822 25 Nov/BRDR Léandre Paul AUCOIN   Cecile OSELET Acadian Aucoin
1822 27 Nov/BRDR Alexis AUCOIN   Rosalie TERIAU Acadian Aucoin
1823 3 Feb/BRDR Joseph TULIER French Creole Margueritte AUCOIN   Aucoin, Bourgogne, Tullier
1823 20 Jun/BRDR Grégoire AUCOIN Acadian Henriette Clarisse HÉBERT   Aucoin, Blanchard
1823 28 Jul/BRDR Lufroi AUCOIN   Felonise GOTREAU Acadian Amirati, Aucoin, Guillot
1824 3 May/BRDR Simon LANDRY Acadian Anne Carmelite AUCOIN   Aucoin, Landry
1824 11 Oct/BRDR Fursi PORCHE French Creole? Augustine Anne AUCOIN   Landry, Porche, St. Martin
1825 7 Feb/BRDR Eucariste AUCOIN   Louise Ludivine HÉBER Acadian Aucoin, Thibaudaux
1825 16 May/BRDR Pierre AUCOIN   Elizabeth GARUIEL French Creole? none listed
1825 26 Dec/BRDR Rosémond LE BLANC Acadian Clarisse AUCOIN   Hatkinson, Landry, Mollere
1826 19 Jan/SWLR Pierre AUCOIN   Jacente [Hyacinthe] FONTAINE French Creole? Aucoin, Bertrand, Manuelle
1826 16 Jan/BRDR Valéry ARSENAUX Acadian Basilisse AUCOIN   Arsenaux, Aucoin
1826 1 May/SLR Joseph Eugène AUCOIN   Azélie Adélaïde LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1826 19 Jun/SLR Joseph Noel BOUDRAUX Acadian Rosalie Anne AUCOIN   none listed
1827 11 Feb/BRDR Zéphirin Étienne DUPUIS Acadian Augustine AUCOIN   Aucoin, Giroir
1827 12 Feb/BRDR Rosémond AUCOIN   Clarisse GOTREAU Acadian Aucoin, Delaune
1827 7 May/BRDR Isidore BLANCHARD Acadian Léocade AUCOIN   Arsenaux, Delaune, Dugas
1827 30 Jul/SLR Hubert LANDRY Acadian Euphrosine AUCOIN   none listed
1828 11 Feb/SLR Élie GAUTRAU Acadian Agate AUCOIN   none listed
1828 11 Feb/BRDR Firmin DUPUIS Acadian Basilide Victoire AUCOIN   Barbier, Blanchard, Bourque, Giroard
1828 28 Apr/SLR Joseph Basile DUPRES French Creole? Théotiste AUCOIN   none listed
1828 9 Jun/BRDR Sostin DELAUNE Acadian Marguerite AUCOIN   Arsenau, Delon, Oquin
1828 11 Aug/SLR Antoine AUCOIN   Eléonore BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1829 26 Jan/BRDR Charles TULLIER French Creole Scolastique AUCOIN   Guedry, Hebert, Trahan, Tullier
1830 25 Oct/SLR Jean Charles AUCOIN   Marie Helen LELOREC French Creole? none listed
1831 7 Feb/SLR Hubert AUCOIN   Elise D'AIGLE Acadian none listed
1831 16 Aug/BRDR Alexis Evariste FRIOUX French Creole Marie Francoise AUCOIN   Giroard, Hebert Mitores, Simoneau
1831 31 Oct/SLR Louis Joseph RICHARD French Creole Marie Céleste AUCOIN   none listed
1832 5 Mar/BRDR Guilbert BOURG Acadian Rosalie AUCOIN   Aucoin, Barillau, Bourg, Gautreau
1832 11 Jun/SLR Valéry BOUDREAUX Acadian Théotise AUCOIN   none listed
1832 19 Jun/BRDR François GOTREAU Acadian Felonise Henrietta AUCOIN   Aucoin
1832 25 Sep/BRDR François PICOU French Creole Melanie AUCOIN   Aucoin, Bourg
1832 19 Nov/SLR Napoléon GUIDRY Acadian Pauline AUCOIN   none listed
1832 31 Dec/BRDR Édouard BOURG Acadian Julie AUCOIN   Bourg, LeBlanc
1833 22 Jul/BRDR Lubin AUCOIN   Anne Marie DOIRON Acadian none listed
1833 30 Sep/SLR Jean Baptiste AUCOIN   Julie LEVRON Acadian none listed
1833 30 Dec/BRDR Théodule ARSENEAU Acadian Marie AUCOIN   none listed
1834 10 Feb/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN   Marie Madeleine Z. DUPUIS Acadian Dupuis, Hebert
1834 28 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste A. DOIRON Acadian Bazilide AUCOIN   none listed
1834 28 Apr/BRDR Noël AUCOIN   Marie Théotiste DOIRON Acadian none listed
1834 6 Oct/BRDR Christophe DELAUNE Acadian Léocade Marguerite AUCOIN   Delaune
1834 27 Nov/BRDR Maxil DAIGLE (widower) Acadian Carmelite AUCOIN   Dugas, Landry
1835 26 Jan/SLR François ARCEMANT Acadian Marie Céleste AUCOIN (wid.)   none listed
1835 9 Feb/BRDR Michel AUCOIN   Bazelise ARSENEAU Acadian Arseneaux, Barrilleau
1835 15 Feb/BRDR Marcellin Louis AUCOIN   Azélie DOIRON Acadian de Hanibis, Guillot
1835 22 Feb/SLR Jean Baptiste V. AUCOIN   Euphrasine Adelina BREZ French Creole? none listed
1835 26 Dec/BRDR Jacob ALMINDINGUE German Imm. Louise AUCOIN (widow)   Bourgeois, Linossier, Mogineau
1836 8 Feb/BRDR Firmin AUCOIN   Marguerite HÉBERT Acadian Blanchard, Guillot, Hebert, Templet
1836 27 Jun/SLR Élie AUCOIN (widower) Acadian Marie F. AUCOIN (widow) Acadian none listed
1836 11 Jul/BRDR Firmin DUPUIS (widower) Acadian Pauline AUCOIN   Aucoin, Dupuis, Templet
1836 24 Oct/BRDR Paul L. AUCOIN (widower)   Marine OSELET Acadian Aucoin, Bourg, Oselet
1837 9 Jan/BRDR Grégoire LANDRY (widower) Acadian Françoise AUCOIN (widow)   Hebert, Landry, Marquet
1837 5 Feb/BRDR Eugène AUCOIN   Clementine GAUTREAUX Acadian Blanchard, Bourgeois, Dugas, Folse
1838 22 Jan/BRDR Auguste AUCOIN Estelle LANDRY Acadian Charlet, Collins, deLaune, Foret, Landry, Tardif
1838 22 Jan/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN   Eugenie GUILLOT Acadian Aucoin, Guillot
1838 21 May/SLR Hebert AUCOIN   Marie Delphine MIRE Acadian none listed
1838 22 May/SWLR Lastie AUCOIN   Celeste MCAULEY Scots? none listed
1838 15 Oct/BRDR François AUCOIN   Marie Celeste BOUDREAU Acadian Aucoin, Boudreaux, Gautreaux
1838 12 Nov/SLR Augustin AUCOIN   Clementine BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1839 4 Jan/BRDR Victor SAVOIE Acadian Victorine Célestine AUCOIN   Aucoin, Commeaux, Savoie
1839 8 Jul/SLR Pierre M. GAUTREAUX Acadian Pauline AUCOIN   none listed
1840 4 Jan/SLR Ursin AUCOIN   Rosalie M. COMSTOCK Anglo none listed
1840 9 Jun/SLR Louis LAMOUREAUX French Creole? Azélie A. AUCOIN (widow)   none listed
1841 25 Jan/BRDR Adrien AUCOIN Acadian Rosaline AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Landry
1841 15 Feb/SLR Célestin AUCOIN   Constance THIBODEAUX (wd.) Acadian none listed
1841 19 Apr/BRDR Isidore Théodule AUCOIN   Louise Mélanie FRIOU French Creole? Boudreaux, Brez, Landry
1841 9 Aug/SLR Rosémond LAGRANGE French Creole? Léocadie AUCOIN   none listed
1841 8 Nov/BRDR Antoine G. CANCIENNE French Creole? Marcellite AUCOIN   Aucoin, Cancienne, Delaune, Landry
1841 3 Nov/BRDR Armogène BOUDREAUX (wr.) Acadian Marie AUCOIN (widow)   Aucoin, Crochet, Guillot
1842 1 Feb/SWLR Onézime AUCOIN   Félicité DESHOTEL French Creole? none listed
1842 5 May/SLR Marcellus LEJEUNE Acadian Marie AUCOIN   none listed
1843 30 Jan/BRDR Théodule ARSENEAU (wr.) Acadian Azélie AUCOIN   Arseneaux, Aucoin, Blanchard, Landry
1843 24 Apr/SLR Xavier MEYER Foreign French Azélie AUCOIN   none listed
1843 23 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste R. AUCOIN   Ernestine ROBICHAU Acadian Babin, Clement, Doiron
1843 25 Dec/SLR Urbin AUCOIN   Céleste Adèlle ADAM French Creole? none listed
1844 10 Jan/SWLR Louis ST. GERMAIN French Creole? Florentine AUCOIN   none listed
1844 29 Apr/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN   Léonore BARRIOT Acadian Barilleaux, Hebert, Marisot
1844 7 Jul/BRDR Valentin AUCOIN   Marie Mathilde VERRET French Creole de la Torres, Gauthier
1844 24 Oct/BRDR Trasimond AUCOIN   Solidenne LE BLANC Acadian Leblanc, Richard
1845 3 Feb/BRDR Onésiphore AUCOIN   Marine GUILLOT Acadian Aucoin, Blanchard, Guillot, Templait
1845 6 Aug/SLR Evariste AUCOIN   Émilie BOUDRAUX Acadian none listed
1845 6 Dec/SWLR Azelin [Alexandre Eusilien] AUCOIN   Marie Clementine DAIGLE Acadian none listed
1846 15 Jan/BRDR Leufroy HÉBERT Acadian Mathilde AUCOIN   Anastasio, Hebert, Helvers, Leblanc, Voisin
1846 19 Jan/BRDR Olésime CROCHET Acadian Clementine AUCOIN   Crochet, Dugas, Ocoin
1846 19 Jan/BRDR Joseph H. BITANCOURT French Creole? Madelaine Adrienne AUCOIN   Blanchard, Doiron, Hébert
1846 25 May/BRDR Auguste BLANCHARD Acadian Marie AUCOIN   Aucoin, Blanchard
1846 24 Nov/BRDR Charles GUILLOT Acadian Eléonore AUCOIN   Aucoin, Dupuis, Melançon
1847 12 Jan/SWLR Simon FONTENOT French Creole Felonise AUCOIN   none listed
1847 10 Feb/SWLR François DESMARAIS French Creole? Amelia AUCOIN (widow)   none listed
1847 19 Mar/BRDR Marcilien DUPUY Acadian Eliza AUCOIN   Aucoin, Giroir, Landry
1847 4 May/SLR Henry HOFFMANN, Jr. German Imm.? Marie Louise AUCOIN   none listed
1847 21 Jul/BRDR Joseph LANDRY Acadian Roseline AUCOIN   Boudreaux, Cumez, Landry
1848 17 Jan/BRDR Pierre Paul BLANCHARD Acadian Augustin AUCOIN   Dupuis, LeBlanc, Mendez
1848 28 Feb/SLR Hyacinthe AUCOIN   Marguerite BOUDRAUX Acadian none listed
1848 28 Feb/BRDR Charles BARAS French Creole? Henrietta AUCOIN   Aucoin, Baras, Bourgt, Delaune, Hurso
1848 29 May/SLR Éloi BOUDREAU Acadian Séraphine AUCOIN   none listed
1848 12 Jul/BRDR Lazare GUILLOT Acadian Ernestine AUCOIN   Aucoin, Guillot, Templet
1849 2 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste AUCOIN   Joséphine DUPUIS Acadian Dupuis
1849 22 Jan/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN   Apollonie DUPUIS Acadian Dupuis
1849 Feb/BRDR Calixte AUCOIN   Marcellite BOURG Acadian Aucoin, Dupuis, Melancon
1849 19 Feb/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN   Pamela GIROIR Acadian Aucoin, Commeau, Guillot, Hebert
1849 24 Feb/SWLR Célestin AUCOIN   Denise DESMARET (widow) French Creole? none listed
1849 28 May/SLR Mathurin Eugène AUCOIN   Catherine SKINNER Anglo none listed
1850 1 Apr/BRDR Joseph CROCHET Acadian Oreline AUCOIN Aucoin, Landry
1850 27 Apr/SLR François ADAM French Creole? Adeline AUCOIN   none listed
1850 29 Apr/SLR Jacques BENOIT Acadian Marie AUCOIN   none listed
1850 1 Jul/BRDR Estival BAUDOIN French Creole Marcellite AUCOIN (widow)   Aucoin, Delaune
1850 28 Oct/SLR Michel GUILLOT Acadian Marie Séraphine AUCOIN   none listed
1851 4 Feb/SLR François BARTHET French Creole? Irma AUCOIN   none listed
1851 3 Mar/BRDR Albert Florestin AUCOIN   Julie Zéolide DOIRON Acadian Aucoin, Babin, Comaux
1851 22 Sep/BRDR Grégoire AUCOIN   Delphine CANCIENNE French Creole? Arseneaux, Aucoin, Blanchard, Cancienne
1851 11 Nov/SLR Lovincy L. AUCOIN   Émelie NAQUIN Acadian none listed
1852 10 Jan/BRDR Euzelien AUCOIN   Louisa GUILLOT Acadian Aucoin, Giroir, Gonzales, Guillot
1852 20 Apr/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD Acadian Marie AUCOIN   Aucoin, Blanchard
1852 29 Apr/BRDR Sylvanie AUCOIN   Emilie BERNARD Acadian Bernard, Seguin, Tacneau
1852 24 Aug/SWLR Célestin BERGEAU French Creole? Mary AUCOIN   none listed
1852 20 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Elizabeth AUCOIN   Campo, Guillot, Hebert
1853 30 Jan/BRDR Abraham BLANCHARD Acadian Zéphire AUCOIN   Aucoin, Blanchard, Delaune
1853 7 Feb/BRDR Telesphore AUCOIN   Élodie HÉBERT Acadian Hebert, LeBlanc, Lejeune
1853 28 Mar/BRDR Jules AUCOIN   Marie COMEAUX Acadian Comau, Delaune, Templet
1853 4 Apr/SWLR Jean Baptiste AUCOIN   Susan or Suzanne SMITH (wd.) Anglo none listed
1853 18 Apr/BRDR Arsène CROCHET Acadian Eurasie AUCOIN   Landry, Smith, Trahant
1853 15 Jun/BRDR Adolphe AUCOIN   Marie Marguerite ADAMS Anglo Adam/Adams, Aucoin, Hebert
1853 22 Sep/SWLR Mathew BUSHNELL Anglo Hyacinthe AUCOIN   none listed
1853 13 Oct/BRDR Trasimond AUCOIN   Daisie MASEROLE Acadian Maserole
1854 7 Apr/BRDR Apollinaire TERRIO Acadian Thelcide AUCOIN   Aucoin, Dupui, Loyatelli
1854 9 Nov/SLR Cleophas GAUTRAUX Acadian Ophelia AUCOIN   none listed
1855 4 Jan/SLR Pierre LAGARDE, Jr. French Creole? Eveline AUCOIN   none listed
1855 11 May/SLR Andressi AUCOIN   Julie BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1856 30 Jan/BRDR John B. PICOU French Creole Odile AUCOIN   Aucoin, Foreman
1856 4 Feb/BRDR Appollinaire AUCOIN   Melissa BOULLION French Creole? Aucoin, Babin
1856 24 Mar/BRDR Amédé RICHARD French Creole Rosa AUCOIN   Boudreaux, Desbous, Hébert, Medine
1856 6 Apr/BRDR Trasimond AUCOIN (wdr.)   Marie Barut BERONNE Foreign French Hébert, LeBlanc, Richard
1856 21 Jul/BRDR Augustin AUCOIN   Séraphine LANDRY Acadian Dupuis, Hébert, Landry, Simoneaux
1856 7 Aug/BRDR Théodule AUCOIN   Maria TRUXILLO Spanish Creole? Aucoin, Bernucho, Fernandez
1857 6 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste AUCOIN Azélie BOUDREAU Acadian Blanchard, Boudreaux, Delaune, Guillot, Pothier
1857 12 Feb/SLR Louis A. AUCOIN   Josephine D. CHAUVIN (wd.) French Creole none listed
1857 14 Apr/BRDR Similien AUCOIN   Anastasie DUPUIS Acadian Aucoin, Dupuis, Pothier
1857 4 May/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN   Marie SAINT GERMAIN French Creole? Dufaussar, Savois, Simoneaux, Sn. Germain, Tonnelier, Trahan
1857 24 Jun/BRDR Pierre AUCOIN   Rosalie SIMONEAUX French Creole Giroir, Landry, Savoy, Simoneaux
1857 29 Jun/SLR Auguste GORRET French Creole? Elise AUCOIN   none listed
1857 21 Sep/BRDR Alexandre HÉBERT Acadian Marie AUCOIN   Aucoin, Cancienne, Ébert, Hymel
1858 8 Feb/BRDR Théodule AUCOIN Acadian Aimée AUCOIN Acadian Arseneaux, Aucoin, Landry
1858 15 Apr/BRDR Jules C. AUCOIN   Elizabeth G. CUNNINGHAM Anglo Aucoin, Moriaty, Pecue, Preaud, Victor
1858 6 May/BRDR Léon LANDRY Acadian Nathalie AUCOIN   Bergeron, Daunoy, Foret, Landry
1858 20 Sep/SLR Maximillian TROSCLAIR French Creole Azéma AUCOIN   none listed
1858 29 Oct/SWLR Julien Jacques FONTENOT French Creole Celestine AUCOIN   none listed
1859 7 Feb/BRDR Onésiphore AUCOIN   Celima ARSENEAU Acadian Arseneaux, Aucoin, Bertrand, Collins, Grisamore, Landry, Rudemills
1859 2 Mar/BRDR Joachim BOURG Acadian Élise AUCOIN   Arseneaux, Aucoin
1859 5 Apr/SLR Adrien AUCOIN   Marie Dometille ROMAIN French Creole? none listed
1859 9 May/BRDR Vileor AUCOIN   Carmelite DAIGLE Acadian Bergeron, Landry
1859 16 May/BRDR Carville [Clairville] RICHARD French Creole Rosema AUCOIN   Aucoin, Fremin, Gautreaux, Hébert
1859 14 Jun/SLR Narcisse AUCOIN   Marie Aimée DESROCHES Acadian none listed
1859 19 Sep/BRDR Ernest AUCOIN   Marie Philomène BREAUX Acadian Aucoin, Breaud, Hebert, LeBlanc, LeBrun
1859 22 Oct/SWLR Matte FUSELIER French Creole? Adeline AUCOIN   none listed
1860 30 Jan/BRDR Euzelien AUCOIN   Marie Clarisse BLANCHARD Acadian Arseneaux, Aucoin, Blanchard
1860 7 May/BRDR Valère BARA French Creole? Melina AUCOIN   Aucoin, Colins, Foret
1860 28 May/SLR Léon ROBICHAUX Acadian Vilia AUCOIN   none listed
1860 30 Oct/SWLR Adrien FONTENOT French Creole Elesie AUCOIN   none listed 
1861 20 Apr/BRDR Fermin AUCOIN Acadian Rosema AUCOIN Acadian Boudreaux, David, Ive, Thibodeaux
1861 26 Jan/SLR Mathurin AUCOIN   Eugènie BARRILLAUX Acadian none listed
1861 25 May/SLR Ulysse AUCOIN   Marie Odilia MIRE Acadian none listed
1861 1 Jun/SLR Arvilien MIRE Acadian Marie Melina AUCOIN   none listed
1861 2 Jul/SWLR Marie Melite AUCOIN   Lastie VEZINA Italian Creole none listed
1861 6 Aug/BRDR Ursin AUCOIN   Léonelle LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc

Analysis of AUCOIN marriages, 1777-1861:

Total marriages listed:                   268      100.0%
Endogamous marriages:                187        69.8
Exogamous marriages:                    81        30.2



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