Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

[running tally]

DAIGRE/DAIGLE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1771 22 Apr/BRDR Thomas THERIOT Acadian [Agnès-]Marie DAIGUE   Bergeron, Melançon
1786 5 Feb/BRDR Carlos DAIGLE (widower)   Maria[-Françoise] BOUDROS (widow) Acadian none listed
1786 19 Apr/BRDR Jean-Bautista DAIGLE   Marguerite SIMONEAUX French Creole Degle, Simoneaux
1786 19 Apr/BRDR [Réne dit] Simon SIMONEAUX French Creole Isabel[-Luce] DAIGLE   Simoneaux
1786 8 May/BRDR Victor DEGLET   Margarita-Josefa DUARON Acadian none listed
1786 22 May/BRDR Josef MIR Acadian Maria-Margarita DAIGRE   none listed
1786 22 May/BRDR Juan-Baptiste TRAHANT Acadian Ana-Genovefa DAIGLE   none listed
1786 6 Jun/BRDR Jean-B.[-Alexandre] DAIGLE   Marie DUGAS Acadian Blanchard, Daigle
1786 28 Sep/BRDR Pierre TERRIAU (widower) Acadian Maria[-Josèphe] DAIGLE (wd.)   Robichaut
1786 23 Oct/BRDR Édouard DAIGRE   Marie[-Josèphe] HENRY Acadian Bertain, Ledoux
1788 23 Jan/BRDR Simon-Pierre DAIGRE, père (widower)   Rosalie TERIOT (widow) Acadian none listed
1788 29 Jan/BRDR Alexis[-Jean-Mathurin] DAIGLE   Marie[-Josèphe-Françose] LEBRON Acadian Landry
1788 7 Apr/BRDR Simon LE BLANC Acadian Ursule-Anne[-Marie?] DAIGLE   Daegle, Hébert
1788 8 Sep/BRDR Pol-Olivier DEGRE   Maria-Juana RIZAL [RICHARD] Acadian Héber
1789 26 Nov/BRDR Paul-Raimond TRAHANT Acadian Élisabette DAIGRE   Daigre
1790 27 Jan/BRDR Juan-Pedro LANDRY (wdr.) Acadian Ana[-Marie] DAIGLE (widow?)   Daigle, Landry, Richard
1790 21 Jul/BRDR John-Charles TOULIER [LE TULLIER] French Imm. Flore-Adélaïde DAIGRE   Broussard, Vahamornde
1790 21 Jul/BRDR Louis-François DAIGRE   Marie-Rose MOLESON Acadian Broussard, Vahamornde
1790 27 Sep/BRDR Francisco[-Henry] ARBOUR Acadian Maria-Juana[-Jacqueline] DAIGLE   Dupuy, Tullier
1790 27 Se/BRDR Isidoro TULLIÉ [LE TULLIER] French Imm. Maria-Louisa DAIGLE   Dupuy, Tullier
1792 30 Apr/BRDR Juan[-Joseph] DAIGLE   Anna-Francisca MASSERELLE Acadian Daigle, Mazrolle
1792 11 Sep/BRDR Daniel PROVANCHÉ French Can. Maria[-Marguerite] DAIGLE (widow)   Daigle, Yedry[Guédry?]
1793 11 Jun/BRDR Francisco DAIGRE   [Servanne-]Loraine LANDRY Acadian Angleheart, Degre, Guidry, Trahan
1793 11 Jun/BRDR Juan-Bautista DEGRE   Maria-Julia TRAHAN Acadian Angelheart, Degre, Guidry, Trahan
1794 27 Jan/BRDR Joseph[-Marc] DAIGLE   Gorsina-Victoria BOURQUE Acadian Bourque, Daigle
1794 4 Nov/BRDR Simon[-François] DEGRE   Anna-Maria[-Jeanne] LANDRY Acadian Degre, Vasq
1796 16 Aug/BRDR Pedro-Firmin OCOIN Acadian Doncella-Pélagie DEGRE   Ocoin, Trahan
1798 29 Jan/BRDR Arsenio BRAU Acadian Maria-Genveva DEGLE   Andry[Henry?], Landry
1798 13 Feb/SWLR Simon-Pierre DAIGLE, fils   [Marie-]Françoise TRAHAN (widow) Acadian Chemin, Landry, Trahan
1799 26 Aug/BRDR Juan-Luis DAIGLY   [Marie-]Ysabel RICHARD Acadian Gautraux, Verret
1800 27 Oct/BRDR Josef DAIGRE   Maria[-Marthe] TRAHAN Acadian Hébert, Trahan
1800 24 Nov/BRDR Joseph[-Michel] DAIGLE   Magdalena LE BLANC Acadian Lelande, LeBlanc
1802 7 Jan/BRDR Honoré DAIGLE   Adélaïde HÉBERT Acadian Breau
1802 28 Feb/BRDR Pedro LANDRY Acadian Ulalia DAIGLE   Fernandez, Piroth
1804 2 Jan/BRDR Juan Luis DAIGLE (widower)   Maria Josefa MICHEL Acadian Aucoin, Boudraux
1804 13 Feb/BRDR Estevan DAIGLE   [Marie] Marguerita LANDRY Acadian Daigle, Zeringue
1805 10 Jun/BRDR Estevan HÉBERRE Acadian [Émilie] Adélaïde DAGLE   Arbour, Héberre
1805 17 Jun/BRDR Josef BRAUX Acadian Maria DAIGLE   Breaux, Daigle
1806 18 Jun/BRDR Étienne TRAHANT Acadian Anne DAIGLE   Daigle, Trahant
1807 3 Oct/BRDR Santiago AID Foreign French Eulalia DAIGLE (widow)   Binnon, Dagobere
1808 12 Mar/BRDR Juan Bautista BOSSEL Foreign French Juana Escolastica DAYGLE   Henry, Terrio
1808 23 May/BRDR Victorio HÉBERT Acadian Maria [Rose] DAIGLE   Héverre, Labo, Tamplet
1810 22 Feb/BRDR Zeferino DAIGLE   Margarita VITANCOUR [BETANCOURT] French Creole Provanché, Trahan
1810 5 Mar/BRDR Josef LANDRY Acadian Josefina DAIGLE   Héberre, Molaison
1810 22 Oct/BRDR Juan Bautista BOURQUE Acadian Maria DAIGLE   Bourque, Savois
1810 7 Nov/BRDR Augustin Mederique TEMPLET Acadian [Marie] Rosa DAIGLE   Duaron, Ricard
1811 30 Jul/BRDR Alexandro ESNARD French Creole Marcelina DAIGLE   Bernard, DeCosta
1811 9 Sep/BRDR Louis Ambrosio AUCOIN Acadian Francisca DAIGLE   Daigle, Dugat
1812 2 Jan/BRDR [Jean] Bautista DAIGLE   Rosalia BLANCHARD Acadian Daigle, Gautraux
1812 27 Jan/BRDR Augustin DOIRON Acadian Ana DAIGLE   Dugat, Turreyra
1812 16 Nov/BRDR Luis DAIGLE   Anastasia BRAUX Acadian Larrosa, Savoy, Vives
1814 23 Apr/BRDR Juan Nicolas LEDOUX French Creole Menonie [Melanie] DAIGRE   LeGendre, Tessier
1814 25 Nov/BRDR Francisco Josef DAIGRE   Brigita COURTIN French Creole Guéderie, LeGendre
1816 8 Jan/BRDR Olivier [François] DAIGRE Acadian Carmelite DAIGRE Acadian Daigre, Losada
1816 22 Jan/BRDR Édouardo DAIGRE   Agantha BETANCOUR French Creole? Garcia, Losada
1816 6 May/BRDR Juan Pedro DAIGLE   Maria Modesta ARSENAUX Acadian Boudraux, Daigle, Tureyra
1816 27 May/BRDR André Joseph DAIGLE   Adélaïde MARTIN Isleño Creole none listed
1816 17 Jun/BRDR Juan Bautista DAIGLE   Josefa LEJEUNE Acadian LeJeune, Thibodaux
1816 24 Jun/BRDR Juan Bautista CHAIDOTAL French Creole? Constancia DAIGLE   Dupuis, Landry, Savois
1816 5 Aug/BRDR Francisco TERIEU (FRIOUX) (widower) French Creole Maria DAIGLE (widow)   Daigle, Feriou, Tureyra
1816 1 Sep/BRDR Nicolas MALBROU German Creole Clara DAIGLE   Daigle, Guillot, Tureyra
1816 14 Oct/BRDR Antoine DUPUIS Acadian Sophie DAIGLE   Daigle, Dupuis, Hébert
1816 19 Oct/BRDR Ambrosio THERIOT Acadian Eliza DAIGRE   Daigre, Trahan
1817 3 Feb/BRDR Lubino Josef SIMONAUX French Creole Maria Victoria DAIGLE   Braux, Simonaux
1817 21 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste Barbier DAIGLE   Marie Marthe LANDRY Acadian Daigle, Richard, Theriot
1817 30 Jun/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN Acadian Marguerite DAIGLE   Bolot, Boudreau, Hébert
1818 30 Mar/BRDR Joseph DAIGLE   Marie RICHARD Acadian Aucoin, Bolot, Daigle
1818 1 Jun/BRDR Landry ALLAIN Acadian Marie DAIGLE   Landry, Simoie
1818 31 Aug/BRDR Charles DUPUIS Acadian Marie Françoise DAIGLE   Aucoin, Duga, Saunte
1819 9 May/BRDR Joseph Dosité BABIN (wdr.) Acadian Marie Rose DAIGRE (widow)   Daigre, Landry, Richard
1819 25 May/BRDR Joseph Guillaume MALBROU German Creole Marie Scholastique DAIGLE   Bolot, Daigle, LeJeune
1820 29 Nov/BRDR Hypolite DAIGLE   Rosalie DUPUIS Acadian Aucoin, Hébert, Vagas
1821 19 Feb/BRDR Pierre Michel DAIGLE   Marie Rosalie GAUTREAU Acadian Daigle, Landry
1821 26 Feb/BRDR Armand Zeferino MARTIN Isleño Creole Fleuriana DAIGRE   Dupuis, LaBove
1821 5 Mar/BRDR Joseph DAIGLE   Louise Ursule Élisabeth GIROIR Acadian Aucoin, Hébert, Savoy
1821 30 Apr/BRDR Laurence DAIGRE   Céleste TRAHAN Acadian Richard, Voisin
1821 1 May/SLR Martin FAITS French Creole? Melanie Clet DAIGLE   none listed
1821 21 May/BRDR Leufroy DAIGRE   Emerante MELANÇON Acadian Daigre, Melançon, Thibodaux
1821 28 May/BRDR Joseph DAIGLE   Marie Marguerite DUGAS Acadian Landry, Sedotale
1821 12 Oct/BRDR Victor Maxille DAIGLE Acadian Jeanne DAIGLE Acadian Aucoin, Brau, Campo
1822 21 Jan/BRDR Philippe COMEAU Acadian Eugènie DAIGRE   Bouch/Bush, Landry, Rivet
1822 28 Jan/BRDR Maturin DAIGLE, fils   Emerente GAUTREAU Acadian Delaune, Friou, Portier
1822 29 Apr/BRDR Simon DAIGRE, fils   Constance TULLIER French Creole Aucoin, Comas, Daigre
1822 28 May/BRDR William BROWN Anglo Marie Joséphine DAIGRE   Daigre, Kleinpeter
1823 21 Apr/BRDR Joseph [Étienne] DAIGLE Acadian Céleste DAIGLE Acadian Aucoin, Landry
1823 5 May/BRDR Joachim DAIGLE   Fortille DUPUIS Acadian Babin, Daigle, Landry
1823 26 May/SLR Pierre Séraphin GREAU [GROS] French Creole Ordalise DAIGLE   none listed
1823 15 Sep/SWLR Jean Baptiste DAIGLE   Marie HACHÉ Acadian Broussard, Guilbaud, Rafray, Roussillon
1823 20 Oct/SLR Pierre Michel DAIGLE (wdr.)   Marie Carmelite LIRET French Creole none listed
1823 4 Nov/BRDR Louis RAPPELET French Creole? Hortense DAIGLE   Daigle, Landry, Molaison
1823 24 Nov/BRDR LaCroix Narcisse TRAHANT Acadian Marcelite DAIGLE   Breau, Landry
1823 27 Nov/BRDR François KLEINPETER German Creole Adélaïde DAIGRE   Babin, Daigre, Kleinpeter
1824 19 Jan/BRDR Joseph Elieu BABIN Acadian Rosalie Émilie DAIGRE   Daigre, Hébert
1824 8 Feb/BRDR Alexandre DAIGLE   Marie Élise HÉBERT Acadian Daigle, Guillot, Maserole
1824 9 Feb/BRDR François SOUCHON dit Aubin Foreign French? Mélanie DAIGRE (widow)   Beuregard, Daigre, Theriot
1824 2 Jun/BRDR Denis DEMONCEAUX Foreign French Apoline DAIGLE   Hébert, Landry
1824 28 Jun/BRDR François Joseph DAIGLE (widower)   Modeste BABIN Acadian Doiron, Landry, LeJeune
1825 9 May/BRDR Eugène DAIGLE   Rose TEMPLET Acadian Aucoin, Landry
1825 25 Jul/BRDR Frédérique ARBOUR Acadian Adeline DAIGRE   Arbour, Duplantier, Legendre, Lortis
1825 15 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste MELANÇON Acadian Séraphine DAIGRE   Braud, Duffel, Melançon
1826 30 Jan/BRDR Pierre TULLIER French Creole [Marie] Modeste DAIGLE   Harbour, Landry, Teriaux, Trahan
1826 6 Feb/BRDR Timothé DAIGLE   Marcelite SIMONEAU French Creole Daigle/D'aigle, Friyou
1826 3 Apr/BRDR Leger DAIGRE   Modeste TRAHAN Acadian Landry, Richard, Trahan
1826 17 Apr/SLR Mathurin DAIGLE, fils (wdr.)   Marie Elise LIRETTE French Creole none listed
1827 8 Jan/BRDR Joseph DAIGLE   Ortense Melanie DUON Acadian Dugas, Simoneaud
1827 15 Jan/BRDR Uber [Hubert Pierre] DAIGLE   Marie DUGAS Acadian Dugas, Hébert
1827 12 Feb/BRDR Zenon DAIGLE   Heloise MARTINEZ Spanish Creole Richard, Rivas, Voisin
1827 26 Feb/BRDR Dorville LANDRY Acadian Aureline DAIGLE   Daigle, Landry
1828 25 Aug/BRDR Landry LANDRY Acadian Marguerite DAIGRE   Daigre, Landry
1830 4 Oct/BRDR Ursin DAIGLE   Carmelite TRAHAN Acadian Lanoix, LeBlanc, Trahant
1830 11 Nov/BRDR George KLEINPETER German Creole Augustine Joséphine DAIGRE   Daigre, Kleinpeter
1831 7 Feb/SLR Hubert AUCOIN Acadian Elise D'AIGLE   none listed
1831 17 Feb/BRDR Isidore DAIGLE   Célestine MOLAISON Acadian Bernard, Daigle, Dumontier
1831 14 Nov/BRDR Henry DAIGLER   Amarante Eléonore DUGAS Acadian Bourg, Dugas, Simonaud/Simoneau
1831 26 Dec/BRDR Hypolite LE TULLIER French Creole Marie Carmelite DAIGRE   Bergeron, Clement, Ferbos
1832 6 Feb/BRDR Ursin DAIGRE   Eveline CAPDEVILLE French Creole Breaux, Capdeville, Daigle
1832 16 Feb/BRDR Louis DAIGLE   Marie SEGUIN French Creole? Daigle, Dupuis, Molaison
1832 7 May/BRDR Louis DAIGRE   Isabelle JEWELL Anglo? Belzance, Ferrier, Porto, Poydras, Taylor
1832 7 May/BRDR Urbain DAIGLE   Doralise BOUDREAUX Acadian Boudreau/Boudreaux, Daigle
1832 25 Jun/SLR Jérôme BOUDRAUX Acadian Anriette DIEGLE   none listed
1833 18 Feb/BRDR Simon DAIGRE   Élizabeth GARREUIL (widow) French Creole? Commeau, Hébert
1834 2 Jan/BRDR Joseph DAIGLE   Batilde SIMONEAUX French Creole LeBlanc, Rodriguez
1834 2 Jan/BRDR Ursin DAIGLE (widow)   Mathilde TERRIAU Acadian Trahan
1834 20 Jan/BRDR Pierre DAIGLE   Marguerite BOUDREAUX Acadian Aches, Daigle, Rodriguez
1834 26 May/BRDR Fabien LE TULLIER French Creole Alexandrine DAIGRE   Breud, Clement
1834 8 Sep/BRDR William B. THOMAS Anglo Marie Rose DAIGRE (widow)   Doiron, Hébert, Labauve
1834 27 Oct/BRDR Zenon LEJEUNE Acadian Elvina DAIGRE   Daigre, Doiron
1834 27 Nov/BRDR [Victor] Maxil DAIGLE (wdr.)   Carmelite AUCOIN (widow) Acadian Dugas, Landry
1835 26 Jan/BRDR Alexandre DAIGLE   Justine SIMONEAUX French Creole Melançon, Simonaud
1835 9 Feb/BRDR Narcisse LE BLANC (wdr.) Acadian Séraphine DAIGLE   Daigle, Landry, LeBlanc, Melançon
1835 10 Dec/BRDR Edmond BOURG Acadian Marie Amelise DAIGLE   Bourg, Foret
1836 16 May/BRDR Jean ALEMAN French Creole? Edesie DAIGLE   Aleman, Daigle/Daigre, Dalferes, LeBlanc, Vives
1836 27 Jun/BRDR Hermogène CROCHET Acadian Marie Carmelite DAIGRE (widow)   Clement, Hébert, Landry
1836 27 Jun/SWLR Jean B. Nicolas BROUSSARD Acadian Carmelite Amelina DAIGLE   none listed
1836 17 Sep/BRDR André Marcellin MOIN (LEMOINE) French Creole Virginie DAIGRE   Babin, Clement
1837 8 May/BRDR [Joseph] Maximilien DAIGLE   Marie Aurore HENRI Acadian Gaudez, Poujiel
1837 11 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste BRAUD Acadian Marie DAIGLE   Braud, Daigle, Landry
1837 9 Oct/BRDR Joseph Bernardin LABAUVE Acadian Marie Modeste DAIGRE (widow)   Braun, Gils, LeBlanc
1838 29 Jan/BRDR Félix MARTINEZ Spanish Creole Christine DAIGRE   Daigre, Martinez
1838 3 Apr/BRDR Gilbert DAIGRE   Marie Caroline BIRD Anglo Bird, Duplantier, Templet
1838 22 Sep/SLR Jean Pierre RICHOUX French Creole? Pauline DAIGLE   none listed
1838 31 Dec/BRDR Forestin HÉBERT Acadian Adeline DAIGLE   Buol, Landry
1839 29 Jan/BRDR Joseph BROU Acadian Marie Aureline DAIGRE   Clement, White
1839 4 Feb/BRDR Joseph Édouard DAIGRE   Finette LE BLANC Acadian Daigre, LeBlanc, Marchand
1839 13 May/BRDR Romain Aimerant DAIGLE   Marie Azélie DUGAS Acadian Guédry, Mollere, Savois
1839 2 Sep/BRDR Joseph MUNIOS Spanish Creole Joséphine DEGRE   Idalgo, Ramirez
1839 25 Nov/BRDR Louis LEBEUF French Creole Léonore DAIGLE   Arceneaux, Bourg, Daigle, Rivet, Savoy
1840 2 Jan/BRDR Marcellin MARTINEZ Spanish Creole Théotisse Adélaïde DAIGRE   Daigre, Martinez
1840 6 Jan/BRDR Valentin TRAHAN Acadian Eléonore DAIGLE   Leblanc, Leclerq
1840 3 Aug/SLR Come Blaise DEOUX Foreign French Marie Clarisse DAIGLE   none listed
1841 15 Feb/BRDR Adonis LOPEZ Spanish Creole Célestine DAIGRE   Heude/Hude, Lopez
1841 23 Feb/BRDR M. Lasain CAPDEVIELLE French Creole Marie Domitille DAIGRE   Daigre, Danos/Danox, Hébert
1841 19 Mar/BRDR Isidore HENRY Acadian Arthémise DAIGLE   Conteming, Daigle
1841 9 Aug/BRDR Joseph [Étienne] DAIGLE (widower)   Eugènie KENT (widow) Anglo Dicharry, Gautreaux, Kent, Landry, Leblanc
1841 23 Aug/SLR Joseph Alexandre DAIGLE   Odile Victorine BERNAR [BERNON] French Creole? none listed
1841 27 Sep/BRDR Pierre Eusèbe DAIGLE   Rosalie VERRET French Creole Boudreaux, Bourg, Bourgeois, Mignard, Verret
1841 27 Sep/BRDR Pierre Lucien BOUDREAUX Acadian Rosalie Adèle DAIGLE   Boudreaux, Landry, Love, Montet
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste DELAUNE Acadian Julie DAIGLE   Daigle, Delaune
1842 28 Mar/BRDR Augustin HÉBERT Acadian Doralise DAIGRE   DeCussier, Hébert
1842 23 May/BRDR Jean Bte. LABAUVE Acadian Marie Felasie DAIGRE   Foret, Hébert
1842 16 Jul/SLR George W. LEONARD Anglo? Mélanie DAIGLE   none listed
1842 29 Aug/BRDR Adrien DUPUY Acadian Eloise DAIGLE (widow)   Hébert, Landry, Leblanc, Robechaux
1842 31 Aug/BRDR Lovensky HÉBERT Acadian Oreline DAIGLE   Foret, Hébert, Landry
1843 19 Jun/BRDR Léon LEJEUNE Acadian Eléonore DAIGRE   Doiron, Thibodeaux, Trahan
1844 9 Jun/BRDR Alexandre DAIGLE   Phelisene DOIRON Acadian Aucoin, Daigle, Guillot, Hébert
1844 30 Jun/BRDR Ursin GUILLOT Acadian Joséphine DAIGLE   Guillot, Hébert
1844 23 Sep/BRDR Eugène DAIGRE   Marie Zoelide TULLIER (widow) French Creole Clement, Hébert, Thompson
1845 24 Mar/BRDR Louis LEREY, fils Foreign French? Aureline DAIGLE   Babin, Boutte, Brogard, Caire, Doiron, Foucard
1845 8 May/SWLR Joseph [Maximilien] DAIGLE (widower)   Marcellite [Ida] MELANSON Acadian none listed
1845 11 Aug/BRDR Pierre [Eusèbe] DAIGLE (wr.)   Euphémie TRAHAN Acadian Allement, Barrieaux, Trahand/Trahant
1845 6 Dec/SWLR Azelin [Alexandre Eusilien] AUCOUIN Acadian Marie Clementine DAIGLE   none listed
1845 30 Dec/BRDR Marcellin LANDRY Acadian Victoire Celina DAIGRE   Daigre, Hébert, Landry, Rils
1846 3 Feb/SLR Louis Édouard LAMOUREAUX Foreign French Rose DAIGLE   none listed
1846 16 Feb/SLR Harmogène LOUVIERE Acadian Merente/Meranthe DAIGLE   none listed
1846 1 Jun/BRDR Victorin LABAUVE Acadian Augustine DAIGRE   Blanchard, Labauve, Landry
1846 6 Jul/BRDR Louis [Basile] DAIGLE   Doralise LEBEUF French Creole Daigle, Dupuis, Giroir, Saurez/Suarez
1846 7 Sep/BRDR Amédée BREAUX Acadian Oville DAIGLE   Blanchard, Jimonor, Romagosa
1847 1 Feb/BRDR Hyppolite [Napoléon] DAIGLE   Zéolide CHEDOTAL French Creole? Daigle, Mendez, Pirrier/Porrier
1847 26 Apr/BRDR Vilneuve Zéphirin BLANCHARD Acadian Estelle DAIGLE   Blanchard, Hébert, Williams
1847 25 May/BRDR Trasimond DAIGLE   Rufine RIVERO Spanish Creole Daigle, Ribero
1847 19 Jul/SLR Mathurin DAIGLE   Marie Elezida DUGAS Acadian none listed
1847 4 Oct/BRDR Armogène DOIRON Acadian Aureline DAIGRE   Daigre, Hébert
1848 2 May/SLR Ulysse GAUTREAUX Acadian Euphroisine Eloise DAIGLE   none listed
1848 8 May/BRDR Valéry FORAIX Acadian Célestine DAIGLE   Daigle, LeBlanc
1848 6 Jun/SLR Joseph Michel DAIGLE   Delphine BOQUET/BUQUET Foreign French none listed
1848 26 Jun/BRDR Eugène LANDRY Acadian Marie Armelise DAIGLE   Andrieux, Daigle, LeBlanc
1848 2 Oct/BRDR François Agustin DAIGLE   Marie Amelia LANDRY Acadian Arnold, Babin, Landry
1849 22 Jan/BRDR Éloi HÉBERT Acadian Marie Coralie DAIGRE   Daigre, Henry, Housiaux, Landry
1848 31 Jan/BRDR Valérien LANDRY Acadian Mathilde DAIGLE   Barthélémy, Hébert, Landry
1849 12 Feb/SLR Lesin DAIGLE   Marie Pamela GAUTRAUX Acadian none listed
1849 19 Feb/BRDR Merville CAMPO French Creole? Antoinette DAIGLE   Aucoin, Campo, Dugas, Hébert
1849 21 Jun/BRDR Paul Olivier DAIGRE   Marie Véronique HOTARD German Creole Blanchard, Daigre, Hamel, Hotard, Johnston, Landry, Whitney
1849 29 Oct/BRDR Joseph Euzelien DAIGLE   Théotiste Magdalain TRAHAN Acadian Delaune, Duaron, Parody
1849 17 Dec/SLR Joacin DAIGLE   Joséphine THIBODEAUX French Can. none listed
1850 28 Jan/BRDR Venand CHEDOTAL French Creole? Céleste DAIGLE   Blanchard, Gunttnir
1850 7 Feb/BRDR Élie Théodore BLANCHARD Acadian Céleste Cephalinde DAIGLE   Aillet, Blanchard, LeBlanc
1850 1 Apr/SLR Mathurin DELANNE Acadian Aureline DAIGLE   none listed
1850 7 Jul/BRDR Joseph SIMAUNAUX French Creole Pauline DAIGLE   Simaunaux/Simoneaux
1850 10 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste RICHARD Acadian Marie Celima DAIGRE   Allain, Hébert, Richard
1850 1 Oct/BRDR Mario Antonio John ESTEVAN Spanish Creole Azélie Florestine DAIGRE   Calry, Gronbry, Lambremont
1850 10 Oct/BRDR Forester DAIGRE   Marie Adeline ALLAIN Acadian Allain, Landry, Gallagher
1850 31 Oct/SLR Olésime DAIGLE   Angelle Modeste BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1851 16 Jan/BRDR Marie Elizabeth YATES Anglo Treville DAIGLE   Chatchan, Moknu
1851 23 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste SIMONEAU French Creole Élizabeth DAIGLE   Daigle, Landry, Simoneau
1851 11 Feb/BRDR Adon BLANCHARD Acadian Justine DAIGLE   Blanchard, Simoneau
1851 26 Jun/BRDR Andrew SIMMONS Anglo Malvina DAIGRE   Blanchard, Capdevielle, Daigre, Holliday, Landry, Mims, Simmons, Valentine
1851 21 Jul/SLR Jean Baptiste DAIGLE   Michel[le] Léonise LAMBERT Acadian none listed
1851 8 Sep/SWLR Joseph RICHARD Acadian Carmelite DAIGLE   none listed
1851 8 Nov/BRDR Edward DELAUNE French Creole? Arthémise DAIGLE   Delaune, Roddy
1851 8 Dec/BRDR Marie Adrien PERSAC Foreign French Marie Odile DAIGRE   Daigre, Landry, Martinez
1852 6 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste DAIGLE   Célestine LE BLANC Acadan Daigle, LeBlanc, Richard
1852 19 Mar/SLR Joachim BOUDREAUX Acadian Odile Cézaire DAIGLE   none listed
1852 13 Apr/BRDR Joachim BLANCHARD Acadian Anathalie DAIGRE   Babin, Bourg, Fornier
1852 14 May/BRDR Romain DAIGLE (widower)   Louise GIROIR Acadian Guillot, Landry, Marquet, Richard
1852 6 Jul/BRDR François BERTELOTTE French Creole Oliva DAIGLE   Mollere, Simonaud
1852 26 Jul/SWLR Marceillien DAIGLE   Adelina PALASKKI Polish? none listed
1852 21 Sep/BRDR [Léon] Dorville DAIGLE Acadian Egladie DAIGLE Acadian Daigle, Simoneaux
1853 20 Jan/SLR Hubert BERGERON Acadian Euphrosine DAIGLE (widow)   none listed
1853 25 Jan/BRDR Henry DAIGLE   Christine BOURG Acadian Bourg, Copelle, Daigle
1853 5 Feb/BRDR J.[ean] Gervais DAIGLE   Artémise LE BLANC Acadian Blanchard, Guédry, LeBlanc
1853 5 Apr/BRDR Lucien DAIGLE   Iréné CHEDOTAL French Creole? Codotal, Daigle, Simoneaux
1853 12 Apr/BRDR Joseph HENRY Acadian Ernestine DAIGRE   Bush, Estevan, Henry, Heude
1853 6 Jun/SLR Hypolite PORCHE [POCHÉ] French Creole Marie Séverine DAIGLE   none listed
1853 30 Jun/BRDR Saturin Zenon DAIGRE   Marie Emma BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Dalegro, Dupuy, Landry, LeBlanc, Martinez, Sullivan
1853 20 Aug/SWLR Onésime DAIGLE   Pamela BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1854 20 Feb/BRDR Sosthène DAIGRE   Caecilia DUPLESSIS French Creole Christin, Daigre, Dupuy, Martinez, Vives
1854 1 Jun/SLR Joseph ADOUE/ADOUX French Creole? "Mrs." Oreline DAIGRE (widow)   none listed
1854 12 Jun/SLR Leufroi DE'GLE   Rosalie THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1854 15 Jul/BRDR Louis DAIGLE   Émelie CAMPEAUX French Creole? Dugas, Hébert, Templé
1855 15 Feb/BRDR Simon BOURGEOIS, fils Acadian Adelina DAIGLE   Daigle, Dalfere, Sanchez
1855 25 Jul/BRDR Victorin HEUDE French Creole? Joséphine DAIGRE   Babin, Daigre, Duplantier, Martinez, Persac
1855 25 Aug/SLR Henri DAIGLE   Ophilia BOUDRAUX Acadian none listed
1856/BRDR Edmond AILLET French Creole Rosalie Nathalie DAIGLE   Landry, LeBlanc, Lejeune
1856 24 Jan/BRDR Uselien DAIGLE   Augustine DUGAS Acadian Bourg, Daigle, Dugas, LeBlanc
1856 11 Jun/SLR Marcel Gervais DAIGLE   Ada DARCE French Creole? none listed
1856 16 Jun/BRDR Gustave HÉBERT Acadian Aloysia DAIGRE   Autain, Breaux, Comau, Daigre, Hébert
1856 15 Sep/BRDR Sosthène HORSLER Anglo? Pauline DAIGLE   Arbour
1856 2 Oct/BRDR Aristides DAIGRE   Mary Mathilda RILS Irish Creole Daigre, Persac, Rils
1856 8 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste Oscar LANDRY Acadian Louise DAIGLE   Daigle, Labauve
1856 28 Oct/BRDR Fostin LE BLANC (widower) Acadian Marie Doralise DAIGRE   Daigre, Hébert, Tuillier
1856 27 Dec/SLR Jourdain SAVOIE (widower) Acadian Edessie DAIGLE (widow)   none listed
1857 6 Jan/BRDR John Émile TESTARD Foreign French Victoria DAIGRE   Daigre, Dupuy, Garcin, Reynaud, Rougeau
1857 19 Jan/BRDR Joseph COINTMENT French Creole Ernestine DAIGRE (widow)   Chauvin, Dupuy, Richard, Riviere
1857 2 Feb/BRDR Léon LANDRY Acadian Ozile DAIGLE   Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc
1857 23 Feb/BRDR [Pierre] Camille DAIGLE   Adorestine BOURGEOIS Acadian Daigle, Melançon
1857 8 Apr/BRDR Joseph S. DAIGLE   Delphine FRIOUX French Creole Blanchard, Daigle, Simoneaux
1857 14 Apr/SWLR Joseph Maxilien DAIGLE (wdr.)   Oliva CAILLIER (widow) French Creole none listed
1857 27 Apr/SWLR Joseph SIMONEAUX (wdr.) French Creole Seraline DAIGLE   none listed
1857 7 May/BRDR Séverin DUGAS Acadian Élize DAIGLE   Babin, Daigle, Dugas, Landry
1857 19 May/BRDR Emerant DAIGLE   Élisabeth MASEROLLE Acadian Blanchard, Daigle, Maserolle
1857 30 May/BRDR Jules DUGAS Acadian Adelisca DAIGLE   Daigle, Dugas, Landry
1857 30 Jun/BRDR Joachim/Joaisin AILLET French Creole Aureline DAIGRE (widow)   Babin, Daigre, Doiron
1857 1 Oct/BRDR Joseph Alfred DAIGRE   Céleste Mary RILS Irish Creole Daigre, Jumel, Rils
1858 19 Jan/BRDR [Edmond] Augustin DAIGLE   Élizabeth HÉBERT Acadian Daigle, Hébert, Michel
1858 9 Feb/BRDR Adrien BLANCHARD Acadian Élodie DAIGLE   Daigle, Landry
1858 7 Jun/SLR Pierre Eugène CAPS Anglo? Evelina DAIGLE   none listed
1858 10 Jul/BRDR Marcelin DAIGLE   Joséphine QUERNE Anglo? Boudreaux, Dugas, Landry, Terriot
1858 20 Sep/BRDR Désiré DAIGLE   Flavie LANDRY Acadian Ayraud, Daigle, Landry
1858 4 Oct/SLR Henri Zenon LABIT French Creole? Emeranthe Phelonise DAIGLE   none listed
1859 12 Jan/BRDR Henry VON PHUL German Imm.? Mary E. DAIGRE   Bird, Brevard, Daigre, Von Phul
1859 24 Jan/BRDR Drosin DAIGLE   Amelia LANDRY Acadian Landry, LeBlanc, Mollere, Simoneaux
1859 9 May/BRDR Vileor AUCOIN Acadian Carmelite DAIGLE   Bergeron, Landry
1859 16 May/BRDR Zenon D. DAIGRE   Elise DUPLESSIS French Creole Christan, Daigre, Duplessis, Gardere, Hébert
1859 21 May/BRDR Eugène BERGERON Acadian Rosema DAIGLE   Arseneaux, Bergeron
1859 8 Jun/BRDR Benjamin M. DAIGRE Acadian Pauline DAIGRE Acadian Kleinpeter
1859 15 Aug/SLR Evariste NAVARRE Spanish Creole? Eveline DAIGLE   none listed
1860 29 May/BRDR Constant DAIGLE   Eglantine GAUTHRAUX Acadian Blanchard, Bourg, Breau, Moïse
1860 20 Oct/SLR Auguste RIBBECK German Imm.? Marie Anne DAIGLE   none listed
1861 15 Apr/BRDR [Ursin] Crepin DAIGLE   Clementine FRYOU French Creole Crochet, Hartman, Terrio, Trahant
1861 26 Sep/SLR Octave DAIGLE   Marie Zulema DUGAS Acadian none listed

Analysis of DAIGRE/DAIGLE marriages, 1771-1861:

Total marriages listed:               275          100.0%
Endogamous marriages:            173            62.9
Exogamous marriages:              102            37.1



[running tally]

DANTIN (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1786 21 Jan/NOAR Martin-[Bénoni] PITRE Acadian Juana DANTEIN    
1787 23 Jul/BRDR Luis DANTIN (widower)   Margarita[-Blanche] BREAU Acadian Commo, Gullot
1793 6 Jan/BRDR Guillermo-Bélloni EVERE (HÉBERT) Acadian Mariana DANTIN   Dantin, Éber
1795 25 Jun/BRDR Pedro[-Alexis] ACHÉE Acadian Ana DANTIN   Cazebon, Dantin
1802 28 Feb/BRDR Juan-Maria LEVRON Acadian Julia[-Geneviève] DANTIN   Dantin, Levron
1808 18 Oct/BRDR Louis François DANTIN   Anne Rosalie HÉBERT Acadian Gombert, Hébert, Roger
1811 1 Jul/BRDR Josef DANTIN   Maria Clotilde GUÉDRY Acadian Dantin, Hébert
1815 19 Nov/BRDR Joseph SANCHEZ Spanish Imm.? Margarita DANTIN   Boudrot, Fremin, Tureira
1819 27 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste DENTIN   Marie Angèle ESTE [CHETE] Spanish Creole? Baye, Dantin
1819 27 Apr/BRDR Delmace Urbin ESTE [CHETE] Spanish Creole? Marie Louise DENTIN (DANTIN)   Dantin, Héber, Priou
1820 5 Jun/SLR Charles DENTIN   Claire GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1821 22 May/SLR Antoine BOYER French Creole? Marie Carmelite DENTIN   none listed
1822 28 Jan/SLR Fabien [Sébastien] DENTON   Marie Virginie PART Acadian none listed
1823 11 Aug/SLR Éloi MARONGE French Creole? Modeste Marcelite D'ANTIN   none listed
1825 18 Apr/SLR Ange LANA Italian Imm. Constance Pélagie DANTIN   none listed
1828 16 Jun/SLR Étienne Bélony BOUTARY French Creole? Scholastique DANTIN   none listed
1833 14 Oct/SLR Paul DANTIN   Azélie Isabelle RICHARD Acadian none listed
1834 8 Apr/SLR Augustin LEGENDRE Foreign French Adeline Basilice DANTIN   none listed
1836 16 Jan/SLR Louis LEONARD (wdr.) French Creole? Marie [Louise] DANTIN (widow)   none listed
1839 29 Jul/SLR Élie Rosémond BOURG Acadian Adèle DANTIN   none listed
1839 2 Sep/SLR Léandre DANTIN   Rosalie TRICHE German Creole? none listed
1840 2 Mar/SLR Joseph DANTIN   Carmelite BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1840 25 May/SLR Louis Leufroy DANTIN   Marie Solidele CLOITRE Acadian none listed
1841 24 May/SLR Zenon GUILLOT Acadian Émelie DANTIN   none listed
1842 23 Mar/SLR Eugène BOUTARY French Creole Marie Rosalie E. DANTIN   none listed
1844 17 May/SLR Marcellin Théophile LEDAY French Creole Melite D'ANTIN   none listed
1845 13 Jan/SLR Charles Omer DANTIN   Marcelline BERGERON Acadian none listed
1848 27 Mar/SLR Philippe PLAISANCE Isleño Creole Zéolide DANTIN   none listed
1849 5 Feb/SLR Louis Célestin LIRETTE French Creole Alice DANTIN   none listed
1849 10 Nov/SLR Leufroy DANTIN   Théotilde DAUNIS French Creole none listed
1851 29 Mar/SLR Louis DANTIN   Aurelia NEWELL Anglo none listed
1851 23 Jun/SLR Joseph DANTIN   Azema Pamela SEVIN French Creole none listed
1852 21 Feb/SLR Louis DANTIN   Louisa RODRIGUE French Creole? none listed
1854 18 Sep/SLR Livaudais DANTIN   Élisabeth GUYOT Foreign French? none listed
1855 29 Dec/SLR Zenon GUILLOT (widower) Acadian Odile DANTIN   none listed
1856 21 Jan/SLR Jean Samuel FAREZ/SAVEZ Spanish Creole? Émilie DANTIN   none listed
1858 21 Jun/SLR Auguste HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Mrs. Alix/Alice DANTIN (widow)   none listed
1859 19 Feb/SLR John BAYE French Creole? Joséphine DANTIN   none listed
1860 23 Apr/SLR John H. PUTMAN Anglo Melasie DANTIN   none listed

Analysis of DANTIN marriages, 1786-1860:

Total marriages listed:              39          100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           17            43.6
Exogamous marriages:             22            56.4



[running tally]

DAREMBOURG (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1786 18 Apr/BRDR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Marie-Jeanne DE RAMBOURG   Commo, Hébert

Analysis of DAREMBOURG marriages, 1786:

Total marriages listed:              1        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           1         100.0 
Exogamous marriages:             0            0.0

DAREMBOURG Acadian connection:  HÉBERT

DAREMBOURG non-Acadian connection:  none

[running tally]


Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1765 8 Apr/NOAR Pierre DAROY   Marie BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1786 31 Mar/BRDR François DUHON Acadian Isabelle DAROIS   Darois, Sanches
1791 21 May/BRDR Joseph M. BOUDREAU Acadian Maria Isabel DOIRON [DAROIS]   Crochet, Lejeune
1799 8 Apr/BRDR Fabien AUCOIN Acadian Susanna DAROIS   Aucoin, Hébert
1799 4 Nov/BRDR Maturino AUCOIN Acadian Maria Magdelena DAROIS   Aucoin, Hébert
1799 4 Nov/BRDR Juan Maria BENOIT Acadian [Marie-]Ysabel DAROIS (widow)   Aucoin, Hébert

Analysis of DAROIS marriages, 1765-1799:

Total marriages listed:                6             100.0%
Endogamous marriages:             6             100.0
Exogamous marriages:               0               00.0


DAROIS non-Acadian connection:  none

[running tally]

DAVID (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1774 7 Jan/BRDR Antoine CHAUFFE French Creole Marie DAVID   none listed
1775 21 Feb/BRDR Paul DAVID   Marie-Pélagie HOUWERT [OUBRE] French Creole David, Rommel
1775 12 Sep/BRDR Louis Medisierre JOUSSON French Creole Marie-Magdelaine DAVID   de Moullin, Villier
1787 24 Sep/BRDR Anri UBRE [OUBRE] German Creole Angela DAVID   Bursua
1788 14 Oct/BRDR Juan [Baptiste] DAVID   Elena ACHÉ Acadian Marten
1794 29 Jul/BRDR Pablo DAVID (widower)   Margarita ROM (ROME) French Creole Millet, Rom
1798 29 May/SWLR [Jean-]Baptiste DAVID, fils   Scholastique SAVOY Acadian Bogart, Bohns, Fontenot
1800 7 Jul/BRDR Andrés ROME French Creole Isabella DAVID   Adhim, Armant
1802 2 Aug/BRDR Francisco CLAIRAUT French Creole Maria DAVID   David, Rodriguez
1806 25 Jun/BRDR Joseph LEROY [ROY] Acadian Marie Ursule DAVID   Badeau, Rousseau, Tureau
1811 27 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste ARCENEAU French Creole Isabelle DAVID   Arceneau, Fonteneau, Pourcine
1816 3 Jan/BRDR Michel DAVID   Marie Louise DEINS [DENIS] (widow) French Creole Delmire, Oubre, Rodgers
1817 10 Feb/BRDR Louis RODRIQUE French Creole Justine DAVID   David, Grabert, Roullier
1819 24 May/BRDR Pierre Rosémond ST. PIERRE French Creole Aurore DAVID   Bourgeois, Roi
1819 28 Dec/SWLR Laurent DUPRÉ French Creole Caroline DAVID   Bertrand, Dupré, Estilette, Lachapelle, Lavergne
1821 20 Feb/BRDR Paul DAVID   Reine Marcellin VINCENT Acadian Bonvilain, Destrevall, Thibodaux, Vincent
1821 5 Mar/BRDR Michel DAVID (widower)   Elizabeth WIKIAN Anglo? Grégoire, LeBlanc, Ory, Oubre
1825 25 Jan/SWLR Julien Lile CHACHERE French Creole Emerante DAVID   Chachere, David, Desessartre, Landry, Storge (Estorge)
1826 31 Jan/SWLR Jean FOUX Foreign French Émiline DAVID   Balouzet, Dupré, Genin, Landry
1832 26 Apr/SWLR Jean Baptiste DAVID   Marguerite Elmire BRAUD Acadian none listed
1833 25 Jun/SWLR Hypolite DAVID   Célestine RICHARD Acadian none listed
1834 11 Jan/SWLR Paul DUPRÉ French Creole Azélie DAVID   none listed
1834 18 Jun/SWLR Hervilien DAVID   Elisa GUÉDRY Acadian none listed
1836 16 May/BRDR Simon ARCENEAUX Acadian Marguerite DAVID   Duhon, Mire
1836 7 Dec/SWLR Joseph RULONG French Creole? Amelia DAVID (widow)   none listed
1837 3 Oct/BRDR Amédé ARCENEAUX Acadian Carmelite DAVID   David, Donnelson, Duhon, LeBourgeois
1839 26 Jan/SWLR Eugène DAVID   Marie Caroline OUBRE German Creole none listed
1839 28 Apr/SWLR Guilbert DAVID   Caroline TAYLOR (widow) German Creole? none listed
1843 10 Oct/SWLR Paulin WALCHIN Anglo? Amelie DAVID (widow?)   none listed
1844 22 Feb/SWLR Firmin FONTENOT French Creole Lezima or Zelima Josèphe DAVID   none listed
1846 24 Jan/SWLR Paul DAVID   Zulmée BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1846 15 Sep/SWLR Jean Baptiste LOUVIER Acadian Marie Carmelite DAVID   none listed
1850 15 Nov/SWLR Adolphe LABOVE Acadian Marie Poupon DAVID   none listed
1853 6 Aug/SWLR Jule Lezin LE BLANC Acadian Émilie DAVID   none listed
1854 10 Jan/SWLR Eugène RICHARD Acadian Marguerite Doralice/Dorothy DAVID   none listed
1855 3 Jan/SWLR William LEMING Anglo? Irma DAVID   none listed
1856 10 Dec/SWLR Hypolite DAVID, Jr.   Virginie SEGURA Spanish Creole none listed
1857 22 Dec/SWLR Alexandre DURIO French Creole Azélie DAVID   none listed
1859 26 Apr/SWLR Paul LEDOUX French Creole Felicia DAVID   none listed
1860 12 Jan/SWLR John MCCORMICK Scots Celima DAVID   none listed
1860 7 Feb/SWLR Léon GILLARD French Creole? Alzina DAVID   none listed
1861 2 Apr/SWLR Eugène DAVID   Octavie FONTENOT French Creole none listed

Analysis of DAVID marriages, 1774-1861:

Total marriages listed:            42          100.0%
Endogamous marriages:         14            33.3
Exogamous marriages:           28            66.7



[running tally]

DE GOUTIN de Ville

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1797 4 Oct/NOAR Josef DEVILLE DEGLUTIN [fils]   Adelaida LALANDE DARCOUR French Creole Cruzat, Regio

Analysis of DE GOUTIN de Ville marriages, 1797:

Total marriages listed:             1           100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           0             00.0
Exogamous marriages:             1           100.0

DE GOUTIN de Ville Acadian connection:  none

DE GOUTIN de Ville non-Acadian connection:   DARCOUR 1

[running tally]

DE LA FORESTRIE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1789 16 Aug/BRDR Sébastian BENOIST Acadian Juana DE LA FORET (widow)   Bourque, Landry

Analysis of DE LA FORESTRIE marriages, 1789:

Total marriages listed:             1           100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           1           100.0
Exogamous marriages:             0             00.0

DE LA FORESTRIE Acadian connection:  BENOIT

DE LA FORESTRIE non-Acadian connection:  none

[running tally]

DE LA MAZIÈRE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1800 7 Jan/BRDR Luis AUGERON (widower) French Creole Luisa Cecilia MAZIÈRE   Chiasson, Verret
1800 9 Feb/BRDR Juan Bautista MAZIÈRE   Maria ROBICHEAUX (widow) Acadian De La Macière, Hébert
1811 21 Apr/BRDR Antonio LEDÉE French Creole Rosa Juana MAZIÈRE   de Macière, Hébert

Analysis of DE LA MAZIÈRE marriages, 1800-1811:

Total marriages listed:             3           100.0%
Endogamous marriages:          1             33.3 
Exogamous marriages:            2             66.7

DE LA MAZIÈRE Acadian connection:  ROBICHAUX

DE LA MAZÈRE non-Acadian connection:  AUGERON, LEDEÈ 2

[running tally]

DELAUNE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1794 17 Jun/BRDR Juan-Bap. DELAUNE   Hyacinthe MICHEL German Creole Falgout, Michel
1804 16 Jul/BRDR Jacinto Lorenzo AUCOIN Acadian Maria Céleste DELAUNE   Aucoin, Mora
1809 5 Jun/BRDR Jacinto ROUSSEAU French Creole Rosalia DELAUNNE   Aucoin, Boudraux
1809 16 Oct/BRDR Louis Auguste DELAUNE   Geneviève DUPUIS Acadian Dupuis, LeBlanc
1816 22 Apr/BRDR Juan Bautista DELAUNNE  (widower)   Maria HÉBERT Acadian Aucoin, Blanchard, Tureyra
1817 29 Sep/BRDR Christophe DELAUNE   Marie Magdeleine GAUTREAUX Acadian Daigle, Hébert, Turreyra
1820 29 May/SLR Alexandre DE L'AUNE   Julie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1825 20 Jun/BRDR Louis Auguste DELAUNE le jeune   Carmelite TERIAU Acadian Barriau, Bergeron, De Laune
1826 22 May/BRDR Ursin DELAUNE   Mélisaire TERIAU Acadian Barriau, Delaune
1827 30 Apr/BRDR [Louis-]Auguste DELAUNE l'aîné (wdr.)   Clotilde LE BLANC Acadian Allain, Blanchard, LeBlanc
1828 9 Jun/BRDR Sostin DELON (DELAUNE)   Marguerite OQUIN (AUCOIN) Acadian Arsenau, Delon, Oquin
1830 10 May/BRDR Norbert BERGERON Acadian Azélie DELAUNE   Bergeron, Cancien, Delaune, Williamson
1830 24 May/BRDR Constant VIEL Foreign French Marie DELAUNE   Allain, Delaune, Guitteau, LeBlanc
1831 26 Sep/BRDR Joseph Napoléon BOUDREAU Acadian Arthémise DELAUNE   Brez (Bret), Delaune, Landry, Monte
1834 6 Oct/BRDR Christophe DELAUNE (wdr.)   Léocade Marguerite AUCOIN Acadian Delaune
1837 1 May/SLR Alexandre DELAUNE (wdr.)   Rosalie OLIVIER (widow) French Creole none listed
1841 15 Feb/BRDR Théodule DELAUNE   Marie ARSENEAU Acadian Delaune, Larousse
1841 28 Dec/SLR Gérôme GOUDREAUX[BOUDREAUX] (widower) Acadian Adélaïde DELAUNE   none listed
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste DELAUNE   Julie DAIGLE Acadian Daigle, Delaune
1842 24 Jan/BRDR Joseph DELAUNE   Azélie BOUDREAUX Acadian Aucoin, Delaune/Deleaune/Dellaune
1842 10 Oct/BRDR François DELAUNE   Azélie COLONNE French Creole? Colonne, Daigle, Delaune
1844 12 Feb/BRDR Jean Théodule DELAUNE   Armelise Rose LANDRY Acadian Blanchard, Boissac, Delaune, Dupuy, Landry, Tusson
1848 21 Feb/BRDR Joseph DELAUNE   Adélaïde HÉBERT Acadian Barrieaux, Delaune
1850 Jan-Feb/SLR Clairville Octave PELTIER French Creole? Séraphine Eve DELAUNE   none listed
1850 1 Apr/SLR Mathurin DELANNE   Aureline DAIGLE Acadian none listed
1850 16 Dec/BRDR Louis DESAUNAY   Malvina BUJOL Acadian Danos, Frunt, Housivel, McDaniel
1851 13 Jan/BRDR Arcène DELAUNE   Marine BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Delaune
1851 6 Feb/SLR Auguste BOUDREAUX Acadian Azélie Melasie DELAUNE   none listed
1851 15 Sep/SLR Paulin CHOUABE French Creole? Célestine DELANUE   none listed
1853 17 Jan/BRDR Théophile DELAUNE   Caroline LAULAN French Creole? Barilleaux, Delaune, Keane, Laulan
1854 24 Apr/BRDR Alexandre BLANCHARD Acadian Angeline DELAUNE   Bergeron, Boudreaux, Delaune
1856 12 May/BRDR Théodule DELAUNE   Rosema CANCIENNE Italian Creole Arseneaux, Bergeron, Delaune, Landry
1858 1 Feb/BRDR Clodomir DELAUNE   Zulma CANCIENNE Italian Creole Colin, Delaune, Foret
1858 15 Feb/BRDR Alexis DELAUNE   Louise LERILLE French Creole? Delaune, Lerille
1859 4 Dec/BRDR Jean Ferdinand VENISSAT Foreign French Marie DELAUNE   Boudreaux, Delaune, Labadie, Venissat
1860 14 May/BRDR William BOLLOTTE French Creole? Augustine DELAUNE   Cancienne, Delaune, Landry
1861 15 Apr/BRDR Joseph DELAUNE   Eliska LANDRY Acadian Arseneaux, Aucoin, Delaune, Hébert, Landry, Simoneaud
1861 16 Apr/BRDR Louis LERILLE French Creole? Victorine DELAUNE   Delaune, Hauillot, Ive, Lerille

Analysis of DELAUNE marriages, 1794-1861:

Total marriages listed:            38         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:         24           63.2 
Exogamous marriages:           14           36.8



[running tally]


Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1802 27 Jul/SWLR Jean-Baptiste TRAHAN Acadian Martine D'ENTREMONT   Fagot, Langlinais, Trahan

Analysis of D'ENTREMONT marriages, 1802:

Total marriages listed:                1        100.00%
Endogamous marriages:              1        100.0
Exogamous marriages:                0          00.0

D'ENTREMONT Acadian connection:  TRAHAN

D'ENTREMONT non-Acadian connection:  none

[running tally]

DEROCHE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1778 16 Sep/BRDR [Basil] DEROCHE   Marie EDELMAYRE (widow) German Creole Houwer, St. Jacques
1800 1 Jul/NOAR Santiago BARBIER French Creole? Angelica DE ROCHER   Tregle, Veicner
1801 14 Nov/BRDR Basilio DE ROCHE (widower)   Margarita LEGANT (LEGAU) (widow) German Creole? Babin, Juteau
1821 10 Sep/SLR Pierre DEROCHE   Pélagie BAYE French Creole none listed
1848 25 Sep/SLR Antoine DEROCHE   Marie TROSCLAIR German Creole none listed
1854 12 Aug/SLR Joseph DESROCHES   Marie Adeline BOUDRAUX Acadian none listed
1859 14 Jun/SLR Evariste/Narcisse AUCOIN Acadian Marie Aimée DESROCHES   none listed

Analysis of DEROCHE marriages, 1778-1859:

Total marriages listed:            7             100.0%
Endogamous marriages:         2               28.6 
Exogamous marriages:           5               71.4

DEROCHE Acadian connection:  AUCOIN, BOUDREAUX 2


[running tally]


Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1766 5 May/C-V Pierre LAMBERT Acadian Marguerite[-Marie] DOIRON   none listed
1768 9 Mar/BRDR Joseph AMACHE Italian Agathe DUARON   ____, Clouet, Babin
1768 20 Jun/BRDR Vincent ST. PIERRE Spanish Creole Élisabeth DUARON   Diez, Duaron, Rodrique
1768 20 Jun/BRDR Antoine RODRIGUEZ Spanish Creole Pélagie DUARON   Duaron, Diez, St. Pierre
1785 10 Oct/BRDR Jean TEMPLET Acadian Marie[-Rose] DOIRON   Allain, Templet
1786 13 Feb/SWLR François BEGNAUD French Creole Marie-Honorine DOIRON   Bernard, Doiron
1786 8 May/BRDR Victor DEGLET [DAIGLE] Acadian Margarita-Josefa DUARON   none listed
1787 28 Jan/BRDR Jean-Louis BAUDEN French Creole Francisca DOIRON   none listed
1787 9 Jul/BRDR Josef LEBLANC Acadian Pélagia DOARON   Duon, Godro
1787 17 Dec/BRDR Jean-Baptiste DOIRON   Ann GUIDRY Acadian Goudreau, Guidry
1789 23 May/SWLR Jean MELANÇON Acadian Rose-Lucie DOIRON   Broussard, Coirin, Modena
1791 12 Jun/BRDR Jean-Louis HÉBERT Acadian Maria-Victoria DOIRON   Boudreaux, Dantin
1792 16 Apr/BRDR Jean DOIRON   Marguerite DUGAS Acadian Bertrand, Blanchard
1794 3 Mar/BRDR Étienne BOUDREAUX Acadian Ursula-Olivia DOIRON   Hébert
1797 27 Feb/BRDR Joseph BABIN (wdr.) Acadian Anna-Apollonia DOIRON (widow)   Babin, Duhont, Juteau
1800 7 Jan/BRDR Joseph TRAHAN, fils Acadian Margarita[-Josèphe] DOVERON (widow) Acadian Garey, Legon
1800 3 Jun/BRDR Maturin DOIRON   Marguerite HÉBERT Acadian Hébert
1804 20 Aug/BRDR Juan B. DOIRON   Angelica HÉBERT Acadian Doiron, Granger
1805 29 Apr/BRDR Germano BERGERON Acadian Maria Magdalena DOIRON   Hébert, Richard
1806 6 May/SWLR Jean Charles DOIRON   Louise BROUSSARD Acadian Chemin, Ferry, Jacquet
1808 19 Jan/SWLR Jean LANDRY Acadian Ursule DOIRON   Abat, Landry, Préjean
1810 7 Nov/BRDR Rémi DOIRON   Julia RIC[H]ARD Acadian Losada, Templet
1811 11 Jun/SWLR Hypolite BONIN French Creole Marie DOIRON   Arnaud, Beguenaud, Melancon
1812 24 May/BRDR Isaac DOIRON   Renya Ulalia HÉBERT Acadian Babin, Benoit
1812 27 Jan/BRDR Agustin DOIRON   Ana DAIGLE Acadian Dugas, Turreyra
1815 17 Apr/BRDR Joseph DOIRON   Catherine PAYE or PAYS French Creole? Dupuis, Guiots, Marionnaux
1818 25 Mar/BRDR Bertrand MARS French Creole? Geneviève DOIRON   Blanchard, Glen, Rabadan
1823 21 Jul/BRDR Augustin MORESCO Italian Imm. Marie DOIRON Acadian Aucoin, Delaune, Fabre
1825 19 Mar/BRDR Volney DOIRON   Marcelline DUPUIS Acadian Aucoin, Doiron, Templet
1827 22 Jan/BRDR Jean Louis DUARON   Marie CUVILLIER French Creole Aucoin, Giroir, Oselet
1827 26 Feb/BRDR Joseph DOIRON   Julie Émelie LEJEUNE Acadian Doiron, Lejeune
1827 20 Aug/BRDR John B. MORGAN Anglo Azélie DOIRON   Doiron, Hébert
1829 9 Feb/BRDR Valmond DOIRON   Mathilde BABIN Acadian Doiron, Foret, Hébert
1829 24 Aug/SLR Firmin DOIRON   Marguerite Basilise FREMIN French Creole none listed
1830 15 Feb/BRDR Joseph AILLET  French Creole? Marguerite Virginia DOIRON   Doiron, Hebert, Labauve
1831 7 Feb/BRDR Cronias HÉBERT Acadian Marguerite Uranie DOIRON   Doiron, Foret, Hébert
1832 16 Feb/BRDR Augustin TRAHAN Acadian Elise DOIRON   Blanchard, Comeaux, Girouard
1832 17 Sep/SLR Étienne DOIRON   Louise TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1833 14 Jan/SWLR Dominique BERGERON Acadian Célestine DOIRON   none listed
1833 22 Jul/BRDR Lubin AUCOIN Acadian Anne Marie DOIRON   none listed
1833 7 Oct/BRDR Elien DOIRON   Élène LEJEUNE Acadian? Doiron, Gruis
1834 28 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste DOIRON   Bazilide AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1834 28 Apr/BRDR Noel AUCOIN Acadian Marie Théotiste DOIRON   none listed
1834 18 Aug/BRDR François RIVAS Spanish Creole? Cléonise DOIRON   Doiron, Foret, Richard
1834 10 Nov/BRDR Rosémond ACHÉE Acadian Marie Clara DOIRON   Achée, Doucet, Terrell
1835 15 Feb/BRDR Marcellin Louis AUCOIN Acadian Azélie DOIRON   Banklan de Hanbit, Guillot
1835 19 Mar/BRDR Fergus CLÉMENT French Creole Rosalie DOIRON   Clement, Doiron, Hébert
1835 17 Sep/BRDR Hypolite HÉBERT (wdr.) Acadian Célestine DOIRON   Braud, Clement, Doiron
1836 11 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste COMEAUX Acadian Marie Adèlle DOIRON   Doiron, Hébert, Salles
1836 15 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste DOIRON   Rosalie LEJEUNE Acadian Blanchard, Bujol, Doiron, Hébert
1836 4 Jul/BRDR Francois Célestin BABIN Acadian Marie Éloise DOIRON   Babin
1836 7 Nov/BRDR Marcellin DOIRON   Caroline HÉBERT Acadian Hébert, Henry
1837 17 Apr/BRDR Onésime DOIRON   Séraphine LEJEUNE Acadian? Clot, Doiron, Hebert
1839 16 Apr/SWLR Simon DURIO French Creole Ursule DOIRON (widow?)   none listed
1841 4 May/SLR Auguste DOIRON   Céleste TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1843 15 May/BRDR Joseph DOIRON   Rosalie BOURG Acadian Babin, Doiron
1844 11 Mar/SWLR Lastie BERTRAND Acadian Fortine DOIRON   none listed
1844 9 Jun/BRDR Alexandre DAIGLE Acadian Phelisene DOIRON   Aucoin, Daigle, Guillot, Hebert
1845 3 Feb/BRDR John Dugregi COMEAUX Acadian Doralis Virginie DOIRON   Babin, Blanchard, Bolsenur, Doiron, Phillips, Smith
1846 15 Jan/BRDR Jean Villeneuve DOIRON   Emelie O. SOUCHON dit AUBIN French Creole? Babin, Doiron, Phillips, Souchon dit Aubin
1846 29 Jan/BRDR Gédéon DOIRON   Alzire BABIN Acadian Babin, Doiron, Labadiole
1847 4 Oct/BRDR Armogène DOIRON   Aureline DAIGLE Acadian Daigle, Hébert
1848 29 Jan/BRDR Alexandre DOIRON   Adelaide LEJEUNE (widow) Acadian? Aillet, Blanchard, LeBlanc
1851 3 Mar/BRDR Albert Florestin AUCOIN Acadian Julie Zéolide DOIRON   Aucoin, Babin, Comeaux
1851 28 Dec/SLR Joseph GROS  French Creole Geneviève DOIRON (widow)   none listed
1854 16 Oct/BRDR Flavien Drousin TUILLIER French Creole Marie Aspasie DOIRON   Daigle, Doiron, Hébert
1855 23 Apr/BRDR Eugène DOIRON   Marie Delphine COMEAUX Acadian Babin, Comeaux, Doiron, Smith
1855 2 Jul/BRDR Maurice DOIRON   Marie THIBODEAUX Acadian Boudreaux, Debous, Doiron, Landry
1855 29 Oct/BRDR John SUAREZ Spanish Creole Mary Feliciana DOIRON   Boon, Croker, Doiron, Heah, Hebert, Mannaring
1856 14 Jul/BRDR Clairville DOIRON   Aurelie BARRILLIEAUX Acadian Aucoin, Boudreaux, Pothier, Stansbury
1857 27 Apr/BRDR Transimond LE BLANC Acadian Azélie DOIRON   Badeaux, Bourg, David
1857 28 Apr/BRDR Hypolite SARRADET Foreign French Azélie DOIRON   Hebert, LeBlanc, Sarradet
1857 21 Dec/BRDR George Washington PAUL Anglo Elina DOIRON   Bernard dit Dumontier, Harrison, LeBlanc, Lejeune
1859 2 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste DOIRON   Marie BARILLEAUX Acadian Barrilleaux, Gautreaux, Landry, Thibodeaux

Analysis of DOIRON marriages, 1766-1859:

Total marriages listed:                 74             100.0%
Endogamous marriages:              52               70.3                
Exogamous marriages:                22               29.7



[running tally]

DOUCET (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 6 Jun/C-V Abraham ROY (widower) Acadian Marie[-Madeleine] DOUSSET (widow)   none listed
1772 18 Jul/SWLR Joseph DOUCETTE   Anne LANDRY Acadian Berard, Durieu, Grevember, Landry
1773 11 Jan/BRDR Jean-Baptiste DOUSSE   [Marie-]Anne COMO Acadian Como, Hébert
1782 5 Aug/SWLR Pierre DOUCET   Marie-Magdeleine COMMONT Acadian Babin, Bourg, Declouet, Grevembert, Mondon
1786 1 Jan/NOAR Renato ARNOUD (widower) French Imm. [Marie-]Margarita DUCHET   Llorca, Martinez
1786 24 Sep/SWLR Jean-Baptiste HUVAL French Creole? Anne dite Nanette DOUSSET   Declouet, Martin, Tibaudo
1789 14 Jun/BRDR Jean-Baptiste DOUCET   Maria Barbara DOUBLIN French Creole?  
1792 17 Jan/SWLR Louis LEGER Acadian Anne DOUCET   Blanchet, Doucet, Mondan
1793 30 Jan/SWLR Michel DOUCET, fils   Margueritte LANDRY Acadian Casti, Lopez, Martin
1800 7 Jan/BRDR Hipolite DUPUI Acadian Ana-Maria-Josefa-Délaïde DOUSAIS   dePui, Dousais
1802 11 Jan/SWLR Jean-Pierre DOUCET   Marie-Louise LACASE French Creole Caumo, Chesnoi, Doucet, Lacase, Tauriac
1802 13 Feb/SWLR Henri RANCONNET Flemish Imm. Anne DOUCET (widow)   Bonin, Broussard, Guivrault, Huval
1802 2 May/BRDR François DOUCET   Maria[-Adélaïde] ENGILBERT French Imm. Chiasson, Hébert
1802 27 Nov/SWLR Anselm DOUCET   Marie-Angèlle LEJEUNE Acadian Doucet, Lejeune
1803 27 Jan/SWLR Étienne DAIGLE IV German Can. Marie DOUCET   Caumau, Daigle, Doucet
1803 19 Jun/SWLR Joseph DAIGLE German Can. Pélagie DOUCET   Bellard, Daigle
1804 9 Jan/BRDR Mauricio DOUCET   Maria RILS Irish Creole Dupuis, Hamilton, Rils
1805 8 Jan/SWLR Hilaire DOUCET   Françoise GRANGÉ Acadian Comau, Doucet, Latiolais, Leger
1805 14 May/SWLR Joseph DOUCET   Céleste BELARD French Creole Bellard, Doucet
1811 19 Feb/SWLR Éloy DOUCET   Modeste CARRIÈRE French Creole Belard, Reao
1811 19 May/BRDR Estevan HÉBERT Acadian Rosa [Florence] DUSSET   Riffaud, Ruiz
1813 2 Feb/SWLR Jean Pierre DOUCET (wdr.)   Françoise MARTIN (widow) Acadian Babin, Broussard, Chemin, Doucet, Marc
1813 28 Nov/BRDR Nicolas LENÉE Swiss Maria DUSSET   Daigle, Dormoy, Tureyra
1815 2 Jan/SWLR Louis CARRIÈRE French Creole Célestine DOUCET   Carriere, Dousset, Hergeroeder
1816 19 Feb/SWLR Jean Ursin DOUCET   Marie Apollinie DORÉ French Creole Chemin, Doré, Doucet, Landry, Penne
1816 23 Jun/BRDR Francisco DUSSET   Maria Cecila HÉBERT Acadian Darmoy, Gautraux, Lainai
1816 9 Dec/SWLR Isaac FOREMAN Anglo Euphrosine DOUCET   Cormier, Foreman, Landry, Mouton
1818 9 May/SWLR Jean DOUCET   Marie Eloise DUPLECHAIN French Creole Carriere, Comeau, D'egle, Mat, Trahan
1818 30 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste Pierre Julien MARTIN Foreign French Rose Florence DOUCETTE (widow)   Graber, LaBiche, Radussi(Ragusa)
1822 16 Jul/SWLR Pierre [Zéphirin] DOUCET   Adeline BREAUX Acadian Babin, Bernard, Braud/Braux/Bro, Doucet, Dusouchet, Roussillon
1823 24 May/SWLR Michel LEJEUNE Acadian Eloise DOUCET   none listed
1823 2 Jun/SWLR Alexandre MELANÇON Acadian Mathilde DOUCET   Bulliard, Dupuis, Marc, Seimere, Sudrique
1823 7 Jul/SLR Jean Baptiste LEJEUNE Acadian Marie Rose DOUCET   none listed
1823 5 Aug/SWLR Onézime COMEAUX Acadian Éloise DOUCET   Fontenot, Latiolais
1826 23 May/SWLR Isaac WELLS Anglo [Anne Marie Josèphe] Adélaïde DOUCET (widow)   Martin, Patin
1828 5 Feb/SWLR Anselme DOUCET, fils   Pauline BERGEAU/BERGEOT French Creole Doucet, Trahan
1828 18 Feb/SWLR Hilaire DOUCET   Marie Louise LEJEUNE Acadian Carriere, Lejeune
1828 19 Aug/SWLR Achille DOUCET   Melanie MATT/MATTE French Can. Carriere, Doucet, Lejeune
1828 19 Aug/SWLR Joseph DOUCET   Carmelite RICHARD Acadian Carriere, Doucet, Lejeune
1829 23 Feb/SLR Jean Pierre DOUCET   Rosalie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1831 30 Jun/SWLR Melon DOUCET   Hélène RICHARD Acadian none listed
1831 25 Oct/SWLR Joseph Dulcide GUÉDRY Acadian Séraphine DOUCET   none listed
1832 3 Jan/SWLR Sosthène GUÉDRY Acadian Adrienne DOUCET   none listed
1832 31 Jan/SWLR François X. MILLER (wdr.) German Creole Marie Azélie DOUCET   none listed
1834 13 Jan/SWLR Don Louis DOUCET   Sidalise CARRIÈR[E] French Creole none listed
1834 8 Jul/SWLR Maximilien DOUCET   Marie Anne MARCANTEL French Creole none listed
1835 14 Mar/SLR Bartholomie BARRIOS Spanish Creole Marie Rose DOUCET (widow)   none listed
1836 16 Jan/SWLR Norbert BILLARD [BELLARD] French Creole Marie Louise DOUCET   none listed
1836 18 Jan/SWLR Sylvère THIBODEAU (wdr.) Acadian Céleste DOUCET (widow)   none listed
1836 5 Nov/SLR Thomas PARKS Anglo Florence DOUCET   none listed
1836 10 Nov/SWLR Ansem DOUCET, fils   Adélaïde VENABLE Anglo? none listed
1837 10 May/SWLR James YOUNG [LEJEUNE] Acadian Iréné DOUCET   none listed
1838 12 Feb/SWLR Ursin DOUCET, fils   Irma CHAMPAGNE French Creole none listed
1839 14 Jan/SWLR Éli Amand/Hilaire DOUCET   Azélie LASAGE French Creole none listed
1839 15 Jan/SWLR Édouard BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Louise DOUCHET   none listed
1839 23 Apr/SWLR Blaise LEJEUNE le jeune Acadian Caroline DOUCET   none listed
1839 30 Apr/SWLR Julien DOUCET   Joséphine FONTENOT French Creole none listed
1839 27 Aug/SWLR Émile LATIOLAIS French Creole Rosalie DOUCET   none listed
1840 20 Apr/SWLR Joseph Valsin DOUCET   Marie CHIASSON Acadian none listed
1841 24 May/SWLR Zéphirin PATIN French Creole Pauline DOUCET   none listed
1841 19 Jul/SWLR Joseph LATIOLAIS French Creole Julie DOUCET   none listed
1842 28 Mar/SWLR Cyrille DOUCET   Émeline LEGER Acadian none listed
1843 6 Feb/SWLR Jean VENABLE Anglo? Joséphine DOUCET   none listed
1843 29 Dec/SLR Joseph Célestin DOUCÉ   Rosalie BOURG (widow) Acadian none listed
1844 24 Jun/SWLR Jacques VILLIER French Creole? Marie Adveliere DOUCET   none listed
1845 24 Apr/SLR Dominique Émilien BERNARD French Creole Tarzile DOUCET   none listed
1845 30 May/SWLR Valéry BREAUX Acadian Marie Anailie DOUCET   none listed
1847 11 Jan/SLR Joseph Aurelien ESTIVENNES Spanish Creole? Marie Scolastie DOUCET   none listed
1847 27 Apr/SWLR Jean Pierre DOUCET   Caroline TELLER German Creole none listed
1848 1 May/SLR Pierre MOLAISON, fils Acadian Felonise DOUCET   none listed
1849 30 Apr/SWLR Antoine Gustave JUDICE French Creole Elisa DOUCET   none listed
1849 10 Sep/SWLR Onézime COMEAU Acadian Julie DOUCET   none listed
1850 11 Feb/SWLR Alcée JUDICE French Creole Félicienne DOUCET   none listed
1850 16 Apr/SLR Franck SCANLEN Irish Imm. Mélicère DOUCET   none listed
1850 3 Jun/SWLR Alexandre DOUCET   Céleste COMEAU Acadian none listed
1850 14 Sep/SWLR Hilaire LEGER Acadian Caroline DOUCET (widow)   none listed
1850 14 Sep/SWLR Ursin DOUCET, fils   Amelina DE LA HOUSSAYE French Creole none listed
1851 19 Jul/SWLR Léandre FIGURANT French Creole? Célestine DOUCET   none listed
1852 29 Jun/SLR Étienne BOSSNET/BOSSUET Foreign French? Adèle DOUCET   none listed
1854 3 Jun/SLR Édouard DOUCET   Augustine LUZIGNAU French Creole? none listed
1855 9 Jul/SLR Joseph FOREST Acadian Anna DOUCET   none listed
1855 27 Aug/SLR Joseph J. C. PERKINS Anglo Pauline DOUCET   none listed
1855 27 Sep/SWLR Gerasin DOUCET   Carmelite BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1856 14 Jan/SWLR Paulin RICHARD Acadian Marie Loisine DOUCET   none listed
1856 22 Jan/SWLR Zéphirin DOUCET   Azenais BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1856 1 Apr/SWLR Théodule DOUCET   Marie Zulma LAVERGNE French Creole none listed
1856 24 Jun/SWLR Giddéon SONNIER Acadian Joséphine DOUCET   none listed
1856 18 Dec/SWLR Ubalde DORÉ French Creole Elodie DOUCET   none listed
1857 12 Dec/SLR Drozin TROSCLAIR German Creole Marie Lorensais DOUSAIT   none listed
1858 5 Jan/SWLR Alexandre RICHARD Acadian Hélène DOUCET   none listed
1858 3 May/SWLR Martin DOUCET   Irma MATTE French Can. none listed
1858 30 Jun/SWLR Alcide LEGER Acadian Célestine DOUCET   none listed
1858 8 Jul/SLR Émile DOUCET   Marie BREAUX Acadian none listed
1858 10 Nov/SWLR Alcide LEBOEUF French Creole Célestine DOUCET   none listed
1859 1 Mar/SWLR Melon DOUCET, fils   Marie Irma READ Anglo none listed
1859 18 Jun/SWLR Césaire CARUTHERS Anglo Célestine DOUCET   none listed
1859 30 Aug/BRDR Aurilien DOUCET   Rosa LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1859 22 Sep/SWLR Hilaire DOUCET le jeune   Marie Hermance LEJEUNE (widow) Acadian none listed
1859 24 Sep/SWLR Louis DOUCET   Marie BELARD French Creole none listed
1859 2 Dec/SWLR Narcisse DOUCET   Angeline GATHE [GATT] German Creole none listed
1859 29 Dec/SWLR Simon DOUCET   Marguerite Cora LEGER Acadian none listed
1860 4 Sep/SWLR Sidonie DOUCET   Perre DERBONNE French Creole none listed
1860 29 Oct/SWLR Paulin DOUCET   Selina TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1861 10 Jul/SWLR Joseph J[ulien] DOUCET   Melaïde LE BLANC French Creole none listed
1861 18 Nov/SWLR André VERONI Italian? Julia/Zulia DOUCET   none listed

Analysis of DOUCET marriage, 1768-1861:

Total marriages listed:              105        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:             47          44.8
Exogamous marriages:               58          55.2



[running tally]

DUBOIS (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1785 24 Nov/NOAR Jacobo DUBOIS   Maria[-Madeleine] MIGUEL [MICHEL] Acadian Llorca, Martinez
1792 30 Jan/BRDR Marin GOTRO (widower) Acadian Margarita-Angel DUBOIS (widow)   Granger, Landry
1810 14 May/BRDR Josef Marcelino DUBOIS   Margarita BOUDRAUX Acadian Huguet, Rentrop, Ruiz
1813 4 Jan/BRDR Luis DUBOIS   Ursula HENRRY (widow) Acadian Bourgeois, Lauzet, Tureyra
1819 2 Aug/BRDR Olivier DUBOIS   Rosalie THIBODEAUX Acadian Grangai, Tureyra
1822 18 Feb/BRDR Joseph Antoine DUBOIS   Marie AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Bourg
1823 18 Aug/SLR Louis André DUBOIS   Anastasie THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1825 8 Feb/SWLR Marcelin DUBOIS   Elise MIRE Acadian Broussard, Grangé, Mire
1826 31 Oct/SWLR Sylvain DUBOIS   Adélaïde DUGAT Acadian Brashear, Greig, Melançon, Thibaud
1827 19 Mar/SWLR Zenon DUBOIS   Euphémie LANDRY Acadian Dubois, Misonier
1827 15 Sep/SLR Jean Baptiste PINNEL Acadian Joséphine DUBOIS   none listed
1830 26 Jul/SLR Étienne Valéry HÉBERT Acadian Louise Aimée DUBOIS   none listed
1835 18 May/SLR Martin HÉBERT Acadian Mathilde DUBOIS   none listed
1841 4 May/SLR Edmond HÉBERT Acadian Clementine DUBOIS   none listed
1843 4 Sep/SWLR Rosémond BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Orelia DUBOIS   none listed
1844 19 Feb/SWLR Marcelin DUBOIS   Alzire BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1844 10 Oct/BRDR Léon ARCENEAU Acadian Azelie DUBOIS   Arceneau, Aucoin, Tumoine
1852 13 May/SWLR Drozin DUBOIS   Valérie BOUDREAU Acadian none listed
1853 8 Aug/BRDR Aurelien DUBOIS Acadian Melasie DUBOIS Acadian Delaune, Dubois, Hébert
1855 12 May/SLR Zéphir DUBOIS   Marie BOUDRAUX Acadian none listed
1856 7 Apr/SWLR Clairville BOUDREAUX Acadian Marie Onesia DUBOIS   none listed
1858 3 May/SWLR Joseph T. BABINEAU Acadian Joséphine DUBOIS   none listed
1858 11 Sep/BRDR Zéphir DUBOIS (widower)   Adeline PELLETIER French  Creole Albagnac, Aucoin, Peltier
1861 13 Apr/SLR Ulysse DUBOIS   Mathilde LEBOEUF French Creole none listed
1861 16 Dec/SLR Onésyme NAQUIN Acadian Anastasie DUBOIS   none listed

Analysis of DUBOIS marriages, 1785-1861:

Total marriages listed:           26            100.0%
Endogamous marriages:        24              92.3 
Exogamous marriages:            2              07.7


DUBOIS non-Acadian connection:  LEBOEUF, PELLETIER 2

[running tally]

DUGAS (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 28 Jun/C-V François DUGAS   Margueritte BABIN Acadian none listed
1772 18 Jul/BRDR Pierre DUGA   Anne [dite Nanette] THIBAUDOT Acadian Berard, Borda, Durien, de Verbois, Grevember, Landry
1772 28 Sep/BRDR Charles DUGAS   Rosa BABIN Acadian Babin, Dugas, Landry
1776 23 Sep/BRDR Jean-Charles COUMOS Acadian Coecille DUGAS   Cumos, Doussain, Héber
1776 23 Sep/BRDR Jean-Baptiste BERNARD Acadian [Pélagie-]Magdelaine DUGAS   Arceneau, Roger
1777 15 Sep/BRDR Athanas DUGAS   Rose LE BLANC Acadian Brozard, Landry
1778 23 Feb/BRDR Michel DUGAS   Anne-Soffy FORET Acadian Godin, Rosaire
1778 24 Apr/BRDR Théodore DUGAS   Magdelaine RICHARD (widow) Acadian Babin, Richard
1779 11 Jan/SWLR Amon DUGA   Geneviève ROBICHAUD Acadian Berard, Broussard, Cormier
1780 16 Oct/BRDR Josephe[sic] DUGAS   Margueritte LE BLANC Acadian Coumeau, Dugas
1784 11 Oct/BRDR Théodoro DUGAST   Maria-Victoria FORET Acadian Dugas, Landry
1785 23 Oct/NOAR Joseph DUGAT, fils   Isavel LANDRY Acadian Llorca, Martinez
1786 14 Feb/BRDR Claude BERNARD [DUGAS]   Margarita BENOIT (widow) Acadian Lagarde, LeBlanc
1786 6 Jun/BRDR Jean-Baptiste DAIGLE Acadian Marie DUGAS   Blanchard, Daigle
1786 26 Jun/SWLR Joseph PREJEAN Acadian Élisabeth[-Eulalie] DUGA   none listed
1786 16 Aug/SWLR Juan DUGAT   Ysabel[-Jeanne] HÉBERT Acadian Blanchard, Hébert
1786 9 Sep/BRDR Louis JUNCAL [ONCALE] Spanish Imm. Marie-Rose DUGAS   none listed
1787 8 May/SWLR Pierre RICHARD, fils Acadian Marie-Josèphe DUGAS   Bourque, Dugas, Richard
1787 11 Jun/BRDR Simon DUGAS   [Marie-]Gene[v]iève BOURG Acadian Giroir
1788 24 May/SWLR Théodore BABINAUX Acadian Julie DUGA   Babinaux, Dugat, Gillebaux
1789 28 Jan/SWLR Jean-Charles DUGA/DUGAT   Esther/Esthere MARTIN Acadian Berard, Declouet, Duga/Dugat, Jenne, Martin, Modena
1789 9 Feb/BRDR Jean-Marie CAMPOS Spanish Imm.? Isabel DUGAS (widow)   Dugas, Dupuis
1789 1 Jul/SWLR Augustin DUGA   Marie DUHON Acadian De Coirin, Duga, Duhon
1790 7 Jan/BRDR Vincente DUMENE (wdr.) French Imm. Anna[-Marie] DUGAS   Daigle, Puis
1791 16 Jan/SWLR Joseph GRANGÉ (widower) Acadian Anne[-Osite] DUGAT (widow)   Granger, Landry, Lopes
1792 16 Apr/BRDR Juan DUARON Acadian Margarita[-Josèphe] DUGAS   Bertrand, Blanchard
1792 14 May/BRDR Simon[-François] GUILLOT Acadian Anastasia[-Celeste] DUAGAS   Guillot, Juncal
1793 9 May/SWLR François BRAU Acadian Céleste DUGA   Broussard, Duga, Landry
1793 25 Oct/SWLR David CARUTHER Anglo Creole Isabelle[-Eulalie] DUGA (widow)   Forstall, Matthios, Peytavin Du Bousquet
1794 11 Feb/BRDR Pedro LEBERT Acadian Maria[-Josèphe] DUGAT   Bahamonde, Dugat
1794 12 May/BRDR [Jean-]Pedro[-Marin] DUGAS   Françoise ARSEMENT Acadian Gautros, Hébert, Landry
1794 23 Jun/BRDR Paul BRAUX Acadian Sophia-Adélaïde DUGAS   Cazebon, Landry
1794 2 Aug/SWLR Joseph[-Simon] DUGAT Acadian Céleste DUGAT Acadian Dugas/Dugat, Landry, Peytavin Du Bousquet, Richard
1795 10 Feb/SWLR Pierre[-Olivier dit Pierrot] DUGAT   Sophie GAUTREAUX Acadian Berard, Broussard, Dougat
1795 16 Feb/BRDR Josef DUGAT   Maria BRAUX Acadian Cassignot, Dugat
1795 3 Nov/SWLR Éloy DUGAS/DUGAT   Suzanne BONIN/BONAIN French Creole Benoit St. Clair, Bonin, Carlin, Caso y Luengo, DeBlanc, Duga
1796 25 Jan/BRDR Carlos-Grégorio DUGAS   Isabel-Sophia LANDRY Acadian Cazebon, Landry
1796 8 Feb/BRDR Franco[-Basile-Étienne] DUGAT   Maria CLEMENT Acadian Aucoin, Hébert
1797 14 Feb/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Polonia DUGAS   Landry
1797 4 Jul/SWLR Charles DUGA (widower)   Françoise TRAHAN (widow) Acadian Babin, Berard, Chemin, Granger, Richard, Trahan
1798 8 Jan/SWLR Pierre CORMIER (widower) Acadian Rosalie DUGA   Chemin, Dugas, Martin
1798 12 Feb/BRDR Atanacio (Athanas) DUGAS   Francisca BRUZAL (BROUSSARD) Acadian Dugas, Landry
1798 12 Feb/BRDR Miguel DUGAS   Madalena BABIN Acadian Babin, Dugas, Landry
1798 28 Jul/BRDR Luis DUGAT   Constancia LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc
1799 8 Jan/BRDR Alexos[-Joseph] AUCOIN Acadian Ana[-Marguerite] DUGAT   Aucoin, Hébert
1799 15 Jul/BRDR Thadéo LANDRY Acadian Anastasia DUGAS   Dugat, Landry
1799 22 Oct/SWLR Marin MARTIN Acadian Anne [dite Nanette] DUGA   Chemin, Duga, Martin, Thibodeaux
1800 18 Feb/BRDR Juan-Pedro DUGAT   Reynalda NAQUIN Acadian Dugat, Hébert
1800 21 Jul/BRDR Joseph-Bélony BABIN Acadian Magdalena DUGAS   Dugat
1800 21 Jul/BRDR Miguel DUGAS (widower)   Rose/Rosalia FORET (widow?) Acadian Dugat, Foret
1800 29 Sep/BRDR Hypolite DUGAS   Maria[-Juliana] DUHON (widow) Acadian Dugat
1802 28 Feb/BRDR Louis FORET Acadian Anna-Maria DUGAS   Babin, Dugas
1802 26 Apr/BRDR Paul BABIN Acadian Marguerite-Pélagie DUGAS   Dugat, Lessard
1802 25 Jun/SWLR Jean-Pierre LANDRY Acadian Rose-Adélaïde DUGA   Broussard, Comau, Fagot, Landry, Prejean
1802 22 Nov/BRDR Luis[-Ambroise] DUGAT   Élisabeth BERTOLLET [BERTHELOT] French Creole Dugat, Pitre
1803 28 Jun/BRDR [Jean-]Josef BOUDRAUX Acadian Eulalia[-Martine] DUGAT   Boudraux, Hébert
1803 3 Oct/BRDR Luis-Gabriel RICHARD French Imm. Maria DUGAT (widow)   Boudraux, Hébert
1804 30 Jan/BRDR Jean [Jacques] LANDRY Acadian Marie Louise DUGAS   Babin, Landry
1804 7 Feb/SWLR Amand GUILBEAU Acadian Marguerite DUGAST   Broussard, Deuga, Potier
1804 28 May/BRDR Maximilien BABIN Acadian Julie DUGAS   Babin, Braud, Duga
1805 21 Jan/BRDR Jérôme Athanase DUGAT   Isabelle Cécile BABIN Acadian Landry, LeBlanc, Terio
1805 5 Feb/BRDR Martin TIBODAUX Acadian Ana Margarita DUGAT   Aucoin, Dugat, Hébert
1805 18 Feb/BRDR Jean DUGAS   Marguerite DUON Acadian Dugas, Duhon, LeBlanc
1806 13 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUIDRY Acadian Reine DUGAT   Dugas, Gaudin, Landry
1806 9 May/BRDR Louis BABIN Acadian Anne Céleste DUGAT   Babin, Dugat, Landry
1806 11 Aug/BRDR Étienne DUGA   Scholastique GODIN Acadian Bergeron, Landry, Vincent
1806 12 Aug/SWLR Jean DUGA   Magdeleine SAUNIER Acadian Cormier, Gary, Jacquet
1806 20 Aug/BRDR Joseph BOUDREAU Acadian Ann [Marie] DUGAT (widow)   Boudreau, Dugas
1807 14 May/BRDR [Jean] Philippe PLAISANCE Isleño Creole Marie DUGAT   Billardin, Dugat
1808 12 Jan/SWLR Charles DUGAS   Théodate GAUTEREAU (wd.) Acadian Abat, Jacquet, Landry
1808 2 Feb/SWLR Jean DUGAS   Anastasie POIRIER Acadian Dugas
1808 22 Feb/BRDR Paul DUGA   Clémence LE BLANC Acadian Godin, LeBlanc
1808 29 Feb/BRDR Jacques DICHARRY Foreign French Clémence DUGA   Aine, Chauvin, Dast
1809 13 Feb/BRDR Joseph DUGA (widower)   Marguerite POIRIER (widow) Acadian Hébert, LeBlanc, Poirier
1809 12 Sep/SWLR Célestin DUGAS Acadian Isabelle DUGAS Acadian Cormier, Jacquet, Pintard
1809 16 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste GAUDIN Acadian Rosalie Athanaise DUGAS   Dugas, Gaudin
1810 6 Feb/SWLR Jean Louis BERNARD Acadian Aspasie DUGAS   Arceneaux, Boissier, Brau, Dugas, Martin
1810 6 Feb/SWLR Pierre DUGAS   Marie Marthe MOUTON Acadian Dugas, Martin, Mouton
1810 30 Apr/BRDR Joseph DUGAS   Hortense ARRIEUX French Creole Arrieux, Dugas, Renaud
1811 8 Jan/SWLR Augustin DUGAS   Louise SAUNIER Acadian Cormier, Martin, Richard
1811 24 Feb/BRDR Jérôme DUGAS   Eugènie Mathilde ARRIEUX French Creole Arrieux, Barbe, Dugas
1811 6 May/BRDR Juan Bautista DUGAT   Constancia SIMONAUX French Creole Dugat, Simonaux
1811 13 May/BRDR Simon Charles ARCENAUX Acadian Françoise Melanie DUGAT   Arcenaux, Dugat, Melanson
1811 16 Sep/SWLR Alexandre DUGAS   Adélaïde MOUTON Acadian Brau, Dugas, Martin, Mouton
1812 10 Feb/SWLR Joseph DUGAS   Marie Célanie BRAU Acadian Cuvelier, Dugat, Macquille, Potier
1812 28 Apr/SWLR François LE BLANC Acadian Marguerite DUGAS (widow)   Chemin, Cuvelier, Dugas, Guilbault, Ledoux, Lewis, Potier, Thibodeau
1812 4 May/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC (widower) Acadian Julie Clothilde DUGAS   Dugas, LeBlanc
1812 15 Jun/BRDR Josef DUGAT   Maria LANDRY Acadian Daigle, Landry
1813 23 Feb/SWLR Placide SONNIER Acadian Anastasie DUGAS   Chemin, Delepaul, Richard, Saunier
1813 14 Oct/SWLR Pierre SONNIER Acadian Adélaïde DUGAS   Chemin, Cormier, Penn, Pintard, Potier
1814 8 Feb/SWLR Alexandre LEGER Acadian Marie Augustine DUGAS   Amy, Dessarp, Dugas, Pennes
1814 21 Feb/BRDR Ambrosio DUGAT, fils   Marcelita BOURGEOIS Acadian Guillot, Hébert, Tureyra
1814 2 May/SWLR François MOUTON Acadian Clémence DUGAS   Dugas/Dugat, Martin, Mouton
1815 4 Jul/BRDR Jacques Esprit BESSOU Foreign French Françoise DUGAT   Berry, Dicharie, Dugat
1816 7 May/SWLR Éloy DUGAS   Julie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Dessarp, Dugas, LeBlanc
1816 2 Sep/SWLR Maxime DUGAS   Carmelite BRASSEUX Acadian Chemin, Dugas, Gombert, Pennes
1816 25 Nov/BRDR Luis [André] TALBOT Acadian Rosalia DUGAT   deLaune, Lagrange, Pelletier
1816 16 Dec/BRDR Joseph DUGAS (widower)   Maria [Aurore] GAUDIN Acadian Ario, Dugas, Landry
1816 30 Dec/BRDR Valentino GODIN Acadian Ana Serafin DUGAS   Braud, LeBlanc
1817 6 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste CHIASSON Acadian Françoise DUGAT   Chiasson, Dugat, Hébert
1817 16 Feb/SWLR Alexandre DUGA (widower)   Émilie GUÉDRY Acadian Guédry, Henry, Nice
1817 18 Feb/BRDR Josef FUTELE (widower) French Creole? Marguerite Pélagie DUGAS (wd.)   Landry
1817 26 May/SWLR Charles MOUTON Acadian Arthémise DUGAS   Bernard, Broussard, Dugas, Huval, LeBlanc, Martin, Mouton
1817 9 Jun/BRDR Désiré LE BLANC Acadian Marguerite Phelonise DUGAS   Butler, Dugas, LeBlanc
1817 20 Oct/BRDR Vincent DANIAU Foreign French Victoire DUGAS   Blanchard, Landry, Turreyra
1818 5 Jan/BRDR Ive Cyprien MAILLET [MALLET?] French Creole? Constance DUGAS   Bolot, Boudreaux
1818 20 Jan/SWLR André MARTIN Acadian Marie DUGAS   Cormier, Dugas/Dugats, Martin, Schappers, Sonnier
1818 3 Feb/SWLR Joseph CHIASSON Acadian Marie [Augustine] DUGAS (wd.)   Dusouchet, Lingois, Penne
1818 11 May/SWLR Charles DUGAST   Clarisse LANDRY Acadian Babinaud, Dugas, Dusouchet, Landry, Lingois, Penne
1818 7 Jun/BRDR Augustin Antoine CUPELO [COUPELLE] French Creole? Anne DUGAS   Cedotal, Crochet, Fuijay
1818 15 Jun/BRDR Paul NAQUIN Acadian Marguerite Céleste DUGAS   Bernard, Bolot, Naquin
1819 12 Jan/BRDR Julien LEROIS Foreign French Marguerite[-Euphrosine] DUGAS   Bourgeois, Bouvet
1820 30 Mar/BRDR Nicolas MATHERNE German Creole Victoire DUGAS (widow)   Guillot, LeBoeuf, Tureyra
1820 29 May/SWLR Jean Baptiste CHIASSON Acadian Julie DUGAST   Broussard, Martin, Richard
1820 18 Sep/SWLR Célestin DUGAST (widower)   Julie CHIASSON (widow) Acadian Dugast, Martin, Scheppers
1821 22 Jan/SLR Basile DUGAS   Claire ROBICHEAUX Acadian none listed
1821 1 Feb/BRDR Romain FRYOUX French Creole Pélagie Geneviève DUGAS   Daigle, Frioux, Tichitoli
1821 26 Feb/BRDR Luc DUGAS   Émilite Pierre MIRE Acadian Dugas, Mire, Poirier
1821 15 Mar/BRDR Joseph Nicolas DUGAS   Clarisse Armante LANDRY Acadian Dugas
1821 1 May/SWLR Alexandre BABINAUX Acadian Cléomie DUGAT   Armstrong, Fennesy
1821 14 May/SWLR [Benjamin] Aurien/Aurelien DUGAS   [Marie] Erasie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Dugas, LeBlanc
1821 16 May/SWLR Narcisse DUGAT   Céleste CORMIER Acadian Martin, Mouton
1821 28 May/BRDR Joseph DAIGLE Acadian Marie Marguerite DUGAS   Landry, Sedotale
1821 2 Jul/SWLR Camille BROUSSARD Acadian Elisa DUGAT   Babin, Berard, Broussard, Dugas, Fagot, LeBlanc
1821 5 Nov/SLR Jean Baptiste LEJEUNE Acadian Modeste Théotiste DUGAS   none listed
1821 30 Dec/BRDR Pierre Droctave DUGAS   Anne [Orsise] LÉVÊGUE French Creole? Landry, Poursine
1822 22 Jan/SWLR Joseph [Colin] BRASSEUX Acadian [Marie] Valiene DUGAT   Dixon, Petit
1822 4 Feb/SLR Olivier DUGAS   Eugénie BERNARD Acadian none listed
1822 18 Feb/SWLR Alexandre JUDICE French Creole Susanne DUGAT   Dugas, Haraneder, Judice
1822 25 Feb/BRDR Ursin Michel GODAIT Acadian Élise Adèle DUGAS   Blouin, Gaudet
1822 25 Feb/SWLR Louis DUGAT, fils   Clarisse BROUSSARD Acadian Babin, Berard, Bernard, Broussard, Decuir, Dugas, Gonsoulin
1822 9 Apr/SWLR Leufroy GUÉDRY Acadian Christine DUGAT   Dugat, Mouton
1822 15 Apr/SWLR Jean Baptiste DUGAS   Adélaïde BROUSSARD Acadian Bernard, Broussard, Dugas, Judice
1822 29 Apr/SWLR Éloy DUGAS   Aimée CHIASSON Acadian none listed
1822 14 Nov/SWLR Pierre Arvillien BERNARD Acadian Hortense DUGAST   Arceneaux, Berard, Broussard, Dugas, Huval, LeBlanc
1823 28 Apr/BRDR Vincent FERNANDES (wdr.) Spanish Creole Ulalie DUGAS (widow)   Friyou, Pitre, Sedotole
1824 3 May/SLR Basile DUGAT   Eulalie Émelie DIAS Spanish Creole none listed
1824 25 Oct/SWLR Jean BOUDREAU Acadian Elouise DUGAS   Guédri, Richard
1825 24 Jan/BRDR Charles Édouard BABIN Acadian Barthilde DUGAS   Babin, Landry
1825 31 Jan/SLR Archille BREAUX Acadian Marie Rosalie DUGAT   none listed
1825 14 Feb/BRDR Joseph Alexandre DUGAS   Marie Adeline BABIN Acadian Dugas
1825 16 May/BRDR Valéri SEDOTAL French Creole? Henrietta DUGAS   Aucoin, Dugas
1825 31 May/SWLR Baptiste GUIDRY Acadian Marguerite DUGAT   Dugat, Richard, Rouly
1825 4 Jun/SWLR Sosthènes DUGAS   Marie Louise BROUSSARD dit Tonton Acadian Babin, Dugas, Labanne, Surville
1825 8 Sep/BRDR Rosémond BRAUD Acadian Mélanie DUGAT (widow)   Bergeron, Dugat
1825 4 Oct/SWLR Philippe RICHARD Acadian Célestine DUGAT   Dugas, Duhon
1825 14 Nov/SLR Eugène Placide RICHARD Acadian Marie Adèlle DUGAT   none listed
1825 28 Dec/BRDR Ulger DUGAS   Marie Mathilde BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, LeBlanc, Picou
1826 23 Jan/BRDR Dava HAMILTON Anglo Creole Rosalie DUGAS   Brasset, Godin, Hamilton
1826 10 Apr/BRDR Benjamin DUGAT   Melisaire FULCHER French Creole? Bourgeois, Chiasson, Perran
1826 10 Apr/SLR Jean Adrien NAKIN Acadian Rosalie DUGAT   none listed
1826 25 Apr/BRDR Elesiman DUGAS   Marie Adamiene PALARQUIN [PELOQUIN] French Creole? Braud, Gautrou, Lambert
1826 1 May/SLR Antoine PIZZANI Italian Imm.? Melanie DUGAT   none listed
1826 21 Jul/SWLR Louis RICHARD, père (wdr.) Acadian Marguerite DUGAS   Dugast, Greig, Hébert, Richard
1826 31 Jul/SWLR Édouard BRASSEUS Acadian Arsènne DUGAT   Brasseus, Gautrau
1826 5 Sep/SWLR David Kellogg MARKHAM Anglo Anne dite Nanette DUGAS (wd.)   Brashear, Braux, Cormier,  Dugat, McNeel
1826 31 Oct/SWLR Sylvain DUBOIS Acadian [Rose] Adélaïde DUGAT (wd.)   Brashear, Greig, Melançon, Thibaud
1827 8 Jan/SWLR Pierre DUGAT, fils   Marie Clarice MILHOMME French Creole? Aubert, Chargois, Martin, Riquet
1827 15 Jan/BRDR Uber [Hubert] DAIGLE Acadian Marie DUGAS   Dugas, Hébert
1827 29 Jan/BRDR Joseph Valérie DUGAS   Marguerite Séraphine BABIN Acadian Babin, Landry
1827 3 Feb/BRDR François Rosémond DUGAS   Marguerite Mélanie LE BLANC Acadian Dugas, Gautreau
1827 25 Feb/BRDR Pierre Edmond BRAUD Acadian Adèlle Marcelline DUGAS   Babin, Braud, Burvant
1827 19 Jun/SWLR Joseph DUGAT, fils   Marguerite Arminionne HÉBERT Acadian Richard
1827 31 Jul/SWLR Michel HAYSE [HAYES] Anglo Creole Louise DUGAS   Carlin, Dugas, Prince
1827 7 Aug/BRDR Godefroi Léopold DUGAS Acadian Mathilde DUGAS Acadian Braud, Comes, Martin
1828 4 Feb/SLR Zéphir BOUDRAUX Acadian Azélie DUGAT   none listed
1828 7 Apr/SWLR Marcelin DUGAT   Melanie BOUDREAU Acadian Mouton, Richard
1828 20 May/BRDR Éloi/Éloy DUGAS   Marcelite LEJEUNE Acadian Leger, Lejeune
1828 1 Nov/SWLR Louis CHIASSON Acadian Susanne DUGAT   Babinot, Chiasson, Saunier
1828 3 Nov/SWLR Valcour SAVOIS Acadian Aspasie DUGAT   Manceaux, Traham
1829 19 Jan/SLR William FIELD Irish Imm. Théotiste Ludivine DUGAT   none listed
1829 26 Jan/SWLR Pierre Onézime DUGAT   Anne Célanie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Dugat
1829 29 Jan/SWLR Désiré DUGAS   Amelie BROUSSARD Acadian Brentano, Broussard, Duga/Dugas
1829 20 Apr/SWLR Joachim DUGAT   Marguerite BROUSSARD Acadian Lapointe, Meau/Meaux
1829 18 May/BRDR Achille DUGAS   Farelitte LE BLANC Acadian Dugas, LeBlanc
1829 14 Sep/BRDR Augustin LANDRI Acadian Maria Felonise DUGAS   Berghe, Garcia
1829 26 Oct/SLR Paul Joseph BOUDRAUX Acadian Elise Rose DUGAT   none listed
1829 29 Oct/BRDR Ulger DUGAS (widower)   Émelie LANDRY Acadian Landry, Lanoix, Melançon
1829 19 Nov/SWLR Louis Valsin MOUTON (wdr.) Acadian Marie Carmelite DUGAS   Broussard, Bulliard, Mouton
1830 7 Jan/SWLR François Demancourt GONSOULIN French Creole Rosalie Ponponne DUGAS   Benoit de St. Claire, Broussard, Gonsoulin, Judice
1830 1 Feb/BRDR Marcelin LE BLANC Acadian Marguerite Arthémise DUGAS   Dugas, Landry, Leblanc
1830 15 Feb/BRDR Dususail MIRE Acadian Marguerite Arthémise DUGAT   Dugat, LeBlanc
1830 12 Jul/SLR Marcelin BRAU Acadian Azélie DUGAT   none listed
1831 3 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste Achille BOURG Acadian Arthémise DUGAS   Babin, Foutelet, Gourdault
1831 15 Feb/SWLR Louis [Éloi] DUGAS   Marie Adeline LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1831 9 May/SWLR Silidoine TOUPS German Creole Marie Euphémie DUGAS   none listed
1831 12 Jun/SLR Henry DUGAT   Marcelite SCIASSON Acadian none listed
1831 16 Jun/SWLR Norbert DUGAS   Erasie BRAU Acadian none listed
1831 14 Nov/BRDR Henry DAIGLER Acadian Amarante Eléonore DUGAS   Bourg, Dugas, Simonaud/Simoneau
1832 17 Mar/SWLR Jean DUGAT   Marie SAVOIE Acadian none listed
1832 24 Sep/SWLR Syphorien DUGAS   Marguerite Ermine BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1833 18 Feb/SWLR Jean Laisin DUGAS   Marguerite Azélie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1833 13 Jun/BRDR Ignace Vernon DUGAS   Coralie LANDRY Acadian Braud, Landry, Seghers
1833 17 Jun/SWLR Léonard DUGAS   Marie Célanie GAUTREAU Acadian none listed
1833 1 Jul/SWLR Cyrille DUGAS   Marie Carmelite FRUGÉ French Creole none listed
1833 23 Jul/SWLR Victor LABAUVE Acadian Mare Arthémise DUGAS   none listed
1833 16 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste [Murville] LANDRY Acadian Marie Fidelie DUGAS   Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc, Scudday
1833 9 Dec/SWLR Charles DUGAS   Marie Uranie PRIMEAUX French Can. none listed
1833 22 Dec/SWLR Cyprien MOUTON Acadian Eliza DUGAS   none listed
1834 20 Jan/SLR Basile DUGAS (widower)   Madeleine TREGRE French Creole? none listed
1834 7 Apr/SWLR Don Louis DUGAS   Émelite BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1834 14 Apr/SLR Euphémon BOUDREAUX Acadian Carmelite Rosalie DUGAT   none listed
1834 28 Oct/BRDR Étienne DUGAS   Mélisaire BOURGEOIS Acadian Besson, Boudreaux, LeBlanc
1834 8 Dec/SLR Pierre Brutus DUGAS   [Marie] Eugènie PLAISANCE Isleño Creole none listed
1835 18 Apr/SLR Basile BOUDREAUX Acadian Clémence DUGAT   none listed
1835 15 Jul/BRDR Jean DUGAS   Marie BRASSET (widow) Acadian Babin, Commeaux, Landry
1835 15 Oct/SWLR Théodule DUGAS   Émelie BOSSIER French Creole? none listed
1835 26 Oct/BRDR Joseph Avantin DUGAS   Marie Séraphine BABIN Acadian Babin, Guidry, LeBlanc
1836 16 Feb/BRDR Jean LANDRY Acadian Mélanie DUGAS   Duga, Hamilton, Landry
1836 5 Apr/SWLR François Terence BREAUX Acadian Louise DUGAS   none listed
1836 9 Sep/BRDR Alcide GIRAUD Foreign French Julienne Célestine DUGAS   Braud, Dugas, Huguet, Senette
1836 19 Sep/BRDR Jérôme Adélard DUGAS Acadian Françoise Elmire DUGAS Acadian Braud, Dugas, Gaudain, Melançon
1836 10 Oct/BRDR Pierre Narcisse ARRIEUX French Creole Marine Élizabeth DUGAS   Braud, Dugas, LeBlanc, Senette
1837 17 Oct/BRDR Jacob CLARK Anglo Clementine DUGAS   none listed
1836 24 Oct/BRDR Désiré LE BLANC Acadian Marie Domitille DUGAS   Babin, Daigle, Dugas, Leblanc, Marrois
1837 26 Jun/BRDR Trasimond DUGAS   Mélanie DENOUX French Creole Babin, Landry
1837 11 Sep/BRDR François Camille DUGAS   Marie Melite LOUVIÈR[E] Acadian Arseneaux, Braud, Rouille
1837 5 Oct/SWLR Rozémon DUGAS   Amelie MARTIN Acadian none listed
1837 28 Dec/BRDR Éloi MELANÇON Acadian Rosalie Edezie DUGAS   Dugas, Melançon
1838 8 Jan/SWLR Camille LANDRY Acadian Clementine DUGAS   none listed
1838 27 Aug/SWLR Valérien DUGAS   Victoire GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1838 3 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste Leufroy DUGAS   Clémence HÉBERT Acadian Dugas, Hébert
1838 10 Sep/SWLR Éloi DUGAS, fils   Céleste Emma BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1839 3 Feb/BRDR Venant HÉBERT Acadian Honorine DUGAS   Blanca, Dugas, Hébert
1839 11 Feb/BRDR Jean B. William HOPWOOD Anglo Élisabeth DUGAS   Blanchard, Friou
1839 19 Mar/SWLR Thimoléon BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Louise Zélima DUGAS   none listed
1839 13 May/BRDR Romain Aimerant DAIGLE Acadian Marie Azélie DUGAS   Guédry, Mollere, Savois
1839 27 May/SWLR Valcourt CORTINI Italian Imm.? Marie DUGAS   none listed
1839 6 Jun/SWLR Bruno BROUSSARD Acadian Julie Hermina DUGAS   none listed
1839 30 Sep/SLR Narcisse BERGERON Acadian Azélie DUGAS   none listed
1839 6 Dec/SWLR Joseph DUGAT   Marie Azélie BOUZEVA Italian Imm.? none listed
1840 27 Jan/SWLR Léonard RANCONNET French Creole? Rosalie Pouponne DUGAS (wd.)   none listed
1840 17 Feb/BRDR Marius DUGAS   Virginia HAMILTON Anglo Creole Braud, Grabert, Hamilton
1840 18 Feb/SWLR Jean DUGAS   Amelina GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1840 28 Feb/SWLR Édouard DUGAT   Célestine BELAIR [dit for FONTENOT?] French Creole none listed
1840 18 Apr/SWLR Pierre SAUNIER Acadian Julie DUGAT   none listed
1840 11 May/SLR Ulisse Dupré TERREBONNE French Creole? Marie Émilie DUGAS   none listed
1840 9 Nov/BRDR Joseph DUGAS   Eliza LE BLANC Acadian Dugas, LeBlanc
1841 1 Feb//BRDR [Joseph] Derosin DUGAS   Clarisse LE BLANC Acadian Dugas, LeBlanc
1841 18 Feb/SWLR Onézime MOUTON Acadian Nathalie DUGAT   none listed
1841 22 Feb/SLR Louis Jean RICHARD Foreign French Théodora DUGAS   none listed
1841 15 Apr/SWLR Treville DUGAS   Elismène BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1841 26 Apr/BRDR Joseph Nicolas DUGAS (wdr.)   Marie Caroline DUPUIS (wd.) Acadian Blanchard, Dugas, Dupuy
1841 15 Jul/SWLR Pierre Alexandre VUILLEMONT Foreign French Susanne Olivanie DUGAS   none listed
1841 6 Sep/BRDR Jérôme DUGAS   Azélie Eufrosine LE BLANC Acadian Dugas, Landry, Leblanc
1841 21 Sep/SWLR Adolphe BERARD French Creole Elmire DUGAS   none listed
1842 5 Jan/SWLR Narcisse DUGAT   Carmelite GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1842 7 Feb/SLR Édouard PICHOFF German Creole? Marie Rosema DUGAS   none listed
1842 12 Aug/SWLR Théogène BEGNAUD French Creole Azélia DUGAT   none listed
1842 4 Oct/BRDR Félix Labas DUGAS   Marguerite Anne Eléonore BROUSSARD Acadian Ayraud, Blanchard, Broussard, Bujol, Causson, Dugas, Gaudin, Grégoire, Landry
1843 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph Evariste GUILLOT Acadian Fideline DUGAS   Blanchard, Dugas, Guillot
1843 12 Jun/SLR Evariste MORANGE French Creole? Marie Rosa DUGAS   none listed
1843 17 Aug/BRDR Osémé DUGAS   Elmire GAUDIN Acadian Badie, Dugas, Gaudet, Gaudin, Landry, Mollere
1843 1 Sep/BRDR Vileor DUGAS   Élodie TERIOT Acadian Braud, Comes, Dugas, Gaudin, Landry, Melançon, Terrio
1843 5 Nov/SLR Eusèbe DUGAS   Emérente CHIASSON Acadian none listed
1843 26 Dec/SLR Forestal DUGAS   Marie Adèle BERNON French Creole? none listed
1844 20 Feb/SWLR Louis DUGAS, fils (widower)   Lise LOUVIÈRE Acadian none listed
1844 27 Aug/SWLR Louis DUPLEIX Foreign French Clémence DUGAT (widow)   none listed
1844 10 Sep/SWLR Louis Éloi DUGAS (widower)   Amelia TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1844 20 Sep/SWLR Marcel BEGNAUD French Creole Marie Idalie/Isabelle DUGAT   none listed
1845 13 Jan/BRDR Lazare DUGAS   Laure GRAVOIS Acadian Dugas, Landry, Melançon, Mollere
1845 21 Jan/SWLR Benjamin Telesphore DUGAS Acadian Coralie DUGAS Acadian none listed
1845 28 Jan/SWLR Éloi DUGAS, Jr. [III] (wdr.)   Élizabeth P. JUDICE French Creole none listed
1845 3 Feb/SLR Jean Louis/Lewis DAUNIS French Creole? Marie Séraphine DUGAS   none listed
1845 10 Apr/SWLR Louis Victor RICHARD Acadian Izaline/Ysoline DUGAT   none listed
1845 5 May/SLR Joassin Rosémond BOUDRAUX Acadian Élodie DUGAS   none listed
1845 6 May/BRDR Luc DUGAS, fils   Aureline LANDRY Acadian Dugas, Landry
1845 31 Dec/BRDR Sosthènes DUGAS   Aglae René[e] LANGLOIS French Creole Dugas, LeBlanc
1846 14 Jan/SWLR François Ovid/Ovide DUGAS   Marie Lucille BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1846 10 Feb/BRDR Jérôme Silvany GAUDIN Acadian Emma Lise DUGAS   Babin, Blanchard, Causson, Dugas, Gaudin, Hébert, Landry
1846 27 Jan/BRDR Émile DUGAS   Sylveria BALDERAS Spanish Creole? Balderas, Cailler, Cure, Melançon, Mollere, Rougeau, Terrio, Vives
1846 20 Jul/SWLR Édouard Jules DUGAS Acadian Émilie Célestine DUGAS Acadian none listed
1846 28 Jul/SLR Hilaire DEJEAN French Creole Marie Zulma DUGAS   none listed
1846 30 Sep/BRDR Joseph Norbert DUGAS   Elmire CLOUÂTRE Acadian Arceneaux, Bourgeois, Braud, Clouâtre, Melançon
1847 18 Jan/BRDR Félix MELANÇON Acadian [Marie] Melodie DUGAS   Berteau, Melançon, Rodrigue
1847 9 Feb/BRDR Charles Henry MULLETT Anglo? Marie Françoise Eugènie DUGAS   Badin, Balkin, Boudier, Bujol, Chapman, Fortier, Gansevoort, Gourrier, Landry, Lévêque, Martin, Nicholls, Randall
1847 15 Feb/BRDR Achille DUGAS   Ozite MOLLERE French Creole LeBlanc, Mollere
1847 17 Apr/SWLR Camille HÉBERT Acadian Amelia Zéolide DUGAS   none listed
1847 23 Jun/SWLR Gabriel DUBAN French Creole? Elisa DUGAT   none listed
1847 19 Jul/SLR Mathurin DAIGLE Acadian Marie Elezida DUGAS   none listed
1847 30 Aug/BRDR Lazare LE BLANC Acadian Séraphine DUGAS   Blanchard, Dugas, LeBlanc
1848 1 Feb/SWLR Jules DUGAT Acadian Félicia DUGAT Acadian none listed
1848 22 Feb/BRDR Félix DUGAS (widower)   Malvina BABIN Acadian Babin, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc
1848 6 Mar/SLR Neuville BOUDRAUX Acadian Azélie DUGAS   none listed
1848 26 Jun/SWLR Antoine SAUNNIER Acadian Silvanie DUGAT   none listed
1849 2 Jan/SLR Joseph Ulysse DUGAS   Émelie HAUBERT/HÉBERT [AUBERT] French Creole none listed
1849 29 Jan/SLR Ovile DUGAS   Marie Clementine BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1849 25 Jun/SLR Laurent BERNARD Acadian Zoe DUGAS   none listed
1849 20 Oct/SWLR Désiré DUGAS (widower)   Marie Azélie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1850 4 Feb/SWLR Auguste DOMINQUES Spanish Creole Marie DUGAT   none listed
1850 11 Feb/BRDR Michel DUGAS   Françoise LANDRY Acadian Dugas, LeBlanc
1850 11 Feb/SWLR Joachim DUGAT (widower) Acadian Marie Vallenne DUGAT (widow) Acadian none listed
1850 2 Jun/BRDR Luc DUGAS, fils (widow)   Carmelite BERMEYO Spanish Creole Babin, Dugas, LeBlanc
1850 19 Sep/BRDR Saintville DUGAS   Elisa LANDRY Acadian Aucoin, Bernard, Daigle
1851 11 Feb/BRDR Léon DUGAS   Delphine RICHARD (widow) Acadian Dugas, Hébert, Portale, Richard
1851 18 Feb/SLR Cyprien/Cyphorien DUGAS   Marie RICHARD Acadian none listed
1851 5 Mar/SLR Ambroise DUGAS, fils (wdr.)   Théodore[sic] DAUNIS (widow) French Creole none listed
1851 21 Apr/SWLR Balthasar Eusèbe NEUVILLE [adopted by Mme. Neuville DECLOUET] French Creole? Geneviève Clelie DUGAS   none listed
1851 26 May/SWLR Don Louis DUGAS   Marie Lodoiska TOFFIEZ French Creole? none listed
1851 7 Aug/SWLR Alexis BLANCHARD Acadian Émilia N. DUGAT   none listed
1851 16 Sep/BRDR Émile BABIN Acadian Céleste DUGAS   Babin, Braud, Dugas, Landry, Richard
1851 1 Oct/BRDR Édouard DUGAS   Marguerite Florestine ROTH German Creole? Blanchard, Gaudin, Landry, Roth
1851 11 Dec/SWLR Gustave BROUSSARD Acadian Élizabeth Alphonsine DUGAS   none listed
1851 16 Dec/SWLR Joseph Alcide DECUIR French Creole Marguerite Olymphe DUGAS   none listed
1851 30 Dec/BRDR Jacques Sandre LAVIGNE French Creole? Ernestine DUGAS   Braud, Gaudet, Gaudin, Hatkinson, Landraux/Landreaux, Mollere, Terrio
1851 30 Dec/SWLR Adolphe BEGNEAU French Creole Céleste Erside DUGAT   none listed
1852 11 May/SWLR Joseph Marie DUGAS   Emma BEGNEAU French Creole none listed
1852 26 Jul/SWLR Adolphe SAINE French Creole? Marie DUGAS   none listed
1852 10 Aug/SWLR Édouard DUGAS   Elmire GONSSOULIN French Creole none listed
1852 13 Sep/SWLR Duplessin DUGAT   Marguerite Olisa RICHARD Acadian none listed
1853 10 Jan/SWLR Fenelon DUGAS   Anastasie BRAUX Acadian none listed
1853 11 Apr/BRDR Zéfirin DUGAS   Oliva LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc
1853 26 Apr/BRDR Lucien THERIOT Acadian Evelina DUGAS   Dugas, Gaudin, Pertuit, Theriot
1853 18 Jul/BRDR Onésime BOURG Acadian Lise DUGAS   Dugas, LeBlanc, Rogere
1853 12 Sep/SWLR Onézime GOTREAU (widower) Acadian Azenaise DUGAT   none listed
1853 15 Sep/SWLR Frédric/Frédéric MESTAYER French Creole? Philomène DUGAS   none listed
1853 8 Dec/SWLR Émile SEGURA Spanish Creole Odile Marguerite DUGAS   none listed
1854 7 Feb/BRDR Clovis DUGAS   Lorenza LANDRY Acadian Babin, Beaugey, Dugas, LeBlanc
1854 29 May/SWLR Cadet DUGAT Acadian Aspasie DUGAT Acadian none listed
1854 10 Jul/BRDR Numa JACOB German Creole? Émelie DUGAS   Clouâtre, Dugas, Lambert, Mire
1854 11 Jul/BRDR Kempton DUGAS   Adelina BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Dugas, Landry
1854 17 Jul/SLR Jean Marie DUGAS   Joséphine LERAY/LEREY French Creole? none listed
1854 25 Sep/SLR Charles Michel BOURG Acadian Melina DUGAS   none listed
1855 10 Jan/SWLR Alphonse GUILBEAU Acadian Ophelia DUGAS   none listed
1855 5 Feb/BRDR Joseph DUGAS   Mélissaire LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Landry, Simoneau
1855 19 Mar/SWLR Pierre DUGAS   Rosalie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1855 9 Apr/BRDR Luc DUGAS, père (widower)   Marie GROSS (widow) French Creole? Landry, LeBlanc, Melançon, Simoneau
1855 12 May/BRDR Félix DUGAS   Helena TERRIO (widow) Acadian Dugas, Michel, Mollere
1855 14 May/BRDR François Cornille DUGAS (wdr.)   Eve GAUTHREAUX Acadian Blouin, Gautreau, Hébert, Landry
1855 24 Jul/SWLR Moyse DUGAS   Alida MOUTON Acadian none listed
1855 22 Dec/SWLR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian? Marie Caroline DUGAT   none listed
1856 9 Apr/SWLR Zéphirin BROUSSARD Acadian Elisa DUGAS   none listed
1856 14 Apr/BRDR Joseph MOLLERE French Creole Anaïse DUGAS   Dugas, LeBlanc, Mollere
1856 28 Apr/SWLR Sosthène DUGAS   Marie Féliciame PLAISANCE Isleño Creole none listed
1856 5 May/SWLR Edmund GUIDRY (widower) Acadian Arsène DUGAS (widow)   none listed
1856 24 Jun/BRDR Uselien DAIGLE Acadian Augustine DUGAS   Bourg, Daigle, Dugas, LeBlanc
1856 25 Jun/SWLR Joseph Clermé/Clesmé DUGAS   Louise/Louisa Mathé HAIJISSE/HAYSE Anglo Creole none listed
1856 17 Jul/BRDR William Lacy PHELPS Anglo Clementine DUGAS   Agnest, Blanchard, Daigle, Dugas
1856 22 Oct/SWLR Alcée BROUSSARD Acadian Virginie DUGAS   none listed
1856 17 Nov/SWLR St. Cyr DUGAS   Ode Aurore BERNARD Acadian none listed
1856 29 Dec/SWLR Dosité BREAUX le jeune Acadian Cidalise DUGAS   none listed
1857 10 Jan/SWLR Éloi Ulinor/Ulinger DUGAS   Marie Clélie GONSOULIN French Creole none listed
1857 12 Jan/SWLR Bélisaire CORMIER Acadian Aurelien [Aurelia] DUGAS   none listed
1857 20 Jan/BRDR Louis DUGAS   Zulma HYMEL German Creole Dugas, Duhon, Gaudin, Guédry, Hymel, Oubre, Pertuit, Poché, Poirier, Simon
1857 19 Feb/SWLR Désiré BERNARD Acadian Maria Esmina DUGAS   none listed
1857 4 Apr/SWLR Edmond DUGAS   Émilie MAKING/MCNEIL Scots? Irish? none listed
1857 7 May/BRDR Séverin [Zéphirin] DUGAS (wr.)   Élize DAIGLE Acadian Babin, Daigle, Dugas, Landry
1857 19 May/SWLR Guillaume Mozart DUGAS   Anastasie PRINCE Acadian none listed
1857 23 May/SLR Narcisse LABAT/LABIE French Creole? Zulma DUGAS   none listed
1857 30 May/BRDR Jules DUGAS   Adelisca DAIGLE Acadian Daigle, Dugas, Landry
1857 29 Oct/SLR Lovinsy/Lovinsky DUGAS   Rosa AYCOCK Anglo none listed
1857 28 Dec/BRDR Léon DUGAS (widower)   Marie Gertrude LANDRY Acadian Babin, Braud, Dugas, Hébert, Landry, Melançon
1858 8 Jan/BRDR Louis COPPONEX French Creole? Lise DUGAS   Babin, Bujol, Dugas, Landry, Martin
1858 25 Jan/SWLR Dosithée BREAUX l'aîné (wdr.) Acadian Coralie DUGAS (widow)   none listed
1858 8 Apr/SWLR Cyprien GUIDRY Acadian Félicia DUGA   none listed
1858 10 May/SWLR Ulger SEGURA Spanish Creole Moemie Cleopha DUGAS   none listed
1858 17 May/SWLR Joseph DUGAS   Célanie RICHARD Acadian none listed
1858 17 May/BRDR Zéphirin DUGAS (widower)   Arselia ACHÉ Acadian Babin, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc, Simoneau
1858 6 Jul/BRDR Lusignant LANDRY Acadian Elmire DUGAS   Babin, Dugas, Landry, Simoneau
1858 9 Sep/SWLR Joseph Oser LANEAU Foreign French? Marie Erasie DUGAS   none listed
1858 25 Sep/SLR [Mathieu] Augustin LEGENDRE Foreign French Mathilde DUGAS   none listed
1859 8 Feb/BRDR Alfred BLOUIN French Creole Louisa DUGAS   André, Babin, Blouin, Boucry, Dicharry, Donaldson, Gaudin, Laneuville, Volpy
1859 12 Feb/BRDR Numa DUGAS   Émelie GIROIRD Acadian Babin, Giroir, Landry, LeBlanc, Trahan
1859 21 Feb/SWLR Balthazar MARTIN Acadian Octavie DUGAS   none listed
1859 6 Jun/SLR Cyprien DUGAS   Delphine NAQUIN Acadian none listed
1859 25 Jul/SWLR Antoine Lazare DOMINGUE Spanish Creole Alida DUGAS   none listed
1859 17 Sep/BRDR Hubert LE BLANC Acadian Rosalie DUGAS   Babin, Daigle, Dugas, LeBlanc, Simoneau
1860 10 Jan/BRDR Édouard DUGAS (widower)   Joséphine LANDRY Acadian Babin, Dugas, Gaudin, Hébert
1860 21 Jan/BRDR Augustin DUGAS   Ernestine LANDRY Acadian Dupuis, Giroir, Landry, Marroy, Simoneaux
1860 25 Jan/SWLR Gérôme TAILOR [TELLER?] German Creole? Marie Octavie DUGA   none listed
1860 18 Feb/BRDR Amédée DUGAS   Ofilia JOLIBOIS French Creole Boudreaux, Gauchy, Haydel, Junot, Levert
1860 10 Apr/SWLR Aurelien/Chretien CHIASSON Acadian [Marie] Émelie/Fanelie DUGAS   none listed
1860 1 May/SWLR Dejean DUGAS   Marie Émelie CRATHERS [CARUTHERS] Anglo Creole none listed
1860 10 Nov/SLR Julien BOURGEOIS Acadian? Marcelite DUGAS   none listed
1861 31 Jan/BRDR Émile LE BLANC Acadian Eveline DUGAS   Agnest, Besson, Daigle, Dugas, Laffitte, Landry, Pemchaux, Trahant
1861 6 May/SLR Eugène DUPRÉ French Creole Marie DUGAS   none listed
1861 26 Sep/SLR Octave DAIGLE Acadian Marie Zulema DUGAS   none listed
1861 16 Jan/SWLR Dupré Joseph GONSOULIN French Creole Éléanore Félicité DUGAS   none listed
1861 26 Jan/BRDR Zéphirin DUGAS   Laurenza LANDRY Acadian Babin, Dugas, Landry
1861 8 Apr/BRDR Optime RICHARD Acadian Laurentia DUGAS   Duppet, Jacob, Landry, Melançon
1861 15 Apr/BRDR Léonard Bienvenu HÉBERT Acadian Marie Angelina DUGAS   Babin, Gaudin, Hébert
1861 19 Aug/BRDR Livaudis/Livodé LE BLANC Acadian Renette DUGAS   Babin, Blanchard, Dugas, Giroir, Landry, LeBlanc
1861 19 Aug/SWLR Jules WEBER [WEBRE] German Creole Hermina DUGAS   none listed

Analysis of DUGAS marriages, 1768-1861: 

Total marriages listed:             391         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:          284           72.6
Exogamous marriages:            107           27.4



[running tally]

DUHON (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1770 28 May/BRDR Jean DUHON   Anne LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc, Trahan
1772 9 Nov/BRDR François DUHAM   Élisabeth LANDRY Acadian Landry
1775 13 Feb/BRDR Victor BLANCHARD Acadian Anne-Perpétué DUHAM   LeBlanc, Trahan
1784 10 Aug/SWLR [Joseph dit] Josine LE BLANC Acadian Marguerite DUON   none listed
1785 4 Dec/NOAR Agustin[-Marie] DU[HO]N   Margarita LE BLANC Acadian Llorca, Martinez
1786 19 Apr/BRDR François DUHON (widower)   Isabelle DAROIS Acadian Darois, Sanches
1788 1 Jul/SWLR Joseph[-Firmin] DUHON   Marie-Magdeleine TRAHAN Acadian Boudreaux, Modena
1789 1 Jul/SWLR Augustin DUGA Acadian Marie DUHON   De Coirin, Duga, Duhon
1791 2 Feb/SWLR Joseph [dit Gros] DUHON   Scholastique HÉBERT Acadian Duhon, Hébert, Lopes/Lopez, Trahan
1793 1 Jul/BRDR Francisco DUON   Maria-M. BOURGEOIS Acadian Bercheron, Duon
1793 29 Dec/BRDR Alexandro BABIN Acadian Ana DUON   Babin, Duon, Gotro
1793 29 Dec/BRDR Simon GAUTRAU Acadian Marie DUON   Braux, Gautrau
1796 26 Jan/SWLR Jean-Baptiste[-Guillaume] MONTE French Imm. Marie-Magdelaine DUON   Broussard, Chemin, Duon, Trahan, Vincent
1796 1 Jun/SWLR Jean-Marie TRAHAN Acadian Isabelle DUON   Babin, Broussard/Brusard, Chemin
1796 17 Oct/BRDR Juan-Luis FOREST Acadian Maria-Juliana DUHAN   Duhan
1799 3 Feb/BRDR Joseph DUHON   Adélaïde LANDRY Acadian none listed
1800 11 Feb/SWLR Charles DUON   Élizabeth BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Duon, Primo
1800 27 May/SWLR Paul GUIDRY Acadian Adélaïde DUON   Broussard, Camino, Chemin, Darcy, Duon, Mau
1800 28 Sep/BRDR Hypolite DUGAS Acadian Maria[-Juliana] DUHON (widow)   Dugat
1801 27 Jan/SWLR Célestin HÉBERT Acadian Marguerite DUON   Broussard, Hébert, Labauve, Tenholt
1801 21 Sep/SWLR Pierre-Paul MONTE French Imm. Adélaïde DUON   Duon, Monte, Tenholt, Trahan
1802 11 Jan/BRDR Simon-Pedro SAVOY Acadian Rosalia DUHON   Duhont, LeBlanc
1802 19 Jan/SWLR Michel MAUX, fils French Imm. Constance DUON   Chemin, Dautreuil, Tenholt, Viel
1803 23 May/BRDR Silvino LE BLANC Acadian Magdalena DUHON   LeBlanc, Prejean
1805 5 Feb/SWLR Joseph Firmin DUON   Marguerite BOURQUE Acadian Jacquet, Marc
1805 18 Feb/BRDR Jean DUGAS Acadian Marguerite DUON   Dugas, Duon, LeBlanc
1805 24 Nov/BRDR Francisco MALBROU German Imm. Maria Magdalena DUON   Hébert, Liret, Malbrou
1806 11 Feb/SWLR Silvestre LE BLANC Acadian Perosine DUHON   Hullin, Jacquet
1806 6 May/SWLR Jean Firmin BOURG Acadian Marguerite DUHON (widow)   Chemin, Ferry, Hébert, Jacquet
1806 23 Jul/SWLR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Isabelle DUHON (widow)   Jacquet, Maux
1807 12 May/SWLR David GUILBEAU Acadian Adélaïde DUHON   Jacquet, Landry
1808 26 Apr/BRDR Pierre David BOUDREAU Acadian Marcie DUHON (widow)   Arsenaux, Breaux
1809 4 Apr/BRDR Michel DUON   Scholastique FORETTE Acadian Duon, Forette, Morice
1810 1 May/SWLR Vital LAPOINTE French Creole? Perosine DUHON   Abat, Duhon, Jacquet, Marc, Meaux
1810 3 Nov/SWLR Joseph DUHON   Adélaïde BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Castille, Chemin
1811 18 Nov/BRDR Auguste BERTAUD French Creole Magdeleine DUHON (widow)   Bertaud, LeBlanc
1812 5 May/SWLR Benjamin RAULIN Foreign French Cécile DUHON   Chemin, Duhon, Goplet, Montet
1812 20 May/SWLR Yves GOPLET Foreign French Marie DUHON   Chemin, Cuvelier, Duhon, Raulin
1812 20 Jul/BRDR Thadé MICHEL Acadian Marie M. Carmelite DUHON   Duhon, Landry, Michel
1812 4 [Aug]/SWLR Jean Baptiste DUHON   Apollonie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Chemin, Cuvelier, Duhon, Marc
1813 5 Jan/SWLR Delphy DUHON   Victoire TRAHAN Acadian Chemin, Daysson, Marc, Trahan
1813 6 Jul/SWLR Joseph Firmin DUHON   Marie Louise TERRIOT Acadian Chemin, Duhon, Judice, Scheppers
1814 8 Feb/SWLR Julien LEGER Acadian Marie DUHON   Amy, Dessarp, Duhon, Penne
1814 24 Dec/BRDR Louis DUHON   Adélaïdes FERLOT French Creole Petrimoulx, Tureyra
1816 10 Feb/BRDR Édouard Benjamin LANDRY Acadian Francisca Oinisia DUHON   Mollere, Savoy, Tusson
1816 20 Feb/BRDR François DUHON, fils   Marie Eugènie MICHEL Acadian Duhon, Gaudet, Michel
1816 13 Aug/SWLR Benjamin THIBEAUDEAU (widower) Acadian Félicité DUHON   Chemin, Dugas, Gombert, Labauve
1817 3 Nov/SWLR Charles DUHON (widower)   Pélagie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Dusouchet, Penne
1818 27 Jan/SWLR Joseph TRAHAN Acadian Perosine DUHON   Duhon, Dusouchet, Lingois, Penne, Trahan
1818 5 Oct/SWLR Michel LEGER Acadian Marie DUHON (widow)   Broussard, Duhon, Hugot
1819 15 Feb/SWLR Alexis DUHON   Marcellite SAVOIE Acadian Eudes, Hébert, St. Julien, Trahan, Villejouan
1820 14 Feb/SWLR Cyprien DUHON   Julie GRANGER Acadian Broussard, Duon, LeBlanc
1820 25 Apr/SWLR Valérie BARRA (widower) French Creole Adélaïde DUHON (widow)   Barra, Duhon, Dusouchet, Girouard, LeBlanc
1820 1 May/SWLR [Joseph] Firmin DUHON  (widower)   [Marie] Élizabeth TRAHAN Acadian Duhon, Dusouchet, Penne, Roussillon, Trahan
1820 22 May/SWLR Jean Baptiste DUHON   Pélagie TRAHAN Acadian Broussard, Duhon, Martin, Richard, Trahan
1821 2 Jan/SWLR Joseph DUHON (widower)   Ursule BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Dusouchet, Lassime, Marc, Roussillon
1821 7 May/SWLR Charles DUHON, fils Acadian Marguerite DUHON Acadian Broussard, Duhon, Dusouchet, Penne, Roussillon, Thibodau
1821 28 May/SWLR Onézime BROUSSARD Acadian Scholastique DUHON   Cuming, Jackson
1821 11 Jun/SWLR Agricole DUHON Acadian [Marguerite] Aspasie DUHON Acadian Broussard, Duhon, Penne, Roussillon
1821 25 Jun/BRDR François DUHON, fils (wdr.)   Marie Reiné ROME German Creole? Delattre, Duhon, Rome
1821 1 Oct/SWLR Jean LE BLANC Acadian Denise DUHON   Bodin, Duhon, Dusouchet, Penne, Roussillon, Thibaudot
1822 23 Nov/BRDR Justin LE BLANC Acadian Marie Azélie DUHON   Duga, LeBlanc
1823 1 Dec/SWLR Thomas LEE Anglo Constance DUHON (widow)   none listed
1824 24 Jan/SWLR Joseph DUHON   Magdeleine HÉBERT (widow) Acadian none listed
1824 1 Mar/SWLR Firmin TRAHAN Acadian Marie Carmelite DUHON   none listed
1825 6 Sep/SWLR Charles DUHON   Marie Arcènne GUÉDRY Acadian Duhon, LeBlanc, Thibodeaux
1825 25 Oct/SWLR Alexandre SELLERS Anglo Creole Marguerite DUHON   Gaultier, Landry, LeBlanc
1825 7 Nov/SWLR Dosité DUHON   Eugènie CORMIER Acadian Broussard, Lapointe, LeBlanc
1826 4 Feb/SWLR Joseph Drosain BOUDREAU Acadian Adélaïde DUHON   Duhon, Landry, Montet
1826 Aug/BRDR Firmin DUPLAISIS French Creole Louise DUHON   none listed
1826 31 Dec/BRDR August BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Scholastique DUHON   Bourgeois, Duhon, Savoie
1827 8 Jan/BRDR Joseph DAIGLE Acadian Ortense Mélanie DUON   Dugas, Simoneaud
1827 28 May/BRDR Michel DUON   Rosalie BOUDREAU Acadian Boudreau, Bourg
1828 18 Feb/BRDR Henry BRO Acadian Joséphine DUON   Dugas, Duon, Leudday(Ledet), Mollere, Signoret
1828 28 Feb/BRDR Pierre GUIDRY Acadian Marie Bazelite DUHON   Duhon, Theriot, Turcuit
1828 3 Jun/SWLR Gédéon Théon BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Denise DUHON   Broussard, Caruthers
1829 16 Feb/BRDR Séverin DUHON   Marie Cidelise PART Acadian Duhon, Michel, Part
1829 2 Mar/SWLR Zéphirin DUHON   Clémence GUIDRY Acadian Duhon, Guédry/Guidry
1829 30 Nov/SWLR Joseph Chevalier DUHON   Marie Célazie BOURG Acadian Broussard, Landry
1830 22 Feb/SWLR Aurelien DUHON   Seraline TRAHAN Acadian Landry, Mouton
1831 5 Apr/SWLR Dosité DUHON   Bertille LANDRY Acadian none listed
1831 3[0] Apr/SWLR Don Louis Olidon BROUSSARD Acadian Claire DUHON   none listed
1833 2 Jan/BRDR Hippolite BRAUX Acadian Helena DUON   Braud, Landry, LeBlanc, Rodriguez
1833 18 Feb/SWLR Jean Baptiste DUON   Euphémie PREJEAN Acadian none listed
1833 13 May/SWLR Placide DUHON Acadian Marie Doralise DUHON Acadian none listed
1833 25 Nov/SWLR Placide MONTET French Creole Azélie DUHON   none listed
1834 28 Apr/SWLR Julien DUHON   Maximiliene HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1834 27 Oct/SWLR Alexis DUHON   Marguerite TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1835 27 Apr/SLR François M. BOUDREAUX Acadian Geneviève Célesie DUHON   none listed
1835 11 May/SWLR Joseph DUHON, fils   Émelie CORMIER Acadian none listed
1835 13 Jun/SWLR Drosin BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Denise DUHON   none listed
1835 30 Dec/SWLR Onézime DUHON   Marguerite TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1837 12 Jun/SWLR Jose Vivaldi DUHON   Élizabeth VASSEUR French Creole none listed
1837 14 Aug/SWLR Delphy DUHON, fils   Marie Olive BOURG Acadian none listed
1838 2 Jul/SWLR Maximilien VINCENT Acadian Virginia DUHON   none listed
1838 22 Jul/SWLR Joseph Denis DUHON   Marie Urasie BAUDAUIN French Creole none listed
1838 30 Jul/SWLR Placide BOURG Acadian Aspasie DUHON   none listed
1838 22 Oct/BRDR Jacque FORGI Foreign French Marguerite Pauline DUHON   Aucoin, Earriene, Gilbert, Tardif
1839 4 Feb/SWLR Joseph DUHON, fils   [Marie] Carmelite BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1839 7 Oct/SWLR Antoine Frederick MILLER, fils German Creole Joséphine DUHON   none listed
1839 20 Nov/BRDR Carmelien FALQUE Anglo Azélie DUHON   none listed
1839 30 Dec/SWLR Jean DUHON, fils   Eugènie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1840 24 Feb/BRDR [François] Ulge DUHON   Justine BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Duhon
1841 10 Feb/BRDR Jean [Simon] DUHON   Euphrasie RICHARD Acadian Boucry, Leroy, Melarcher, Richard, Terrio
1841 19 Jul/SWLR Ralph FORMAN Anglo Severine DUHON   none listed
1843 3 Jul/SWLR Jean Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Carmelite DUHON   none listed
1845 27 Jan/SWLR [Claude] François CHAHON/CHAON Foreign French? Marguerite Aspasie DUHON (widow)   none listed
1845 4 Jun/SWLR Norbert LE BLANC Acadian Eloise DUHON   none listed
1845 26 Aug/SWLR Théovide HÉBERT Acadian Scholastique DUHON   none listed
1845 10 Dec/SWLR Hilaire HANKS Anglo Mary DUYONS   none listed
1845 27 Dec/SWLR Hermogène GUIDRY Acadian Herminie DUYON   none listed
1846 31 Jan/BRDR Joseph DUHON   Adèle WELLS Anglo Berthelot, Boucry, Bourgeois, Chase, Huguet, Roustaings, Webre
1846 7 Feb/BRDR Laufroi MICHEL Acadian Marie DUHON   Bourgeois, Caillouet, Guédry
1846 9 Feb/SWLR Joseph Théodule BROUSSARD Acadian Pélagie DUHON   none listed
1846 9 Feb/BRDR Ulgère DUHON (widower)   Marie Carmelite ARCENEAUX Acadian Arceneau, Berteau, Braud, Brooks, Cornet, Huguet, Mire, Savois, Sciot
1846 18 Aug/SWLR Joseph DUHON   Marie TRAHAN (widow) Acadian none listed
1847 25 Jan/SWLR John CLARK Anglo Marie Clementine DUYON   none listed
1848 11 Sep/SWLR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Uranie DUHON   none listed
1849 8 Jan/SWLR Delphin DUHON, fils (wdr.)   Carmelite TRAHAN (widow) Acadian none listed
1849 19 Feb/SWLR Alexandre SILEURS [SELLERS], fils Anglo Creole Aspasie DUHON   none listed
1849 30 Apr/SWLR François Paul Sir DUHON   Oreline MONTET French Creole none listed
1850 8 Apr/SWLR Méance MONTET French Creole Clémence DUHON   none listed
1850 20 Apr/SWLR Lafayette FOREMAN Anglo Marie DUHON   none listed
1850 26 Sep/BRDR Joseph dit Beline [Bélisle] LEBORNE Acadian Marie Aselie DUON (widow)   Bourgeois, Dongieux, Gaudet, Landry, LeBlanc, Rodriguez
1851 14 Jan/BRDR Séverin Bienvenu DUHON   Adonise PORCHE French Creole Beauvais, Duhon, Levy, Porche, Robillard, Villeret
1851 25 Feb/BRDR Onésime DUHON   Elisa CAILLOUET French Creole Duhon, Caillouet, Donaldson, Guédry
1851 24 Nov/SWLR Paul [Firmin] DUHON   Oliva SIMON French Creole none listed
1853 8 Feb/SWLR Dominique CAYRET Foreign French Hortance DUHON   none listed
1853 18 Apr/SWLR Désiré DUHON   Amelina BERNARD Acadian none listed
1853 25 Apr/SWLR Drosin DUHON   Marguerite CORMIER Acadian none listed
1854 20 Feb/SWLR Valérien Olidon BROUSSARD Acadian Marie DUHON   none listed
1854 8 May/SWLR Norbert DUHON   Cidalise/Sydalise CELLERS/SELLERS Anglo Creole none listed
1854 17 Apr/SWLR Émile DUYON   Azelima BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1854 17 Aug/SWLR Joseph Terence DUHON   Émelie BOURQUE Acadian none listed
1855 1 Jan/SWLR Jean Baptiste TRAHAN Acadian Laclaire DUHON   none listed
1855 9 Jan/SWLR Séverin DUHON   Azema BROUSSARD (wd.) Acadian none listed
1855 11 Jun/SWLR Drausin DUHON   Émeline TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1855 9 Jul/SWLR Édouard TRAHAN Acadian Marie Azélia DUHON   none listed
1855 27 Dec/SWLR Littleton STUTS/STUTTS German Creole Sophie DUHON   none listed
1856 25 Mar/BRDR Bertrand LANEGRASSE Foreign French Amelie DUHON   Donaldson, Lambert, Piton, Thibodaux
1856 25 Mar/SWLR Velior DUHON   Elvira FOREMAN Anglo none listed
1856 30 Sep/BRDR Louis DUHON   Émeline HYMEL German Creole Donaldson, Dugas, Himel, Pertuit, Rome, Thibodaux
1856 23 Dec/SWLR Balthazar ROMERE [ROMERO] (widower) Spanish Creole Alise DUHON   none listed
1857 17 Jun/SWLR Sevigne DUHON   Dilia HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1858 8 May/SWLR Pierre Dose DUPUY Acadian Liza DUHON   none listed
1858 31 May/SWLR Joseph DUHON III   Marie Aspasie DRONET French Creole none listed
1859 25 Jan/SWLR Dosithée DUHON, fils   Amelina BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1859 14 Feb/SWLR Jules DUHON   Palestine BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1859 10 Oct/SWLR Alfred PECK Anglo Amelina DUHON   none listed
1859 31 Oct/SWLR Lésime DUHON   Marie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1860 30 Jan/SWLR Lucien DUHON   Olymphe BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1860 5 Jun/SWLR Valentin DUHON   Marie Louise SIMON French Creole none listed
1860 11 Jun/SWLR Adolphe NEZAT, fils French Creole Camille DUHON   none listed
1860 9 Jul/SWLR François CLALIAUX/CLOTIOUX Foreign French Séraphine DUHON   none listed
1860 1 Aug/SWLR Jean Jacques DUHON   Augustine Eusaide BOUDREAU Acadian none listed
1860 6 Aug/SWLR Célestin DUHON Acadian Céleste/Célise DUHON Acadian none listed
1860 13 Sep/SWLR Thomas STUTTS German Creole Azelina DUHON   none listed
1860 12 Nov/SWLR Jules BROUSSARD Acadian Élizabeth DUHON   none listed
1860 25 Dec/SWLR Émile TRAHAN (widower) Acadian Belzire DUON   none listed
1861 15 Jan/SWLR Clémille DUHON   Eugènie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1861 1 Apr/SWLR Alcide DUHON   Élizabeth MEAUX French Creole none listed
1861 19 Sep/BRDR Onézime DUHON   Adélaïde Jeanne DONALDSON Anglo Creole Bourg, Bourgeois, Donaldson, Duhon, Guédry, Lapart, Melançon, Nicolle

Analysis of DUHON marriages, 1770-1861:

Total marriages listed:              166        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           119          71.7
Exogamous marriages:               47          28.3



[running tally]

DUMONT (Acadians only)

no marriages found

DUPLESSIS (Acadians only)

no marriages found

[running tally]

DUPUIS/DUPUY (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 2 May/C-V Jean-Bte. MELANÇON Acadian Ozitte DUPUIS   none listed
1769 27 Mar/BRDR Joseph DUPUIS   Anne-Marie HÉBERT Acadian Hébert, Missouniere, Richard
1769 27 Mar/BRDR Jean-Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Marie-Madeleine DUPUIS   Dupuis, Hébert, Richard
1772 23 Nov/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD Acadian Marie DUPUI   Boudro, Melançon
1773 3 May/BRDR Prosper[-Sébastien] HÉBERT Acadian Maria DUPUIS/DUPUYS   Blanchard, Dupuis
1773 24 May/BRDR Joseph GUÉDRY Acadian Monique DUPUY   Buten, Dupuy
1774 7 Feb/BRDR Joseph DUPUY   Marie POIREÉ Acadian none listed
1774 2 May/BRDR Simon BOUDERAU Acadian Monique DUPUYS   Blanchar
1775 7 Feb/BRDR Jean-Baptiste DUPUY   Élizabeth BENOA Acadian Brusard, Hébert, Melançon
1778 5 Oct/BRDR Simon[-Joseph] DUPUY   [Marie-]Louise-Divine LANDRY Acadian Dupuy, Hébert
1780 10 Sep/BRDR Josephe ARCENEAU Acadian Marie BLANCHARD [DUPUIS] (widow)   Arceneau, Bodereau, Rosaire
1782 11 Feb/BRDR Joseph BRAUD Acadian Cécilia DUPUY   Braud, Landry
1784 26 Apr/BRDR Josef RICHARD (widower) Acadian Cécilia DUPUY (widow)   Allein, Hébert
1787 15 Jan/BRDR Olivier PART Acadian Maria DE PUIS (widow)   none given
1790 15 Feb/BRDR Firmain DUPUIS   Maria THERIOT Acadian Laconte, Landry
1792 15 Apr/BRDR Joseph DUPUIS   Maria DEVILLIER French Creole Héber, Martinez
1793 5 Jul/BRDR [Jean-]Carlos DUPUIS   Margarita[-Josèphe] BURKE [BOURG] Acadian Burke, Dupuis
1797 14 Feb/BRDR Carlos BOURQUE Acadian Ysabel DUPUIS   Aucoin, Daigle, Dupuis
1797 4 Jul/BRDR Malo[-Bénoni] GUÉDRY Acadian Margueritte[-Marie] DUPUIS   Dupuis, Guédry
1797 9 Sep/BRDR Juan DUPUIS   Maria CLOITRE (CLOUÂTRE) (widow) Acadian duPuis, Hébert
1798 8 May/BRDR Bartholomé AMELTON (HAMILTON) Anglo Melanie DUPUIS   Dusete, Gareille
1799 6 May/BRDR Francisco TERRIOT Acadian Genovefa DUPUIS   Dupuis, Terriot
1800 7 Jan/BRDR Hipolite DUPUI   Ana-Maria-Josefa-Délaïde DOUSAIS (DOUCET) Acadian dePui, Dousais
1800 7 Jan/BRDR Pablo DEPUY   Magdalena SCLATRE German Creole dePui
1800 17 Feb/BRDR Caesar THERRIOT Acadian Maria DUPUIS   Bourgeois, Terriot
1800 17 Feb/BRDR Pedro DUPUIS   Rosalia TERRIOT Acadian Bourgeois, Terriot
1801 28 Jun/BRDR Magloire DUPUIS   Henriette SERRETTE French Creole? Sigue/Sigur
1801 30 Jun/BRDR Zacharie HÉBERT Acadian Hélène DUPUIS   Ébert/Hébert
1801 10 Aug/SWLR Jean-Charles GUILLEBAUT (widower) Acadian Céleste DUPUI/DUPUY   Babin, DeBlanc, Dupuy, Guilbeau, Martin, Poirier, Potier
1801 17 Aug/BRDR Joseph RICHARD Acadian Marine DUPUIS   Dupuis, Richard
1801 17 Aug/BRDR Simon LE BLANC Acadian Euphrosine DUPUIS   Dupuis, LeBlanc
1803 19 Sep/BRDR Pedro-Simeliano HENRY Acadian Adélaïda DUPUIS   Henry, Landry
1804 28 Aug/BRDR André Pierre BLANCHARD Acadian Julie DUPUIS   Dilhae, Dupuis
1806 17 Feb/SWLR Joseph TERRIOT Acadian Rosalie DUPUY   Garry, Jacquet
1806 16 Jun/BRDR Marcel DUPUIS   Marie Josèphe LE BLANC Acadian Dupuis, LeBlanc
1807 25 May/BRDR Bénony HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Adélaïde DUPUIS (widow)   Dupuis, Hébert
1808 4 Jul/BRDR Étienne DUPUI   Constance LANDRY Acadian Aucoin, Brau, Hébert
1809 15 May/BRDR Victorien CHIASSON Acadian Henriette DUPUIS   Chiasson, Dupuis, LeBlanc
1809 28 Aug/BRDR Pablo AUCOIN Acadian Maria DUPUIS   Dugat, Landry
1809 16 Oct/BRDR Louis Auguste DELAUNE Acadian Geneviève DUPUIS   Dupuis, LeBlanc
1810 22 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste DUPUIS   Henriette LE BLANC Acadian Delaune, Dupuis, LeBlanc
1810 20 Aug/BRDR Joseph Aubry DUPUIS (wdr.)   Eugènie LEONARD (widow) French Creole? Dautrive, Hamilton, Lambremont
1810 20 Aug/BRDR Olivier Joseph DUPUY   Marie GAILES French Creole? Dupuy, Hébert
1810 20 Aug/BRDR Étienne Urbain BRAUD Acadian Marie Rose DUPUY   Dupré, Dupuy, LeComte
1810 20 Aug/BRDR Simon DUPUY   Marie Rose BRAUD Acadian Braud, Dupuy, Landry
1811 10 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste RILLS Irish Creole Emerite DUPUIS   Braux, Dupuy, Rils
1812 4 May/BRDR Charles DUPUIS   Marie Marcellite BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Dupuis/Dupuy
1812 4 May/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD Acadian Marguerite DUPUIS   Dupuy, Landry
1812 27 Jan/BRDR Juan DUPUIS   Rosa HÉBERT Acadian Hébert, Landry
1813 10 May/BRDR Josef DUPUIS   Félicitas MONTÉE French Creole Dugat, Larrosa, Tureyra
1813 8 Jun/BRDR Joseph BREAU Acadian Marine DUPUIS (widow)   Dupuy, Richard, Simoil
1814 31 May/BRDR Balthasaire DUPUY   Marie Caroline MARRIONNOT French Creole Cropper, Dupuy, Hébert
1814 13 Jun/BRDR Joseph Gédéon DUPUY   Marie Eugènie LANDRY Acadian Delaune, Dupuis, Landry
1815 29 Sep/BRDR Juan Maria TULHIER French Creole Élizabetha DUPUIS   Héberre, Templet
1816 19 Feb/BRDR Joseph BREAU Acadian Marie Henriette DUPUIS   Braud, Simoie
1816 19 Feb/BRDR Charles Léondre BREAU Acadian Reine Rose DUPUIS   Braud, Simoie
1816 1 Jul/BRDR Pedro DUPUIS   Rosalie LANDRY Acadian Dupuis, Landry
1816 12 Aug/BRDR William BLACK Anglo Adeline DUPUIS   Breau, Choboissau, Dupuis
1816 14 Oct/BRDR Antoine DUPUIS   Sophie DAIGLE Acadian Daigle, Dupuis, Hébert
1816 31 Dec/BRDR Juan B. DUPUIS (widower)   Mariana LANDRIE (widow) Acadian Grangier, Labove
1816 30 Apr/SWLR Michel DUPUY   Marie Azélie POIRIER Acadian Dupuy, Gombert, Poirier, Potier
1816 8 Jul/SWLR Michel [Onésime] CORMIER Acadian Silesie DUPUY   Chemin, Dessarp, Dupuis, Gombert
1817 21 Apr/BRDR Éloi DUPUY   Henriette HÉBERT Acadian Dupuis, Hébert, Tullier
1817 12 Aug/BRDR Éd[o]uard DUPUIS   Marie Delphine LANDRY Acadian Dupuis/Dupuy, Landry
1818 22 Jun/BRDR Jean Baptiste BLOUNT Anglo Théodise DUPUIS   Blount, Lopez
1818 31 Aug/BRDR Charles DUPUIS   Marie Françoise DAIGLE Acadian Aucoin, Duga, Saunte
1819 7 Jan/BRDR Jean Pierre DUPUIS   Marie Marthe HÉBERT Acadian Blount, Daigre, Trahan
1819 26 Jan/SWLR Zéphirin GUÉDRY Acadian Deline DUPUIS   Callet[Calais], Dupuis, Guédry, Thibodeau, Tullier
1819 7 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURQUE Acadian Angélique DUPUIS   Aucoin, Daigle, Hébert
1819 3 May/BRDR Jean Louis PARENT French Creole? Marie Rose DUPUY (widow)   Richard, Simoie
1819 4 May/BRDR Édouard BLANCHARD Acadian Caroline DUPUY   Orillon, Roth
1819 21 Jun/BRDR Pierre FLOGNES French Creole? Heloise DUPUIS   Dupuis, Hébert, Orllion
1819 25 Oct/BRDR Joseph ORILLON Acadian Arthémise Aubry DUPUIS   Blanchard, Dupuis, Orillion
1820 31 Jan/BRDR Philippe ROTH, fils German Creole? Marguerite Pauline DUPUY   Blanchard, Dupuis, Orillion
1820 10 Apr/BRDR Gédéon DUPUIS (widower)   Suzanne Mathilde LANDRY Acadian Babin, Dupuis, Landry
1820 24 Apr/BRDR Jean Noël DUPUIS   Marie Clémence BRAUD Acadian Braud, Ébert
1820 24 Apr/BRDR Antoine Léon DUPLESSIS French Creole Marie Céleste DUPUIS   Ébert, Landry
1820 29 Nov/BRDR Hypolite DAIGLE Acadian Rosalie DUPUIS   Aucoin, Hébert, Vagas
1821 26 Feb/BRDR Domingo Josef LABOVE Acadian Azelia DUPUIS   Daigre, Landry
1823 10 Feb/SWLR Élisée DUPUIS   Céleste GUILBEAU Acadian Begnaud, Dupuis, Guilbaud, Roussillon, Webre
1823 7 Apr/SWLR Valentin LANDRY Acadian Céleste DUPUIS (widow)   Bara, Potier, Thibodeau
1823 5 May/BRDR Joachim DAIGLE Acadian Fortille DUPUIS   Babin, Daigle, Landry
1824 6 Sep/BRDR Victor DUPUIS   Modeste Aimée LE BLANC Acadian Blanchard, Bourg, Broussard, Thibodot
1825 7 Feb/BRDR Onésime LANDRY Acadian Zetbinne DUPUIS   Dupuy, Hébert, Landry, Sigur
1825 19 Mar/BRDR Volney DOIRON Acadian Marcelline DUPUIS   Aucoin, Doiron, Templé
1825 29 Aug/SWLR Alexis DUPUIS   Marie Cléonise MARTIN Isleño Creole Chavrier, Dupuis, Martin
1825 3 Dec/BRDR Valentin TEMPLET Acadian Henriette DUPUIS   Doiron, Guédry, Tullier
1825 28 Dec/BRDR Joseph DUPUIS   Marie Sarrasine ORILLON Acadian Cropper, Orillon
1826 3 Apr/BRDR Pierre DUPUIS   Carmelite LE BLANC Acadian Hébert, Lambremont, Landry, LeBlanc
1826 29 May/BRDR Valéry DUPUY   Marie Hortense HÉBERT Acadian Anderson, Clen, Dupuy
1827 25 Jan/BRDR Magloire DUPUY, fils   Eugènie HÉBERT Acadian Dupuy, Hébert, Labove
1827 11 Feb/BRDR Zéphirin Étienne DUPUIS   Augustine AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Giroir
1827 27 Feb/BRDR Joseph RINBAUD Foreign French Hélène DUPUY (widow)   Dupuy, Robichaux
1828 11 Feb/BRDR Firmain DUPUIS   Basilide Victoire AUQUIN Acadian Barbier, Blanchard, Bourque, Giroard
1829 3 Feb/SWLR Élizé DUPUIS (widower)   Melanie BREAUX Acadian Brau/Braud/Braux, Guilbeaud
1829 15 Feb/BRDR Gédéon DUPUY (widower)   Marie Telcide BABIN Acadian Babin, Dupuy, Joly, Scott
1829 19 Mar/BRDR Urbain HACHÉ Acadian Domitile DUPUY   Aché, LeBlanc
1829 18 May/BRDR Paul HÉBERT Acadian Marcelline DUPUY (widow)   Doiron, Hébert, Landry
1829 28 Dec/BRDR Thomas MILLE Foreign French Pauline DUPUY   Dupuy, Hébert, Marionneaux
1830 5 Jul/BRDR Richard Damas BRAUD Acadian Marie Hélène DUPUY   Dupuis, Richard
1831 25 Jan/BRDR Jean Guillaume PREAUX French Creole? Scolastique DUPUIS   Dupuis, Facoyer, LeBausagne
1831 4 Jul/SWLR Charles DUPUIS   Célestine PATIN French Creole none listed
1831 21 Jul/BRDR Pierre LABAUVE Acadian Coralie DUPUY   Hébert, Labauve
1832 7 Jul/BRDR John Ferdinand SCOTT Anglo Marguerite Ludevine DUPUY   Armitage, de Armas, Estevan, Vidal
1833 6 May/SWLR Joseph ANGELLE French Creole Marie Adveline DUPUIS   none listed
1834 7 Jan/BRDR Norbert LAUVE French Creole Marie Antoinette Pamela DUPUY   Brusle, Lauve, Roth
1834 10 Feb/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN Acadian Marie Madeleine Zépheline DUPUIS   Dupuis, Hébert
1834 9 Mar/BRDR Édouard DUPUIS   Arthémise LANDRY Acadian Clement, Dupuis/Dupuy, Lejean
1834 27 May/SWLR Alexandre DUPUIS   Marie SEMAIRE Acadian none listed
1834 30 Sep/BRDR Baltazar DUPUY   Marie Doralise MARIONNEAUX French Creole Marionneaux, Schlatre, Thompson
1835 5 Jan/BRDR Jean Pierre DUPUIS   Delphine GARRUIEL Spanish Creole? Leblanc, Martinez, Walsh
1835 16 Feb/SWLR Pierre GUILBEAUD Acadian Marie Roseline DUPUIS   none listed
1835 29 Jun/BRDR Adolph DUPUY   Eléonor BABIN Acadian Clement, Hébert, Labauve
1835 29 Jun/BRDR J. Faustin DUPUY   Marie Honorine DEVILIER French Creole Dupuy, Gellusseau, Marionneaux, Rils, Villiers
1835 29 Jun/BRDR Joseph Adolphe DUPUY   Uranie Domitile RILS Irish Creole Barker, Dupuy, Gellusseau, Marionneaux
1836 11 Feb/BRDR François RIVAS Spanish Creole Marceline DUPUIS (widow)   Allain, Martinez, Rivas
1836 11 Jul/BRDR Firmin DUPUIS (widower)   Pauline AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Dupuis, Templet
1836 25 Jul/SWLR Silvestre DUPUIS   Henriette THIBAUT French Creole? none listed
1836 22 Aug/BRDR Eugène DUPUIS   Marguerite GIROIR Acadian Dupuis, Giroir
1836 31 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste MOYSE (wdr.) Acadian Adélaïde DUPUIS   Dupuis, Mellanson, Moyse
1837 30 Jan/BRDR Joseph SOLAR(ES) Spanish Creole? Melina DUPUIS   Dupuis, Solar
1837 12 Jun/BRDR James William GODBERY Anglo Estelle DUPUY   LeBourgeois, Louque, Theriot
1837 21 Aug/BRDR Florentin Martin GIROIR Acadian Marie Magdeleine DUPUIS   Aucoin, Giroir
1838 15 Apr/BRDR Joseph Duhamel DUPUY Acadian Sophie Honorine DUPUY Acadian Dupuy, Landry, LeBlanc
1838 2 Jun/BRDR J. B. LABAUVE Acadian Eurasie DUPUIS   Granger, Leveque
1838 2 Jul/SWLR Alexandre PATIN French Creole Adélaïde DUPUIS   none listed
1838 2 Jul/SWLR Léon DUPUIS   Adélaïde ANGELE French Creole none listed
1838 12 Jul/BRDR Valsin COMEAUX Acadian Zerbine DUPUY (widow)   Conway, Dupuy, Hébert, Melanson, Reames
1838 30 Jul/BRDR Marcelin LANDRY (wdr.) Acadian Adélaïde DUPUIS (widow)   Daigle, Dupuis, Moreau, Savoy
1838 30 Jul/SWLR Dosité BLANCHARD Acadian Marie Azélie DUPUIS   none listed
1838 6 Aug/BRDR Hermogène GIROIR Acadian Marie DUPUIS   Daigle, Dugas, Dupuis, Moreau
1838 9 Oct/BRDR Jules MOLAISON Acadian Elisa DUPUIS   Landry, Sivicques
1839 21 Jan/BRDR Robert BROUSSARD Acadian Euphrosine DUPUY   Dupuy, Richard
1839 8 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURG Acadian Hélène Élise DUPUIS   Aucoin, Bourg, Dupuis
1839 11 Nov/BRDR Firmin CEDOTAL French Creole? Carmelite DUPUIS   Breaud, Dupuis, Landry, Montet
1839 27 Nov/BRDR Firmin CERRED [SERRETTE] French Creole? Euphémie DUPUY   Cabrear, Dupuis
1839 28 Nov/SWLR François LE BLANC Acadian Marie Doralise DUPUIS   none listed
1840 30 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURG Acadian Helena DUPUIS   Blankoe, Bourg, Dupuis
1840 17 May/BRDR Augustin LANDRY Acadian Gertrude DUPUIS   Friou, Landry
1840 23 Nov/BRDR Armogène DUPUIS   Iréné BARIOT Acadian Bariot, Depuis, Sedotal
1841 26 Apr/BRDR Joseph Nicolas DUGAS (wr.) Acadian Marie Caroline DUPUIS (widow)   Blanchard, Dugas, Dupuy
1841 28 Apr/BRDR Michel HÉBERT Acadian Marie Clarisse DUPUY   Dupuy, Godbery, Mille
1841 3 May/BRDR Rosémond BOURG Acadian Élizabeth DUPUIS   Bernego, Dugas, Dupuis, Landry, Trahant
1841 28 Dec/BRDR Jean Baptiste HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole Adeline DUPUIS   Sedotal, Solar
1842 17 Jan/BRDR Rosémond DUPUIS   Eulalie RICHARD Acadian LeBlanc
1842 31 Jan/BRDR Derosin CEDOTAL French Creole? Adelline DUPUIS   Baptiste, Landry
1842 9 Aug/BRDR Alexandre Maximilien BABIN Acadian Marie Clementine DUPUY   Billon, Blanchard, Lamarre, Landry, Ney
1842 29 Aug/BRDR Adrien DUPUY   Eloise DAIGLE (widow) Acadian Hébert, Landry, Leblanc, Robechaux
1842 19 Sep/BRDR Jean Dugregay DUPUY   Telcide POCHÉ French Creole Dupaux, Dupuy, Poché
1842 14 Nov/BRDR Charles DUPUY (widower)   Claire Bathilde BABIN (widow) Acadian Babin, Dupuy, Landry
1843 18 Apr/BRDR Guillaume Balthasar DUPUY   Marie Louise Clothide MILLE Foreign French Hébert, Lauve, Orillion, Schaltre
1843 22 May/BRDR Trasimond HÉBERT Acadian Amelia DUPUY   Hébert, Labauve, Walker
1844 29 Apr/BRDR Zéphirin BOURG Acadian Gérarde DUPUIS   Dupuis
1844 12 Aug/BRDR Emerand DUPUIS   Louise Juliene JAURETTE [JARET?] French Creole? Adolphe, Landri
1845 20 Jan/BRDR Romain FRIOUX French Creole Adeline DUPUIS (widow)   Chedotal, Dupuis, LeBlanc
1845 20 Jan/BRDR Manuel SUAREZ Isleño Creole Rosalie DUPUIS   Daigle, Landry
1846 5 Feb/BRDR Valsin Joseph DUPUY   Hélène/Ellen SCHLATRE German Creole Dupuy, Hébert, Robertson, Schlatre
1846 4 May/BRDR Siméon TERIOT Acadian Olympe DUPUI   Dupuy, Mendez
1846 31 Aug/BRDR Bernard ALLAIN, fils (wdr.) Acadian Marie Élodie DUPUY   Allain, Blanchard, Dupeuy/Dupiuy, Leblanc
1846 9 Nov/SWLR Adolphe DUPUIS   Eugènie SUDRIK French Creole? none listed
1847 18 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste DUPUIS   Joséphine BOURG Acadian Bourg, Dupuis, Preaux
1847 6 Feb/SWLR Joseph Dulecide GUIDRY (widower) Acadian Marguerite Uranie DUPUIS   none listed
1847 19 Mar/BRDR Marcilien DUPUY   Eliza AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Giroir, Landry
1847 24 May/BRDR James MCDENMIT Scots Imm.? Henriette Marguerite DUPUIS   Hébert, Penn
1847 16 Aug/BRDR Fermin DUPUY   Rosaline BRAUD Acadian Babin, Leblanc
1847 29 Nov/BRDR Antoine DUPUY, fils   Marie Palmyre HÉBERT Acadian Allain, Dupuy, Hebers/Hébert, Landry, Leblanc, Vives
1848 14 Feb/BRDR Trasimond DUPUY   Adeline BABIN (widow) Acadian Arnou, Boissac, Boote, Browne, Dupuy, LeBlanc
1848 29 May/BRDR Trasimond DUPUY   Arthémise HORSLER German Imm.? Allain, Braud, Hébert, Joly, Landry
1848 23 Sep/BRDR Louis Joseph GRASS French Creole? Ludivine DUPUY   Dupuy, Grass, LeBlanc, Petit
1848 25 Sep/BRDR Vincent DUPUY   Constance BRAUX Acadian Braud, de Villiers, Hébert
1849 2 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste AUCOIN Acadian Joséphine DUPUIS   Dupuis
1849 22 Jan/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN Acadian Appolonie DUPUIS   Dupuis
1849 19 Feb/BRDR Arcene CROCHAIX Acadian Justine DUPUIS   Daigle, Landry
1849 22 May/BRDR Eliezer LANDRY Acadian Élodie DUPUY   Calry, Dupuy, Landry, Lauve
1849 28 May/BRDR Gustave Raphaël LANDRY Acadian Marie Amelie DUPUY   Dupuy, Hébert, Seguinaud, Trabaud
1849 3 Sep/BRDR Gédéon Octave DUPUY   Marie Virginie Aloysia VIEL Foreign French Arnous, Delaune, Dupuy, Foster, Watson
1850 1 May/BRDR Oscar DUPUY   Élodie LANDRY Acadian Desobry, Landry, Marionneaux
1850 13 May/BRDR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Victorine DUPUY   Babin, Dupuy, Lejeune
1850 24 Jun/BRDR Placide CHEDOTAL French Creole? Matilde DUPUIS   Dupuis, Landry
1851 7 Jan/BRDR Éloi DUPUY, fils   Marie Edilia HÉBERT Acadian Babin, LeBlanc, Millet
1851 3 May/BRDR Prudent DESCARREAU French Creole? Angelina DUPUY   Brignac, Decarout, Dupuy, Millet, Poché
1852 23 Feb/BRDR Antoine Cariolan BABIN Acadian Gertrude Ernestine DUPUY   Babin, Millet
1853 25 Jan/SWLR Cyrille HUVAL French Creole Célestine DUPUY   none listed
1853 21 Sep/BRDR Joseph Napoléon LANDRY Acadian Marie Célestine DUPUY   Landry
1854 2 Jan/BRDR Louis BARBAY French Creole? Beleil DUPUY   Barbay, Marioneaux, Roth
1854 16 Jan/SWLR Olivier Telesmar THIBODEAUX Acadian Silvanie DUPUY   none listed
1854 6 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste FRIOU French Creole Marie DUPUIS   Crochet, Dupuis, Solas
1854 27 Feb/SWLR Louis BIZE Foreign French Pauline DUPUIS   none listed
1854 13 May/BRDR Calixte DUPUIS Acadian Arsènie DUPUIS Acadian Dupuis, Landry
1855 8 Feb/BRDR F. Norbert MARIONEAUX French Creole Mary Eugèny DUPUY   Blake, Dupuy, Landry, Marioneaux
1855 13 Feb/BRDR Paul HÉBERT (widower) Acadian [Marie] Hélène DUPUY (widow)   Babin, Dominique, Dugas, Landry
1855 19 Feb/BRDR Léon BREAUX Acadian Laurenza DUPUY   Dugas, Dupuy, Landry
1855 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph Edgar DUPUY   Nezida BREAUX Acadian Dupuy, Landry
1855 7 May/BRDR Jules E. LANDRY Acadian Euphrosine DUPUY   Babin, Landry
1855 15 May/BRDR Ferriol DUPUY   Adèle LONGUE-ÉPÉE Acadian Bernard, Bourg, Hébert
1855 24 May/BRDR Pierre Jeantrin COLLE (wdr.) French Creole? Virginie DUPUY   Braud, Dupuy, Rivet
1855 12 Jun/SWLR Alfred GUIDRY Acadian Ernestine DUPUY   none listed
1855 4 Jul/SLR Isaah HOTEL Anglo? Marie Madeleine DUPUIS (wd.)   none listed
1855 24 Sep/BRDR Gustave LAUVE (widower) French Creole Céleste Laure DUPUY   Dupuy, Lauve, Maurin, Phust
1855 5 Nov/BRDR Baptiste FRIOUX (wdr.?) French Creole Rosalie DUPUI   Escoubas, Fryoux, Landry, Trahant
1856 25 Mar/SWLR Joseph DUPUIS   Marie Emerante ARSENEAUX Acadian none listed
1856 25 Mar/SWLR Damas/Damase GUIDRY Acadian Marie Doralise DUPUY   none listed
1856 8 May/BRDR Ursin LEJEUNE Acadian Estelle DUPUY   Babin, Lejeune
1856 24 Jun/BRDR Henry Silas BROWNE Anglo Mary Amelia DUPUY   Babin, Dupuy, Gourrier, Joly, Roth, Sullivan
1856 7 Aug/SWLR Valentin LANDRY Acadian Merite Marie Amelie DUPUIS/DUPREY (widow)   none listed
1856 25 Sep/SWLR Mazant THIBODEAU Acadian Selimene DUPUY   none listed
1856 3 Nov/SWLR Charles [Alexis] DUPUY   Agathe CARNEAUX [CONNER] Irish Creole? none listed
1856 6 Nov/BRDR Philippe BAUER (widower) Foreign French Marie Dillia DUPUY   Babin, Bergeron, LeBlanc
1857 22 Jan/BRDR Jules LE BLANC Acadian Delphine DUPUY   Allain, Dupuy, LeBlanc
1857 14 Apr/BRDR Similien AUCOIN Acadian Anastasie DUPUIS   Aucoin, Dupuis, Pothier
1857 27 Apr/BRDR Édouard DUPUY   Marie Jeanne HUNT Anglo Aillet, Babin, Hébert, Labauve
1857 12 May/BRDR Constant SIMONEAUX French Creole Marie DUPUIS   Babin, Landry, Robichaux, Simoneaux/Simino
1857 22 Jun/BRDR Valsin LANDRY Acadian Uranie DUPUIS   Blanchard, Giroir, Landry, Robicheaux
1857 28 Sep/BRDR Louis JOLY French Creole? Marie Ludevine DUPUY   Browne, Dupuy, Joly
1857 13 Oct/BRDR Antoine Dominique COURTE French Creole? Marie Mélanie DUPUY   Dupuy, Lauve, Mh__
1858 4 Mar/SWLR Jean Baptiste COMEAU Acadian Cephalide DUPUIS   none listed
1858 8 May/SWLR Pierre Dose DUPUY   Liza DUHON Acadian none listed
1858 19 May/BRDR Amilcar DUPUY   Euphémy Henrietta KLEINPETER German Creole Dupuy, Haase, Kleinpeter, Landry, Marionneau, Schlatre
1859 24 Feb/SWLR Alexandre DARTESSE French Creole Adeline DUPUYS   none listed
1859 8 Mar/SWLR Eugène MELANÇON Acadian Marie Uranie DUPUIS   none listed
1859 26 Apr/SWLR Olivier GUIDRY Acadian Arthémise DUPUIS   none listed
1859 16 Jun/BRDR Charles Émile DUPUY   Marie Céleste HOLLIDAY Anglo Dupuy, Holliday, Kleinpeter
1860 28 Jan/BRDR Elphége DUPUY   Félicie LAICHE French Creole? Bourgeois, Laiche, Millet
1860 1 Feb/BRDR Narcisse DUPUIS   Antoinette GIROIR Acadian Barbier, Giroir, Guillot
1860 18 Apr/BRDR Abraham John BIRD Anglo Marie Élizabeth DUPUY   Babin, Browne, Daigle, Esnard, Joly, Lesassier, Von Phul, Woods
1860 22 Nov/BRDR Honoré DUPUY   Telvina LE BLANC Acadian Duc, Dupuy, Richard, Rivet
1861 14 Jan/BRDR Jean TUILLIER French Creole Marie Amanda DUPUY   Broussard, Hébert/Hevert, Tuillier
1861 22 Jan/BRDR Prudent CROCHET Acadian Adolphine DUPUY   Babin, Brusle, Bush, Daigle, Dupuy, Gefroi, Hébert
1861 13 Apr/BRDR Norbert R. DUPUY   Laura Euphémie BRUSLÉ Anglo? Breaux, Dupuy, Kleinpeter, Landry, Roth
1861 25 Apr/BRDR Roselius A. ORILLION Acadian Mathilda DUPUY   Dupuy, Gaiennie
1861 17 Jun/SWLR Joseph Stainville DUPUY   Eugènie BREAUX Acadian none listed
1861 9 Jul/BRDR Adelma LANDRY Acadian Victoria DUPUY   Blanchard, Dardenne, Dupuy, Hébert, Marionneaux, Robertson, Roth

Analysis of DUPUIS/DUPUY marriages, 1768-1861:

Total marriages listed:             234        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           160         68.4
Exogamous marriages:              74          31.6



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DUREL (Acadians only)

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