Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

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Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1785 22 Dec/BRDR Luis LEGENDRE Acadian Adélaïde LABAUVE   Grigua, Michel
1786 6 Feb/BRDR Maren LAVOB (LA BAUVE)   Francisca RICHAR Acadian Bobila, Mir
1791 31 Jan/BRDR Francisco LEGENDRE Acadian Maria LAVOB (LABAUVE)   LaBauve, Legendre
1793 17 Feb/BRDR Pedro LABAUVE   Reine BENOIT Acadian none listed
1795 9 Jun/SWLR François LABAUVE   Margueritte dite Eloise HÉBERT Acadian Deroussel, Hébert, Labauve, Trahan
1797 14 Jan/BRDR Pedro Carlos VINCENT Acadian Céleste LABOVE   Labove, Michel
1798 15 Jan/BRDR Isadoro LA BAUVE   Juana Maria GRANGER Acadian Labove, Legendre
1801 3 Feb/SWLR Agricole LANDRY Acadian Christine LABAUVE   Fostin, Hardy, Labauve, Sauluise, Tenholt
1802 30 Jun/SWLR François LABAUVE (wdr.)   Marie Angela FOSTIN (wd.) French Creole Fagot de la Garcinaire, Hébert, Trahan
1809 6 Jun/SWLR Joseph [Denis] LANDRY Acadian Lise [Élisabeth] LABAUVE   Broussard, Jacquet, Labauve, Marc
1811 20 Mar/BRDR François TRAHAN Acadian Ana Reyna LABOVE   Brou, Terrioult
1812 4 Feb/SWLR Adolphe LABAUVE   Arthémise HÉBERT Acadian Borel, Chemin, Cuvelier
1815 8 May/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAUX Acadian Ismene LABAUVE   Boudreau, Chemin, Desormeaux, Labauve, Penn, Trahan
1817 16 Sep/SWLR Placide LABAUVE   Anne THIBODEAUX Acadian Dusouchet, Labauve, Lingois, Penne, Thibaudot
1820 7 Feb/SWLR [Isidore]Pierre LABAUVE   Lise HÉBERT (widow) Acadian Benoit, Bernard, Hébert, Labauve, Mallet
1821 26 Feb/BRDR Domingo Josef LABOVE   Azélia DUPUIS Acadian Daigre, Landry
1821 23 Apr/SWLR Gilles/Gilbert HÉBERT Acadian Céleste LABAUVE   Babin, Girroir, Labauve, LeBlanc, Malet
1821 17 Sep/SWLR Éloy BENOIST (widower) Acadian Christine LABAUVE (wd.)   Dousouchet, Dronet, Guilbeau, Labauve, Roussillon, Trahan
1822 5 Feb/SWLR Marin J. LABAUVE (wdr.)   Marie PERRY Anglo Labauve, Prejean, Roussillon
1824 21 Jan/BRDR Antoine LABAUVE   Anastasie ROME French Creole? Laperuse, Legendre
1828 19 Mar/BRDR Zenon LABAUVE Acadian Eliza LABAUVE Acadian Hébert, Legarde, LeGendre
1829 26 Jan/BRDR Dominique LABOVE (wdr.)   Dorsille CHIASSON Acadian Hébert, Labove
1831 18 Apr/BRDR Valentine HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Euphrosine LABOUVE   Hébert, Labauve
1831 21 Jul/BRDR Pierre LABAUVE   Coralie DUPUY Acadian Hébert, Labauve
1832 4 Feb/BRDR Guy LABAUVE   Elisa LE BLANC Acadian Dupuis, Hébert, Labauve
1833 19 Mar/BRDR Joseph Isidore LABOVE   Hélène JUGE French Creole? Bergeron, Douaron, Juge, Lebeau, Porche
1833 23 Jul/SWLR Victor LABAUVE   Marie Arthémise DUGAS Acadian none listed
1835 21 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste LABAUVE (wr.)   Joséphine HÉBERT Acadian Hébert, Labauve
1835 1 Oct/BRDR Dominique LABAUVE (wdr.)   Marcelite HÉBERT Acadian Labauve/Lebauvre
1837 27 Mar/BRDR Onésime LABAUVE   Doralis LANDRY Acadian Blanchard, Hébert, Landry
1837 9 Oct/BRDR Joseph Bernardin LABAUVE   Marie M. DAIGRE (widow) Acadian Braun, Gils, LeBlanc
1838 2 Jun/BRDR J. B. LABAUVE (widower)   Eurasie DUPUIS Acadian Granger, Leveque
1840 13 Feb/BRDR Théodule Clarville LABAUVE Acadian Marie Irma LABAUVE Acadian Duhon, Oubre, Tircuit
1842 29 Jan/SWLR Joseph Jesse VENABLE Anglo Eloise LA BOVE   none listed
1842 10 Aug/BRDR Dorval LABAUVE   Émelie BERGERON French Creole Bertoniere, Hébert, Labauve, Landry, Serret
1842 23 May/BRDR Jean Bte. LABAUVE (wdr.)   Marie Felasie DAIGRE Acadian Foret, Hébert
1842 12 Aug/BRDR Camille HÉBERT Acadian Analise LABAUVE   Babin, Doiron, Labauve
1843 12 Jun/BRDR Guy LABAUVE (widower)   Emma SERRET French Creole Hébert, Landry, Serret
1844 28 Oct/SWLR Victor LAUBAUVE   Joséphine E. GONSOULIN French Creole none listed
1846 15 Apr/SWLR Louis MIGUES Spanish Creole Marie Alexina LABAUVE   none listed
1846 14 May/BRDR Edward SCRATCHLEY Anglo Irma Élizabeth LABAUVE   Dardennes, Desbry/Desorby, Duboy
1846 1 Jun/BRDR Victorin LABAUVE   Augustine DAIGRE Acadian Blanchard, Labauve, Landry
1846 26 Oct/SWLR Julien Daniel FRENCH Anglo Alisa LABAUVE   none listed
1847 20 Jul/SWLR Placide LABAUVE, fils   Marie Anatalie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1847 11 Aug/SWLR Loiel E. CURTIS Anglo Marie Anne LABAUVE   none listed
1848 24 Jan/BRDR Adolph LABAUVE   Séverine LEJEUNE Acadian Daigle, Labauve
1849 2 Oct/SWLR Joseph Lesin BROUSSARD Acadian Émelie LABAUVE   none listed
1850 2 May/SWLR Émile LABAUVE   Nancy GRIFFIN Anglo none listed
1850 15 Nov/SWLR Adolph LABOVE   Marie Poupon DAVID Acadian none listed
1851 11 Jun/BRDR Deozar LANDRY Acadian Elisa LABAUVE   Alexandrie, Labauve, Landry, LeBlanc
1851 1 Sep/SWLR Joseph ARCENEAUX Acadian Amelie LABOVE   none listed
1852 22 Jan/BRDR Jérôme DERICHEBOURG (wdr.) French Creole Euphrosine LABAUVE   Aillet, Babin, Mille
1852 19 Jul/SWLR Silas VIGER French Creole? Marie LABOUVE   none listed
1853 17 Jan/BRDR Sylvanie SAURAGE French Creole? Marie Eucheris LABAUVE   Babin, Hébert, Lejeune
1853 14 Apr/BRDR Odillon LABAUVE   Pamelia MILLE French Creole? Blake, LaBauve, Mille, Schlater
1853 23 Aug/BRDR Jules Lasty DAVID French Creole Helena LABAUVE   none listed
1853 21 Nov/SWLR St. Cyr ETIE French Creole? Camilla LABOUVE   none listed
1855 18 Jan/BRDR Homer Joseph MILLE French Creole? Élizabeth Althea LABAUVE   Dupuy, Labauve, Mille, Trinidad
1855 12 Feb/BRDR Villeneuve RICHARD Acadian Marie Irma LABAUVE   Bauer, Labauve, Landry, Richard
1855 18 Apr/BRDR Louis BARON Foreign French Alexima LABAUVE   Baron, Daigre, Capdeveille, Pasteur
1855 16 Jul/BRDR Oscar C. LAUVE French Creole? Mary A. Élizabeth LABAUVE   Cropper, Gaillard, Labauve, Lauve, Mille
1856 24 Apr/BRDR Arthur MAJOR French Creole Joséphine LABOVE   Barra, Dauthier, David
1857 10 Feb/BRDR Adonis LABAUVE   Marie Zulma CANTRELLE French Creole Barbier, Cantrelle, Labauve, Matherne, Rome, Scioneaux
1857 16 Feb/BRDR Léon LABAUVE   Julie LEJEUNE French Creole Bondy, Lejeune, Major, Porche
1857 18 Apr/SWLR Valcour LABAUVE   Émilie DAVID Acadian none listed
1857 14 Jul/BRDR Numa LABAUVE   Marie Louise FORET Acadian Daigle, Foret, Labauve
1858 15 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste LABAUVE (wr.)   Alida DERICHEBOURG French Creole? Babin, Hébert, Labauve, Lopez
1858 19 Jul/SWLR Gustave LABAUVE   Suzanne VINCENT Acadian none listed
1859 9 May/BRDR Cleophas LABAUVE   Julienne Aurore HENRY Acadian Babin, Doiron, Hébert, Henry, Tuilliers
1861 15 Jan/SWLR Joseph Livodais LABAUVE   Célestine TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1861 8 Jul/BRDR Michel Ross HAGGERTY Anglo Virginie E. LABAUVE   Follot, Haggerty, Les Besque

Analysis of LABAUVE marriages, 1785-1861:

Total marriages listed:            73        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:         46          63.0
Exogamous marriages:           27          37.0



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LACHAUSSÉE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1766 5 Oct/C-V Philippe LACHAUSSÉ (wdr.)   Rose BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1777 2 Jun/BRDR Joseph GRAVOIS Acadian Louisse-Françoise LA CHAUSSÉ   Bourgois, Roger
1791 25 Jan/BRDR Francisco BELER [BELAIRE] French Can. Luisa Francisca LACHOSE (wd.)   Lachose, Richar
1792 30 Apr/BRDR [Valentin-]Felipe de St. Julian LACHOSSÉ   Pélagia RICHARD Acadian Lachose, Presan
1792 16 May/BRDR Basilio PREJEAN Acadian Rosalia LACHOSÉ   Prejean
1810 2 Jul/BRDR Édouard LE BLANC Acadian Marcelite LACHAUSSÉ   Babin, Lachaussé, LeBlanc
1821 25 Sep/SWLR Philippe ST. JULIEN [LACHAUSSÉE]   Hortence LE BLANC Acadian Dusouchet, LeBlanc, Penne, Roussillon
1842 18 Apr/SWLR Euclide BERNARD Acadian Mavine [Marine] LA CHAUSSÉE   none listed
1849 24 Sep/SWLR Jean Baptiste MELANÇON Acadian Marcelite LACHAUSSÉE   none listed
1857 8 Jun/SWLR Raphaël LACHAUSSÉ   Heloise LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1860 18 Sep/SWLR Augustine Carolus GUIDRY Acadian Marine LACHAUSSAYE (wid.)   none listed
1861 8 Jan/SWLR Simonet LACHAUSSÉE   Marie Belzire BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1861 17 Apr/SWLR Saint Julien LA CHAUSSÉE   Cécile LE BLANC Acadian none listed

Analysis of LACHAUSSÉE marriages, 1766-1861:

Total marriages listed:             13       100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           12        92.3
Exogamous marriages:               1         7.7


LACHAUSSÉE non-Acadian connection:  BELER/BELAIRE

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no marriages found


no marriages found


no marriages found

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LALANDE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1797 7 Aug/BRDR Pablo Oliverio LE BLANC Acadian Émilia LALANDE   Lalande, LeBlanc, Melançon
1801 26 Oct//SWLR Jean-Baptiste MOREAU French Madeleine LALONDE (wd.)   Phavron, Prudhomme, Tesson
1803 21 Feb/BRDR Joseph Eduardo LELANDE   Maria Magdalena BRAUX Acadian Braux, LeBlanc
1823 3 Mar/SWLR Joseph Maximilien LALANDE   Magdeleine BROUSSARD Acadian Braud, Broussard, Duscouchet, Louviere, Potier, Roussillon
1828 14 Jul/SWLR Napoléon LALANDE   Susanne FABRE French Creole Boissier, Fabre, Plaisance
1829 27 Jul/SWLR Joseph Ursin LALANDE   Marie SCHEXNAYDER German Creole Lalande, Lormand, Plaisance, Sixnayder
1832 16 Jun/SWLR Simon GASPARD French Creole Carmelite LALONDE   none listed
1834 14 Jul/SWLR Silvaire LALONDE   Marguerite FABRE French Creole none listed
1836 28 Nov/SWLR Ursin LALANDE   Melaide LOUVIÈRE Acadian none listed
1838 20 May/SWLR Cyrille GUILBERT French Creole Elisa LALONDE   none listed
1842 13 Oct/SWLR Valsin LALONDE   Aglae MORVANT French Creole none listed
1844 29 Jan/SWLR Joseph LALONDE, fils   Carmelite MORVAND French Creole none listed
1851 5 May/SWLR Norbert BROUSSARD Acadian Magdelaine LALONDE   none listed
1852 18 Oct/SWLR Paul Delino LALANDE   Palmyre LANDRY Acadian none listed
1853 18 Sep/SWLR Leufroy RICHARD Acadian Edita LALONDE   none listed
1854 10 Jul/SWLR [Pierre] Théolin LALANDE   Zoe VALLOT French Creole none listed
1854 24 Jul/SWLR Paul D. LALONDE (wdr.)   Amenaïde HULIN French Creole none listed
1855 11 Aug/SWLR Dorcele [Dorsin] LALONDE   Léonore GARIGUE [GARY] Spanish Creole none listed
1858 1 Jun/SWLR Joseph LALONDE   Marie LAPOINTE French Creole? none listed

Analysis of LALANDE marriages, 1797-1858:

Total marriages listed:            19         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           7           36.8
Exogamous marriages:           12           63.2



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LAMBERT (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1766 5 May/C-V Pierre LAMBERT, père (widower)   Marguerite DOIRON Acadian none listed
1787 16 Oct/BRDR Pedro LAMBERT, fils   Maria BELMER [BELLEMÈRE] Acadian Burg, Lamber
1793 7 May/BRDR Santiago BONVILLAIN French Creole Magdalena LAMBERT   Lamber, Marten, Yedery
1794 1 Jul/BRDR Santiage LABYS French Imm. Maria LAMBERT   Guédry, Ouvre
1798 28 May/BRDR Miguel LAMBERT   [Marie-]Magdalena VINCENT Acadian Guédry, Thibodeaux
1801 9 Feb/BRDR Félix LAMBERT   Margarita CHARPENTIER French Creole Martin, Vincent
1809 2 May/BRDR Alexandre GUÉDRY Acadian Melanie LAMBERT   Maltais, Nicole, Theriot
1815 10 Dec/BRDR Pedro LAMBERT III   Victoria BENOIT (widow) Acadian Lambert, Tureyra
1817 13 Jan/BRDR Elias RIVET Acadian Magdeline LAMBERT   Landry, LeBlanc
1817 22 Jul/BRDR Paschal LEMBER (LAMBERT)   Marie BELLANGER Illinois Creole Arsaimen(Arsement), Dantin, Héber
1819 19 Jan/BRDR Pierre LAMBERT III (wdr.)   Marie DONI French Creole Achée, Bolot
1819 22 Feb/BRDR George MORON Foreign French Félicité LAMBERT   Darcy, Dentin, Éduard
1819 11 May/BRDR Jean PETIT Foreign French Marie Melani LAMBERT (wd.)   Desormau, Guidry, Teriau
1825 15 Feb/BRDR Eugène BERTAUT French Creole Arthémise LAMBERT   Guédry, Lambert
1826 5 Jul/BRDR Joseph LAMBERT, fils   Susanne DESCAREAUX French Creole? Descareaux, Leche, Pertuit
1827 26 Feb/BRDR Édouard LAMBERT   Célestine GUÉDRY Acadian Guédry, Lambert, Vincent
1829 26 Jan/BRDR Michel Drosin LAMBERT   Arthémise BABIN Acadian Gautrau, Landry
1830 4 May/BRDR Eugène LAMBERT   Virginie MICHEL French Creole Caillouet, Guidry, Lambert, Theriot
1831 23 May/BRDR Michel Drosin LAMBERT (wr.)   Marie Eulalie GAUTREAUX Acadian Gotreaux, Leveque, Poursine
1833 25 Nov/SLR Binjamin H. THIBODEAUX Acadian Madeleine LAMBERT   none listed
1835 16 Feb/BRDR George MARS Anglo? Adeline LAMBERT   Cresap, Gansavoork, Winter
1842 25 Jun/BRDR Joseph LAMBERT   Caisere AYDEL [HAYDEL] French Creole? Causson, Murphy, Scivique
1842 31 Oct/SLR Pierre [Polycarp] LAMBERT   Célanice BABIN Acadian none listed
1843 17 May/SLR Nicollas THIBODAUX Acadian Émelie L'AMBERT   none listed
1851 21 Jul/SLR Jean Baptiste DAIGLE Acadian Michel[le] Léonise LAMBERT   none listed
1853 28 Jun/BRDR Pierre LAMBERT   Marie Célestine POCHÉ French Creole Berthelot, Descarot, Duhe, Poché
1854 6 May/BRDR Jean DONALDSON Anglo Eléonore LAMBERT   Bernier, Donaldson, Duhon, Gaudin, Labauve, Lambert, Oubre, Rome
1854 9 Aug/SLR Pierre [Ploycarp] LAMBERT (widower)   Eugènie GAUTREAUX (widow) Acadian none listed
1855 15 Oct/BRDR Drozin [Sosthène] LAMBERT   Eutecia VILLENEUVE French Creole Braud, Brooks, Denoiyer, Huguet, Villeneuve, Young
1858 18 Jan/BRDR Eusèbe LAMBERT   Marie Eveline OUBRE German Creole Labauve, Lambert, Oubre, Pertuit
1859 26 Apr/BRDR Sosthine LAMBERT   Félicie BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Guédry, Lambert, LePretre, Matherne, Scheppe, Trudeau, Vavasseur
1859 2 May/BRDR Pierre V. SALASSI Italian Imm.? Élizabeth LAMBERT   Brignac, Lambert
1859 14 Jun/SLR Lufroi LAMBERT   Zéolida Evelina BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1859 15 Aug/SLR J. E. Marcelin BOUDREAUX Acadian Magdeleine A. LAMBERT   none listed

Analysis of LAMBERT marriages, 1766-1859:

Total marriage listed:                 34       100.0%
Endogamous marriages:             17         50.0
Exogamous marriages:               17         50.0 



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LAMOUREAUX (Acadians only)

no marriages found

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LANDRY (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1765 22 Jul/NOAR François SAVOYE (widower) Acadian Marie LANDRY (widow)   Landry
1767 12 Oct/C-V Simon LANDRIE   [Anne-]Margueritte BABIN Acadian none listed
1767 5 Nov/C-V Pierre [dit La Vielliarde]  LANDRIE (widower) Acadian Marie[-Josèphe] LANDRIE Acadian none listed
1767 6 Nov/C-V Joseph SAUNIER Acadian Marie LANDRIE (widow)   none listed
1768/NOAR Thomas COMES Spaniard? [Marie-]Magdelena LANDRY   none listed
c1768/C-V/NO Mathurin LANDRIE Acadian Anne LANDRIE (widow) Acadian none listed
c1768/C-V/NO Pierre FORREST Acadian Marie[-Josèphe] LANDRIE   none listed
1768 7 Feb/C-V Charles MELENÇON Acadian Félicité LANDRY   none listed
1768 2 May/C-V François LANDRIE   Marie-Rozalie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1768 2 May/C-V Michel BOURGEOIS Acadian Anne[-Osite] LANDRIE   none listed
1768 9 Aug/BRDR Jean-Baptiste BELLOT [Sgt. Juan Baptista BELOTI] Italian Imm. Geneviève LANDRY   Rivet
1768 7 Sep/NOAR Augustin SIERRA Isleño Marguerite LANDRY   none listed
1769 23 Jan/BRDR Michel RIVAIS [RIVET] Acadian Cécile LANDRY   Babin, Landry
1769 10 Apr/BRDR Anselme LANDRY Acadian Marie-Magdeleine LANDRY Acadian Landry
1770 7 May/BRDR Simon[-Henry] RICHARD Acadian Marie-Rose LANDRY   Richard, Rivet
1770 5 Aug/BRDR Jean-Charles LE BLANC Acadian Ausite [Anne-Madeleine] LANDRIS   Landry, Thériot
1771 28 Jun/BRDR Étienne HÉBER Acadian Magdelaine LANDRIS   Landri, Richard
1771 15 Jul/BRDR Amant BROUSSARD Acadian Hélène LANDRY   Labove, Landry
1772 18 Jul/SWLR Joseph DOUCET Acadian Anne LANDRY Berard, de Verbois, Durieu, Grevember, Landry
1772 9 Nov/BRDR François DUHON  Acadian Élisabeth LANDRY   Landry
1773 11 Jan/BRDR Pierre[-Abraham dit Pitre] LANDRY   Marguerite ALLAIN Acadian Broussard, Landry
1773 26 Jul/BRDR Pierre-Jacques MELANSON Acadian Élisabeth LANDRY   Landry, Melanson
1774 7 Feb/BRDR Augustin BUJOL Acadian [Anne-]Gertrude LANDRY   Bellile, Constant
1774 8 Feb/BRDR Firmin LANDRY (widower)   Louise[-Ludivine] BABIN Acadian Babein, Benoit, Landry
1774 6 Jun/BRDR Joseph RICHARD Acadian Anna LANDRY   Landry
1774 Jun-Jul/BRDR Estevan RIVET (widower) Acadian Élisabeth LANDRY   Landry
1774 29 Oct/BRDR Luis ROGER (widower) French Can. [Susanne-]Marie LANDRY   Babin, Landry
1775 7 Feb/BRDR Olivié LANDRY   Maria-Magdalene HÉBERT Acadian de la Costa, Landry
1775 18 Apr/BRDR Joseph [dit Belhomme] LANDRY   Élisabeth LE BLANC Acadian Bijeaud, Landry
1775 16 May/BRDR Firmin BRUSARD Acadian Marie-Magdelaine LANDRY   Grangé, Landry
1775 12 Jun/SWLR René BROUSSARD Acadian Marie-Magdeleine LANDRY   Broussard, Landry
1775 2 Dec/BRDR Charles LANDRY (widower)   Maria BABIN Acadian Landry
1776 12 Feb/BRDR Joseph-Ignace LANDRY   Scholastique BRAUD Acadian Braud, Landry
1776 22 Apr/BRDR Pierre BIJEAU Acadian Osite LANDRY   Grange, Landry
1776 2 May/BRDR Étiene LANDRY   Brigita TRAHAN Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1776 11 Nov/BRDR Basille LANDRY   Marie[-Anastasie] RICHARD Acadian Dugas, LeBlanc
1777 3 Feb/BRDR Pierre LANDRY   [Marie-]Magdelaine FORET Acadian Breaux, Landry
1777 5 Feb/BRDR Michel BREAUX Acadian Marie-Perpétué LANDRY   Breaux, Landry
1777 4 Apr/BRDR Basil LE CLAIRE French Can. Marie-Josèphe LANDRY (wd.)   Gisclard, LeBlanc
1778 3 Feb/BRDR Ignace BABIN (widower) Acadian Maria-Josèph[e] [LANDRY] (widow)   Babin, Blanchard, Landry
1778 23 Feb/BRDR Joseph LANDRY Acadian Osite LANDRY (widow) Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1778 29 Feb/BRDR Pierre dit Pierrot à Jaque LANDRY  (widower) Acadian Marie[-Madeleine] LANDRY (widow) Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1778 8 Jun/BRDR Joseph COUMEAU Acadian Anne[-Isabelle] LANDRY   Benoit, Breau
1778 23 Sep/BRDR Joseph [dit Le Cadet] LANDRY Acadian [Marie-]Magdelaine LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc, Savoy
1778 5 Oct/BRDR Simon[-Joseph] DUPUY Acadian Louise-Divine [Marie-Ludivine] LANDRY   Dupuy, Hébert
1779 8 Feb/BRDR Joseph MELANSON Acadian Margarita LANDRY (widow)   Judice, Landry
1779 30 May/BRDR Maturin LANDRY   Perpétué BROD Acadian Braud, Landry
1779 31 May/BRDR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Anastasia LANDRY   Landry
1779 25 Nov/BRDR Joseph [dit Belhomme] LANDRY (widower)   Anna BIJEAU Acadian LeBlanc, Lincour
1781 18 Jun/BRDR Joseph[-Michel] LE BLANC Acadian Margarita LANDRY   [Le]Blanc, Lancard
1781 25 Nov/BRDR Joseph LANDRY (widower)   Magdalena BABEIN (widow) Acadian Babein, Landry
1782 12 May/BRDR Joseph LANDRY (widower)   Maria BRAUD (widow) Acadian Braud, Chiasson
1782 19 Aug/BRDR Firmin LANDRY   Francisca-Sally SCANTEIN Anglo Braud, Landry
1783 28 Dec/BRDR Josef-Maria LANDRY   Margarita PIVOTO French Creole Landry, Rivet
1785 23 Oct/NOAR Joseph DUGAS Acadian Isavel[-Augustine] LANDRY   Llorca, Martinez
1785 24 Nov/NOAR Joseph LEJEUNE Acadian Bonne-Maria-Adélaïde LANDRY   Llorca, Martinez
1785 22 Dec/NOAR Jean RAFFREY French Imm. Maria-Magdalena LANDRY   Llorca, Martinez
1786 6 Feb/BRDR Alexandro LANDRY   Maria-Modesta HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1786 11 Feb/BRDR Lucas MAROIS Italian Imm. [Bonne-Marie-]Luisa LANDRY   Estnado
1786 15 Feb/BRDR Pedro CANCIENNE Italian Imm. [Jeanne-]Margarita LANDRY   none listed
1786 19 Feb/BRDR Fermin GUIEDRI Acadian Margarita[-Françoise] LANDRY   none listed
1786 20 Feb/BRDR Juan-Pedro LANDRY   Isabel GUERI [GUÉRIN] Acadian Landry
1786 27 Feb/BRDR Juan[-Charles] TERIO Acadian [Marie-]Magdalena LANDRY   Terrio
1786 23 May/SWLR Basile LANDRY (widower)   Françoise [Anne-Euphrosine] VINCENT (widow) Acadian Duhon, Landry, Roger, Trahan
1786 5 Aug/BRDR Augustin LANDRY (widower) Acadian Isabel LANDRI (widow) Acadian none listed
1786 3 Oct/SWLR Basil LANDRY (widower) Marianne MIRE Acadian Broussard, Cormier, Ducrest, Faustin, Giroird, Jenne, Mire, Prejean
1786 20 Nov/BRDR Pedro[-Alexis] LANDRY   Rosalia HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1786 27 Nov/BRDR Juan-Baptista LANDRY   Maria LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1787 22 Jan/BRDR Jean-Athanase LANDRY (widower)   [Marie-]Anne[-Barbe] MOUREAU French Creole Boudreaux, Micheli
1787 28 May/BRDR Josef[-André] SABOA [SAVOIE] Acadian Margarita LANDRI   Bursua, Landri
1787 25 Jun/BRDR Pablo LANDRY   [Marie-]Francisca HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1787 21 May/BRDR Simon LANDRY   Françoise TRAHANT Acadian Mieus d'entrement, Michel
1787 8 Oct/BRDR Josef[-Ignace]LANDRY   Oliva-Isabel BRAUX Acadian none listed
1787 5 Nov/SWLR Isidore LOUVIERE Acadian Françoise LANDRY   Duga
1787 25 Dec/BRDR Joseph COMES French Creole Anne-Marie LANDRY   LeBlanc, Melancon
1788 3 Feb/BRDR Aimable[-Étienne] LANDRY   Ursule[-Françoise]  PITRE Acadian none listed
1788 18 Aug/BRDR Juan-Baptista LANDRY (wdr.)   Anna-Margarita BLANCHARD Acadian Bromo, Landry
1788 23 Oct/BRDR Juan LANDRY   [Marie-]Josèfa BLANSAR Acadian Landry, Terio
1788 10 Nov/BRDR Bonaventure BABIN Acadian Félicité LANDRY (widow)   Landry, LeBlanc, Terrio
1788 29 Dec/BRDR Joseph[-Giroire] LANDRY   Maria[-Paule] GIROIR Acadian Girroir, Landri
1789 12 Apr/BRDR Louis MOLLERE French Creole Anne-Apolonia LANDRY   Landry
1789 6 Jul/SWLR Joseph LANDRY, fils   Louise BOURG (widow) Acadian Bourque, Brin, Como
1789 12 Jul/BRDR Firmin LANDRY   Victoria BABIN Acadian Babin, LeBlanc
1789 25 Jul/BRDR Joseph BINFREDE French Can. Margarita LANDRY (widow)   Babin, Carmouche
1789 17 Aug/BRDR Juan-Raphaël LANDRY   Margarita-Marie RICHARD Acadian Landry, Richard
1789 19 Aug/SWLR [Pierre-]Amand LANDRY (widower) Acadian Élizabeth[-Augustine] LANDRY (widow) Acadian Broussard, Dugas, Granger, Landry, Modena, Préjean, Trahan
1789 12 Oct/BRDR Joseph [dit Dios] LANDRY   Maria-Rosa MELANSON Acadian Landry
1789 26 Oct/BRDR Pedro BOURQUE Acadian Félicitas LANDRY   Guiot, Landry
1789 23 Nov/BRDR Juan-Baptista LANDRY   Maria-Magdalena HÉBERT Acadian Hébert, Landry
1790 27 Jan/BRDR Juan-Pedro LANDRY (wdr.)   Ana[-Marie] DAIGLE Acadian Landry, Richard
1790 1 Feb/BRDR Simon MELANÇON Acadian Magdalena LANDRY   Hébert, Melançon
1790 8 Feb/BRDR Juan-Baptiste GIROIARD Acadian Isabel LANDRY   Girrois, Landry
1790 10 May/BRDR Juan-Baptista LANDRY Acadian Magdalena-Marie LANDRY Acadian Babin, Bellonnie
1790 29 Jun/BRDR Pablo HÉBERT Acadian Anastasia LANDRY   Landry, Préjean
1790 30 Jun/BRDR Pedro-Josef LANDRY   Escolastic BRAU Acadian Hébert, Melanson
1790 27 Jul/BRDR Frances-Xavier ROBICHAUX Acadian Margarita LANDRI   Allain, Ébert
1790 18 Oct/BRDR Firmin-Paneracio LANDRY   Mariana BABIN Acadian Babin, Landry, Longuépée
1791 14 Feb/SWLR Joseph GRANGER Acadian Marguerite[-Geneviève] LANDRY   Dun__, Grange, Landry
1792 6 Feb/BRDR Firmin LANDRY (widower)   Maria[-Hélène] HAMILTON (widow) Anglo Braux, LeBlanc
1792 8 Feb/BRDR Juan-Baptiste PICHOUX (widower) French Creole Marie-Madelena LANDRY (widow)   Landry, Melancon
1792 21 Apr/BRDR Grégorio MELANÇON Acadian Christina LANDRY   Hernandez, Landry
1792 6 Aug/BRDR Jérôme-Ramon BREAUD Acadian Rosalie LANDRY   Brou, Landry
1792 26 Nov/BRDR Guillermo-Raphaël LANDRY   Maria-Magdalena BRO Acadian Braux, Landry
1792 27 Nov/BRDR Valentin LANDRY   Célestina BOURGEOIS Acadian Landry
1793 10 Jan/SWLR Michel DOUCET Acadian Marguerite[-Josèphe] LANDRY   Casti, Lopez, Martin
1793 31 Jan/BRDR Juan-Carlos LANDRY Acadian Margarita LANDRY (widow) Acadian Dugas, Landry
1793 4 Feb/BRDR Lucas-Alexandro LANDRY   Francisca-Hélèna BELILE Acadian Aucoin, Landry
1793 11 Jun/BRDR Francisco DAIGRE Acadian Loraine [Servanne-Laurence] LANDRY   Angelheart, Degre, Guidry, Trahan
1793 10 Aug/BRDR Francisco[-Sébastien] LANDRY (widower)   Maria-Rosa GIROIRD Acadian Hever, Landry
1793 2 Sep/BRDR Joseph[-Servan] HÉBERT Acadian Maria-Magdalena-Adélaïde LANDRY   Blanchard, Hébert
1793 16 Sep/BRDR Bélonie LANDRY   Maria-Juana CHAUVIN French Creole Babints, Landry
1793 21 Nov/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC (widower) Acadian Maria-Rosa LANDRY   Cellier, LeBlanc
1794 5 May/BRDR Alino BABIN Acadian Céleste LANDRY   Babin, Cellier
1794 19 May/BRDR Andres MARTINEZ Isleño Mariana LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc
1794 4 Oct/SWLR Pierre LAPOINTE French Creole Hélène LANDRY   Boutte, Grevemberg, Peytavin
1794 2 Nov/BRDR Francisco HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Ausite LANDRY (widow)   Landry, Thibodeaux
1794 4 Nov/BRDR Simon[-François] DEGRE Acadian Anna-Maria LANDRY   Degre, Vasq
1794 10 Nov/BRDR Francisco ROMAGOSA (wdr.) Spanish Creole Genoveva LANDRY   none listed
1795 5 Jan/BRDR Pierre-Alexes LANDRY   Maria-Magdelena LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Landry
1795 19 Jan/BRDR Armand LANDRY   Maria BLANCHARD Acadian Cazebon, Landry
1795 9 Feb/BRDR Eusèbe LANDRY   Constancia BABIN Acadian Bujaul, Landry
1795 27 May/SWLR Simon-Pierre GRANGER Acadian Françoise LANDRY   Duon, Granger, Landry
1795 5 Jul/BRDR Simon[-Joseph] LANDRY   Maria[-Luce] BOURQUE Acadian Cazebon, Landry
1795 19 Aug/BRDR Firmin LANDRY (widower)   Mariana LE BLANC Acadian Babin, LeBlanc
1795 22 Sep/BRDR Dionisio LANDRY   Constancia MELANSON Acadian Landry, Melanson
1795 29 Oct/BRDR Hipolite LANDRY   Margarita RICHAR Acadian Babin
1795 3 Nov/BRDR [Abrahma-]Isaac LANDRY   Ana-Oliva OCOIN Acadian Hébert, Landry, Teriot
1796 4 Jan/BRDR Donato-Joseph LANDRY Acadian Angela LANDRY Acadian Landry
1796 4 Jan/BRDR Simon-Rafaël BABIN Acadian Marguerite-Pauline LANDRY   Landry, Venhizola
1796 4 Jan/BRDR Hilario BRAUX Acadian Rosalia LANDRY   Carmouche, Hébert
1796 12 Jan/SWLR Théophile BROUSSARD Acadian Victoire LANDRY Broussard, Chemin, Duon, Granger, Landry, Mire
1796 25 Jan/BRDR Carlos-Grégorio DUGAS Acadian Isabel-Sophia LANDRY   Cazebon, Landry
1796 1 Feb/BRDR Alexo LANDRY   Coletta HÉBERT Acadian Hébert, Landry
1796 8 Feb/BRDR Carlos BRAU Acadian Rosalia LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc
1796 18 Apr/BRDR Juan-Bautista SAVOYE Acadian Maria-Rosa LANDRY   Hébert, Richard
1796 9 May/BRDR Olivier BRASEU Acadian Marina LANDRY   Babin, Landry
1796 21 Jun/BRDR Édouardo LANDRY Acadian Elise LANDRY Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1796 27 Jun/BRDR Édouard GAUDIN Acadian Marie-Magdalena LANDRY (widow)   Landry
1796 24 Sep/BRDR Miguel BERGERON Acadian Marina LANDRY   Bergeron, Cassoguiot
1796 28 Nov/BRDR Santiago BABIN Acadian Franca LANDRY   Babin, Landry
1797 21 Feb/BRDR Josef LANDRY   Magdalena MICHEL Acadian Landry, Michel
1797 27 Feb/BRDR Gregorio LANDRY   Francisca HÉBERT Acadian Landry, Mazrolle
1797 3 Jun/BRDR Pedro-Juan-Bap. LANDRY   Maria-Magdalena BRAUX Acadian Braux, Landr
1797 5 Jun/BRDR Olivier LANDRY   Angela LE BLANC Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1797 25 Aug/BRDR Pierre[-Claude] GUÉDERY Acadian [Anne-]Marie LANDRY (wd.)   Daigle, Guédry
1797 17 Sep/BRDR Paul BABIN Acadian Céleste LANDRY   Babin, Cazebon, Landry
1797 18 Sep/BRDR Joseph LANDRY   Margarita BABIN Acadian Babin, Landry
1797 2 Dec/SWLR Joseph-Vital LANDRY   Pélagie MIRE Acadian Broussard, Daigle, Fagot, Landry
1798 8 Jan/BRDR [Jean-]Sévastian LANDRY Acadian [Victoire-]Constance LANDRY Acadian Cazebon, Landry
1798 4 Feb/BRDR Estevan MACEROLE Acadian Margarita LANDRY   Daigle, Macerole
1798 29 May/BRDR Maturino OSSELLET Acadian Maria LANDRY   Hébert, Landry
1798 20 Aug/BRDR Juan-Bautiste MONDORT (widower) French Can.? Maria-Magdalena-Marguerite [Adélaïde] LANDRY (widow)   Daigle, Richard
1798 11 Sep/BRDR Miguel POIRIER Acadian Maria LANDRY   Landry, Poirier
1798 26 Nov/BRDR Aman GAUTREAU Acadian Francisca LANDRY   Gothraux, Landry
1799 3 Feb/BRDR Joseph DUHON Acadian Adélaïde LANDRY   none listed
1799 8 Apr/BRDR Aman LANDRY (widower) Marguerite Le Borgne dit BELILLE Acadian Constant, Landry, Vives
1799 23 Apr/BRDR Benjamin LANDRY Acadian Apollonia LANDRY Acadian Landry
1799 15 Jul/BRDR Thadéo LANDRY   Anastasia DUGAS Acadian Dugat, Landry
1799 9 Sep/SWLR Jean-Baptiste BROUSSARD (widower) Acadian Élizabeth[-Augustine] LANDRY (widow) Broussard, Duga, Granger, LeBlanc
1799 5 Nov/BRDR François AUCOIN Acadian Rosalia LANDRY   Boudraux, Landry
1800 3 Feb/BRDR Mauricio SIMONEAUX French Creole Hélèna-Geneviève LANDRY   Constan, Dugat
1800 4 Feb/SWLR Hubert LANDRY Euphrosine LEGROS French Creole Ardoin, Franco, Landry, Lapointe, Recuron, Thibaudau
1800 10 Feb/BRDR Maturin LANDRY (wdr.)   Maria-Polonia HÉBER Acadian Héber
1800 5 May/BRDR Donato LANDRY   Maria-Martha LANOUE Acadian Landry, Lanore
1800 19 May/BRDR Auguste CONSTANT French Creole Marguerita-Carmelite LANDRY   Landry
1800 14 Sep/BRDR Louis DANNEQUIN French Creole Maria-Angel LANDRY   Breaux, Landry
1801 5 Jan/BRDR Paul BRAUD Acadian Marguerita[-Françoise]  LANDRY (widow)   Breaud, Landry
1801 3 Feb/SWLR Agricole LANDRY Christine LABAUVE Acadian Fostin, Hardy, Labauve, Sauluise, Tenholt
1801 3 Feb/SWLR Alexandre LANDRY   Magdeleine BRASEUX Acadian Jeansonne, Landry
1801 13 Apr/SWLR Valentin LANDRY   Marie HÉBERT Acadian Hébert, Landry, Moro, Tenholt
1801 27 May/SWLR Joseph GIROUARD Acadian Marie-Anne LANDRY Broussard, Dautreuil, Girouard, Hardy, Tenholt
1801 30 Jun/BRDR Andrés DUPRÉS French Creole Marina-Enrrieta-Rosalia LANDRY   Hébert, Zeringue
1801 6 Jul/SWLR Joseph[-Marie] LANDRY   Arthémise LENORMAND French Creole Chemin, Dautreuil, Guignan, Judice, Lenormand, Tenholt
1801 23 Aug/BRDR Antoine VIVES Spanish Creole Céleste LANDRY   Landry, Mollere
1801 28 Dec/BRDR Éligio LANDRY   Magdalena MELANSON Acadian Landry, Melanson
1801 28 Dec/BRDR David MELANSON Acadian Magdalena LANDRY   Landry, Melanson
1802 12 Jan/SWLR Simon-Laurent DURIAUX French Creole Marie-Magdeleine LANDRY   Chemin, Part, Tenholt, Viel
1802 28 Feb/BRDR Pedro LANDRY   [Victoire-]Ulalia DAIGLE Acadian Fernandez, Piroth
1802 1 Mar/BRDR Simon/Simonette LE BLANC Acadian Françoise LANDRY   LeBlanc, Orillion
1802 20 Apr/BRDR Lucas GODIN Acadian Henriqueta LANDRY   Bergeron, Landry
1802 25 Apr/BRDR Pierre LANDRY   Reyne GODIN Acadian Conway, Lessard
1802 26 Apr/BRDR Juan Nicolas LANDRY Acadian Margarita LANDRY Acadian Landry, Richard
1802 26 Apr/BRDR Landry BABIN Acadian Louise LANDRY   Landry
1802 18 May/BRDR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Marie-Madalena LANDRY   Arnandez, Rivet
1802 15 Jun/SWLR Jean-Pierre LANDRY Rose-Adélaïde DUGA Acadian Broussard, Comau, Fagot, Landry, Préjean
1802 25 Jul/BRDR Armond BRAUD (widower) Acadian Colesta LANDRY (widow)   Godet, Lessard
1802 7 Sep/BRDR Huberto TERRIOT Acadian Margarita LANDRY   Landry, Terriot
1802 27 Sep/BRDR Joseph-Juan AUCOIN Acadian Ana Victoria LANDRY   Landry
1803 5 Jan/BRDR Andrés GREEN Swedish Magdalena LANDRY   Landry
1803 10 Jan/BRDR Luis LANDRY   Carmelita VIVES Spanish Creole Constant, St. Aman
1803 7 Feb/BRDR François[-Marie] LANDRY   Constancia BABIN (widow) Acadian Braux, Duplesis
1803 20 Feb/BRDR Juan MORENO Mexican [Marie-]Magdalena[-Adélaïde] LANDRY (widow)   Hébert
1803 19 May/BRDR Juan-Carlos HÉBERT Acadian Maria-Francisca LANDRY   Arnandez, Melancon
1803 4 Jul/BRDR Désiderio LANDRY   Justina RICHARD Acadian Landry, Richard
1803 24 Oct/BRDR Firmin LANDRY   Henrietta BABIN Acadian Dannequin, Landry
1803 21 Nov/BRDR Jean-Laurent HENRY Acadian Marine LANDRY   Landry
1804 2 Jan/BRDR Joseph Nicolas LANDRY   Marie Magdelaine CALEGAN Anglo/Fr. Creole Comes, Dannequin, Mollere
1804 16 Jan/BRDR Pedro Joseph LANDRY (wdr.)   Marguerite Rosalie CAPEDEVILLE French Creole Blanchard, Dilhac, Havoy
1804 23 Jan/BRDR Charles LEBLANC Acadian [Marguerite] Adélaïde LANDRY   Babin, Landry
1804 30 Jan/BRDR Jean [Jacques] LANDRY   Marie Louise DUGAS Acadian Babin, Landry
1804 13 Feb/BRDR Estevan DAIGLE Acadian Marguerita LANDRY   Daigle, Zeringue
1804 4 Apr/BRDR Félix PENRO French Creole? Ana Susana LANDRY   Boutary, Landry
1804 9 Apr/BRDR Nicolas LANDRY   Osite LEBLANC Acadian Babin, Landry, Lessard
1804 30 Apr/BRDR Joachim ZERINGUE German Creole? Margarita LANDRY   Boudraux, Zeringue
1804 20 May/BRDR Josef LANDRY   Marie Magdalena BOURQUE Acadian Bourque, Landry
1804 4 Jun/BRDR Simon BABIN Acadian Henriette LANDRY   Babin, Brasset, Richard
1805 28 Jan/BRDR Donato LANDRY   Genoveva STIVENNE French Creole? Hébert, Lamotte
1805 4 Feb/BRDR Simon LANDRY   Madeline HÉBERT Acadian Landry
1805 13 Feb/BRDR Simon BABIN Acadian Marie Magdelaine LANDRY   Landry
1805 13 Feb/BRDR Xavier LANDRY   Marie Madeline FORET Acadian Landry, Orion
1805 29 Apr/BRDR Valentin [Charles] LANDRY   Hanrrieta Carmelita TERIOT Acadian Hebert, Richard
1805 6 May/SWLR Olivier LANDRY   Julienne BRAUD Acadian Arceneaux, Braud, Granger
1805 6 May/BRDR Henry LANDRY   Scholastique BERGERON Acadian Bergeron, Landry
1805 25 May/BRDR Donat LANDRY   Marie Élise MELANÇON Acadian LeBlanc, Melanson, Villeneuve
1805 27 Jun/BRDR Dortois BABIN Acadian Anne Françoise LANDRY   Landry, Mollere, Richard
1805 12 Aug/BRDR Joseph GOTRAU Acadian Henriette Adélaïde LANDRY   Gautrot, Landry, LeBlanc
1805 25 Nov/BRDR Pierre Ferdinand LANDRY Acadian Clarice LANDRY Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1806 14 Jan/SWLR Joseph TRAHAN Acadian Anastasie LANDRY   Bourg, Jacquet
1806 3 Feb/BRDR Antoine LEONARD Anglo Marie Marthe LANDRY   Dupre, Dupuis, Landry
1806 14 Apr/SWLR Pierre PERAULT French Can. Agnès LANDRY   Fagot, Jacquet
1806 14 Apr/BRDR Abraham HÉBERT Acadian Devine[Marie Ludivine]LANDRY   Babin, Dupuis, Landry
1806 14 Apr/BRDR Jacque BARRIAU Acadian Élizabeth LANDRY   Barriau, Landry, Ozelet
1806 5 May/BRDR Baptiste LANDRY   Marguerite TRAHANT Acadian Corbo, Landry
1806 9 Jun/BRDR François GALLEGHER Irish Imm.? Marguerite LANDRY   Breau, Landry, Rill
1806 30 Jun/BRDR Augustin BROUSSARD Acadian Émelie or Émilite LANDRY   Babin, Landry, LeBlanc
1806 25 Aug/BRDR Achille LANDRY   Modeste BRAU Acadian Babin, Brau, Landry
1807 7 Feb/BRDR Carlos FORET Acadian Angélique LANDRY   Foret, Landry
1807 19 Feb/BRDR Narcisse LANDRY   Henrietta BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Landry
1807 23 Feb/BRDR Jean TERRIOT Acadian Magdeliene LANDRY   Landry, Randall, Terrio
1807 13 Apr/SWLR Joseph BRAUD Acadian Eléonore LANDRY   Jacquet, Perilliat, Prejean
1807 14 Oct/BRDR Léger LANDRY   Anne Lise BABIN Acadian Babin, Landry
1807 23 Nov/BRDR Hipolite LANDRY   Scholastique HÉBERT Acadian Braux/Breau
1807 1 Dec/SWLR Alexandre LANDRY   Susanne HARGRAVE Anglo Creole Abat, Folk, Jacquet, Landry
1808 19 Jan/SWLR Jean LANDRY   Ursule DOIRON Acadian Abat, Landry, Prejean
1808 8 Feb/BRDR Emmanuel LANDRY   Céleste BRUNTEAU French Creole? Dauterive, Rils, Rousseau
1808 23 Feb/SWLR Louis HÉBERT Acadian Félicité LANDRY   Garrignon, Hébert, Landry
1808 25 Feb/BRDR Victor LANDRY   Jeanne MELANCON Acadian Landry, Melancon
1808 25 Apr/BRDR Pierre BREAU Acadian Batille LANDRY   Landry, ?
1808 6 Jun/BRDR Pedro LANDRY   Maria Rosalia TEMPLET Acadian Duaron, Heverre, Lejune
1808 7 Jun/BRDR Auguste LANDRY   Marie Rose RICHARD Acadian Blanchard, Richard
1808 14 Jun/SWLR Jean [Henri] LANDRY   Louisa BEGNAUD French Creole Begneaud, Huslin, Landry
1808 4 Jul/BRDR Étienne DUPUI Acadian Constance LANDRY   Aucoin, Brau, Hébert
1808 25 Jul/BRDR Alin LANDRY   Eugènie AUCOIN Acadian LeBlanc, Riboudau, St. Martin
1808 8 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Anne Mélanie LANDRY   Barnier, Hébert, Rivet
1808 4 Oct/SWLR Jean MELANÇON Acadian Susanne LANDRY   Lefebvre, Prejean
1808 12 Dec/BRDR Louis MELANÇON Acadian Rosalie LANDRY   Henry, Landry
1809 10 Apr/BRDR Étienne THERION Acadian Marie Céleste LANDRY   Landry
1809 29 May/BRDR Simon SIMONEAU French Creole Maria Reiné LANDRY   Landry, Simoneau
1809 6 Jun/SWLR Joseph LANDRY Lise LABAUVE Acadian Broussard, Jacquet, Labauve, Marc
1809 1 Aug/SWLR Célestin PREJEAN Acadian Marcellite LANDRY   Jacquet, Landry, Lefevre
1809 21 Aug/BRDR Henry BABIN Acadian Louise LANDRY   Breau, Brasset, Landry
1809 28 Aug/BRDR Isaac Santiago ROUSSEAU French Creole Maria LANDRY   Landry, Vives
1810 10 Jan/SWLR Athanase TRAHAN Acadian Marie Clotilde LANDRY   Jacquet, Manceau, Marc
1810 30 Jan/SWLR Pantaléon LANDRY   Marguerite TRAHAN Acadian Abat, Jacquet, Marc
1810 22 Feb/BRDR Pierre Paul LEBLANC Acadian Marguerite LANDRY   Delaune, Dupuis, LeBlanc
1810 5 Mar/BRDR Josef LANDRY   Josefina/Josephine DAIGLE Acadian Heberre, Molaison
1810 2 May/BRDR Louis MOLLERE French Creole Marie Carmelite LANDRY   Cire, Duhon, Landry
1810 7 May/BRDR Ursin LANDRY   Marie Clémence LE BLANC Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1810 8 May/SWLR Célestin LANDRY   Marguerite GRANGER Acadian Dugas, Mire, Prejean
1810 20 Aug/BRDR Emanuel VILLENEUVE French? Spanish? Eugènie LANDRY   Babin, Landry, LeComte
1810 10 Sep/BRDR Édouard DUFFEL Anglo Marie Céleste LANDRY (widow)   Hopkins, Landry
1810 19 Nov/BRDR Louis ROMAN French Creole Marie Delphine LANDRY   Mollere, Roth
1810 26 Nov/BRDR Benjamin LANDRY (wdr.) Acadian Marie Céleste LANDRY (wd.) Acadian Causin, Landry, Tureaud
1810 26 Dec/SWLR Edmond LANDRY Anastasie GIROUARD Acadian Chemin, Girouard, Granger, Landry
1810 26 Dec/SWLR Fabien LANDRY Beatrix GRANGER Acadian Chemin, Girouard, Granger, Landry
1811 31 Jan/BRDR Juan B. LANDRY   Scholastica TEMPLET Acadian Duaron, Dupuis
1811 18 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste ALLAIN Acadian Marie Carmelite LANDRY   Allain, Comaux/Comeau
1811 20 Apr/BRDR Jacque GIBOSSET Foreign French Marie LANDRY (widow)   Bujol, Leveque
1811 13 May/BRDR Joseph G. LANDRY (widower)   Marie CAPDEVILLE French Creole? Breau, Hébert, Landry
1811 17 Jun/SWLR Léandre LANDRY   Lise BRASSEUR Acadian Guedry, Landri
1811 18 Nov/BRDR Landry LANDRY   Josephina ROUSSEAU French Creole Landry, Turreyra
1812 10 Feb/BRDR Andres LE BLANC Acadian Margarita LANDRY (widow)   Landry, Riffaud, Vives
1812 10 Feb/BRDR Pierre Auguste LE COMTE French Creole Marie LANDRY   Braud, Landry
1812 6 Apr/BRDR Juan Luis LANDRIE   Marina HÉBERRE Acadian Heberre, Losada
1812 7 Apr/SWLR Francois BOURG Acadian Séraphie LANDRY   Cuvelier, Goply, Montet
1812 20 Apr/BRDR Etienne BOURGEOIS Acadian Céleste LANDRY   Bergeron, Bourgeois, Landry
1812 15 Jun/BRDR Josef DUGAT Acadian Maria LANDRY   Daigle, Landry
1812 14 Jul/SWLR Augustine LANDRY   Dominique RICHARD Acadian Babin, David, Guedry
1812 10 Aug/BRDR Juan LANDRY   Enrietta BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard
1812 10 Aug/SWLR Jean TAMPLET Acadian Clotilde LANDRY Broussard, Goplet, Mancaux, Raulin
1812 10 Sep/BRDR Olivier LANDRY (widower)   Marie DULERE French Creole? Landry, Melancon
1812 3 Nov/BRDR Josef RICHARD Acadian Enrietta LANDRY   Larrrosa, Tureyra, Vives
1812 24 Nov/BRDR Luis BLANCHARD Acadian Coleta LANDRY   Blanchard, Simonaux, Tureyra
1813 4 Jan/BRDR Joseph Allain BREAU Acadian Adélaïde LANDRY   Breaux, Landry
1813 25 Jan/BRDR Elias LANDRY   Henrietta HÉBERRE Acadian Heberre, Landrie
1813 25 Jan/BRDR Ursin LANDRY   Maranthe HÉBERRE Acadian Heberre, Landrie
1813 1 Feb/BRDR Joseph Théodore RIVET Acadian Marie Henriette LANDRY   Landry, Rivet
1813 8 Feb/BRDR Joseph LANDRY   Rosalie HAMILTON Anglo Goodbee, Hebert, Landry
1813 1 Mar/BRDR Thomas BROWN Anglo Constance LANDRY Franchebois, LeBlanc, Marionnaux
1813 25 May/SWLR Julien LANDRY   Céleste RICHARD Acadian David, Landry, Richard
1813 21 Jun/SWLR Pierre LANDRY Acadian Francoise LANDRY Acadian Broussard, Chemin, Hebert, Landry
1813 21 Jun/SWLR Elisee MISSONNIER French Creole Marie LANDRY Broussard, Chemin, Commeau, Hébert, Richard
1813 28 Jun/BRDR Estevan LANDRY Acadian Rosalia LANDRY Acadian Landry, Plauche
1813 28 Sep/BRDR Stephen HOPKINS Anglo Marie Arthémise LANDRY   Bujol, Landry, Leveque, Philippe
1813 22 Nov/BRDR Josef Enrrique LANDRY   Juana Adélaïdes BOUDRAUX Acadian Guillot, Landry, Tureyra
1813 23 Nov/SWLR Pierre THIBAUDOT Acadian Louise LANDRY   Boudro, Brousard, Chemin
1814 30 Jan/BRDR Marcelin LE BLANC Acadian Marie Artémise LANDRY   LeBlanc
1814 14 Feb/BRDR Estevan BLANCHARD Acadian Marina LANDRY   Blanchard, Landry, Tureyra
1814 25 Apr/BRDR Simon BABIN Acadian Cydeline LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc, Simois
1814 2 May/BRDR Josef LANDRY   Ana HÉBERT Acadian Daigle, Larrosa, Tureyra
1814 13 Jun/BRDR Joseph Gédéon DUPUY Acadian Marie Eugènie LANDRY   Delaune, Dupuis, Landry
1814 4 Jul/SWLR Alexandre BEGNAUD French Creole Anne Fanelie LANDRY   Amy, Castille, Huval, Landry
1814 25 Jul/BRDR Pierre BREAU (widower) Acadian Héloise LANDRY   Landry
1814 29 Aug/BRDR Josef GUILLOT Acadian Maria LANDRY   Bariot, Guillot, Hébert
1814 24 Oct/SWLR Joseph LANDRY   Genevive BAUDIN French Creole Broussard, Colwell, Landry
1814 29 Nov/SWLR Joseph VINCENT Acadian Lise LANDRY   Babin, Leleu, Montet, Mire
1815 4 Apr/SWLR Athanase LANDRY Adelaide GIROUARD Acadian Amy, Chemin, Girouard, Huslin, Landry
1815 23 Apr/SWLR Delphin LELEU French Creole Anastasie LANDRY Chemin, Boulet, Colwell, Dautreuil, Granger
1815 8 May/SWLR Cyrille LANDRY Scholastique BOUDREAUX Acadian Chemin, Desormeaux, Landry, Pennes
1815 26 Jun/BRDR François Joseph LANDRY   Henriette Marine MELANÇON Acadian Landry, Melancon, Rivet
1815 12 Aug/BRDR Isidore Valéry LANDRY Felicite Desiree REYNAUD French Creole Landry, Peytavin, Reynaud, Tourgeau
1815 14 Aug/BRDR Juan Maria BARIOT Acadian Magdalena LANDRY   Blanchard, Landry
1815 30 Aug/BRDR Juan B. HEBÉRRE Acadian Marante LANDRY   Landrie, LeBlan
1815 7 Oct/SWLR Eloy LANDRY   Aspasie GUIDRY Acadian Guedry/Guidry, Lingois, Patin
1815 30 Oct/SWLR Julien TRAHAN Acadian Marie LANDRY   Chemin, Marc, Penne
1816 8 Jan/BRDR Édouard LANDRY   Marie Emeranthe LAMBREMONT French Creole Lambremont, Landry
1816 9 Jan/SWLR Maximilien LANDRY Marie Domitille THIBODEAUX Acadian Chemin, Landry, Lingois, Penne, Thibaudot
1816 22 Jan/BRDR Augusto LANDRY   Maria Luisa BOUDREAUX (widow) Acadian Boudraux, Landry
1816 10 Feb/BRDR Édouard Benjamin LANDRY   Francisca Oionisia DUHON Acadian Mollere, Savoy, Tusson
1816 6 Apr/BRDR Isaac Colin LEBLANC Acadian Serafina LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc
1816 21 Apr/BRDR Pedro/Pierre HÉBERT Acadian Constance LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc, Longuepee
1816 28 May/BRDR Simon Julian LANDRY   Rosalie Justina BRAU Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1816 3 Jun/BRDR Josef Ursino MAROIS Italian Creole? Eloisa Monica LANDRY   Aubert, Dugat, Dupuis
1816 24 Jun/BRDR Alexandro M. RICHARD Acadian Théotista Clarisa LANDRY   Bara, Hebert, Landry
1816 1 Jul/BRDR Juan Bautista BARIOT Acadian Francisca LANDRY   Bariot, Cancien, Landry
1816 1 Jul/BRDR Pedro DUPUIS Acadian Rosalia LANDRY   Dupuis, Landry
1816 5 Aug/BRDR Donat LANDRY (widower)   Maria Lucia LEBLANC (wd.) Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1816 25 Nov/SWLR Raphaël LANDRY   Adèlle BEGNAUD French Creole Begnaud, Chemin, Landry, Melle
1816 31 Dec/BRDR Juan B. DUPUIS Acadian Mariana LANDRY (widow)   Grangier, LaBove
1817 13 Jan/BRDR Jacques MELANÇON (wdr.) Acadian Christine LANDRY (widow)   Landry, LeBlanc, Melancon
1817 20 Jan/BRDR Francisco Magloria LANDRY   Fany Rosa AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Bourque, Tureyra
1817 3 Feb/BRDR Valentine TERIAU Acadian Marguerite LANDRY   Braud, Comes
1817 10 Feb/BRDR Fabian Maximiliano LANDRY Acadian Maria Eugènia LANDRY Acadian Rabadan, Tureyra
1817 10 Feb/BRDR Firmin Davas/Davat LANDRY   Clémence COMEAU Acadian Allain, Blanchard, Bousch
1817 11 Feb/BRDR Joseph Casimire POURSINE French Creole Mélanie LANDRY   Landry, L'eveque, Poursine
1817 14 Apr/BRDR Arnaud LANDRY   Marthe HÉBERT Acadian Arnandez, Hébert
1817 21 Apr/BRDR Jean B. Barbier DAIGLE Acadian Marie Marthe LANDRY   Daigle, Richard, Theriot
1817 20 May/BRDR Barthélémi LE BLANC (wdr.) Acadian Anne LANDRY   Landry
1817 20 May/BRDR Dermond LE BLANC Acadian Marie Delphine LANDRY   Blanchard, Braud
1817 14 Jul/BRDR Éloy LANDRY   Magdelena Adélaïse BABIN Acadian Comes, Henry
1817 25 Aug/BRDR Pierre Joseph PEDESCLAUX Spanish Creole Marie Artémise LANDRY (w.)   Blanchard, Landry, Leveque
1817 27 Aug/BRDR Lucien LANCLOS French Creole Joséphine LANDRY   Landry, Rivet
1817 10 Oct/BRDR Laurent DEVILLIER French Creole Marie Hortence LANDRY   deVilliers, Landry, White
1817 20 Nov/BRDR François CROCHET Acadian Eulalie LANDRY   Durochet, Thibodeau
1818 12 Jan/BRDR Alexis SIMONEAUX French Creole Rosalie LANDRY   Daigle, Dupuis, Richard
1818 26 Jan/BRDR Patrice MENDOZA Spanish Marguerite LANDRY   Barieau, Landri, Turreyra
1818 13 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste CLÉMENT French Creole Marine LANDRY   Hebert, Landry
1818 27 Apr/BRDR Auguste LANDRY   Marguerie Eugénie BABIN Acadian Blanchard, Braud, Landry
1818 11 May/SWLR Charles DUGAST Acadian Clarisse LANDRY Babinaud, Dugas, Dusouchet, Landry, Lingois, Penne
1818 8 Jun/BRDR Simon Sifrain BABIN Acadian Magdelain Julienne LANDRY   Landry, Terrio
1818 29 Jun/BRDR Augustin Valléry LANDRY Acadian Constance Célestine LANDRY   Brasset, Braud, Hébert
1818 30 Jun/BRDR Joseph Raphaël LANDRY   Josephine COUILLARD French Creole? Boissau, Landry
1818 20 Jul/BRDR Oliviere CANCIENNE Italian Creole Marie Mélanie LANDRY   Bariau, Tureyra
1818 12 Aug/BRDR Éduard DUPUIS Acadian Marie Delphine LANDRY   Dupuis/Dupuy, Landry
1818 28 Sep/BRDR David LANDRY   Cléonise BREAU Acadian Bousch, Breau, Rivet
1818 12 Oct/SWLR Louis LOUVIERE Acadian Marie Azélie LANDRY Arcenaux, Boulet, Duprat, Landry, Mire, Ribette
1818 16 Nov/BRDR Appollinaire LANDRY Acadian Élise LANDRY Acadian Hebert, Landry, Mollere
1818 28 Dec/BRDR Louis Paterne LANDRY   Marie Rose AUCOIN Acadian Landry, Leveque
1819 1 Feb/BRDR Valérie LANDRY   Marie Eulalie LE BLANC Acadian Duga/Dugas
1819 8 Feb/BRDR Issac HATKINSON Anglo Marie Constance LANDRY   Braud, LeBlanc, Richard
1819 15 Feb/BRDR Narcisse LANDRY   Marie Carmelite HÉBERT Acadian Arnandez, Landry
1819 4 May/SWLR Vital LAPOINTE French Creole Marie Aveline LANDRY Dusouchet, Landry, Penne, Roussillon, Tamplet
1819 1 Jul/BRDR Pierre Cyprien BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Céleste LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc, Robisceau
1819 2 Aug/BRDR Claude Raphaël BABIN Acadian Artémise LANDRY   Babin, Landry
1819 23 Aug/BRDR Marcelin A. LE BLANC Acadian Léonice LANDRY   Babin, Larousen, LeBlanc
1819 6 Sep/BRDR Pierre CHARLET Foreign French? Françoise LANDRY   Aucoin, Girod, Joly
1819 6 Sep/BRDR Joseph Marceline LANDRY   Carmelite SAVOIS Acadian Landry, Robisceau, Savois
1819 27 Sep/BRDR Julien MARTIN Foreign French Marie Hortense LANDRY   Bouzeon, Lerouze, Pichof
1819 2 Oct/BRDR Auguste BROUSSARD (wdr.) Acadian Marguerite LANDRY (widow)   Babin, Bujol, LeBlanc
1820 31 Jan/BRDR Urbin ACHÉ Acadian Azélie LANDRY Carminati, Landry, Melanson, Wriel
1820 7 Feb/SWLR Alexis LE BLANC Acadian Marie LANDRY Dusouchet, Landry, LeBlanc, Penne, Roussillon
1820 7 Feb/BRDR Lazare HÉBERT Acadian Céleste LANDRY   Blanchard, Landry, Tureira
1820 10 Feb/BRDR Paul RICHARD Acadian Marine LANDRY   Bruyere, Cornu, Rouillier
1820 14 Feb/SWLR Louis BOUDREAU Acadian Marie Magdelaine LANDRY   Comeau, Grange, Landry
1820 14 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste BRAUD Acadian Françoise LANDRY (widow)   Brasset, Braud
1820 3 Apr/SWLR Onésime BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Uranie LANDRY   Broussard, Landry, Penne, Remus
1820 10 Apr/BRDR Gédéon DUPUIS (widower) Acadian Suzanne Mathilde LANDRY   Babin, Dupuis, Landry
1820 17 Apr/BRDR Hyppolite LANDRY   Françoise GIROIR Acadian Babin, Giroir, Landry
1820 1 May/BRDR Domingo TRUXILLO Spanish? Emérante LANDRY   ?, Simoie
1820 1 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste LANDRY   Ludivine FORET Acadian Plet, Tureyra
1820 18 May/BRDR Silvain LANDRY   Claire Batilde BABIN Acadian Babin, Landry, LeBlanc
1820 12 Jun/BRDR Firmin LANDRY   Tarsille MELANCON Acadian Bertauss, Bruyere, Cornu
1820 17 Jul/SWLR Joseph Zéphirin TRAHAN Acadian Geneviève LANDRY   Broussard, Trahan
1820 30 Oct/BRDR Elie COUMAU Acadian Constance LANDRY   Blanchard, Tureyra
1820 28 Nov/SWLR Placide THIBODEAUX Acadian Mathilde LANDRY Dusouchet, Guedry, Landry, Penne, Roussillon
1821 7 Jan/BRDR Henry Léon LANDRY   Marguerite Susanne CHERAMY French Creole? Cassou, Daigle, Dugas
1821 19 Feb/BRDR Grégoire Maturin LANDRY   Delphine Denise GIROIR Acadian Hébert, Landry
1821 26 Feb/BRDR Maturin LANDRY   Marie Azélie BREAU Acadian Breau, Landry, Rivet
1821 15 Mar/BRDR Étienne Anaclet BRAUD Acadian Apouline LANDRY   Terrio
1821 15 Mar/BRDR Joseph Nicolas DUGAS Acadian Clarisse Armante LANDRY   Dugas
1821 15 Mar/BRDR Gautrand P. DANNEQUIN French Creole? Mélanie LANDRY   Hatkinson, Landry, Mollere
1821 28 May/SWLR Onésime LE BLANC Acadian Cécile LANDRY   Boutte, Braud, Landry, Roussillon
1821 4 Jun/SWLR Cirille LANDRY Adélaïde TRAHAN Acadian Dusouchet, Montet, Penne, Roussillon, Trahan
1821 12 Jun/SWLR Rosémond LANDRY Carmelite COMEAUX Acadian Broussard, Comaux, Dugas, Landry, Prejean
1821 18 Jun/BRDR Valéri Cyprien LE BLANC Acadian Marie Ortense LANDRY (w.)   Guillot, Tureyra
1821 26 Aug/BRDR Siméon LANDRY   Rosalie Isabelle GIROIR Acadian Landry, Richard
1821 20 Sep/BRDR Marcelin Séverin LANDRY Acadian Felide Marguerite LANDRY Acadian Aucoin, Bettelani, Savoy
1821 11 Oct/BRDR Edward GRAVOIS Acadian Rosile LANDRY   Gravois, Landry, Melancon
1821 15 Oct/BRDR Simon Alin GAUTREAUX Acadian Eugénie LANDRY (widow)   Babin, Gautreaux
1821 22 Oct/SLR Deshival BERNARD Acadian Eugénie LANDRY   none listed
1821 26 Oct/BRDR Eugène Gervais LANDRY Acadian Francoise Carmelite LANDRY Acadian Bettelani, Breau, LeBlanc
1822 7 Jan/BRDR Simon Maxile LE BLANC Acadian Marie LANDRY   Bettelani, Pantiero, Tardie
1822 7 Jan/BRDR François GODIN Acadian Marie Delphine LANDRY   Gaudain, Landry
1822 21 Jan/BRDR Valarie TRAHAN Acadian Azalie LANDRY   Como, Daigre, Richard
1822 22 Feb/BRDR Élie Narcisse LANDRY Acadian Mélanie Geneviève LANDRY Acadian Braud, Landry
1822 15 Mar/BRDR Augustin Valère LANDRY (wr.) Acadian Rose Hortense LANDRY Acadian Braud/Braux
1822 15 Apr/BRDR Auguste LANDRY Acadian Delphine LANDRY Acadian Bourgeois, Daigle, Simonaux
1822 29 Apr/BRDR Isaac HÉBER Acadian Marine LANDRY   Aucoin, Blanchard, Hébert
1822 13 May/BRDR Étienne RICHARD (widower) Acadian Marie Celeste LANDRY (wd.)   Blanchard, Landry, Vital
1822 24 Jun/BRDR Alexander LANDRY   Judith MELANÇON Acadian Aucoin, Bettelani
1822 8 Jul/BRDR Constant VIEL French Creole? Émelie LANDRY   Delaune, Landry
1822 12 Aug/BRDR Julien HUNOT Foreign French Modeste LANDRY   Cantien, Rappele
1822 20 Aug/BRDR Jacque B. CORVAISIER French Creole? Marguerite Carmelite LANDRY   Blanchard
1823 14 Jan/SWLR André LANDRY   Marie MELANÇON Acadian Blanc, Landry, LeBlanc
1823 23 Jan/BRDR Auguste LANDRY (widower)   Adeline LE BLANC Acadian Lambremont, LeBlanc, Terrell
1823 27 Jan/BRDR Azari LANDRY   Marie Céline LAMBREMONT French Creole Lambremont, Landry
1823 27 Jan/BRDR Pierre Paul LANDRY   Marie TERIO Acadian Breau, Terio
1823 7 Apr/SWLR Valentin LANDRY (widower)   Céleste DUPUIS/DUPUY (w.) Acadian Bara, Potier, Thibodeau
1823 8 Apr/BRDR Louis Joseph THIBODEAUX Acadian Hélène LANDRY   Caillouet, Landry
1823 28 Apr/BRDR Placide LE BLANC Acadian Céleste Madeleine LANDRY   Babin, Landry
1823 11 May/BRDR Sirfrain BABIN (widower) Acadian Marie Zoraide LANDRY   Dugas
1823 1 Sep/SLR Donat Benjamin LANDRY   Marie Delphine BREAUX Acadian none listed
1823 24 Nov/BRDR Firmin Davas LANDRY (wdr.)   Mélesaire BREAU (widow) Acadian Bouche, Hébert
1824 12 Jan/BRDR Louis LANDRY (widower)   Clémence LESSARD (widow) French Creole? Duffel, Landry, Picou
1824 2 Feb/BRDR Olézeme BABIN Acadian Arthémise LANDRY   Landry, Tregre
1824 2 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste TREGRE French Creole? Carmelite Marguerite LANDRY   Babin, Landry
1824 1 Mar/BRDR Broussin LAVERGNE French Creole Élonise LANDRY   Dugas, Landry
1824 2 Mar/BRDR Édouard LANDRY (widower)   Antoinette BARBAY French Creole? Bossie, Dugas, Reynaud
1824 26 Apr/BRDR François E. BOUSH Anglo? Marie Caroline LANDRY   Allain, Lambremont, Landry
1824 3 May/BRDR Simon LANDRY   Anne Carmelite AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Landry
1824 8 Jun/SWLR Ulger LANCLOS French Creole [Marie] Eulalie LANDRY   Lalonne, Mayer, Robin
1824 21 Jun/SWLR Valentin LANDRY (widower) Joséphine PREVOST (widow) French Creole Amy, Bertin, Hébert, Landry, Montamat
1824 19 Jul/SLR Jean Baptiste Aysin/Ursin BOURGEOIS Acadian Julienne Marcelite LANDRY   none listed
1824 9 Aug/SWLR Simon BODIN French Creole Pélagie LANDRY Landry, Langlinais, Trahan, Roussillon
1824 16 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste LANDRY   Euphrosine MALBOUROGH German Creole Hébert, Landry, Templet
1824 27 Sep/SWLR Jean Louis BERNARD Acadian Carmelite LANDRY Bernard, Broussard, Dugas, Girroir, Landry
1824 4 Nov/BRDR Auguste LANDRY Acadian Iréné Clémence LANDRY Acadian Granger, Lany
1824 4 Nov/BRDR Florentin LANDRY   Céleste Alethe HÉBERT (widow) Acadian Hébert, Landry
1824 16 Nov/SWLR Gilbert AMY French Creole Élisabeth LANDRY Bertin, Domengeaux, Landry, Leleux, Martin
1824 27 Nov/BRDR Achille LANDRY   Artémise LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Blanchard, Landry
1824 14 Dec/SWLR Édouard LELEUX (widower) French Creole Marie Françoise LANDRY   Amy, Beslin, Dautreuil, Leleux
1825 31 Jan/BRDR Agricol BERNARD dit Dumontier French Creole Amaranthe LANDRY   Landry, Molaison
1825 7 Feb/SLR Édouard BABIN Acadian Clotilde Hortense LANDRY   none listed
1825 7 Feb/BRDR Joseph Alexandre LANDRY   Emeranthe HÉBERT Acadian Babin, Hebert
1825 7 Feb/BRDR Onésime LANDRY   Zetbinne DUPUIS Acadian Dupuy, Hebert, Landry, Sigur
1825 8 Feb/SWLR Don Louis BROUSSARD Acadian Anastasie LANDRY   Broussard, Dubois, Grange, Mire
1825 13 Feb/BRDR Auguste Firmin LANDRY   Adelaide BABIN Acadian Babin, Comes, Dugas, LeBlanc
1825 13 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste LANDRY   Roseline SIMONEAU French Creole D'aigle
1825 14 Feb/BRDR Philippe COMEAU Acadian Victorine LANDRY   Braux, Hébert, Henry
1825 11 Apr/BRDR Magloire Benoît LANDRY   Marie Justine BABIN Acadian Dugas, Gauthreaux, Landry
1825 18 Apr/BRDR Hubert LE BLANC Acadian Marcellite Pélagie LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc
1825 18 Apr/BRDR Frimin FRIYOU French Creole Marine LANDRY (widow)   D'aigle, Landry, Simoneau
1825 10 May/SWLR Leufroy MAILLARD French Creole? Marguerite LANDRY   Landry, Traham
1825 2 Jun/BRDR Paul LANDRY (widower)   Ludovine LE BLANC (widow) Acadian Landry
1825 28 Jun/SWLR Levi H. CAMPBELL Scots Dulcina LANDRY   none listed
1825 5 Jul/BRDR Joseph LANDRY   Anastasie POCHE French Creole? Duhon, Lafer, Michel, Robichau
1825 11 Aug/BRDR Jean Trasimond LANDRY   Modeste BRAUD (widow) Acadian Duffel, Landry, Vives, Winchester
1825 22 Aug/BRDR Joseph THIBODEAU Acadian Elizabeth LANDRY (widow)   Barriau, Bergeron
1825 29 Aug/BRDR Raphaël LANDRY   Rosalie GUÉDRY Acadian Bertrand, Lalande, Landry
1825 30 Oct/BRDR Valérien LANDRY   Marie Améranthe LE BLANC Acadian Hebert, Landry, Temple
1825 7 Nov/BRDR Élie LANDRY   Rosalie BOUDREAU Acadian Barriau, Landry
1825 21 Nov/SWLR Achilles THIBODEAU Acadian Euphrosie LANDRY   Landry, Thibodeau
1825 21 Nov/SWLR Don Louis THIBODEAUX Acadian Marguerite LANDRY   Hebert, Landry
1825 29 Dec/SWLR Nicolas MATERNE (widower) German Creole Eléonore LANDRY (widow)   Helaire
1826 Jan/BRDR Grégoire LANDRY   Philonise Genevieve LE BLANC Acadian Blanchard, Hebert, Mollere
1826 9 Jan/BRDR Armond BLANCHARD Acadian Celeste LANDRY   Blanchard, Landry, Varner
1826 23 Jan/BRDR Sifrain BABIN (widower) Acadian Léocade LANDRY   Babin, Braud
1826 14 Mar/BRDR Jean Baptiste EDWIN Anglo? Marie Marcellite LANDRY   Landry, Richard
1826 3 Apr/BRDR Nicolas Carville VERRET French Creole Azélie LANDRY   Bousogne, Hubbard, Verret
1826 Jul/SWLR Gédéon LANDRY   Anne Georgette LORMAND French Creole? Broussard, Grange, Traham
1826 31 Jul/BRDR Barthélémi HAMILTON Anglo Françoise Azélie LANDRY   Brasset, Braud/Breaud
1826 6 Aug/BRDR Félix Jean Baptiste LANDRY   Marie Aurore BRAUD Acadian Dugas
1826 22 Oct/SWLR Joseph GUILBEAU (widower) Acadian Clotilde LANDRY (widow)   Bienvenu, Hebert, Peyretti
1826 29 Oct/BRDR Simon LANDRY   Anne Valerante BABIN Acadian Babin, Landry
1826 6 Nov/BRDR Rosémond LE BLANC Acadian Marie LANDRY   Blanchard, LeBlanc
1826 26 Nov/BRDR Gédéon GUÉDRY Acadian Armelise LANDRY   Babin, Gauthreaux, Ricard
1827 4 Jan/BRDR Lubin LE BLANC (widower) Acadian Marguerite LANDRY (wd.)   Aucoin, Giroir, Landry
1827 8 Jan/BRDR Eugène HÉBERT Acadian Séraphine LANDRY   Hebert, Landry
1827 22 Jan/SWLR Hubert Eufroy LANDRY   Éloise Modeste LE BLANC Acadian Bouchereau, Landry, LeBlanc
1827 22 Jan/BRDR Joseph LANDRY (widower)   Reiné Eulalie HÉBER (wd.) Acadian Cantien, Landry, Monte
1827 28 Jan/BRDR Uber GUÉDRY Acadian Cléonise LANDRY   Babin, Marrois, Maitrejean
1827 29 Jan/SWLR Charles LANDRY Léontine LENORMAND French Creole Berard, Francois, Landry, Lenormand, Paris
1827 29 Jan/BRDR Joseph BABIN Acadian Théotiste Basylie LANDRY   Cling, Melançon, Pujos
1827 12 Feb/BRDR Julien LANDRY   Marguerite MARTINEZ Spanish? Richard, Rivas, Voisin
1827 12 Feb/BRDR Ubert LANDRY   Azélie SIMONEAU French Creole Placencia, Signoret, Simonaud
1827 26 Feb/SWLR Jean Hillaire TAYLOR Anglo Adelaide LANDRY   Mire, Traham
1827 26 Feb/SWLR Alexandre BREAUX Acadian Magdelaine Lisa LANDRY   Arceneaux, Landry, Thibodeaux
1827 26 Feb/BRDR Dorville LANDRY   Aureline DAIGLE Acadian Daigle, Landry
1827 27 Feb/SWLR Jean FREDERICK German Creole? Marie LANDRY   Mire, Traham
1827 19 Mar/SWLR Zenon DUBOIS Acadian Euphemie LANDRY   Dubois, Misonier
1827 24 Apr/SWLR Onézime LANDRY Acadian Carmelite LANDRY Acadian Broussard, Grange, Landry
1827 7 May/SWLR Joseph LANDRY Acadian Marcelite LANDRY Acadian Broussard, St. Julien
1827 26 Jun/BRDR Joseph LANDRY Acadian Ethelvina LANDRY Acadian Comes, Martin, Randall
1827 23 Jul/BRDR Onésime LANDRY   Magdelaine Clotilde BABIN Acadian Babin
1827 30 Jul/BRDR Olivier LANDRY (widower)   Adélaïde BABIN (widow) Acadian Babin, Landry
1827 30 Jul/SLR Hubert LANDRY   Ephrosine AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1827 8 Oct/SWLR Joseph Alain BOUDROT Acadian Rosalie LANDRY   Amy, Broussard, Landry
1827 15 Oct/BRDR Jean B. LANDRY   Euphrosine BODRO Acadian Blanchard, Landry, Mathe
1827 31 Dec/BRDR Landry Xavier LANDRY   Iréné TRAHAN Acadian Landry, Trahan
1828 14 Jan/SWLR Antoine LANDRY   Clementine GUIDRY Acadian Landry, Mayer, Mouton, Norris
1828 15 Jan/SWLR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Marguerite Carmelite LANDRY   Granger, Landry, Mouton
1828 28 Jan/BRDR Simonette LANDRY Acadian Barthilde Céleste LANDRY Acadian Babin, Landry
1828 28 Jan/BRDR Joseph Mathurin LANDRY Acadian Gertrude Militine LANDRY Acadian Braud, Comes
1828 31 Jan/BRDR Achille LANDRY (widower)   Beatrice HÉBERT Acadian Allain, Landry, LeBlanc
1828 3 Feb/BRDR Paul RIVERS Anglo Marie Anne LANDRY (widow)   Landry, Richard, Tusson
1828 11 Feb/BRDR Maturin LANDRY (widower)   Éloire HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole Braux, Melançon
1828 1 May/SWLR Léon LANDRY   Mélanie ROBICHAUD Acadian Begnaud, Broussard, Dupuis
1828 18 Aug/BRDR Maxile BABIN Acadian Adeline LANDRY   Babin, Berteau
1828 25 Aug/BRDR Landry LANDRY   Marguerite DAIGRE Acadian Daigre, Landry
1828 30 Sep/BRDR Simon Nicolas LANDRY   Marie Élise MELANÇON (wd.) Acadian Babin, Melancon
1828 1 Dec/SWLR Silvestre Valmond GIROIR Acadian Joséphine LANDRY Bernard, Boudreaux, Broussard, Giroir, Grange, Landry, Manceaux
1828 29 Dec/SWLR Charles GUÉDRY Acadian Caroline LANDRY Grange, Landry, Melançon, Prejean
1828 29 Dec/SWLR François MEAUX, fils French Creole Marguerite Cidalise LANDRY Grange, Landry, Melançon, Prejean
1829 9 Feb/BRDR Marcellin SIMONEAUX French Creole Mélanie LANDRY   Daigle, Landry, Simoneau
1829 23 Feb/BRDR Joseph Narcisse TRAHAN Acadian Eléonore LANDRY   Daigle, Landry, Trahant, Trochant
1829 23 Feb/BRDR Éloi LANDRY   Mathilde TERUAU Acadian Dannequin, Godain, Terrio
1829 23 Feb/BRDR Valéry Didier GAUDIN Acadian Marie Delphine LANDRY   Dannequin, Godain, Terrio
1829 26 Feb/BRDR Narcisse Pharaon LE BLANC Acadian Coralie LANDRY   Blanchard, Braud, Poursine
1829 3 Mar/SWLR Belsaire LANDRY   Logie Arthémise LE BLANC Acadian Ami, Boye, Landry, LeBlanc
1829 14 Apr/BRDR André GOURRIER Foreign French? Mathilde LANDRY Landry, LeVeque, Prentiss, Winchester
1829 27 May/SWLR Joseph Darcourt LANDRY Marie Louise E. LENORMAND French Creole Berard, Labarthe, Landry, Lebesque, Lenormand, Paris, Tertron
1829 22 Jun/BRDR Narcisse LANDRY (widower)   Marie Gérarde COMES (wd.) French Creole Comes, Landry
1829 13 Jul/SLR Paul Onézime BABIN Acadian Melasie LANDRY   none listed
1829 17 Aug/BRDR Zacharie Jacinte BOUDREAU Acadian Marguerite Clémence LANDRY   Duaron, Faite, Landry
1829 14 Sep/BRDR Augustin LANDRY   Maria Felonise DUGAS Acadian Berghe, Garcia
1829 29 Oct/BRDR Ulger DUGAS Acadian Émelie LANDRY   Landry, Lanoix, Melancon
1830 3 Jan/BRDR Joseph GARLICK Anglo? Irma LANDRY   none listed
1830 4 Jan/BRDR Victor Béloni LANDRY   Émelie BARILLAU Acadian Landry, Simoneau
1830 16 Jan/BRDR Olivier CANCIENNE (wdr.) Italian Creole Phelonise LANDRY   Landry
1830 18 Jan/BRDR Lucien ROTH German Creole? Marie Mélanie LANDRY   Lanoix, Roth
1830 25 Jan/BRDR [Félix] Jean Baptiste LANDRY (widower)   Anasie Adelina BREAU Acadian Braud, Landry
1830 25 Jan/BRDR Treville LANDRY   Adeline FOREST (widow) Acadian Broussard, Daigle, Dupuy
1830 1 Feb/SLR Joseph Firmin RICHARD Acadian Marie Elisa LANDRY   none listed
1830 15 Feb/BRDR George HARRISON Anglo Élise Célestine LANDRY   Babin, Landry
1830 12 Apr/BRDR Philbert/Ildbert LANDRY Acadian Euphémie LANDRY Acadian Landry, Michel
1830 20 Apr/BRDR Joseph Jules LANDRY   Éloise PICOU French Creole Bonicari, Vives
1830 10 May/SWLR Ursin LANDRY   Clémence GRANGER Acadian Broussard, Granger, Prejean
1830 31 May/BRDR Pierre BRAUD Acadian Françoise Euphrasie LANDRY   Braud, Landry
1830 8 Jun/BRDR Élie HÉBERT Acadian Léocade LANDRY   Giroir, Hébert, Landry
1830 8 Nov/SWLR Jean Baptiste SIMON, fils French Creole Marie Cidalise LANDRY   Hebert, Simon
1830 13 Dec/SWLR Michel BOURG Acadian Marie Phelonise LANDRY   Bourg, Gold, Hébert, Simon
1831 10 Jan/SWLR Éloi DEROUEN French Creole Mélanie LANDRY   none listed
1831 20 Jan/BRDR Joseph Auguste LÉVÊQUE French Creole? Clarissa Doralis LANDRY   Dupuy, Leveque, Poursine
1831 7 Feb/BRDR Michel LANDRY   Marie [Delphine] GRAVOIS Acadian Braud, Hébert, Scudday
1831 5 Apr/SWLR Dosité DUHON Acadian Bertille LANDRY   none listed
1831 21 Apr/BRDR Simon Henry BROUSSARD Acadian Anne Joséphine LANDRY   Richard
1831 30 May/BRDR Louis Édouard BOUQUET Foreign French? Adèle Désirée LANDRY   Bouquet, Cailler, Hamilton
1831 13 Jun/BRDR Dauphin Pierre AMIRATY Foreign French? Carmelite LANDRY   Bourdier, Braux, Landry
1831 30 Jun/SWLR Washington KIRKHAM Anglo? Felonise LANDRY   none listed
1831 18 Jul/BRDR François[-Marie] LANDRY (w.) Marine BABIN Acadian Brasset, Gomez, Leblanc, Poupard
1831 29 Jul/SWLR Milton KIRKHAM Anglo? Aspasie LANDRY   none listed
1831 8 Aug/BRDR Joseph HEBERT Acadian Arthémise LANDRY   Dupuy, Hébert
1831 15 Aug/SWLR Syphorin COMEAU Acadian Euphémie LANDRY   none listed
1831 27 Aug/BRDR Théodule SAVOY Acadian Émelite LANDRY   Giroard, Savoy
1831 5 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste PEYTAVIN French Creole? Célestine LANDRY Bourgeois, Marchand, Mirmont, Picoud
1831 12 Sep/SWLR Achille Alexandre LANDRY Acadian Elisa LANDRY Acadian none listed
1831 19 Sep/BRDR Alexandre LANCLOS (wdr.) French Creole [Anne] Mélanie LANDRY (wd.)   Hébert, Landry, LeFort
1831 26 Sep/BRDR Jean Casimir LANOUX Acadian Marie LANDRY   Gaudin, Hinger, Landry, Picoud
1831 15 Oct/SLR Jean Baptiste AUGERON French Creole? Célestine LANDRY   none listed
1831 25 Oct/BRDR Achille LANDRY Gertrude BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Landry, Roman, Seghers
1831 3 Nov/BRDR Anaclet SIMONEAU French Creole Constance Rosalie LANDRY   Giroard, Landry, Simoneau
1832 9 Jan/SWLR Hilaire Pelzon BERNARD Acadian Marie LANDRY   none listed
1832 5 Mar/SWLR Lucas DUBOIS French Creole Angélique LANDRY   none listed
1832 13 Mar/SWLR Émilien LANDRY   Rosalie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1832 24 Apr/SLR John P. HENDERSON Anglo Helene Rosalie LANDRY   none listed
1832 5 May/BRDR Norbert MELANÇON Acadian Marie Barbe LANDRY   Babin, Breaux, Melançon
1832 14 May/SLR Rosémond BOUDRAUX Acadian Marie Carmelite LANDRY   none listed
1832 21 May/SWLR Jean GÉRARD French Creole Aspasie LANDRY (widow?) Acadian none listed
1832 2 Jun/BRDR Cyrille LANDRY   Marie Marcellite GRAVOIS Acadian LeBlanc, Rodriguez
1832 4 Jun/SLR Pierre LANDRY   Mélicaire BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1832 13 Aug/BRDR Manuel N. VILLENEUVE French Creole? Marcelite LANDRY (widow)   Braud, Frakman, Landry
1832 3 Sep/BRDR Drausin GRAVOIS Acadian Pauline LANDRY   Dugat, Gaudin, Lanoux, Melançon
1832 6 Oct/SLR Alexandre LANDRY   Evelina BERTRAND Acadian none listed
1832 6 Nov/SWLR Joseph Adolphe LANDRY   Arthémise LE BLANC French Creole none listed
1833 17 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste COLON (wdr.) Spanish Imm.? Angélique LANDRY (widow)   Foret, Kloss, Landry
1833 4 Feb/BRDR David Hogan JEFFRIES Anglo Elmire LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc, Walsh
1833 4 Feb/BRDR Onésime LANDRY   Marceline BREAUD Acadian Breaud, Landry
1833 22 Apr/SWLR Urbin BOURGEOIS Acadian Olive LANDRY   none listed
1833 29 Apr/SWLR Ursin BERNARD Acadian Marguerite LANDRY   none listed
1833 13 Jun/BRDR Ignace Vernon DUGAS Acadian Coralie LANDRY   Braud, Landry, Seghers
1833 17 Jul/SWLR François LANDRY   Marguerite René LELEUX French Creole none listed
1833 29 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste Hilaire BERGERON French Creole Marie Amelina LANDRY   Bedat, Clement, Dupuis, Ferbos
1833 12 Aug/BRDR François ROBICHAUD Acadian Marie Adelina LANDRY   Landry
1833 23 Aug/BRDR Benjamin Achille LANDRY Acadian Aurora LANDRY Acadian Hebert, Landry
1833 23 Aug/BRDR Alexandre RIVIERE Foreign French Sophie LANDRY   Hebert, Landry
1833 26 Aug/BRDR Valentin BABIN Acadian Clothilde Emerante LANDRY   Babin, Dugas
1833 16 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste [Murville] LANDRY   Marie Fidelie DUGAS Acadian Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc, Scudday
1833 15 Oct/BRDR Jean François Aimé BERCEGEAY Belgian French Iréné LANDRY   Bercegeay, Dannequin, Hatkinson
1833 11 Nov/SWLR Charles GRANGER Acadian Carmelite LANDRY   none listed
1833 9 Dec/BRDR Simon LANDRY   Telcide ARSENEAUX Acadian Blanchard, Chambers, Estavan
1833 16 Dec/SWLR Euphrasie GUIDRY Acadian Eugènie LANDRY   none listed
1833 23 Dec/BRDR Norbert TRAHAN Acadian Séraphine LANDRY   Dupuis
1833 30 Dec/SWLR Jean HÉBERT Acadian Marie Carmegille LANDRY   none listed
1834 2 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Françoise LANDRY   Landry, Leblanc, Rodriguez
1834 27 Jan/BRDR [Paul] Achille LE BLANC Acadian [Marie] Hortense LANDRY   Landry, Leblanc, Melancon
1834 27 Jan/BRDR Joseph Octave LANDRY   Joséphine ORILLION Acadian Babin, Duffel, Landry, Seghers
1834 4 Feb/SWLR Onésime LELEUX French Creole Carmelite LANDRY   none listed
1834 10 Feb/SWLR Émilien LANDRY   Uranie PREJEAN Acadian none listed
1834 10 Feb/BRDR Louis BERNARD dit Dumontier French Creole Eléonor LANDRY   Bernard, Devall
1834 9 Mar/BRDR Édouard DUPUIS Acadian Arthémise LANDRY   Clement, Dupuis/Dupuy, LeJean
1834 28 Apr/SWLR Éloy SONNIER Acadian Marie LANDRY   none listed
1834 30 Apr/BRDR Rafaïl HÉBERT Acadian Odile LANDRY   Babin, Esnard, Landry, Molaison
1834 19 May/BRER Eugène BREAUX Acadian Uranie LANDRY   Breau, Lambremont, Landry
1834 31 May/SWLR Jules PELLERIN French Creole Claire LANDRY   none listed
1834 11 Aug/BRDR Amadéo LANDRY Acadian Marie Anne Emma LANDRY Acadian Landry, Pedesclaux, Seghers, Vives
1834 11 Aug/BRDR Joseph BRUNEAU French Creole? Eilene LANDRY   Billings, Dardenne, Tracneau
1834 1 Sep/BRDR Joseph Thommasin LANDRY   Iréné Virginie CAPDEVIELLE French Creole Braux, Lambremont, Landry
1834 22 Sep/BRDR Ursin Leon Louis LANDRY   Adelina LE BLANC Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1834 27 Oct/SWLR Leufroy SONNIER Acadian Françoise Aureline LANDRY   none listed
1834 3 Nov/BRDR Simon ACHEZ Acadian Colette LANDRY   none listed
1834 27 Nov/BRDR Pierre Alex MELANÇON Acadian Pélagie LANDRY Boudreau, Landry, Louviere, Melancon, Mire, Sarrasin
1835 12 Jan/SWLR François Venance LANDRY   Mélanie MONTET French Creole none listed
1835 26 Jan/BRDR Isidore LANDRY   Élizabeth GAUTREAUX Acadian Braud, Landry
1835 26 Jan/BRDR Elien GAUTREAUX Acadian Rosalie Ursule LANDRY   Braud, Landry
1835 9 Feb/BRDR François SEGUIN Spanish? French? Céleste LANDRY   Doiron, Dupuy, Landry
1835 23 Feb/SWLR Maximilien TRAHAN Acadian Marie Olive LANDRY   none listed
1835 23 Feb/BRDR Casimier BOUDREU Acadian Henrietta LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc, Malançon
1835 23 Feb/BRDR Emerent Jean LANDRY Acadian Philonise Barbe LANDRY Acadian Branoe, Commeau, Landry, LeBlanc
1835 23 Feb/BRDR Jean Jacques LE BLANC Acadian Marie LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc, Melançon
1835 4 May/BRDR Rosémond FORET Acadian Eliza LANDRY   Charlet, Foret, Landri/Landry
1835 5 May/SWLR Clet LANDRY Acadian Adélaïde LANDRY Acadian none listed
1835 18 May/SWLR Éloy LANDRY Acadian Bertille LANDRY (widow?) Acadian none listed
1835 6 Jul/SWLR Alexandre Victorin LANDRY   Adèle LENORMAND French Creole none listed
1835 27 Jul/BRDR Joseph Silver LANDRY Rosaline REBRE [WEBRE] German Creole? Bourgeois, Hubbard, Landry, Rebre, Simonaud
1835 6 Aug/SWLR Siphroyen GAUTRAU Acadian Marie Hiréné LANDRY   none listed
1835 8 Aug/BRDR Eugène LANDRY   Marguerite Adrienne HÉBERT Acadian Buford, Landry, Pickett
1835 17 Aug/SWLR Charles BREAUX Acadian Adelaide LANDRY   none listed
1835 17 Aug/BRDR Drosin LANDRY Emelie GRAVOIS (widow) Acadian Bourgeois, Gravois, Landry, Leblanc, Plante, Savoy
1835 14 Sep/SWLR André LANDRY (widower)   Marie Céline CAILLER French Creole? none listed
1835 28 Sep/BRDR Henry LANDRY (widower)   Coralie Melanie Azélie BOURG Acadian Bourg, Landry
1835 5 Oct/BRDR Édouard DUFFEL French Creole? Marie Desiree LANDRY Landry, Reynaud, Seghers, Taylor, Turgeau
1835 9 Oct/BRDR Léon BABIN Acadian Elisa LANDRY   Babin. Landry, LeBlanc
1835 27 Oct/BRDR François TOLMER Anglo? Clementine LANDRY   Bares, Braud, Quesergue
1835 7 Dec/BRDR Joseph LANDRY   Marguerite Élise FRYOUX French Creole Friou, Landry, Penisson
1835 31 Dec/BRDR Hildebert LANDRY (wdr.)   Clémence DESORMEAUX French Creole Keller, Landry, Poché
1836 18 Jan/BRDR Joseph François LANDRY Acadian Marie Mélanie LANDRY Acadian Guidry, Landry
1836 25 Jan/BRDR Louis Erville LANDRY   Jeanne Elena ROBERT French Creole? Blanchard, Braux, Landry, Robert
1836 8 Feb/BRDR Valéry LANDRY   Emerence BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Landry
1836 16 Feb/BRDR Jean LANDRY   Melanie DUGAS Acadian Duga, Hamilton, Landry
1836 4 Apr/SWLR Béllony BROUSSARD Acadian Josephine LANDRY   none listed
1836 11 Apr/BRDR Paul FERBOSE French Creole? Sidalise LANDRY   Hebert, Vaught
1836 31 May/BRDR Antoine VIVES French? Spanish? Elizabeth LANDRY Butterly, Landry, Nicholls, Pedesclaux
1836 31 May/BRDR Peter BUTTERLY Irish Imm. Marie Azélie LANDRY   Boyd, Duffel, Landry, Nicholls, Pedesclaux, Phelps, Scott, Vives
1836 28 Jun/SWLR Jean Joachim LANDRY   Marguerite Carmelite COHEN French Creole? none listed
1836 4 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste LANDRY   Marie Aureline BABIN Acadian Babin, Braud, Dugas
1836 1 Aug/SWLR Jean Baptiste LANDRY   Marie Azélie COMEAUX Acadian none listed
1836 22 Aug/SWLR Désiré LANDRY   Marie Meligere LAFENETRE French Creole? none listed
1836 27 Sep/BRDR St. Julien TURNILLON French Creole? Marie Arthémise LANDRY   Brown, Kenner, Landry, Trist
1836 5 Oct/BRDR Albert DUFFEL French Creole? Félicité Louise LANDRY   Duffel, Landry, Turgeau, Winchester
1836 28 Nov/SWLR Jean Baptiste Depire COMEAUX Acadian Céleste LANDRY   none listed
1836 26 Dec/BRDR Olivier Valsin LAVERGNE (wr.) French Creole Delphine LANDRY (widow) Dannequin, Hatkinson, Landry, Richard Terrio
1836 27 Dec/BRDR Benjamin Achille LANDRY (wr.)   Pauline Cécile BREAUX Acadian Breaux, Lambremont, Landry
1837 9 Jan/BRDR Grégoire LANDRY (widower)   Françoise AUCOIN (widow) Acadian Hebert, Landry, Marquet
1837 9 Jan/BRDR Raphael Cyprien LANDRY   Marie Apolline LUCENTY French Creole? Bertaud, Braud, Gravois, Landry
1837 19 Jan/BRDR Joseph Antoine FALCON Spanish Creole? Rosalie LANDRY (widow)   Esteve, Richard, Rivero
1837 23 Jan/BRDR Joseph Simon GAUTRAUX Acadian Marie Celestine LANDRY Fernandes, Gautraux/Gautreau, Landry, Leblanc
1837 30 Jan/SWLR Maximilien LANDRY, fils   Marie Marcelite TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1837 30 Jan/BRDR Dorcino BOURG Acadian Marie Lucie LANDRY Bourg, Charlet, Foret, Hagu, Landry
1837 5 Feb/BRDR Félix HÉBERT Acadian Élize Dometille LANDRY Blanchard, Hébert, Landry, Melançon, Savoy
1837 6 Feb/SWLR Venence LANDRY   Cléonide GRANGER Acadian none listed
1837 6 Feb/BRDR Anselme LANDRY Acadian Magdeleine Josephine LANDRY Acadian Cuvoioto, LeBlanc, Melançon
1837 7 Feb/BRDR Joseph Jules LANDRY (wdr.)   Marie Aimé BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Bjuol, Poursine
1837 27 Mar/BRDR Onésime LABAUVE Acadian Doralis LANDRY   Blanchard, Hebert, Landry
1837 3 Apr/BRDR Thomas P. VAUGHN Anglo Aureline LANDRY   Johnson, Landry
1837 6 Apr/BRDR Charles BOLOT French Creole? Marie Azélie LANDRY   Arseneaux, Landry
1837 27 Apr/SWLR Adolphe RICHARD Acadian Azema LANDRY   none listed
1837 12 Jun/BRDR Rosémond LE BLANC Acadian Melanie LANDRY   Dugas, Landry, Leblanc, Savoie
1837 17 Jul/SWLR Édouard LANDRY   Julie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1837 4 Sep/SLR Edmond LANDRY   Meliciere SAVOIE Acadian none listed
1837 4 Sep/BRDR Hermogène LANDRY   Estelle LE BLANC Acadian Babin. Leblanc, Walsh
1837 9 Sep/SWLR Maximilien TRAHAN Acadian Marie Zéonide LANDRY   none listed
1837 11 Sep/BRDR Romain LANDRY   Marie Émelie LE BLANC Acadian Daigle, Fernandez, Gautreaux, Gonzales, Landry, Leblanc, Melançon, Savoy
1837 20 Sep/SWLR Hypolite LANDRY   Marie Azélie VALLEAUX French Creole? none listed
1837 4 Oct/SLR Hermogène CANTRELLE French Creole Marguerite Ophelia LANDRY   none listed
1837 27 Nov/BRDR Bonaventure J. GONZALES Spanish? Marie Josèphe Solange LANDRY   Diez, Gonsales/Gonzales, Landry
1837 30 Dec/BRDR Drauzin ALLAIN (widower) Acadian Clémence LANDRY   Allain, Landry, Pujol
1838 1 Jan/BRDR Vincent LANDRY   Élise ARSENEAU Acadian Arseneau, Bolot, Landry, Riche
1838 8 Jan/SWLR Camille LANDRY   Clementine DUGAS Acadian none listed
1838 22 Jan/SWLR Émilien PREJEAN Acadian Anastasie Mélazie LANDRY   none listed
1838 22 Jan/BRDR Auguste AUCOIN Acadian Estelle LANDRY Charlet, Collins, deLaune, Foret, Landry, Tardif
1838 29 Jan/BRDR Antoine Valery BABIN Acadian Elizabeth Delphine LANDRY   Babin, Landry
1838 24 Apr/BRDR Honoré BABIN Acadian Marie Mathilde LANDRY   Landry
1838 7 May/BRDR Lufroi GUÉDRY Acadian Eléonore LANDRY   Dugas, Landry
1838 15 May/BRDR J. Adélard BRAUD Acadian Henrietta LANDRY Dugas, Landry, Martin, Pedesclaux
1838 10 Jun/BRDR Arvilien RIVET Acadian Roseline LANDRY   Breaux, Landry, Rivet
1838 16 Jul/SLR Hubert Eustache LANDRY   Pélagie BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1838 17 Jul/SWLR Gilbert SONIER Acadian Elisa LANDRY   none listed
1838 19 Jul/BRDR Jules VIVES Spanish Creole? [Marie] Ludevine LANDRY (wd.)   Babin, O'Keefe, Pujol
1838 30 Jul/BRDR Mercelin LANDRY (widower)   Adélaïde DUPUIS (widow) Acadian Daigle, Dupuis, Moreau, Savoy
1838 31 Jul/SLR Jean CONSTANCE French-Sicilian Louise Azéma LANDRY   none listed
1838 21 Aug/BRDR Joseph Aristide LANDRY Acadian Anne Estelle LANDRY Acadian Green, Landry, Martin, Pedesclaux
1838 24 Sep/BRDR Louis Dorval LANDRY Modeste Adeline CAPDEVIELLE French Creole Capdevielle, Landry, Mollere, Richard
1839 7 Jan/BRDR Dorville BREAUX (widower) Acadian Marie Caroline LANDRY (widow)   Braud, Landry
1839 16 Jan/SWLR Benjamin F. PREWETT Anglo Louisa LANDRY   none listed
1839 22 Jan/BRDR Onisime LE BLANC Acadian Émelie LANDRY   Blouin, LeBlanc, Melancon
1839 29 Jan/BRDR Jacques TROXLER German Creole Marie Serazine LANDRY   Dehon, Greaux, Landry, Troxler
1839 11 Feb/SWLR Armand HULOT French Creole? Françoise Elidoris LANDRY   none listed
1839 11 Feb/BRDR Pierre THIBODEAUX Acadian Delvina LANDRY   Babin, Leblanc
1839 25 Feb/BRDR Jean Raphaël LANDRY (wdr.)   Marie Pélagie THIBODEAUX Acadian Barbier, Guillot, Richard
1839 25 Mar/BRDR Bernard CAPDEVILLE (wr.) French Creole Marie Virginia LANDRY   Dehon, Landry
1839 1 Apr/BRDR Lucien LANDRY   Marie M[adeleine]. Delphine LE BLANC Acadian Dutton, Landry, LeBlanc
1839 8 Apr/BRDR Charles GROSS French? Anglo? Elizabeth LANDRY Fernandez, Landry, Stallerie, Strop
1839 22 Apr/BRDR Clément Constant DEHON [DUHON] Acadian Juliette LANDRY   Charlet, Dehon, Henry, Landry
1839 3 Jun/SLR Séverin LANDRY   Julienne MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1839 3 Jun/BRDR Léger Valsin LANDRY   Aspasie GRÉGOIRE French Creole? Landry
1839 11 Jun/BRDR Joseph Valentine LANDRY Acadian Christine Élizabeth LANDRY Acadian Babin, Bujol, Landry, LeBlanc
1839 17 Jun/BRDR Germain LE BLANC Acadian Elina LANDRY   Landry, Leblanc, Petit
1839 24 Jun/SWLR Philemond LANDRY   Cydalise VINCENT Acadian none listed
1839 27 Jun/BRDR Amédée BUJOL Acadian Adele LANDRY   Bujol, Poursine
1839 9 Sep/SWLR Émile LANDRY   Aspasie RICHARD Acadian none listed
1839 23 Sep/SWLR Joseph GUIDRY Acadian Marie Oliva LANDRY   none listed
1839 14 Oct/SWLR Onézime LANDRY   Azélie Marie LAVERGNE French Can. none listed
1839 22 Oct/BRDR Norbert LANDRY Acadian Elisa LANDRY Acadian Babin, Dugas, Landry
1839 30 Dec/SWLR Jean DUHON Acadian Eugènie LANDRY   none listed
1840 16 Jan/BRDR Marcellin LANDRY   Clementine DUPRÉS French Creole? Hébert, Landry, Templet
1840 20 Jan/BRDR Lucien LANDRY   Marie Aurora MARROY Italian Creole? Babin, Guidry, Landry
1840 27 Jan/SWLR St. Claire LANDRY   Laissin SIMON French Creole none listed
1840 3 Feb/SWLR Hilaire LANDRY   Marie Emetile BELL (widow) Anglo none listed
1840 3 Feb/BRDR Nicolas LANDRY   Marie SUAREZ Spanish Creole? Guidry, Landry, Rivette
1840 11 Feb/BRDR Abélard LANDRY   Marie Ursule GAUDIN Acadian Babin, Boudreaux, Bujol, Landry
1840 17 Feb/SWLR Éloy BENOIT Acadian Clementine LANDRY   none listed
1840 2 Mar/BRDR François VILLARD French Creole? Marguerite Sidolis LANDRY (widow) Landry
1840 29 Apr/BRDR James P. BINGAY Anglo? Antoinette LANDRY   Bouquet, Braud, Robertson
1840 30 Apr/SWLR Charles Amédée GAUTHIER Foreign French Louise Estelle LANDRY   none listed
1840 7 May/BRDR Augustin LANDRY   Gertrude DUPUIS Acadian Friou, Landry
1840 19 May/BRDR Raphaël Jacques BABIN Acadian Euphémie LANDRY   Babin, Boudreaux, Hébert, Landry
1840 22 Jun/BRDR Adolphe LANDRY Acadian Marie Célestine LANDRY Acadian Breaux, Gallaugher, Landry
1840 29 Jun/BRDR Antonio GONZALES Spanish Creole? Alaude LANDRY   Corbo, Gonzales, Landry
1841 10 Feb/BRDR Jacob Haight MORRISON Anglo Marie Corine LANDRY Barthélémy, Boullier, Boyd, Foley, Landry, Leblanc, McCall, Smith, Templet
1841 22 Feb/BRDR Drausin LANDRY Émelie LE BLANC (widow) Acadian Babin, Boudreau, Dugas, Grégoise, Leblanc, Smith, Tausson
1841 12 Apr/BRDR Charles Désiré BOGUET (wdr.) Foreign French Adélayde LANDRY   Guillot
1841 26 Apr/SWLR Zenon LANDRY   Oliva COMEAU Acadian none listed
1841 10 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste DESCOTEAUX (widower) French Creole? Mathilde LANDRY (widow)   Babin, Bercegeay, Duplessis, Landry
1841 31 May/SWLR Norbert LANDRY Acadian Marie Émilie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1841 13 Jun/SLR Magloire HENRY Acadian Eulalie LANDRY   none listed
1841 21 Jun/BRDR Hubert [Marin] LANDRY (wr.) Victorie LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Breaud, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc
1841 19 Jul/SLR Marcelin Basile HENRI/HENRY Acadian Madeleine LANDRY   none listed
1841 19 Jul/BRDR Joachin COX Anglo Marie Virginia LANDRY   Breaux, Daigre, Godefroy, Henry
1841 3 Aug/BRDR Augustin M. TEMPLET Acadian Marie Désirée LANDRY Braud, Dugas, Landry, Hutchinson, Morrison, Nicholls, Pedesclaux, Richardson, Sims, Terrio
1841 23 Aug/SLR Basile LANDRY   Pauline NAQUIN Acadian none listed
1841 13 Sep/SWLR Julien BRAKENS/BRASSEUR Acadian Louise LANDRY   none listed
1841 27 Sep/BRDR Pierre Théodule LANDRY   Marie Alvina GAUDET Acadian Cottman, Landry, Nicholls, Reynaud, Solomon, Tournillon
1841 12 Oct/BRDR Dorcino LANDRY Acadian Elesile LANDRY Acadian Fernandez, Landry, Leblanc
1841 30 Oct/BRDR Numa Jean MARTIN Foreign French Marie Irma LANDRY   Duffel, Judice, Lacroix, Landry, Leveque, Martin, Materre, Tournillon
1841 22 Nov/BRDR Landry LANDRY   Azéline SIMONEAUX French Creole Landry, Simaumeaux/Simoneaux
1841 2 Dec/BRDR Élie LANDRY (widower)   Azélie LE BLANC (widow) Acadian Plaughaus, Rousseau
1841 20 Dec/SWLR Pierre LANDRY   Marie Aselie COMEAUX Acadian none listed
1841 28 Dec/BRDR Joseph SIMONEAU French Creole Angelina LANDRY   Falcon, Landry
1842 27 Jan/SWLR Terville LANDRY   Marie Irma SEGURA Spanish Creole none listed
1842 1 Feb/SWLR Honoré/Henne TRAHAN Acadian Marguerite LANDRY   none listed
1842 7 Feb/SLR Ursin LANDRY   Rosalie ROUSSEAU French Creole none listed
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Hermogène Séverin LANDRY Zulmé Catherine FERNANDEZ Spanish Creole? Belton, Fernandez, Landry, Leblanc, Vela
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Albert ALLAIN Acadian Marie Elisa LANDRY   Allain, Breaux, Landry
1842 10 Feb/SLR Jacques LANDRY   Clotilde BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1842 4 Apr/BRDR Stillman HARVEY Anglo Clothilda LANDRY   Harvey, Landry
1842 18 Apr/BRDR Treville LANDRY   Clarisse BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Crochet, Landry
1842 2 May/BRDR Emeran Joseph SIMONEAUX French Creole Élizabeth LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc, Simonaud
1842 13 Jun/BRDR Pierre Timoléon HÉBERT Acadian [Marie] Gertrude LANDRY Allain, Arceneaux, Babin, Braud, Caives, Lacave, Walsh
1842 13 Sep/BRDR Leger Valsin LANDRY (wdr.)   Madelaine BABIN (widow) Acadian Bourdier, Grégoire, Landry
1842 20 Sep/BRDR André REGAUFFRE Foreign French Eliza LANDRY (widow) Arbonneaux, Bourdier, Broussard, Bujol, Dauphine, Dugas, Grégoire, Guegou, Landry, Leblanc, Pascales, Picou, Roman
1842 3 Oct/SWLR Philemon BROUSSARD Acadian Anastasie LANDRY   none listed
1843 2 Feb/SWLR Théodule DELCAMBRE Foreign French Marie Azélie LANDRY   none listed
1843 9 Feb/BRDR Auguste Dorcinie LANDRY Marie Rosella BRAUD Acadian Braud/Braus, Dugas, Landry, Telles, Terrio
1843 9 Feb/BRDR Amédée BOURG Acadian Célestine LANDRY (widow)   Braud, Chauvin, Dubourg, LeBlanc, Melançon, Richard, Sarazin
1843 20 Feb/SWLR Pierre Louis DOVIER French Creole? Marguerite LANDRY (widow)   none listed
1843 25 Feb/BRDR Achille LANDRY (widower) Aureline BLANCHARD Acadian Allain, Boissac, Broussard, Delaune, Landry
1843 8 Apr/SLR Zéphirin DUPRÉ French Creole Marguerite Anaïse LANDRY   none listed
1843 25 Apr/SLR Jean Baptiste AUGERON French Creole? Célestine LANDRY   none listed
1843 25 Apr/BRDR Pierre Luc DUFRESNE French Creole Mathilde LANDRY   Comau, Daigre, Dufresne, Landry
1843 8 May/BRDR Séverin BRAUD Acadian Sarazine/Seraine LANDRY   Braud, Guédry, Imbeaux
1843 9 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Marie Alzina LANDRY Babin, Braud, Gaudin, Hébert, Landry, Savois
1843 5 Jun/SWLR Florentin BOURG Acadian Delphine LANDRY   none listed
1843 19 Jun/BRDR Firmin Davat LANDRY (wdr.) Acadian Marie Joséphine LANDRY Acadian Commeaux, Duplessi, Gallaugher, Landry
1843 10 Jul/BRDR Sylvanie BOURQUE Acadian Doralise LANDRY   Babin, Guédry
1843 10 Jul/BRDR Maglorie [Magloire] LANDRY Marie Dulcinée LAMBREMONT French Creole Breaud/Breaux, Lambremont, Landry, Marchand, Sigur
1843 28 Aug/SWLR Onézime LE BLANC Acadian Adélaïde LANDRY   none listed
1843 6 Oct/BRDR Auguste LÉVÊQUE (widower) French Creole? Basilide LANDRY   Bujol, Brogard, Landry, Whallen
1843 28 Oct/BRDR John ROBERSON Anglo Marguerite Émilie LANDRY Bourdier, Boze, Braud, Kuchman, Landry, Moller, Richard, Roberson
1843 20 Nov/BRDR Théodule MOLAISON Acadian Victorine LANDRY Brogard, Cerron, Hébert, Landry, Molaison, Vaughn
1844 15 Jan/BRDR Joseph Narcisse LANDRY Estelle BERNARD [du Montier] French Creole Blanchard, Hébert, Landry, Leblanc, Vaughn
1844 23 Jan/BRDR Louis BOUCHEROU French Creole? Noemie LANDRY Blanchard, Bouchereau, Comes, Degre, Landry, Leblanc, Templet
1844 5 Feb/BRDR Destival BABIN Acadian Marceline LANDRY (widow)   Babin, Hébert
1844 12 Feb/SWLR Louis DELCAMBRE Foreign French Adélaïde LANDRY   none listed
1844 12 Feb/BRDR Jean Théodule DELAUNE Acadian Armelise Rose LANDRY Blanchard, Boissac, Delaune, Dupuy, Landry, Tusson
1844 15 Feb/BRDR Onésime LANDRY (widower)   Rosalie CAPDEVEILLE (w.) French Creole Landry
1844 19 Feb/BRDR Armogène BABIN Acadian Célestine LANDRY   Babin, Blanchard, Hebert, Landry, Leblanc, Molaison, Riga
1844 16 Apr/BRDR Joseph Gustave LANDRY Rosalie Eliska MIRE Acadian Barras, Beanney, Duffel, Gaudet, Hébert, Johnson, Landry, LeBlanc, Mire, Nicholls, Owens, Pedesclaux, Pinele, Repp
1844 18 Apr/BRDR Jean LANDRY   Elina CONRAD German Creole? Grabert, Landry
1844 30 Apr/BRDR Norbert TEMPLET/TEMPLAIT Acadian Augustine Margaret/Margaret Augustine LANDRY   Landry
1844 13 May/BRDR Gédéon HÉBERT Acadian Céleste LANDRY   Hebert, Landry, Marisot
1844 15 May/SWLR Thelesphore LANDRY   Pamela LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1844 18 Jun/SWLR Victor LANDRY   Marie Azélie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1844 10 Aug/BRDR Lucien CHARLET French Creole? Emma LANDRY   Charlet, Dugas
1844 27 Aug/BRDR Ives Jean Baptiste LANDRY   Delphine Denise BARBIER French Creole? Charlet, Martin, Tausine
1844 9 Sep/BRDR Valmont FERBOS French Creole? Arthémise LANDRY (widow) Acadian Beichade, Hébert
1844 21 Oct/BRDR Silvany LANDRY   Élizabeth LE BLANC Acadian Guédry, Landry, LeBlanc
1844 25 Nov/SWLR Camille BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Fanelie LANDRY   none listed
1844 16 Dec/SWLR Gérard LANDRY   Mélanie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1845 28 Jan/BRDR Jean Rosémond LANDRY Marie Antoinette HÉBERT Acadian Boze, Braud/Braux, Hatkinson, Hébert, Landry, Leblanc, Mollere, Nicholls, Tusson, Williams
1845 29 Jan/BRDR Donat LANDRY Victorine RICHARD Acadian Gravois, Grégoire, Legender, Melancon
1845 4 Apr/SWLR Dom Louis GARRIE/GARRIG Spanish Creole Éloise/Louise LANDRY   none listed
1845 14 Apr/SWLR Cyphroyen/Symphorien LANDRY   Estelle Vina GRANGER Acadian none listed
1845 5 May/BRDR Arsène CROCHAIT Acadian Batilde LANDRY   Dugas, Landry, Mendez
1845 6 May/BRDR Luc DUGAS Acadian Aureline LANDRY   Dugas, Landry
1845 25 May/BRDR Vallière LANDRY Acadian Adèle LANDRY Acadian Belein, Foret, Hébert
1845 7 Jul/BRDR Valsin MELANÇON Acadian Carmelite LANDRY   Bourg, Gravois, Melançon, Richard
1845 22 Jul/BRDR Pierre Arthur HATKINSON Anglo [Marie] Aurela LANDRY   Bourdier, Landry, Nicholls, Terio
1845 9 Sep/BRDR Valsin LANDRY   Rosa LE BLANC Acadian Fornier, Mendez, Pugh
1845 15 Sep/BRDR Eugène LANDRY   Constance RICHARD Acadian Blanchard, LeBlanc, Romagosa
1845 29 Dec/BRDR [Terence] Prudens LANDRY   Joséphine LE BLANC Acadian Landry, Langlois
1845 30 Dec/BRDR Marcellin LANDRY   Victorie Celina DAIGRE Acadian Daigre, Hébert, Landry, Rils
1846 12 Jan/SLR W. Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Mathilde LANDRY   none listed
1846 14 Jan/BRDR Joseph Théodule LANDRY Acadian Marie Manette LANDRY Acadian Dorsey, Duffels, Landry, Monisaux, Nicholls, Pedesclaux, Reynaud, Vives, Winchester
1846 20 Jan/BRDR François Joseph BUJOL Acadian Irma LANDRY Bujol, Landry, Leveque, Molaison, Schlatte
1846 29 Jan/BRDR Pierre LANDRY Acadian Eléonore LANDRY (widow) Acadian Blanchard, Landry
1846 30 Jan/BRDR Joseph HENRY (widower) Acadian Marie Azélie LANDRY (wd.)   Babin, Commeaux, Heude
1846 8 Feb/BRDR Gerville BREAUD Acadian Hélène LANDRY   Gagne, Guédry, LeBlanc
1846 13 Apr/SWLR Édouard COMEAU, Sr. (wdr.) Acadian Carmelite LANDRY (widow)   none listed
1846 21 Apr/SWLR Jean Beauville LANDRY   Clementine HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1846 25 May/SWLR Alphonse LANDRY   Amelia MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1846 22 Jul/BRDR Michel Drausin GAUDET Acadian Marie Célestine LANDRY Badie, Braud, Gaudet, Hébert, Landry, Terio, Winchester
1846 2 Aug/SLR Raphaël LANDRY   Clémence RIGAUD French Creole? none listed
1846 13 Aug/SLR Valéry BOUTARY/BOUTARIE French Creole? Felonise LANDRY   none listed
1847 18 Jan/BRDR Trazimond COMAU Acadian Marie Domitille LANDRY   Aillet, Comeau/Comeaux, Landry
1847 25 Jan/SWLR Norbert HÉBERT Acadian Advelia LANDRY   none listed
1847 25 Jan/BRDR Ignace LE BLANC Acadian Azéma LANDRY   Landry
1847 6 Feb/BRDR [Jean?] Eugène FERAY Foreign French Célestine LANDRY   Feray, Guédry, Sornier
1847 8 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste ENGER German? Aima LANDRY   Gaslin, LeBlanc, Serret
1847 9 Feb/BRDR Joseph Aristide LANDRY (widower) Acadian Marie Anne Nesida LANDRY Acadian Barthelemy, Duffel, Dugas, Eaton, Landry, Martin, Nicholls, Pedesclaux, Simon
1847 10 Feb/BRDR Pierre PATUREAUX Foreign French Emma LANDRY   Comaux, Durcino, Landry, Patureaux
1847 15 Feb/BRDR Joseph RODRIGUEZ Spanish Creole? Elisa LANDRY   Belanzat, Garcia, Rodriguez
1847 5 Apr/BRDR Lucien SIMONEAUX French Creole Aurelia LANDRY   Agnerio, Landry, LeBlanc, Mollere
1847 5 Apr/BRDR Joseph LANDRY Acadian Pamela LANDRY Acadian Blanchard, Templet
1847 20 Apr/BRDR Marcellin MELANÇON Acadian Marie Élizabeth LANDRY   Chase, Comaux/Comeau, Landry, Leblanc, Lessard, Melancon, Richard
1847 5 May/BRDR Dormeville LANDRY Acadian Alsina LANDRY Acadian Landry
1847 11 May/BRDR Philippe L. LANDRY   Marguerite Narcissa Estelle PEDESCLAUX Spanish Creole Barthélemy, Gaudin, Landry, Nicholls, Pedesclaux, Renaud, Vives
1847 17 May/SWLR Euclide SIMON French Creole Marie Sidalise LANDRY   none listed
1847 25 May/SWLR Emerant LANDRY   Adélaïde ROY French Can. none listed
1847 21 Jul/BRDR Joseph [Victor] LANDRY   Roseline AUCOIN Acadian Boudreaux, Cumez, Landry
1847 12 Oct/BRDR Bienvenue LANDRY   Laurenza CAPDEVILLE French Creole LeBlanc, Mollere
1847 29 Nov/SWLR Valsin VINCENT Acadian Joséphine LANDRY none listed
1847 28 Dec/BRDR Michel RICHARD, Jr. Acadian Laura LANDRY   Babin, Besson, Dugas, Landry, Leblanc, Richard, Sadec
1848 25 Jan/BRDR Léon STRONG Anglo Madelaine LANDRY Cransat, Landry, Mecke, Pivquet, Ricard, Rosalia
1848 26 Jan/BRDR François Amadéo LANDRY (widower) Marie Louise MIRE Acadian Arceneaux, Badie, Eaton, Gaudet, Landry, Mire
1848 31 Jan/BRDR Valérien LANDRY, fils   Mathilde DAIGLE Acadian Barthélémy, Hébert, Landry
1848 12 Feb/BRDR Narcisse Pharon LANDRY Marguerite Coralie LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc, Richard
1848 14 Feb/BRDR Lovency LANDRY   Célestine BOURG Acadian Blanchard, Bourg, Mendez
1848 15 Feb/BRDR Francisco Zavier Louis Pizarro MARTINEZ Spanish Creole? Marine Victorine LANDRY   Bernard, Landry, Vaughan
1848 21 Feb/SLR Aurelien LANDRY   Marceline DESTRIVAL French Creole? none listed
1848 29 Feb/BRDR J. Léon GOTHREAU Acadian Emma Hélène LANDRY   Commeau, Gauthreaux, Guédry, Landry, LeBlanc, Verret
1848 20 Mar/BRDR Treville HÉBERT Acadian Pauline LANDRY   Hebert, Labauve
1848 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph Octave LANDRY   Emma ALEXANDRY French Creole? Alexandry, Landry
1848 25 Apr/BRDR J[oseph]. Jules LANDRY (wdr.) Carmelite LE BLANC (wd.) Acadian Buquoi, Comstock, Lafargue, Landry, LeBlanc
1848 8 May/SWLR Placide LE BLANC French Can. Odille LANDRY   none listed
1848 12 Jun/SWLR Joseph LANDRY   Eugènie PICCARD French Creole? none listed
1848 26 Jun/BRDR Eugène LANDRY (widower)   Marie Armelise DAIGLE Acadian Andrieux, Daigle, LeBlanc
1848 29 Jun/BRDR Cyprien BOURGEOIS Acadian Amelie LANDRY   Coudovin, Gravois, Grégoire, LeBlanc
1848 4 Jul/SWLR François SAVOY IV Acadian Marie Hélodie Valentin LANDRY   none listed
1848 7 Aug/BRDR Jean MAC CARTY Irish Imm. Laure LANDRY Commeau, Landry, LeBlanc, Murphy, Pugh
1848 25 Sep/BRDR Ira Edwin ORCUTT Anglo? Zéolide LANDRY Arnandez, Davis, Landry, LeBlanc, Tutte
1848 2 Oct/BRDR François Agustin DAIGLE Acadian Marie Amelia LANDRY   Arnold, Babin, Landry
1848 10 Oct/BRDR Jean Vincent REYNAUD French Creole? Marie Céleste LANDRY Duffel/Duffels, Landry, Pedesclaux, Reynaud
1849 9 Jan/SWLR Rosémond Clémil LANDRY   Marie Irma BERNARD Acadian none listed
1849 15 Jan/BRDR Gustave LANDRY   Emma ALLAIN Acadian Hebert, Landry
1849 19 Feb/BRDR Joseph LANDRY   Marie Irma LE BLANC Acadian Blanchard, LeBlanc
1849 19 Mar/BRDR Joseph LANDRY   Élize LEBOUF French Creole Guedry, Landry
1849 11 Apr/SWLR Michel BOURDIER Foreign French? Clarisse LANDRY   none listed
1849 12 Apr/BRDR Rosémond SIMONEAUX French Creole Zulma LANDRY   Bergeron, Broussard, LeBlanc
1849 16 Apr/BRDR Jean St. Bernard LANDRY   Baselisse BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Delaune, Landry
1849 27 Apr/BRDR Norbert Silvère LANDRY   Marie Irma OUBRE German Creole Como, LeBourgeois, Swisher, Theriot
1849 7 May/SLR Justilien BOURGEOIS Acadian Mélicère LANDRY   none listed
1849 22 May/BRDR Eliezer LANDRY   Élodie DUPUY Acadian Calry, Dupuy, Landry, Lauve
1849 28 May/BRDR Miguel ALONSO Spanish? Celerine LANDRY   Gentil, Neitzerroff, Rodriguez, Sawyer
1849 28 May/BRDR Gustave LANDRY   Marie Amelie DUPUY Acadian Dupuy, Hebert, Seguinaud, Trabaud
1849 27 Jun/BRDR Ursin LANDRY   Adèlle ADOLPHE (widow) French Creole? Diomaydow, Landry, Maroit
1849 10 Jul/BRDR Jérôme Kleber GAUDET Acadian Elizabeth Amanda LANDRY   Barthélémy, Gaudet, Landry, LeBlanc, Nicholls, Pedesclaux, Poursine
1849 12 Jul/SWLR Godefroy LANDRY Acadian Marguerite Eugènie/Virginie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1849 23 Jul/BRDR Zenon LANDRY   Zéolite SEDOTALE [CEDOTAL] French Creole? Dugas, Louis, Simoneaux
1849 24 Jul/SWLR Pierre GUCHEREAUX Foreign French Iréné LANDRY   none listed
1849 30 Jul/SWLR Jacob CLARK Anglo Arsène LANDRY   none listed
1849 6 Aug/SWLR Charles FREDERIC German Creole? Elvina LANDRY   none listed
1849 10 Nov/BRDR Joseph Terence LANDRY   Marie Antoinette BRAUD (widow) Acadian Babin, Bouchereau, Braud, Landry
1850 3 Jan/BRDR Jacques BARTHE Foreign French Adélaïde LANDRY   Couet, Dupuis, Feuchere
1850 20 Jan/SLR Hermogène LANDRY   Clara Cécile/Cécilia GAUTRAUX Acadian none listed
1850 28 Jan/BRDR Joseph Louis BARTHÉLEMY French Creole? Appoline LANDRY   Barthelemy, Landry
1850 2 Feb/BRDR Marcellus LANDRY   Elmire LE BLANC Acadian Landry, Savoy
1850 4 Feb/BRDR Louis Onézime LANDRY Joséphine HOTARD German Creole? Blanchot, Hotard, Johnson, Landry, Lefeux
1850 5 Feb/BRDR Michel POIRIER Acadian Joséphine LANDRY   Gauthraux, LeBlanc, Poirier, Swisher
1850 11 Feb/SWLR Charles COMMAU Acadian Adveline LANDRY   none listed
1850 11 Feb/SWLR Martel LANDRY, Jr.   Marie O. VILLATOR [VIATOR] Spanish Creole none listed
1850 11 Feb/BRDR Michel DUGAS Acadian Françoise LANDRY   Dugas, LeBlanc
1850 1 Apr/BRDR Cleophas SIMONEAU French Creole Eliza LANDRY   Forazier, Landry
1850 8 Apr/BRDR Zéphirin GIROIR Acadian Armelise LANDRY   Landry
1850 22 Apr/SWLR François N. LANDRY (wdr.)   Carmelite BLANCHET (wd.) French Creole none listed
1850 1 May/BRDR Oscar DUPUY Acadian Élodie LANDRY   Desobry, Landry, Marionneaux
1850 7 May/BRDR Aristide LANDRY   Joséphine BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Landry
1850 20 May/SWLR Ozémé VIATOR Spanish Creole Marie Celima LANDRY   none listed
1850 20 May/SWLR Maximilien LANDRY   Marie BERTRANT German Creole? none listed
1850 24 May/BRDR Thomas HILL Anglo Evelline Mathilde LANDRY   Albagnac, Delaune
1850 10 Jun/BRDR Godgrand LANDRY   Zulmée ROUSSEAU French Creole Bernuchot, Brault, Delas, Fernandez, Galiece, Guédry, Landry
1850 1 Jul/BRDR Senville PARENT French Creole? Seraine LANDRY (widow) Babin, Blouin, Gautreau, Hébert, Landry
1850 23 Jul/SWLR Fulbert LANDRY   Elisa COMMAU Acadian none listed
1850 26 Aug/BRDR Joseph Octave LANDRY (wdr.)   Marie Theresine BRAUD Acadian Babin, Gautreau, Hébert, Prevot
1850 2 Sep/SWLR Onésime BABINEAU Acadian Amelie/Émelie LANDRY   none listed
1850 16 Sep/BRDR Louis TRAHAN (widower) Acadian Clarisse LANDRY   Brouillard/Broussard, Thibodeaux, Trahan
1850 17 Sep/BRDR Amédée LANDRY Acadian Marie Désirée LANDRY Acadian Bernard, Dupuy, Hébert, Landry, Martinez
1850 19 Sep/BRDR Saintville DUGAS Acadian Elisa LANDRY   Aucoin, Bernard, Daigle
1850 1 Oct/BRDR Joachim LANDRY Acadian Marguerite Clara LANDRY Acadian Bourdier, Braud, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc, Melançon
1850 29 Oct/BRDR Evariste PART Acadian Justine LANDRY   Houvre, Landry, LeBlanc, LeBourgeois
1850 9 Dec/SWLR Émile LANDRY   Aséma SIMON French Creole none listed
1850 30 Dec/SWLR Émile HÉBERT Acadian Marie Octavine LANDRY   none listed
1851 3 Feb/BRDR Timoléon LE BLANC Acadian Élizabeth LANDRY   Burk, Comaux, Landry
1851 9 Feb/BRDR Alfred HÉBERT Acadian Elvina LANDRY   Braud, Landry, LeBlanc, Woods
1851 24 Feb/SWLR Neuville LANDRY Acadian Madeleine Emma LANDRY Acadian none listed
1851 28 Apr/SWLR Norval LORMAND French Creole? Uranie LANDRY   none listed
1851 12 May/SWLR Jean Seville LANDRY   Azélie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1851 13 May/SWLR Onésiphore LANDRY   Félicienne DEJEAN French Creole none listed
1851 20 May/BRDR [Pierre] Bélisaire LANDRY   Lise Élizabeth LÉVÊQUE French Creole? Bourg, Hébert, Landry, Leveque
1851 27 May/BRDR Silvanie BOURG Acadian Adèle LANDRY Babin, Bourg, Caires, Labadiole, Landry
1851 11 Jun/BRDR Doezor LANDRY   Élisa LABAUVE Acadian Alexandrie, Labauve, Landry, LeBlanc
1851 16 Jun/SWLR Adrien RICHARD (widower) Acadian Carmelite LANDRY (widow)   none listed
1851 17 Jun/BRDR Villeneuve THUILLIER French Creole Elmire LANDRY   Barthélémy, Hébert, Landry, Leriet
1851 26 Jun/BRDR Cleophas ROBICHEAUX Acadian Euphémie LANDRY   Giroir, Landry, Robicheaux, Simoneaux
1851 12 Aug/BRDR Carville BREAUX Acadian Celima LANDRY   Blanchard, Guédry, LeBlanc
1851 16 Sep/BRDR Grégoire LANDRY Paulinne HÉBERT Acadian Blanchard, Charlet, Landry, LeBlanc, Martin
1851 29 Sep/BRDR John EATON Anglo Marie Céleste LANDRY (wd.)   Duffel, Landry, Reynaud, Turgeau
1851 21 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste LANDRY Clementine LE BLANC Acadian Agnès, Comeaux, Gauthreaux, Landry, Simonau
1851 9 Dec/SWLR Jean Baptiste Désiré LANDRY Acadian Emma LANDRY Acadian none listed
1851 30 Dec/BRDR Théodule LANDRY   Marie Roselia PIERRE French Creole? Claiborne, Colomb, Landry, Pierre
1852 7 Jan/SWLR Simon Fercy LANDRY   Remise GIROUARD Acadian none listed
1852 15 Jan/BRDR Ernest PEDESCLAUX Spanish Creole Aglae LANDRY   Duffel, Landry, Mollere, Pedesclaux
1852 4 Feb/SLR Auguste LANDRY   Scholastique BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1852 22 Jun/BRDR Austin HUNT Anglo Aglae LANDRY   Breaux, Bush, Comeaux, Fariday
1852 2 Aug/SWLR Adolphe LANDRY   Marie Nathalie MAYARD (w.) French Creole? none listed
1852 9 Aug/SLR Lucien LANDRY   Honorine Mathilde HOTARD German Creole none listed
1852 16 Aug/BRDR Joseph Olibert HÉBERT Acadian Marie Claire LANDRY   Babin, Braud, Hébert, Landry
1852 21 Sep/BRDR Firmin Davat LANDRY (widower)   Marie Euphrosine TROXELER (widow) German Creole? Hebert, Landry, Troxler/Troxcler
1852 29 Sep/BRDR Louis Lessard LANDRY Acadian Delia LANDRY Acadian Landry
1852 18 Oct/SWLR Paul Delina LALANDE Acadian Palmyre LANDRY   none listed
1853 10 Jan/BRDR Simon LANDRY   Zéolide BLANCHARD Acadian Arseneau, Blanchard
1853 17 Jan/BRDR Léon U.[Eugène] LANDRY Acadian Adveline LANDRY Acadian Dugas, Landry
1853 19 Jan/SLR Bazile LANDRY   Marie JOLIBOIS French Creole? none listed
1853 19 Jan/BRDR Adrien SIMONEAU French Creole Octavie LANDRY   Rodriguez, Simoneau
1853 1 Feb/BRDR Sosthène AILLET French Creole Zulma LANDRY   Aillet, Allain, LeBlanc, Serret
1853 3 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste LANDRY (wdr.)   Adélaïde CROCHET Acadian Landry, Picou
1853 3 Feb/BRDR Simon Théodore LANDRY   Joséphine PELLERIN French Creole? Landry, Picou
1853 7 Feb/BRDR Alexis SIMONEAU French Creole Aurelia LANDRY   Achees, Fournier, Landry, Simoneau
1853 8 Feb/SLR Maximan HENRY Acadian Marie Liza LANDRY   none listed
1853 17 Mar/SWLR Victoria [Victor?] LOPEZ Spanish Creole? Arthémise LANDRY   none listed
1853 19 Mar/BRDR Ursin LANDRY   Emma Marguerite ST. MARTIN French Creole? Barre, Boudreaux, Conway, Dupard, Lamobliere, Landry, Leon, Valfroit
1853 5 Apr/SWLR Aristide ROTH German Creole? Ursule LANDRY   Babin, Dugas, Lacroix, Landry
1853 2 May/SLR Eugène BADEAU/BADEAUX French Creole? Pamela LANDRY   none listed
1853 3 May/BRDR Donatien LEJEUNE Acadian Nirza LANDRY   Babin, Lejeune, LeRoux
1853 11 May/BRDR John B. PECK Anglo Marie Azélie LANDRY Clapp, Duffel, Elder, Eshleman, Landry, Macready, Maurin, Renaud, Seghers
1853 23 May/BRDR Johannes BORVINKELMANN German Imm. Marie Hélène LANDRY   Bergeron, Landry, Leveque, Petit
1853 30 May/SWLR Jacque Euclide SAUNIER Acadian Eugénie Besida LANDRY   none listed
1853 30 May/BRDR Sosthènes LANDRY   Adeline Roselie BREAUX Acadian Landry
1853 28 Jun/SWLR Demas BERNARD Acadian Victorine LANDRY   none listed
1853 15 Jul/SWLR François LELEU French Creole Élodie LANDRY   none listed
1853 16 Aug/BRDR Vileor LAVERRE French Creole? Octavie LANDRY   Dugas, Robichaud
1853 21 Sep/BRDR Joseph Napoléon LANDRY   Marie Célestine DUPUY Acadian Landry
1853 27 Oct/BRDR Peter Célestin ORILLION Acadian Adèle LANDRY   Degelos, Landry, Orillion, Rivet
1853 8 Nov/SWLR Léon BILLEAUD Foreign French Malvina LANDRY   none listed
1853 21 Nov/BRDR Octave YENTZEN German? Marie LANDRY   Guédry, Jenti, Landry, Parks, Yantzan
1853 26 Dec/SWLR Séverin LANDRY   Anatalie BOUDRAU Acadian none listed
1854 2 Jan/SWLR Joseph [Oliffe?] LANDRY   Estillia VIATOR Spanish Creole none listed
1854 10 Jan/BRDR L[azare]. Gustave LANDRY   Luthecia BABIN Acadian Babin, Dugas, Gaudin, Landry
1854 30 Jan/SWLR Armelin PICARD French Creole? Marie Celimene LANDRY   none listed
1854 7 Feb/BRDR Clovis DUGAS Acadian Lorenza LANDRY   Babin, Beaugay, Dugas, LeBlanc
1854 20 Feb/SWLR Norbert HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Arsènne LANDRY   none listed
1854 21 Feb/SWLR Désiré LE BLANC Acadian Donatille LANDRY   none listed
1854 21 Feb/BRDR Philippe LANDRY   Marie Emma Aelayde LE BLANC Acadian Heude, Landry, LeBlanc, Roth
1854 27 Feb/SLR Toussaint BABIN (widower) Acadian Marie Ernestine LANDRY   none listed
1854 27 Feb/SWLR Jean Dorceno LANDRY   Marie Léontine DORÉ French Creole? none listed
1854 28 Feb/SWLR Jean Darmase LANDRY   Adélaïde Louisa COMEAUX Acadian none listed
1854 18 Apr/SWLR Adélard QUEBEDEAUX French Can.? Leóntine LANDRY   none listed
1854 1 May/SWLR Théogène LANDRY (widower)   Marie Izide BOURC Acadian none listed
1854 8 May/SWLR Sylvestre Berci LANDRY   Nathalie MALLET French Creole none listed
1854 15 May/SWLR Émilien LANDRY, fils   Joséphine LOUVIERE Acadian none listed
1854 15 May/SWLR Euclide LANDRY   Marcelite COMEAU Acadian none listed
1854 6 Jun/BRDR Camille NICOLAS Anglo Celima LANDRY Beaugey, Breaux, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc, Mollere
1854 12 Jun/BRDR Jean Baptiste TUILLIER French Creole Estelle LANDRY   Hebert, Thuillier/Tullier
1854 20 Jul/BRDR Drauzin LANDRY Uranie MOLLERE French Creole Beaugey, Breaux, Dugas, Landry, Mollere
1854 1 Aug/BRDR Urbain Aristide HÉBERT Acadian Anne Amelie LANDRY   Hébert, Landry, Vaughn
1854 4 Aug/BRDR Maximilliem TROSCLAIR French Creole? Clara LANDRY Aillet, Dufresne, Hebert, Levert, Trocler
1854 7 Aug/BRDR Magloire LANDRY (widower)   Marie Elena BREAUX Acadian Beltran, Breaux, Bush, Esclapon, Hébert, Joly, Lambremont, Landry, Lauve, Marchand, Rousseau, Win
1854 24 Aug/BRDR Louis Aladin DUPRÉ French Creole? Marguerite LANDRY   Blanchard, Bourgeois, Guédry, Landry
1854 4 Dec/SLR Marcelus/Marcelin ESTEVE Spanish Creole? Azélie LANDRY   none listed
1854 12 Dec/SWLR Terence GIROUARD Acadian Adonatille LANDRY   none listed
1854 26 Dec/SWLR Ursin LANDRY Acadian Suzanne LANDRY Acadian none listed
1855 2 Jan/SWLR Émile Alcide LANDRY   Emma GIROUARD Acadian none listed
1855 15 Jan/BRDR Joseph F[erdinand]. LANDRY   Marie Armelise BRAUD Acadian Landry
1855 12 Feb/SWLR Alfred LANDRY   Marie Azena RICHARD Acadian none listed
1855 16 Feb/BRDR R. Prosper LANDRY Adèle PEDESCLAUX Spanish Creole Bazerque, Duffel, Hepburn, Landry, Mire, Pedesclaux
1855 19 Feb/SWLR Émile LANDRY   Marie Émilie MONTET French Creole none listed
1855 20 Feb/SWLR Clémille LANDRY   Erasie BERNARD Acadian none listed
1855 5 Mar/SLR François LEE Anglo Ozelia LANDRY   none listed
1855 13 Mar/SLR Ernest CANTRELLE French Creole Elvire LANDRY   none listed
1855 19 Mar/SWLR Pierre DUGAS Acadian Rosalie LANDRY   none listed
1855 9 Apr/BRDR Diogène LANDRY   Aloysia RICHARD Acadian Hébert, Lambremont, Landry, Rivière
1855 30 Apr/BRDR Auguste LANDRY (widower)   Mélanie FRYOU French Creole? Aucoin, Bourgeois
1855 1 May/BRDR Jean Trasimond LANDRY, fils   Amelie Élisabeth SEGHERS German Creole? Beherm, Brown, Landry, Seghers
1855 2 May/BRDR Dorville Adolphe LANDRY   Marie Octavine BERGERON Acadian Bergeron, Landry
1855 7 May/BRDR Jules E. LANDRY   Euphroisine DUPUY Acadian Babin, Landry
1855 5 Jun/BRDR Félix LE BLANC Acadian Aimée Désirée LANDRY   Ayraud, Blanchard, Cire, Landry, LeBlanc, Terrio, Vives
1855 9 Jun/BRDR Pierre Ferdoussi CAILLIER French Creole? Émelie LANDRY (widow)   Blanchard, Boudreau, Brands, Caillier, Comay, Hill, Marquet
1855 3 Jul/BRDR Joseph Édouard LANDRY   Joséphine BUQUOI French Creole? Bethancourt, Buquoi, Comstock, Terrio
1855 16 Aug/BRDR T. [Joseph] Valentin LANDRY (widower) Acadian Marguerite Elina LANDRY Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1855 19 Aug/SWLR Valentin/Valentine LANDRY   Merite Marie Amelie DUPUIS/DUPREY (widow) Acadian none listed
1855 23 Aug/BRDR Philippe LANDRY Augustine POCHE French Creole Bower, Dugas, Landry, Thibodaus/Thibodaux
1855 23 Aug/BRDR Théophile LANDRY   Geneviève Élodie ROUILLIER French Creole? Landry, Ramire, Rouillier, Thibodaux
1855 10 Sep/BRDR Théodore BLANCHARD Acadian Élizabeth LANDRY Degelos, Estevan, Landry, Marr, Shanks
1855 18 Sep/SWLR Émilien BABINEAUX Acadian Elisa LANDRY   none listed
1855 20 Sep/SWLR Terville LANDRY (widower)   Marie Aurelia TERRIOT Acadian none listed
1855 23 Oct/BRDR Homer CIRE French Creole? Marie Virginie LANDRY Cire, Comstock, Dugas, Fortier,  Hatkinson, LeBlanc, Nichols, Ohara, Terrio
1855 29 Oct/BRDR Simon Tiburce LANDRY   Élizabeth MONSON [MUNSON] Anglo? French? Grille, Monson/Moson, Vichneair
1855 12 Nov/BRDR Louis Simon LANDRY Acadian Marie Sulvina LANDRY Acadian Dinoux, Duplessis, Hamilton, Landry
1856 14 Jan/BRDR Luc Silvanie LANDRY   Arvilla TALBOT Acadian Landry, Talbot
1856 14 Jan/BRDR Valmont GAUTHREAUX Acadian Marie Azéma LANDRY   Gauthreaux, Hébert, Landry, Marionneaux, Nolb, Richard
1856 3 Apr/BRDR Adolphe Cleophas NAQUIN Acadian Marie Eugènie LANDRY   Foret, Landry, Naquin
1856 7 Apr/BRDR Eugène TIRCUIT French Creole? Louisa LANDRY   Hébers/Hébert, Landry, Thuillier
1856 14 Apr/BRDR Dorcini LANDRY (widower)   Magdelaine BABIN (widow) Acadian Babin, Landry, Marchand, Mire
1856 19 Apr/SWLR Cyrille/Syrville LANDRY   Marie Aglae GARY/GARRY Spanish Creole? none listed
1856 28 Apr/SWLR Alexandre LANDRY   Émilie COMMEAUX Acadian none listed
1856 31 May/SLR Omer LANDRY   Elma/Elina BOUVIER French Creole? none listed
1856 10 Jun/SWLR André WANTRESS French? Anglo? Elina LANDRY   none listed
1856 10 Jun/SWLR Jean Seville LANDRY (wdr.)   Adélaïde Cécile DEGEYTER French? German? none listed
1856 21 Jul/BRDR Augustin AUCOIN Acadian Séraphine LANDRY   Dupuis, Hebert, Landry, Simoneaux
1856 28 Jul/BRDR Anselme LANDRY (widower)   Clothilde BABIN (widow) Acadian Babin, Bouchereau, Braud, Decoteaux, Hamilton, Mirre, Rivet
1856 8 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste Oscar LANDRY   Louise DAIGLE Acadian Daigle, Labauve
1856 8 Oct/BRDR Joseph Alfred LANDRY   Marie Aloysia LÉVÊQUE French Creole? Leveque
1856 13 Oct/BRDR Théodore LANDRY Anaïse MOLLERE French Creole Babin, Blanchard, Landry, LeBlanc, Mollere
1856 20 Oct/BRDR Victorin LANDRY   Marguerite Élizabeth RIVET Acadian Comu, Hernandez, Landry, Lessard, Orault, Orillion, Rivet, Robisheaux
1856 27 Oct/SWLR Paul LANDRY   Eugènie HULOT French Creole? none listed
1856 11 Nov/BRDR George M. BEAMAN Anglo? Marise Lise LANDRY Denoux, Hephine, Ilsley, Landry, Pedesclaux, Penney
1856 12 Nov/SWLR Derbes L. LANDRY Acadian Mélanie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1856 24 Nov/BRDR Prudent MIRE Acadian Amelie/Émelie LANDRY (widow)   Chauvin, Melancon, Mirre, Richard
1856 27 Nov/BRDR Nurville LANDRY (widower) Munircca Jane NEWCHURCH Anglo? Blanchard, LeBlanc, Newchurch, Webre
1857 19 Jan/BRDR Adélard LANDRY   Scholastique BRAUD Acadian Blanchard, Grandin
1857 26 Jan/SWLR Hubert LANDRY   Marie Zelma DANIEL Anglo? none listed
1857 2 Feb/BRDR Léon LANDRY   Ozile DAIGLE Acadian Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc
1857 19 Mar/BRDR Justin LANDRY   Marie Zulmée TRICHE French Creole? Anley, Folse, Landry, Triche
1857 20 Apr/SWLR Villery LANDRY   Rosalie BOUDEREAUX Acadian none listed
1857 12 May/BRDR Joseph Osémé LANDRY   Célestine CAPBERN French Creole? Braud, Cire, Comes, Dupuy, Landry, Saint Martin, Terrio
1857 18 May/BRDR Celicour HAMILTON Anglo Marie Félicie LANDRY   Babin, Henderson, Landry
1857 23 May/BRDR Édouard BRAUD Acadian Euphémie LANDRY   Aubry, Braud, Cagniat, Landry
1857 25 May/BRDR Adolphe LANDRY   [Marie?] Telcide BERGERON French Creole? Hamilton, Landry
1857 2 Jun/BRDR Joseph Émile DEGELOS Spanish Creole? Delia LANDRY   Landry, Pedesclaux, Tournillion
1857 12 Jun/BRDR Étienne Bienvenu LE BLANC Acadian Augustine LANDRY Comes, Delmes, Harrison, Landry, Melançon
1857 16 Jun/BRDR Léonard/S. P. LASSEIGNE  French Creole? Pauline Rosela LANDRY   Coignet, Dionne, Grisamore, Labadie, Landry, Lasseigne
1857 22 Jun/BRDR Valsin LANDRY   Uranie DUPUIS Acadian Blanchard, Giroir, Landry, Robicheaux
1857 4 Jul/BRDR Alphonse CHARLET French Creole? Zulmée LANDRY   Charlet, Landry
1857 8 Jul/BRDR Venant HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Eglantine LANDRY   Blanchard, Hébert
1857 19 Aug/SWLR Pierre LE BLANC French Can. Élodie/Odile LANDRY   none listed
1857 23 Nov/SLR Pierre Hermenezilde BESSE German? Marie Mariane LANDRY   none listed
1857 10 Dec/SWLR Neuville LANDRY (widower)   Adèle BROUSSARD/ROBICHEAU Acadian none listed
1857 21 Dec/SWLR Sosthène VINCENT Acadian Nathalie LANDRY   none listed
1857 21 Dec/SWLR Valcourt LANDRY   Aurelia LANGINOIS [LANGLINAIS] French Creole? none listed
1857 28 Dec/BRDR Léon DUGAS Acadian Marie Gertrude LANDRY Babin, Braud, Dugas, Hébert, Landry, Melançon
1858 4 Jan/SWLR Amand Trasimond LANDRY Acadian Marie Amelia/Azélia LANDRY Acadian none listed
1858 4 Jan/BRDR Jules LE BLANC Acadian Coralie LANDRY   Landry, LeBlanc, Savoy
1858 25 Jan/SWLR Théomile MIGUEZ Spanish Creole Escholastique/Scholastie LANDRY none listed
1858 6 Feb/BRDR Martin LANDRY Acadian Elesile LANDRY Acadian Babin, LeBlanc, Mollere
1858 8 Feb/SWLR Pierre DUBOIS French Creole Élise LANDRY   none listed
1858 8 Feb/SWLR Rosiclaire LANDRY Acadian Uranie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1858 9 Feb/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Elmire LANDRY (widow)   Buquoi, Lawes, Saint Martin
1858 19 Mar/SWLR Hilaire TAYLOR German Creole Anastasie Mélasie LANDRY   none listed
1858 19 Apr/BRDR P[aul]. Théodore MIRE Acadian Carmelite LANDRY (widow) Boudrousy, Cottman, Dubourg, Letulle, Sarazin
1858 19 Apr/BRDR Joseph BARBIER French Creole? Olesida LANDRY   Landry, Mollere, Simoneaud
1858 22 Apr/BRDR Sosthène BARBAY French Creole? Louisa LANDRY   Duprez, Lacroix, Marionneaux, Roth
1858 26 Apr/SWLR Maximilien LANDRY, fils Acadian Azélia/Osélia LANDRY Acadian none listed
1858 29 Apr/BRDR Pierre J[oseph]. LANDRY Rosema CROCHET Acadian Agnest, Aubry, Blanchard, Gilbert, Landry, Newchurch
1858 29 Apr/BRDR Joseph SAVOY Acadian Scholastique LANDRY Landry, LeBlanc, Savois/Savoy, Tonnelier/Tonneliere, Trahan
1858 1 May/BRDR Séverin LANDRY Adveline MARROY French Creole? Dugas, Giroir, Landry, LeBlanc, Marroy
1858 6 May/BRDR Léon LANDRY   Nathalie AUCOIN Acadian Bergeron, Daunoy, Foret, Landry
1858 6 Jul/BRDR Lusignant LANDRY   Elmire DUGAS Acadian Babin, Dugas, Landry, Simoneau
1858 10 Jul/BRDR Benjamin D. ALLEN Anglo Thérèse B. LANDRY   Babin, Besson, Mayfield
1858 19 Jul/BRDR Adélard V[incent]. GAUTRAU/GOUTREAUX Acadian Olivia LANDRY   Landry, Yarbourgh
1858 26 Jul/BRDR Maximilien TROXLER (wdr.) German Creole? Amelia LANDRY (widow)   Hebert, Landry, Parks
1858 12 Aug/SWLR Telesphore LANDRY (wdr.?)   Marie Célestine COMO Acadian none listed
1858 16 Aug/BRDR Joseph [Augustin?] LANDRY   Louise TERRIO Acadian Comes, Guédry, LeBlanc, Theriot
1858 20 Sep/BRDR Désiré DAIGLE Acadian Flavie LANDRY   Ayraud, Daigle, Landry
1858 25 Oct/SWLR Anatole LANDRY   Aséma DUBOIS French Creole? none listed
1858 22 Nov/BRDR Aristide GENAZZINI Italian Imm. Marie Elmire LANDRY   Blanchard, Comstock, Verret
1858 13 Dec/SWLR Barnabé HULIN French Creole? Marie Celima LANDRY   none listed
1858 27 Dec/BRDR Rosémond LANDRY Marcelitte SOLAR Spanish Creole? Landry, LeBlanc, Ramagosa, Simoneaux, Solar
1859 4 Jan/BRDR Félix George GAUTREAUX Acadian Marie Noemie LANDRY   Babin, Dugas, Gauthreaux, Landry
1859 6 Jan/SWLR Lasti DUBOIS French Creole Emma LANDRY   none listed
1859 12 Jan/BRDR Lazare Louis Jacque LANDRY Mélanie JOURDAN Anglo? Braud, Gaudet, Gourdan/Joudan/Jourdan, Landry, Nee, Pourcine/Poursine
1859 24 Jan/BRDR Drosin DAIGLE Acadian Amelia LANDRY   Landry, Mollere
1859 7 Feb/BRDR Joseph Gustave HÉBERT (wdr.) Acadian Victorine LANDRY (widow)   Landry, LeBlanc, Troxler
1859 8 Feb/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD Acadian Clementine LANDRY   Achez, Hébert, Landry, Simoneau
1859 5 Mar/BRDR Jean Baptiste LANDRY Zulma ARSENEAUX Acadian Arseneaux, Aucoin, Bertrand, Blanchard, Landry
1859 25 Apr/BRDR Alexandre MARCHAND French Creole? Octavie M. LANDRY   Babin, Bergero, Landry, Phillips
1859 10 May/SLR Charles ORGERON French Creole? Eveline LANDRY   none listed
1859 18 Jun/BRDR Drosin LANDRY Acadian Evelina LANDRY Acadian Charlet, Landry, LeBlanc, Terriot
1859 27 Sep/BRDR Félix LE BLANC Acadian Emma LANDRY Agnest, Ayraud, Dupre, Laffitte, Landry, Trahant
1859 31 Oct/SWLR Agricole LANDRY   Isabelle DANIEL Anglo? none listed
1860 7 Jan/BRDR Luc LANDRY   Élizabeth VEGA Spanish Creole? Deocurro, Hernandez, Landry, Vega
1860 9 Jan/SWLR Julien LANDRY   Anne Adélaïde MONTET French Creole? none listed
1860 10 Jan/BRDR Édouard DUGAS Acadian Joséphine LANDRY   Babin, Dugas, Gaudin, Hébert
1860 21 Jan/BRDR Augustin DUGAS Acadian Ernestine LANDRY Dupuis, Giroir, Landry, Marroy, Simoneaux
1860 23 Jan/BRDR Valère LANDRY Acadian Marie LANDRY Acadian Landry, Simonau
1860 28 Jan/BRDR Dermon BABIN Acadian Aimée LANDRY   Aubry, Babin, Braud, Gilbert, Guédry, Landry, LeBlanc
1860 7 Feb/BRDR Sosthène SIMONEAU French Creole Élisabeth LANDRY   Dugas
1860 16 Feb/BRDR Alfred BABIN Acadian Amelie LANDRY (widow)   Babin, Braud, Gassie, Landry, LeBlanc
1860 16 Apr/BRDR Alexandre BABIN Acadian Evelina LANDRY   Babin, Gaudin, Gautreaux, Mirre
1860 17 Apr/SWLR Sosthène BERNARD Acadian Émelie LANDRY   none listed
1860 22 May/SWLR Emmanuel D. PELLERIN French Creole? Élizabeth LANDRY   none listed
1860 3 Jul/BRDR Charles BLANCHARD Acadian Marie LANDRY   Landry
1860 3 Jul/SWLR Arveine BABINEAU Acadian Idalie LANDRY   none listed
1860 12 Jul/BRDR Simon Octave RIVET Acadian Joséphine LANDRY   Bergeron, Dupuy, Landry
1860 14 Jul/BRDR Xavier BERTRAND French Can. Rosema Zulmé LANDRY   Bertrand, Dansereau, Landry, Mirton
1860 25 Aug/SLR Ernest LANDRY   Marceline WALKER Anglo none listed
1860 11 Sep/BRDR John Louis COMSTOCK Anglo Marie Zulmée LANDRY   Archinard, Comstock, Landry, Pourcine, Pujos, Richard
1860 4 Oct/SLR Pierre Eugène CHIASSON Acadian Felonise LANDRY   none listed
1860 8 Oct/SLR Joseph LANDRY   Alphonsine BORNE French Creole none listed
1860 27 Oct/SLR Justilien OGERON/ORGERON French Creole? Zéolide LANDRY   none listed
1860 26 Nov/SWLR Basile Philogène LANDRY   Ursule BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1860 27 Nov/SWLR Désiré LANDRY   Marie Elisa BERNARD Acadian none listed
1860 17 Dec/SWLR Hubert LE BLANC Acadian Élizabeth LANDRY   none listed
1860 27 Dec/SWLR Victor LANDRY Acadian Céleste LANDRY Acadian none listed
1861 2 Jan/BRDR Casimir GUÉDRY Acadian Élise LANDRY Dugas, Landry, Laplaine, LeBlanc, Terriot
1861 2 Jan/BRDR Hyppolite SAVOY Acadian Hélène LANDRY   Landry, Trahant, Verret
1861 7 Jan/SWLR Jean Théolin LANDRY   Marie Ozea DELCAMBRE French Creole none listed
1861 8 Jan/BRDR Théodore Jean Baptiste BABIN Acadian Clarisse LANDRY   Babin, Bujol, Dugas
1861 23 Jan/BRDR Augustin BLANCHARD Acadian Mélanie LANDRY   Landry, Savoy, Simoneaud, Trahant
1861 26 Jan/BRDR Zéphirin DUGAS Acadian Laurenza LANDRY   Babin, Dugas, Landry
1861 28 Jan/BRDR Ozémé BABIN Acadian Oside LANDRY   Babin, Dugas, LeBlanc
1861 15 Apr/BRDR Joseph DELAUNE Acadian Eliska LANDRY   Arseneaux, Aucoin, Delaune, Hébert, Landry, Simoneaud
1861 22 Apr/BRDR Camille LANDRY   Alexandrine COMMEAU Acadian Babin, Comeau, LeBlanc, Simoneau
1861 23 Apr/BRDR Joseph Nicholas LANDRY   Joséphine PREVOST French Creole? Preaud/Preaux, Ladri, Trahant
1861 25 Apr/BRDR Adonis LANDRY   Emma BROUSSARD Acadian Allain, Broussard, Landry, LeBlanc
1861 30 Apr/BRDR Pierre Jean GILBERT French Creole? Aima/Emma LANDRY   Aubry, Braud, Gilbert, Landry
1861 1 May/SLR John OGERON French Creole? Ulaizie LANDRY   none listed
1861 10 Jun/BRDR Calixte SIMONAUX French Creole Aulivia LANDRY   Landry, Simoneaux
1861 2 Jul/BRDR A[ugustin]. Silvère LANDRY   Marie Lise BABIN Acadian Babin, Gaudin, Landry
1861 2 Jul/SWLR Césaire LANDRY   Adélaïde Clotilde LENORMAND French Creole none listed
1861 9 Jul/BRDR Adelma LANDRY   Victoria DUPUY Acadian Blanchard, Dardenne, Dupuy, Hébert, Marionneaux, Robertson, Roth
1861 20 Jul/BRDR Marcelus LANDRY (widower)   Anatalie RIVET Acadian Labauve, Landry, LeBlanc, Rivete
1861 26 Sep/BRDR Clairville LANDRY   Laurenza BABIN Acadian Babin, LeBlanc

Analysis of LANDRY marriages, 1765-1861:

Total marriages listed:          1213            100.0%
Endogamous marriages:         842              69.4              
Exogamous marriages:           371              30.6



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LANOUX (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1795 16 Feb/BRDR Miguel LANOUE   [Marie-]Célestina SONNIER Acadian Lanoue, Richard
1797 8 May/BRDR Andrés LE BLANC French Can. Marina LANOUX   Lanoux, Melançon
1798 9 Jan/BRDR Simon LANOUX   Félicité MIRE (widow) Acadian Babin, Richard
1798 9 Jan/BRDR Pablo[-Hippolyte] MELANSON Acadian Eufrosnye LANOUE   Lanue, Melanson
1800 5 May/BRDR Donato LANDRY Acadian Maria-Martha LANORIE (LANOUE)   Landry, Lanore
1802 22 Feb/BRDR Pablo MIRE Acadian Maria-Celestina LANOU   Lanoire, Richard
1803 12 Apr/BRDR Estevan MELANSON Acadian Maria-Luisa LANOUE   Arsenaux, Lanoire
1810 26 Dec/BRDR Désiré LE BLANC Acadian Carmelite LANOUE   Gerboux, Lanoue, LeBlanc
1816 8 Jan/BRDR Élie LANNOUX   Marie GOTTEREAU Acadian Camus, Gottereau, Lannoux
1817 30 Jun/BRDR George L. LAUDENBACH German Imm. Euphrosine LANNOUX (wd.)   Landry, LeBlanc, Rouillier
1819 4 Oct/BRDR Simon LANOUX   Ozite LE BLANC Acadian Bourgeois, Cornu, Songy
1822 22 Jan/BRDR Antoine GASSIN/GASPER Foreign French Magdalaine LANOU   Lanou, ___
1823 23 Aug/BRDR Marcel LE BLANC Acadian Henrietta Scolastique LANOUX   LeCoq
1825 17 Oct/BRDR Joseph HINGER/ANGER Anglo Hélène LANNOUX   Lannoux, LeBlanc, Tureaux
1827 5 Feb/BRDR Romain LANEAUX   Marie Emelise SAVOI Acadian Maillan, Savoie, Tubaeut
1827 23 Jul/BRDR Joseph GISCLAR French Creole Marie Joséphine LANOUE   Gisclair, Lanoue, Poché
1828 28 Apr/BRDR Jacque LANOUX   Marguerite SAVOIE Acadian Lanoux, Melançon, Savoie
1828 28 Apr/BRDR Pierre Ursin BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie LENOUX   Bouquet, Lanoux
1829 17 Aug/BRDR André Decomine LANOUE   Lise Nicolas GISCLAR French Creole Bernier, Gissclard, Melançon
1829 9 Nov/BRDR Augustin LANOUX   Célestine ANGEL/ANGER Anglo? Berghe, Chapdu, Garcis
1831 26 Sep/BRDR Jean Casimir LANOUX   Marie LANDRY Acadian Gaudin, Hinger, Landry, Picoud
1831 6 Dec/BRDR Dominique TRIAT Foreign French Euphrosine LANOUX (widow)   Landry, LeBlanc, Vavasseur
1832 25 Jun/BRDR Charles HYMEL German Creole Scholastie LANOUX   Bourgeois, Lanoux, Melançon
1833 18 Feb/BRDR Simon MELANÇON Acadian Marie Émelie LANOUX   Gautereaux, Lanoue
1836 4 Jan/BRDR Simon Neuville SAVOYE Acadian Rosalie LANOUE   Bourgeois, Duffel, Shanks
1836 8 Jan/BRDR François JAUME Foreign French Marie LANOUE (widow)   Bourgeois, Jaume, LeBlanc
1837 26 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste JAUME Foreign French Marie Éléonise LANOUE   Bourgeois, Gassen, Lanoue, Melançon
1841 3 May/BRDR Dominique LANOUX   Sidalie LE BLANC Acadian Gannie, LeBlanc, Melançon
1841 11 Nov/BRDR Jean Baptiste CAZALE Foreign French Marie Emerante LANOUX   LeBlanc, Nunez, Savoi
1848 5 Dec/BRDR Joseph Hercules GAUTREAUX Acadian Marie Augustine LANOUX   Gautrau/Gautreau, Gaudin, Gisclard, Huguet, Lanoux, LeBlanc, Lucenty, Martines, Melançon
1851 16 Feb/BRDR Sylvain LE BLANC Acadian Delphine LANOUX   Brasset, Gisclard, Huguet, Landry, Mirre
1851 24 Feb/BRDR Ovid MARCHAND French Creole Orestine LANOUX   Berteau, Gautreau, Gervais, Gisclard, Hart, Huguet, Lanoux, Lasselles, LeBlanc, Marchand, Melançon
1851 5 May/BRDR Bienvenu LANOUX   Marie Eglantine LE BLANC Acadian Gisclard, Lasselles, LeBlanc, Melançon
1851 22 Sep/BRDR Duphossa GRÉGOIRE French Creole? Célestine LANOUX   Babin, Bertau, Braud, Denoux, Gaudin, Lasselles, Richard
1852 20 May/BRDR Joseph Isidore LE BLANC French Can. Marie Telcide LANOUX   Gassen, Gravois, LeBlanc
1853 18 Apr/BRDR Pierre LE BLANC Acadian Marie LANOUX   Benoit, Bernard, Blouin, Richard
1853 9 May/BRDR Trasimond LANOUX   Anaïse GAUDIN Acadian Babin, Gaudin, LeBlanc
1853 10 Aug/BRDR Magloire LANOUX   Odalie PARENT French Creole? Blouin, Breaux, Hébert, LeBlanc, Yarbery
1853 22 Oct/BRDR Auguste LANOUX   Pucherie LE BLANC Acadian Braud, Gisclard, Guédry, Huguet, Kernan
1853 26 Nov/BRDR J. Edward BRASSET Acadian Marie Émalize LANOUX   Brasset, Gaudin, Guédry, Huguet, Lanoux, LeBlanc, Mirre, Pine
1854 23 Jan/BRDR Émile LANOUX   Virginie HAMILTON (widow) Anglo Brasset, Huguet, Landry, Mirre, Picou
1855 19 Mar/BRDR Félix LANOUX   Marie E. ANGER (widow) Anglo? Gourrier, LeBlanc, Martinez
1856 24 Mar/BRDR Charles François PELLETIER French Creole Emmalise LANOUX   Alley, Comeaux, Huget, Mollere, Monson, Rodriguez
1859 1 May/SLR [Joachim?] George MARTIN Acadian? Rosalie Serazine LANOUE   none listed
1859 4 Oct/BRDR Jacque GRÉGOIRE French Creole? Emelina LANOUX   Arceneaux, Berthelotte, Bourque, Gravois, Grégoire, Guédry, Matherne, Terrio
1860 2 Jan/BRDR Théodule GAUDIN Acadian Aurela LANOUX   Brooks, Gaudin
1861 11 Feb/BRDR Michel Douradoux LANOUX   Philomène BOUDREAUX Acadian Boudreaux, Chauvin, Mirre, Rodrigues

Analysis of LANOUX marriages, 1795-1861:

Total marriages listed:           47      100.0%
Endogamous marriages:        27        57.4
Exogamous marriages:          20        42.6



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no marriages found

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LAVERGNE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1785 4 Sep/NOAR Miguel BETANCOUR Swiss Victoria LAVERGNE   Llorca, Martinez
1787 17 Jul/BRDR Juan PROSPER French [Marie-]Magdalena LAVERGNE   none listed
1802 12 Oct/BRDR Paul[-Pierre-Benjamin] LAVERGNE   Gene[v]iève HÉBERT Acadian Dupuis, Hébert
1825 20 Sep/BRDR George ANSELME French Creole? [Marie] Laualie [Farnelie] LAVERGNE   Dupuy, Melançon, Olivier
1826 30 Jan/BRDR Richard TERRELL Anglo Marie Adélaïde LAVERGNE   Babin, LeBlanc, Orillon
1840 15 Sep/BRDR Joseph O. B. TUTTLE Anglo Mary Farnelie LAVERGNE (widow)   Dupuy, Tuttle

Analysis of LAVERGNE marriages, 1785-1840:

Total marriages listed:               6            100.0%
Endogamous marriages:            1              16.7 
Exogamous marriages:              5              83.3

LAVERGNE Acadian connection:  HÉBERT


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