Breazeale’s Battalion Partisan Rangers



From Sifakis, Compendium of C.S. Armies: Louisiana, 56:

Organization: Organized with six companies at Natchitoches ca. July 27, 1862. Mustered into Confederate service at Natchitoches on August 21, 1862. Increased to a regiment and designated as the 2nd Cavalry Regiment ca. September 1, 1862.

First Commander: Winter W. Breazeale, MAJ

Assignment: Unattached, District of West Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Department (Jul-Sep 62)


From Bergeron, La. Confed. Units, 65:

"This battalion was organized at Natchitoches about July 27, 1862. Governor Thomas O. Moore ordered the battalion to move to Moreauville via Alexandria. They may not have made this move, since a report dated August 21 placed them at Natchitoches. On that day, the battalion was transferred to Confederate service. In early September, General Richard Taylor ordered the battalion to Opelousas. Shortly after their arrival in south Louisiana, the five companies that made the move were joined with five independent companies to form the 2nd Louisiana Cavalry Regiment."


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