Acadians Who Found Refuge in Louisiana, February 1764-early 1800s




Jean-François Flan of Paris, France, married Marie, daughter of Michel Dupuis and Marie Gautrot, at Port-Royal in January 1706.  Jean-François served as clerk for the Port-Royal fortifications--commis des fortifications--and for a time oversaw the rebuilding of the town's defenses.  In June 1714, after the British took over the colony, Jean-François was among a number of Acadians who went to Île Royale, today's Cape Breton Island, to look at land there.  Evidently he did not move to Île Royale but remained at Port-Royal, which the British had renamed Annapolis Royal.  Jean-François eventually moved his family to Rivière-aux-Canards in the Minas Basin probably to put more distance between himself and the British authorities at Annapolis.  He and his wife had five children, including a son, François-Marie, born at Port-Royal in May 1709, who does not seem to have lived long enough to create a family of his own.  

Three of their daughters married, however, so the blood of the Parisian Flans survived in Acadia in two of the colony's largest families.  Oldest daughter Marie-Josèphe, at age 22, married Charles-André, son of André LeBlanc and Marie Dugas, at Grand-Pré in October 1730.  Third daughter Anne, at age 20, married Alexandre, son of Abraham Landry and Marie Guilbeau, at Grand-Pré in February 1732.  And youingest daughter Marguerite, at age 18, married widower Abraham dit Petit-Abram Landry, brother of her older sister Anne's husband, probably at Minas.


[For the family's travails during the Great Upheaval, see Book Six]


In April 1767, Anne Flan, still a widow (she never remarried), left Baltimore for Louisiana with most of her children and 200 other Acadian exiles.  They reached New Orleans in July and settled at St.-Gabriel d'Iberville on the river above the city.  


A Flan, probably no kin to the Acadians of that name, lived in Louisiana during the colonial period but created no family there: 

Pierre Flan, "native of Mobile," died at New Orleans in March 1788.  He was 40 years old.  The priest who recorded his burial called him Pedro and did not give his parents' names or mention a wife.  


Anne was the only Acadian Flan to find refuge in Louisiana.  The Acadian branch of this family, then, did not take root in the Bayou State.  However, its blood did survive in two lines of the Landry family that settled on the Acadian Coast.  

The family's name also is spelled Blanc, Flanc.  [See also Book Ten]

Sources:  Arsenault, Généalogie, 542-43; BRDR, vol. 1a(rev.); NOAR, vol. 4; White, DGFA-1, 619-20, 991; White, DGFA-1 English, 130.  

Settlement Abbreviations 
(present-day civil parishes that existed in 1861 are in parenthesis; hyperlinks on the abbreviations take you to brief histories of each settlement):




Lafourche (Lafourche, Terrebonne)


Pointe Coupée




Natchitoches (Natchitoches)

SB San Bernardo (St. Bernard)


Attakapas (St. Martin, St. Mary, Lafayette, Vermilion)


San Luìs de Natchez (Concordia)


St.-Gabriel d'Iberville (Iberville)


Bayou des Écores (East Baton Rouge, West Feliciana)


New Orleans (Orleans)


St.-Jacques de Cabanocé (St. James)


Baton Rouge (East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge)


Opelousas (St. Landry, Calcasieu)

For a chronology of Acadian Arrivals in Louisiana, 1764-early 1800s, see Appendix.

The hyperlink attached to an individual's name is connected to a list of Acadian immigrants for a particular settlement and provides a different perspective on the refugee's place in family and community. 

Name Arrived Settled Profile
Anne FLAN 01 Sep 1767 StG born 15 Oct 1711, baptized 10 Feb 1712, Annapolis Royal; daughter of Jean-Françoise FLAN & Marie DUPUIS; married, age 20, Alexandre dit Petit Abram, son of Alexandre LANDRY & Marie GUILBEAU, 24 Feb 1732, Grand-Pré; exiled to MD 1755, age 44; in report of Acadians at Baltimore, MD, Jul 1763, called Ann BLANC (who made her mark), no husband, with sons Enselme [LANDRY], Paul [LANDRY], Firmin [LANDRY], Jean [LANDRY], daughters Marguerite [LANDRY], & Anne [LANDRY]; arrived LA 1767, age 56; in report on Acadians who settled at St.-Gabriel, 1767, called Ana LANDRY, widow, age 56, head of family number 10, assigned farm number 37, with sons Pablo age 22, Fermin age 18, Juan age 14, daughters Margarita age 16, & Ana age 12


01.  Wall of Names, 19 (pl. 4L), calls her Anne FLAN veuve Alexandre LANDRY, & lists her with 3 sons & 2 daughters; Arsenault, Généalogie,1404, profile for her husband in the Pisiguit section, says he was born in 1708, gives his parents' names, calls her Anne FLAN, details her marriage, including her parents' names, says sans doute that Alexandre LANDRY married a second time to Rose LEBLANC c1736 but gives no place of marriage or her parents' names, says his children were, by his first wife [Anne FLAN], son René, born c1733 but gives no birthplace, &, with his second wife, son François-Sébastien, born c1738 but gives no birthplace, that he lived at l'Assomption in Pisiguit[sic], that René was at Ristigouche[sic] in 1759, & François-Sébastien settled in LA; Arsenault, Généalogie, 2521, profile for her husband in the LA section, says he was born in 1708, gives his parents' names, calls her Anne FLAN, details her marriage, including her parents' names, says Alexandre LANDRY probablement married a second time to Rose LEBLANC c1736 but gives no place of marriage or her parents' names, says his children were, by his first wife [Anne FLAN], sons René, born c1732, Firmin, born c1735, & Paul-Marie, born c1736, but gives no birthplace, &, with his second wife, son Sébastien, born c1738 but gives no birthplace, & that René was at Ristigouche[sic], on the Baie des Chaleurs, in 1759; White, DGFA-1, 619, calls her Anne [FLAN (FLANC)], gives her parents' names, details her birth & baptism, says her godparents were Sr. Denis PETITOT dit Saine-Seine, who signed the baptismal record, & Anne RICHARD, wife of Jean DUPUIS, details her marriage to Alexandre LANDRY, including his parents' names, & details her residence in MD in 1763 & arrival in LA in 1767; White, DGFA-1, 933, profile for her husband, says he was born at Pigiguit on 19 Dec 1708 but was baptized at Grand-Pré 14 Apr 1709, says his godparents were Abraham DUGAS & Cécile MELANSON, calls her Anne FLAN, details their marriage, including her parents' names, lists no second wife for Alexandre LANDRY, & says he died before 7 Jul 1763 but does not say when or where; BRDR, 1a(rev.):71, 104 (SGA-2, 212), her marriage record, calls her Anne FLANC, "age ca 21, calls her husband Alexandre LANDRY, "age ca 24," gives her & his parents' names, says her parents were "of the parish of St. Joseph de la riviaire de Canars" & that his were "of the parish of l'Assomption de Pigiguit," & that the witnesses to her marriage were Abraham LANDRY, father of the groom, who signed, Pierre LANDRY, who made his x, Abraham LANDRY, a cousin, who made his x, Jacques RICHART, who made his x, & Jean DUPUIS, who signed.  See also Jehn, Acadian Exiles in the Colonies, 158; Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians, 428, 429, 431.

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