Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

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JEANSONNE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1790 22 Nov/SWLR Jacques FONTENOT French Creole Rosalie JANSONNE Debordes, Durand, Fontenot, Jeansonne
1797 21 Nov/SWLR Jean-Baptiste JANSONNE Isabelle JOUBERT French Creole Jeansonne, Joubert
1798 23 Jan/SWLR James CLARK Anglo Francoise JANSONNE David, Jeansonne
1801 11 Aug/SWLR Henry RITTER German? Marie-Magdeleine JANSONNE Bouhni?, David, Jeansonne
1802 12 Jan/SWLR Louis DEVILLE French Creole Marie JANSONNE Cormier, Jansonne, Thibaudo
1806 21 Oct/SWLR Charles JANSONNE Josephine GUILLORY French Creole Guillory, Prudhomme
1808 7 Jun/SWLR Antoine LEDOUX French Creole Apollonie JANSONNE Bru__, Gradenigo, Mayer?
1810 10 Jan/SWLR Louis Vareil FUSELIER French Creole Felicite JANSONNE Fuselier, Jeansonne
1810 5 Mar/SWLR Augustin JANSONNE Marie Louise GUILLORY French Creole Guillori
1810 9 Aug/SWLR Auguste Louis JANSONNE Lise DESMARETS French Creole? Andrepont, Meusnier, Raulin?, Richard
1815 30 Jan/SWLR Godefroy dit Syphroy GUILLORY French Creole Euphrosine JANSONNE Comtesse, Fontenot, Guillory, Jeanson, Sierra
1817 15 Apr/SWLR Jean B. JANSONNE (widr.) Marie F. FONTENOT (widow) French Creole Henry, Hergeroeder, Nice
1823 15 Apr/SWLR Pierre JANSONNE Clarisse ANDRÉPONT French Creole Bram, Comeau, Jeansonne, King, Langlois, Richard
1828 19 Feb/SWLR Louis DEVILLE French Creole Celine Baptiste JANSONNE Deville, Reed, Rougeau
1829 15 Sep/SWLR William HARGRAVE Anglo Creole Celise JANSONNE Fontenot, Lejeune/Young
1837 16 May/SWLR Babolin [Paulin] JEANSONNE Aveline LAVERGNE French Can. none listed
1837 23 May/SWLR Joseph LAVERGNE French Can. Emeline JEANSONNE none listed
1837 3 Jul/SWLR Guillaume REED Anglo Creole Céleste JEANSONNE none listed
1838 3 Mar/SWLR Jonathan SMITH Anglo Louisa JEANSONNE none listed
1840 3 Nov/SWLR Cyprien JEANSONNE Azema DESMARETS French Creole? none listed
1842 4 May/SWLR Israel VASSEUR French Creole Clara JEANSONNE none listed
1843 21 Feb/SWLR Auguste Louis JEANSONNE Hyacinthe MCCAULEY Scots? none listed
1843 22 Sep/SWLR Arsène SAUCIER French Creole? Isabelle Pierre JEANSONNE none listed
1844 21 May/SWLR David GASPARD French Creole Marie Louise JEANSONNE none listed
1846 17 Sep/SWLR Florence [Aloyse] JANSONNE   Azéline Louis Charles PITRE Acadian none listed
1849 25 Sep/SWLR Augustin JEANSONNE Céleste C. PITRE (widow) Acadian none listed
1850 21 May/SWLR Pierre JEANSONNE Sophie DOUCET French Creole none listed
1855 16 Aug/SWLR Caleb Louis LEBARGE French Creole? Marie JEANSONNE none listed
1856 10 Dec/SWLR Aurelien JEANSONNE Céleste Pierre PITRE (widow) Acadian none listed
1859 15 Nov/SWLR Léon Charles PITRE Acadian Alsina JEANSONNE none listed
1860 9 Jul/SWLR Auguste [Louis] JEANSONNE   Céline FRUGÉ French Creole none listed
1861 3 Jan/SWLR Gerasime JEANSONNE   Marie Melina RIDER [RITTER?] German? none listed

Analysis of JEANSONNE marriages, 1790-1861:

Total marriages listed:               32           100.0%
Endogamous marriages:              4             12.5
Exogamous marriages:              28             87.5

JEANSONNE Acadian connection:  PITRE(4)


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