Sandi:  Photo RestorationIf you have visited the Acadians in Gray photo gallery, you have seen my photography, and you have seen the work of Sandi Nardone-Cormier, who downsizes and corrects the photos for web viewing.  Sandi is an award-winning graphic designer and artist.  She works wonders with old photos—scanning, correcting and colorizing them—making them almost come alive.  If you have photos of ancestors that you would like preserved for posterity, or if you would like to have professional copies of those photos made for displaying or sharing with other family members, you should visit her website, the link for which can be found on the Home page of this website.  She de bes', I garontee.  She also happens to be my wife.  

Acadian/Cajun related:

Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home   The best in genealogical & historical research since 1996, this is the premier site for Acadian & French Canadian genealogy, research and history. Owned by Lucie LEBLANC Consentino, researcher & historian, this site contains a vast reservoir of important data for all researchers.

Acadian Genealogy Exchange  Janet Jehn is an incomparable genealogist whose publications are essential for Acadian/Cajun research.

Acadian Genealogy Homepage   Website owner Yvon CYR writes:  "The FIRST (1991) and still the BEST Acadian-Cajun resource site on the internet, providing visitors information of available 'specific family' genealogy CD-ROMs, a graphic image of your own Family Crest, and tons of Acadian-Cajun historical text information."  You can find t-shirts and mugs there, too!  (Sad note:  Yvon is no longer with us, but his website is still on line.)

Acadian Memorial  No visit to South Louisiana is complete without a stop at the Acadian Memorial in downtown St. Martinville.  The Memorial is only a stone's throw from the Evangeline Oak.  The view of Bayou Teche from the boardwalk next to the Memorial is unforgettable.

Acadian Museum  This museum in Erath, Louisiana, has recovered from the ravages of Hurricane Rita.  Its website has a new look, and it's nice, cheres.  This is the little museum started by noted Acadian/Cajun activist Warren Perrin, president of CODIFIL. You can even purchase a copy of the Queen's "apology" to the Acadian people from this site.  Take especial note of the Living Legends section, and you'll find some familiar faces there. 

Acadian Roots  Aline CORMIER is a New Brunswick cousin.  She has a wonderful website with lots of information about the CORMIERs and other related families.  [Sadly, this website is no longer accessible.]


Bertrands in Louisiana

<>.  Brian STEVENS of Dallas, Texas, devotes this website to his family, which, I assure you, is as Cajun as it gets, having come to Louisiana aboard the first of the Seven Ships from France in 1785. 

Histoire de Bourgeois - The Bourgeois Story  ( ) BOURGEOIS family genealogy; Acadian descendants of Jacques dit Jacob BOURGEOIS and Jeanne TRAHAN married in Port-Royal (1642).  The site contains data for over 10000 BOURGEOIS’ of Acadian descent from the United States and Canada and their families.  The web master of this excellent site is Acadian/Cajun genealogist Stanley LEBLANC, native of Louisiana and currently living in Dallas, Texas.

Bob Cormier's My Miniscule Cormier Genealogy Page

Doucet Family

Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture  Shane BERNARD and his wife maintain this excellent site that covers just about everything there is to know about the Cajun people.

The Guédry-Labine Family is as fine an effort as there is in Acadian genealogy.  This site contains information on other Acadian families as well. is a must for anyone interested not only in the LANDRYs but in the many families associated with them. 

Louisiane Acadien is the creation of Ralph MELANÇON.  You will find a cornucopia of photos, maps, history, and culture here, and, like any new site with much to say, is growing and growing.  The site is especially rich on the Lafourche valley Acadians and the amazing history/genealogy of the MELANÇON family. 

Mayrand Family Association: Genealogy Articles and Databases  This site has a description of the meanings and brief history of names around the world, with focus on the Mayrand family. It chronicles more than 11,000 families from 1102 through hundreds of years in North America.

Keith Melançon's Home Page, with links to information on his Confederate ancestors

St.-Jean-Baptiste Parish, Port-Royal, Acadia, is a valuable resource for Acadian families who can trace their ancestry to Port-Royal/Annapolis Royal from 1702-1755.  Miraculously, the baptismal, marriage, and burial registers of this parish for these years survived Le Grand Dérangement"For family historians who can trace their ancestry to Port-Royal, these two registers provide tangible links to the last generations of Acadian French living there before the Expulsion."

The New Acadia Project/Projet Nouvelle Acadie is, according to its webpage, "a multidisciplinary research effort designed to systematically locate, identify, and investigate the eighteenth-century homesteads and unmarked gravesites of Acadian exiles in south-central Louisiana."  Focusing on the initial settlement sites of the Beausoleil BROUSSARD party near Loreauville on middle Bayou Teche, the Project hopes to locate the resting places of the three dozen Acadians, including Joseph dit Beausoleil, who perished in the epidemic of 1765. 

Bob Turcot's website  Here you can find information on the DOIRONs & other Acadian families who made it to La Louisiane

Vermilionville, the historical park/museum in Lafayette

Zachary Richard's website, where you can get his wonderful video, "Against the Tide," which no proud Cajun should be without, yah.

Matt, a budding genealogist, recommends the following website for fellow researchers building their family trees:  ... time for some extra credit!


Sons of Confederate Veterans:

Brig. Gen. J. J. Alfred A. Mouton Camp #778, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Opelousas, LA

General Louis Hebert Camp #2032, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Lafayette, LA

Louisiana Division, SCV

Major General Franklin Gardner Camp #1421, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Lafayette, LA

Other Civil War-related:

1st Regiment Louisiana Volunteer Cavalry

7th Regiment Louisiana Volunteer Cavalry, including a list of Confederates buried in Vermilion Parish cemeteries

18th Regiment Louisiana Volunteer Infantry

29th (Thomas's) Regiment Louisiana Volunteer Infantry

American Civil War:  Your History Site On The Web

Camp Moore Confederate Cemetery and Museum, Tangipahoa, LA

The Civil War Courier

Confederate Memorial Hall, New Orleans, LA

Consolidated 18th Regiment and Yellow Jacket Battalion Louisiana Volunteer Infantry  ... may no longer be working

Friends of the Mansfield Battlefield

Louisiana Civil War Pension Records, Baton Rouge

Soldier's Rest Burials, Vicksburg City Cemetery, Vicksburg, MS

The United States Civil War Center

Young-Sanders Center, including Confederate Burial Data Base

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