First, what each Unit Roster does not contain:  Only individuals with surnames from The List of family names mentioned in the Introduction will be found in the Unit Rosters of this website at present.  Only the significantly Cajun units from the list of Units contain rosters of individuals.  

Each individual record within the Unit Rosters may include:

    (1) the most complete full name found in the records, using the standard spelling for this individual's surname as determined by the author and what the author concludes is the most complete and accurate given name for this individual; 

    (2) service ranks in the order attained or lost; 

    (3) pre-war personal information such as 
     nickname or name used instead of first name, 
        date and place of birth, 
        date and place of baptism, 
        parents’ names, including birth & death dates, & residence,
        physical descriptions such as complexion, hair color, eye color, height, 
        education, including place & dates of attendance if known,
        age at time of marriage, wife’s name, her birth & death dates, wife's parents, date & place of marriage, number of children, including gender,
        English or non-English speaker,
        real and/or personal property value in 1860, 
        number of slaves owned, if any, in 1860;

    (4) enlistment information, including 
        marital status (unless pre-war marriage was already listed), 
        date & place of enlistment, 
        age at time of enlistment, 
        rank at enlistment (assumed to have enlisted as Pvt. if no rank is given; Jr2LT & 3LT are the same rank); 

    (5) chronological information of war service such as 
        presence or absence, with or without leave, on company or regimental rolls (assumed to be company rolls unless otherwise stated), 
        temporary assignments, 
        transfers to other units,
        hospital admissions, 
        wounds, including dates & places of wounding, parts of body affected, seriousness of wounds, amputations
        captures, transfers, prison camp assignments, paroles, exchanges; 

    (6) wartime personal information such as
        marriage during wartime service, including name of bride, her parents, date & place of marriage,
        birth of children during military service, including gender of child, name, date & place of birth;

    (7) final military service dispositions such as 
     discharge, including reason, date & place,
        assignment to Invalid Corps
     death in C.S. service, including cause, date, & place of  death, date & place of burial, age at time of death
     desertion, including date & place,
        oath of allegiance to the U.S. government, including date & place taken,

        end-of-war parole, including date & place received; 

    (8) post-war personal information such as 
     age at time of marriage, wife’s name, her birth & death dates, wife's parents, date & place of marriage, number of children known, including gender,
        post-war occupation if different from pre-war occupation, including size & name of plantation & what crop was grown
        post-war distinctions such as awards, rank in United Confederate Veterans organization, college degrees, political offices, books written
        date & place of death & burial,
        age at time of death/burial   //

    (9) all sources in which the individual has been found, including 
        the author's or editor's last name, shortened title, page number(s), 
        followed by the name(s) used in that source to refer to this individual soldier.  If no individual's name follows a source, it can be assumed that the spelling of the name used in that source is exactly as listed for this individual in the Index of Names & the Unit Roster
        The source reference(s) also may contain information not given in the service record.  

The symbol  //  separates the data of an individual's service record from its sources. Full citations for each source can be found on the Sources or Acknowledgments (Thanks) pages. 

The record also may include  //  

    (10) other units in which he served;  //  

    (11) relationship with other members of his unit or soldiers in other units who are kin to him, or the possibility that he may be the same person as an individual in another unit who has a similar name; and  //  

    (12) a link to photographs of the individual and/or his family or, more likely, his gravesite in the Photo Gallery of this website.  

Locations in Louisiana are not designated by state except to avoid confusion. Also, Vicksburg, Mississippi, generally is given no state designation because of its frequent use.

The surnames used in the Index and in the Unit Rosters are the standard spellings of these family name as determined by the author and are not always the family names used in the records. E.g.: BOUDREAUX. Non-capitalized names in brackets are alternative family name spellings used in the records. E.g.: BOUDREAUX [Boudro].  Names in bold face are the individuals’ given names and their alternative spellings or other names or initials used in the records. E.g.: BOUDREAUX [Boudro], Joseph [J. A., J. D., Josh].  Standard spellings of surnames are derived from recent phone books of the South Louisiana region and Father Hebert's South La. Records and Southwest La. Records.  The most frequently used version of the name establishes the standard.  

Information for individual service records is from Booth, La. Confed. Soldiers [e.g.: (B1:123)] unless otherwise noted, and unit information is from Sifakis, Compendium of C.S. Armies: Louisiana, and Bergeron, La. Confed. Units, unless otherwise stated. 

Since much research has yet to be done on the personal lives of these Acadians in Gray, most of their service records do not contain the personal information indicated above.  I am hoping that the descendants of these soldiers will provide me with whatever personal information on these men they may possess so that their records can be more complete.  An example of a nearly complete individual service record can be seen here.



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Each site page has a complex set of hyperlinks that allows you to move within that particular page or between pages:  

The List of Family Names, which is probably where you will begin your search, allows you to move directly to the Index of Individual Names, which contains each soldier's name, rank, and unit ... but not his detailed service record.

From the Index of Names, hyperlinks take you from the individual soldier's name, rank, and unit directly to his more detailed service record in the Unit Rosters.  The only individual soldiers who do not have links to the Unit Rosters are those who are not members of significantly Cajun units.

If an individual served in more than one unit, links in the Unit Rosters allow you to access his records in each unit he served, except for those units not significantly Cajun.  Generally, the Index of Names links you to the first unit in which the individual served.  Within the individual's initial service record is a link to the next significantly Cajun unit in which he served.  A link within the individual's service record in the second unit in which he served returns you to the Index of Names as well as to the other unit(s) in which he served.  

From the Index of Names, hyperlinks allow you to return to The List of Family Names to find another soldier with a different surname.  Also, you can use a hyperlink to go to the top of the page of the same letter of the alphabet in the Index of Names you are using to find another surname on that same page beginning with the same letter.  Once you have reached the top of the page, simply click on the surname within the brackets to go to that name within the page.  

If you know the unit--battery, company, battalion, or regiment--of an individual soldier, the List of Units allows you to go directly to the page of that unit, where individual service records can be found within the Unit Rosters.  

In the unit's page, hyperlinks allow you to move directly to a company within the battalion or regiment to search randomly for individual records, which are listed alphabetically within each company, and back to the top of the page again to search in another company of that unit.  Links also allow you to return to the Index of Names from the Unit Rosters by clicking on an individual's name.

Don't forget those handy backward and forward arrows that are provided by your browser.  And, of course, the Home Page provides links to all of the major site pages, which is how you got here in the first place.  



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Ranks, army & navy:
GEN General (full; only in C.S. army)
LG Lieutenant General
MG Major General
BG Brigadier General
Gen. General (generic)
ADM Admiral
RA Rear Admiral
COM Commodore
COL Colonel
LTC Lieutenant Colonel
CDR Commander
LTCDR Lieutenant Commander
MAJ Major
CPT Captain, navy as well as army
LT Lieutenant, navy as well as army
1LT First Lieutenant
2LT Second Lieutenant
Jr2LT Junior Second Lieutenant; same as 3LT
3LT Third Lieutenant
ENS Ensign
Sgt. Sergeant (generic)
Sgt.Maj. Sergeant Major
1Sgt. First Sergeant
2Sgt. Second Sergeant
3Sgt. Third Sergeant
4Sgt. Fourth Sergeant
5Sgt.  Fifth Sergeant
Cpl. Corporal (generic)
1Cpl. First Corporal
2Cpl. Second Corporal
3Cpl. Third Corporal
4Cpl. Fourth Corporal
Pvt. Private
Other military positions:
A.A.G. Assistant Adjutant General
A.A.Q.M. Acting Assistant Quartermaster
A.C.S. Asst. Commsy. of Subsistence
A.D.C.  Aide de Camp
Adj.  Adjutant
A.G.  Adjutant General
A.&I.G. Adjutant & Inspector General
A.Q.M. Assistant Quartermaster
Asst. Surg. Assistant Surgeon
Chap. Chaplain
Commsy. Sgt. Commissary Sergeant
Hosp. Stwd.  Hospital Steward
J.A.  Judge Advocate
Musc.   Musician
P.M.G. Provost Marshal General
Prv. Gd.   Provost Guard
Prv. Mar. Provost Marshal
Q.M.  Quartermaster
Surg. Surgeon
Other abbreviations:
Abs. Absent
Acct. Account
Actg.   Acting
Adm.  Admitted
A.G.O. Adjutant Gen.’s Office
Agt.  Agent
Alleg. Allegiance
Ambul. Ambulance
ANV Army of Northern Virginia
AP   Army of the Potomac (U.S.)
Appt.  Appointed
Arr.  Arrived
Arty. Artillery
Asgd. Assigned
Asmd.  Assumed
Assoc. Association
Asst. Assistant
Att.  Attached
AWOL  Absent without Leave
B Booth
B.   Born
Batt.   Battery
B/c  Because
Bd.  Board
Bldg.  Building
Bn.  Battalion
Brig.  Brigade
Bro.   Brother
Bur.    Buried
Bvt. Brevet
c circa, about, around
Cap. Captured
Cav.   Cavalry
Cem.   Cemetery
Certif.   Certificate
CGRB Confed. Gds. Response Bn.
C.H.  Courthouse
Chf. Chief
Cmd.  Command/Commander (generic)
Cmdg.  Commanding
Cmplx.   Complexion
Co.  Company/County
Coll.   Collection
Commsy.  Commissary
Con.   Consolidated/Consolidating
Conscr. Conscript
Confed. Confederate
C.S.  Confederate States
CSN   C.S. Navy
CSRC  Compiled Service Records, Confederate, National Archives
Ct. mar.   Court martial
D.  Died/Dead
Dept.   Department
Des.    Deserted/Deserter
Det.   Detached/Detachment
Detl.    Detail/Detailed
Disabl.  Disabled/Disability
Disb.   Disbanded
Disch.   Discharged
Distr.   District
dit French: nickname, "called"
Div.   Division
Do. Ditto
Dr. Doctor
Drp.   Dropped
Drv.    Driver
E.   East
En.  Enlisted/Enlistment
Engr.    Engineer
ES   English Speaker
Exam.   Examination/Examining
Exch. Exchanged
F&S   Field & Staff
Fed.   Federal
ff following, referring to pages
Fld.  Field
F.m.o.c. Free man of color
Fr   From
Ft.   Fort
Furl.  Furlough/Furloughed
Fwd.    Forwarded/Forwarding
F.w.o.c. Free woman of color
G.C.M.   General Court Martial
Gd./Gds.   Guard/Guards (a kind of unit)
Gen. Hosp.  General Hospital
GHQ General Headquarters
G.O. General Order(s)
Gov.   Governor
Govt.   Government
Hd.   Head
HH   Household
Hon. disch.  Honorably Discharged
Hosp.  Hospital
HQ   Headquarters
Hvy.  Heavy
Illit.   Illiterate
Imm. Immigrant
Inabl.   Inability
Indpt.   Independent
Inf.   Infantry
Info.  Information
Jct. Junction
Jnd.  Joined
Jr.  Junior
KIA   Killed in Action
Leg.  Legion
Libr.   Library
Lit.   Literate
Lv.  Leave
M.   Married.
Mag.  Magazine
Med.   Medical
Mem.    Memorial
MIA    Missing in Action
Mil.   Militia/Military
Miss.   Mississippi [River]
Mstd.   Mustered
Mt.   Mount
Mtd.  Mounted
MWIA   Mortally Wounded. in Action
N.  North
NA   National Archives
N.C.O.  Non-commissioned officer
N.d.   No date given
NER   No Earlier Record
N-ES  Non-English Speaker
NFR   No Further Record
No.   Number
N.p.  No place given
Nr.  Near
Occup.   Occupation
O.R.   Official Records
Ord.   Ordnance
P.A.C.S.  Provisional Army of the C.S.
Par.  Parish
P.M.O. Provost Marshal’s Office
POW   Prisoner of War
PPV  Personal Property Value
Pres.  Present
Prl.   Parole/Paroled
Prm. Promoted/Promotion
Qrs.  Quarters
Rcd.   Received
Recrtg.  Recruiting
Red.  Reduced
Regis.  Register/Registered
Regt.  Regiment/Regimental
Rejnd.  Rejoined
Rel.    Released
Relv.   Relieved
Res.   Reside/Resident/Reserve/Reserves
Resig. Resigned/Resignation
Ret.   Return/Returned
Rpd. Reported
Rpt.   Report
RPV   Real Property Value
R.R.   Railroad
S. South/Southern
S.D.W. ?
Secty. Secretary
sic As written
S/o   Son of
S.O.  Special Order(s)
Spc.  Special
Sqdn.  Squadron
Sr.   Senior
S.S.   Sharpshooter
St.   Saint/Street
Surr.  Surrender/Surrendered
Svc.    Service
Temp.  Temporary/Temporarily
Thru  Through
Trfr.    Transferred
U.   University
UCV United Confederate Veterans
U.S.   United States
USN   U.S. Navy
Vols.  Volunteers
vs. Versus
VST Volunteer State Troops
W/    With
W/O   Without
W.   West
Wd.  Wound/Wounded
WIA   Wounded in Action
YJ Yellow Jackets 
Zv. Zouave, Zouaves
+ KIA/MWIA/Died in C.S.service
*   POW in Federal prison camp
x Deserted from C.S. svc. or took the oath of allegiance to the U.S. govt. before surrender of C.S. armies
$ "Galvanized Yankee": joined the U.S. svc. after taking the oath of allegiance 

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